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It might sound like a cliche, but there’s a great amount of truth in the saying ‘practice makes perfect’, and there’s no serious golfer out there who doesn’t live by this truth. Practicing is necessary to improve all your golfing skills, lower your score, and eventually get to a single-digit handicap. However, if you want to come up with a precise measurement about the level of your progress, the speed of your swing, the way you perform every shot, you need a device which is capable of measuring all these parameters so that you have a clear indication of what you do right, and what needs to be perfected. And this is where FlighScope Mevo steps in.

Mevo FlightScope is one of the most outstanding launch monitors that are capable of delivering accurate data about your swing with all statistical information needed for serious analysis of the swing. This is exactly what any golfer needs if he/she is determined to improve his/her own skills in the right way. Often golfers say that the coach is the number one factor of getting better, however, if there wasn’t a launch monitor, it would be harder to compare and contrast your performance, which is a step forward to get ensured that you are on the right track. 

As modern technology has been advancing and getting better in creating devices that will make people’s lives easier, thus have been golf manufacturers taking the advantages of this technology to provide golfers with the most game-enhancing units that will make any golfer better and more interested in their performance. This has also affected the prices of the modern units, making them more and more affordable compared to their predecessors. This particularly refers to launch monitors as some of the most professional ones used to cost more than 20K which was almost impossible for many golfers to own one. 

Nowadays things have considerably changed, so we can find many different models of portable launch monitors, among which the FlightScope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor is one of the most recommended among golfers. This 3D Doppler radar launch monitor is extremely small, compact and easy to use. We have analyzed its function and bellow we have provided you with all the aspects of its performance, so continue reading to find out more.  

Editor's Pros & Cons

Portable launch monitor which is very small, compact and easy to carry in your pocket

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The Mevo app captures and creates videos of your performance

Customizable interface, data blocks, 2D trajectory, data tables

Extremely long battery life


Sometimes it delivers inconsistent and inaccurate measurements

General Description

FlightScope Mevo has been attracting golfers ever since it was released a few years ago. I don’t know what’s more attractive, the affordable price tag it comes with (compared with many similar devices), or its minuscule size that allows you to take it anywhere with you. It is so small and compact that you can even keep it in your pocket without any discomfort. However, the size and the price are certainly not the only factors that contributed to its market head-on but the multiple and versatile functions it has.

In case you are new to launch monitors then you probably expect data regarding the ball flight and your swing speed, but the Mevo FlightScope does much more than that. It is a highly functional launch monitor that delivers the speed of the ball and the club, carry distance, smash factor, apex hight, vertical launch angle, spin rate, and flight time. Plus, it has the possibility to connect to your mobile phone, to track your progress over time, and to dial in your distances. This all-in package will make your game more meaningful, you’ll get insight into your performance, and you will know what your next step should be. By tracking, saving, comparing and sharing your data, you give purpose and meaning to every practice session you have.

Design Features

Once you unbox the Mevo monitor, you’ll probably realize that it is much smaller than you’d expected as it resembles the size of a credit card. It is considerably thicker though, and it does have considerable weight as well so it doesn’t give the impression of being cheap and unreliable. On the backside, it has a kickstand so that it can be used on any surface like indoor matsand outdoors. The front side is white with orange color on the sides for better visual effect. The size allows you to carry it everywhere with you inside your pockets or the golf bag.

The Way It Works

Just taking it from the box and turning it on won’t do any job since this launch monitor needs to be connected to your mobile phone where you get all the data for your performance. This means, before you hit the golf course or start hitting some balls at the driving range, you need to connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. After that, you need to download the free Mavo app and synchronize it with the radar. Once you have done all the settings and connections, you can start using the Mevo launch monitor.

Make sure you level it on the ground and have it about four feet distance from the tee. There is a sight on the device through which you can see the target (the ball) so you need to position the radar against the ball because if you don’t aim it correctly it might give you inaccurate data. However, once positioned as it needs to, according to golfers, this is one of the easiest, convenient and reliable launch monitors you can find for the price.

Mevo Mobile App

The free Mevo app is the key to getting all the data for your performance since you get all the readings on your phone. Before you start with every shot, you need to select the cub you’ll be using because, even though it has the option to predetermine the club, it might provide you with wrong information because of its size, so it is advisable to feed the app with this information prior striking the ball.

Once you start hitting the balls, all your data will be displayed on your smartphone visually, and in audio. This is super convenient because you can actually hear what you’ve done without looking at your phone. One of the greatest features that this app has is the ability to automatically record your performance in real-time so that you can analyze it afterward. The readouts are very easy to see and understand and the overall section organization is intuitive and easy to follow.

Finally, the app allows you to track your progress over time since it stores all the data and golf videos that it has captured so that you could go back to your previous training sessions and analyze your tendencies, your progress, and your flaws. Plus, you can share all the data with your coach or the social networking sites and connect to people within the Mevo golf community.

Customizable Interface

Too much data can be confusing and sometimes very overwhelming. This imposes the need of having it displayed in the most understandable way so that golfers can be sure that every segment of their performance is adequately stored. Therefore, the Mevo designers made the app customizable so that you can adjust it in line with your own needs, to view the data that you need in your own way. There are a variety of interface options such as 2D trajectory with data blocks or only data blocks, data table with averages for every club, and video recording taken from any angle with data overlay that can be customized.


The accuracy that the portable launch monitors offer is a hot issue, and this area is where the battle is being fought. When we mentioned that the FlightScope Mevo is an affordable launch monitor we had its performance in mind compared to those that cost more than $15K. The price gap is the reason why it has stirred many emotions and many golf experts rushed to test it and compare it with the high-end monitors that are extremely expensive. This enthusiastic surge to get more for the money has proven to be very useful since it gives an insight into the real performance that the Mevo delivers.

According to experts, the FlightScope Mevo is an excellent portable launch monitor. Compared to several high-end, insanely expensive launch monitors it provides a similar reading on each aspect of your performance. Not identical though, there have been many discrepancies, especially when it comes to ball speed, which on a few occasions the Mevo has failed to register a shot or deliver greater speed compared to the professional launch monitors, however, all those deviations are neither too frequent nor too wide.

Another thing which is important to mention is the fact that the Mevo needs to be properly aligned towards the ball within 5 feet range so that it delivers accurate results. However, this alignment and positioning it on an even surface is inconvenient as you’d probably need to lay down on the ground so that you see if the sightline of the Mevo is aiming towards the ball, which can be frustrating at times.

Cost and Value

The price point of the Mevo is one of the key factors that make this portable launch monitor one of the best selling ones on the market. But, you wouldn’t buy a product just because of the low price point, would you? The FlightScope Mevo represents a pack of features that are common for the ultra-expensive launch monitors for about twenty times less their price. It is accurate, it will provide you with detailed insight into your performance and it will even record your performance through your phone and the app.

On the other hand, there are some more features to be wished for, such as a bit more accuracy, a bit more stability in the software, maybe a bigger scope for alignment, however, all those issues are hardly noticeable if you compare its overall performance with the performance of the high-end ones. All in all, it is an excellent value for the money and you’ll get much more that you paid for.

Key Features

We finally got to the section that summarizes everything that we have said so far so that you get a clear understanding of what you can expect fro the FlightScope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor. Taken from a financial perspective, this is the launch monitor that is money worth as it is about twenty times less expensive than the ones that are used on PGA tournaments.

It is small, portable, and very convenient to be used indoors and outdoors for training purposes. It works in synchronization with your smartphone and the free app. It has the capacity to record your performance, measures the ball and the club speed, the carry distance, the smash factor, the flight time, the apex height, the vertical launch angle, spin rate, and you can even track your progress over time since the app saves the data and the recorded videos.

Regarding its accuracy, it is one of the most accurate portables launches monitors for the money. It delivers fairly accurate data, very similar to those that are much more expensive than the Mevo. All in all, it is highly recommended training aid if you want to give meaning to your practice.

Key Features

  • Portable launch monitor which is very small, compact and easy to carry in your pocket

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • The Mevo app captures and creates videos of your performance

  • Customizable interface, data blocks, 2D trajectory, data tables

  • Extremely long battery life

Bottom Line

The FlightScope Mevo is your partner to your training sessions to give meaning to every practice session you have. You will get real-time performance data and the numbers will have a story to tell. Plus, you will evaluate your game by saving, uploading and sharing practice sessions. This will lead to the visualization of your improvement and optimization of your performance. And all of that for just a fraction of the price compared to the high-end launch monitors.