Find The Best Golf Equipment Reviews 2019

Golf is one of the most well-known sports in the world, and it is very popular for spectators as well as athletes. The sport is unique in that it is one of the few sports that most people can take part in around their local area or even when traveling, and many people perform well enough to take their skill development and success quite seriously.

If you are one of the serious golfers, you can understand how important it is to maintain and improve your game with time. Having the best golf gear is one of the small ways you can improve your game before you even get to the course.

You may overlook the importance of your golfing equipment, but it may make a significant difference in how easily you play. The best golf equipment is effective, versatile and reliable, and the easiest way to sort through the available gear out there is through reading golf equipment reviews.


Golf Accessories Guide


Golf Bags

Golf Bag

Golf bags are used to hold your clubs and additional clothing, extra items or tools. The most common bags include travel bags, cart bags, and carried bags. A golf travel bag makes playing while on the road or on business much easier.

They are designed to handle rugged and rough handling through security checkpoints while also keeping contents in place. A golf cart bag is not meant to be carried around, but it is designed to be placed on the golf cart in order to provide more room for clubs, clothes, and other necessities.

In contrast, a carry golf bag is designed to be carried on the body and sometimes even worn like a backpack.

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Golf Push Carts

Push carts are used to transport golf bags when the player cannot or will not carry them. They allow golfers to walk around the course without struggling or straining to carry the heavy load.

A modern golf push cart should be light, durable, easy to push and easy to store. They have well-designed braking systems in addition to holders for scorecards, umbrellas, pencils and more.

Most carts utilize a standard push cart system like any other cart, but some models are electric. An electric golf push cart is motorized to allow for easier gear transport without as much physical exertion.

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Golf Clothing

Golf clothing comes in many forms, and it is meant to serve many purposes. Some clothing adds esthetic enhancement while other apparel actually makes it easier to move around or withstand the elements outdoors.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes make it easier to find traction on the course for a good stable foot position when striking the ball. Some shoes may make it more comfortable to walk around during long rounds as well.

Spikeless golf shoes are lighter than shoes with metal and plastic spikes. They are easy to clean, do not require replacement spikes and can be worn nearly anywhere. Women’s golf shoes are meant to serve several purposes.

They function as tools to help walking and swinging while also acting as fashionable enhancements.

Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves can be very important to one’s game, but many see them as a cliché accessory. Many players wear gloves to prevent calluses from forming on the hand or to prevent discomfort, but a quality golf glove can actually lead to improvements in performance.

Quality gloves should grip the hand comfortably without being cumbersome. They should grip the club well enough that there is no concern for neither the hand nor the club slipping out of the glove.

Winter golf gloves have the same qualities, but they also work to keep both hands warm and flexible in frigid temperatures. Any golf glove should be durable enough to last for a long time.

Golf Sunglasses

A great pair of quality golf sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun while also allowing you to see the ball and the course properly.

You can reduce glare and look stylish on top of it. Good sunglasses should fit your face well enough to block light from the sides, top and bottom, and they should remain in position throughout your swing.

The difference between sunglasses for golf and standard shades is the fact that you do not need to remove these sunglasses to take a shot, and they can remain on throughout the play.


Golf Training Equipment Guide


Golf Instruction Books

When taking on a skill or a hobby, there are always methods you can use to improve. Players of all sports look to enhance their athleticism or accuracy even when not on the field.

For golf, there are many tools available to enhance one’s game. Instruction books are a common way players learn tricks and tips to enhance their skills.

Golf books can be helpful for teaching the technical aspects of the game that you can’t learn from fellow amateurs or even by watching others play.

Golf Mats

Golf mats

Golf mats are used to help players practice when away from the golf course. They can be installed at home or in the office as they require little space to set up and use.

Having a golf mat at home or at work can help you save time and money practicing at the range. The benefit to your surroundings is the fact that you won’t ruin the grass, and you don’t have to hit off of hard surfaces indoors.

A quality golf mat should be durable enough to withstand a variety of clubs. It should be made with good materials, have an efficient design and offer an authentic feel.

Golf Practice Nets

Golf Practice Nets

Golf nets help players get the chance to practice as much as they need to even when away from the range or course. A golf practice net allows golfers to get in extra practice time at home.

Before purchasing, you should decide where to place the net. The location will affect what size you should aim for. The construction and materials are also important as you need a unit that will hold shape even after repeated use, and it should be easy to set up and keep in place.

It needs strong and durable netting that will be able to handle constant impact from rapidly moving balls.

Indoor Putting Greens

Indoor Putting Greens

Like nets and mats, an indoor putting green allows you the time and space to gain extra practice nearly whenever you want it. Improving your putting is a great way to bring the extra strokes off of your score, and having a putting green inside is one of the quickest ways to enhance this skill.

Quality putting greens will feature alignment guides to keep your shots on track. Some models are sloped to help train you to putt beyond the hole to reduce short putts. Regardless of its features, a good indoor putting green should be affordable.

Golf Swing Analyzer for iOS / Android

Nearly every aspect of modern life is either controlled or made easier by technological devices, and golf is no different. You can use a golf swing analyzer through your smartphone to help you improve your game.

This adds a benefit over having to hire an instructor or attempt to gauge your skill based on opinions from fellow players.

By attaching the device, you can gain analysis of body rotation, club head speed, club head angles and backswing angles. Using a swing analyzer for your phone even allows you to compare your swing to those of PGA players.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are some of the most easily recognizable components of the sport even for those that don’t play. These vehicles are often used in communities that don’t even half golf courses. Their primary purpose is to get around the golf course quickly.

The benefit of using golf carts is reduced strain on the legs between play, quick transportation from place to place and having a place to store golf bags. Most carts use gas like standard vehicles, but there are also electric golf carts available.

Electric models are usually cheaper, quieter and can reach higher speeds while gas carts offer longer driving time and familiarity.

Golf Putters


When it comes to selecting a golf putter for your game, there are a variety of factors involved.  It’s not just simply the style of putter, or the weight of the putter, or the grip of the putter, or even the brand of the putter; it is a combination of all of these factors.  Even if you have figured out two of the four, you still don’t have your ideal putter.  The best golf putter is the one where all four of these aspects line up, which will provide you with the best chance to have the fewest amount of putts each time you go out to the golf course.

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Golf Drivers

Golfing drivers will promote consistency within your game, minimize your mistakes off the tee, and conserve strokes for your shorter game. Setting your game up at the end of the hole is vital for success in golf and your choice of golf drivers is critical in this process.

There are many golf drivers available, but understanding which is the best for your game can be the difficult part. Once you commit to your new golf driver, there are no “mulligans” for poor purchase decisions.

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Golf Electronics & Devices Guide


Golf GPS Devices

Golf GPS

Golf GPS devices are often seen on the course as golfers use them to increase the accuracy of their shots. A golf GPS unit provides the player with important information about their current course before or during play.

The information held here can make a noticeable difference in the player’s performance by eliminating the need to guess details about the course. These devices are usually available as handheld or watch units. A golf handheld GPS works like any other device such as a smartphone.

Golf GPS watches provide many of the same features as their handheld counterparts, but they also provide the convenience and portability of a watch.

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Golf Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinders

Like GPS devices, golf rangefinders can also help improve a player’s game. These devices help the player determine the distance to important spots on the course in order to make better choices during play.

Having accurate distance readings also helps determine which clubs and swings to use to make a shot. Unlike golf GPS units, rangefinders are not pre-programmed with course information.

They simply measure distances based off of reflecting laser beams toward the intended target. Rangefinders offer more flexibility by comparison in their ability to provide information on nearly any object on the course.

Where to Go From Here

You may have digested a lot of information if you’ve made it this far, but this is only the beginning. Now you should take the time to find the equipment you’re in need of and start enhancing your game.

Read through the multitude of reviews found here to gain even more information about specific products you want. Learn as much as you can to get the most out of your new gear purchases and your golfing experience.