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As a golfer, among other things you need to take with you on the course, a good quality sunscreen that will be able to protect you from the harmful sun rays should be a top priority. Many golfers simply neglect the utmost necessity of a quality sun blocker with the justification that the hat they are wearing is protective enough to cover their faces. Others think that sunscreens are not very needed during spring or autumn days, or that their skin color is not that fair to be under risk of getting sunburned.

Regardless of the excuses you might have of why you’re not wearing an appropriate sunscreen, none of them justifies you enough, and most definitely, none of them will protect your skin.

Choosing the right face cream can be a real pain in the neck, let alone finding the right sunscreen. People have different skin types with different demands and needs. Some individuals completely avoid using sunscreen because of the complicated skin type they have, especially those with oily and combination skin which is prone to breakouts and blemishes. 

But, it is not all that complicated, and there are many good sunscreens that are particularly made to meet the needs of people who suffer from acne-prone skin, rosacea or extreme sensitivity. Among those that have been proven to work, we have decided to go in-depth analysis of EltaMD UV Clear SPF46 sunscreen which has been one of the most sold and recommended sunscreens from both, dermatologists and users. 

EltaMD is a medical skincare company that has specialized in developing wound healing, skincare products that have found their use in many specialized physicians’ offices, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and skincare institutions. Their medical heritage and the innovative approach have resulted in producing cosmetic and medical products that protect, restore and keep your skin healthy and nourished. There is a wide range of sunscreens that the company has released on the market, however, we are focusing on the most popular, and the most sold facial sunscreen EltaMD UV Clear SPF46 intended for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Broad-spectrum facial sunscreen with SPF46

Made for people with oily, acne-prone skin, rosacea and hyperpigmentation

It features ingredients that calm, soothe and hydrate the skin

It contains 9% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate which protect from the UVA and UVB

The antioxidants help the skin combat free radicals

Easy to apply and it doesn’t leave a shiny or white residue

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective sunscreen


It isn’t waterproof

It is hard to use it under makeup

Why Sunscreen?

So, yes, we have heard that they are very necessary and that no one should be spending time outdoors without proper sun protection, but aside from the fact that everyone knows that the sun is harmful, the reasoning behind often lacks, which leads to neglecting the fact of the destructive impact of the sun. You see, without knowing why the sun is harmful, the information itself has a little validity.

So, we’ll try to be short but clear on explaining why next time you head to the golf course you mustn’t forget to apply sunscreen. Sun rays are comprised of mostly ultraviolet A and B rays that reach the Earth. These rays in the past were filtered by the ozone layer (and they still are), but with less efficiency as the ozone layer has been damaged by the pollution. This means that when these rays reach our skin, they often have a negative impact on the skin. The ultraviolet A (UVA) rays are the ones that are the same throughout the year, and their effect is the same regardless of the time of the day and the season. Their influence is long-term and it isn’t visible. The UVA rays are called aging sun rays because they are responsible for premature skin aging, skin cell modification, and even cancer. The UVB rays are the burning rays and these can cause severe damage to the surface skin layers. Their effect can be seen just in few hours of the exposure, and if you have ever spent time unprotected on the beach or if you have ever played golf during scorching summer days without any protection on then it was the UVB rays that got your skin burned. If that happens continuously, they can also cause melanoma and permanent skin damage.

Plus, the American Academy of Dermatologists has officially declared that when wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen (the one that protects you from the UVA and UVB rays) regularly, you help the skin defy the harmfull UVA rays and prevent it from premature aging.

Therefore, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends never leaving your home without any proper sun protection, even when the weather is cloudy or not so hot. The foundation is also engaged in checking the quality of the products that claim to provide UV protection and EltaMD’s products are proud owners of the badge of recommendation given by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Who Is It For?

Skin is the largest organ and as such, it needs proper care. Also, unlike the rest of the organs, the skin might have the same function in all people, but its structural peculiarities and external look is never the same. Therefore, when looking for proper skincare or sunscreen product, we must be aware of the type of skin we have and what will best suit us.

When it comes to sunscreens, it was until recently that they had the reputation of being difficult to apply, heavy and too greasy, so many people who were struggling with excessively oily skin or skin prone to breakouts, decided to simply avoid them. Aware of the need to make drastic changes in the ingredients list, many cosmetic companies were focused on finding a proper formula to meet the needs of these people.

EltaMD, employed in wound healing skin medicine, was among the first ones who took the job seriously, and its line of sunscreens is one of the best, not only because it offers a complete UV protection, but because their sun care products are as versatile as there are skin types.

It is no wonder that EltaMD UV Clear is among the most popular products since this formula is specially made to provide decent protection to people who have been avoiding sunscreens because their face is too oily to absorb a standard sunscreen. So, if you are struggling with excessive oil production, breakouts, extreme sensitivity, rosacea or hyperpigmentation, Elta MD UV Clear is the face cream that you’ve been waiting for so long.

Physical or Chemical?

When talking about sunscreens, it is the ingredients that they are made from which makes them effective and protective. However, along with the discussion of the need for proper sunscreen, there’s been a discussion about the negative impacts of some of the ingredients that have been used in the sunscreens. These claims have reshaped the complete approach of the skincare companies and questioned the use of some of the most potentially harmful ones, which led to the development of completely newly developed formulas.

In the quest of finding the most efficient formulas, besides the chemical sun blockers which are the ones that have been the longest used, many companies turned to nature and implemented in their formulas natural and organic products as a substitute for the chemicals. These are called physical blockers as they create an invisible film on the skin and prevent the ultraviolet rays from penetrating into the skin. Some companies recognized the potential of both, organic and chemical ingredients and created hybrid sunscreens that provide the best of the two worlds. Such is Elta MD UV Clear which is a hybrid sun blocker that contains chemical and natural ingredients which we will discuss below.


The amount, the combination and the technology used, make the product effective to deliver the properties that it was made for. EltaMD UV Clear contains ingredients that promote healthy-looking skin such as niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid which smooths out the wrinkles, make the skin look plumper, younger, and hydrated. The lactic acid makes the skin refreshed, cleaner and moisturized. It is very effective in stimulating the renewal of the collagen which makes your skin firmer and it prevents hyperpigmentation and occurrence of fine lines.

To provide maximum UV protection there are two active ingredients used in its formula, the mineral zinc oxide, and the chemical octinoxate. It also contains a blend of antioxidants which help the skin combat against the free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging associated with the UV radiation. The formula is free from artificial fragrances, oil, and parabens.

Texture and Application

The texture of the cream, and especially one of the sunscreens can sometimes be of crucial importance because if you can’t easily apply it and if it isn’t easily absorbed on your skin, then you won’t be using it. People with oily, combination or extremely sensitive skin are often prevented to reapply sunscreens just because they feel them too heavy and impractical.

Luckily, EltaMD UV Clear has an ultra-lightweight formula which is very easy to apply without difficulties, without leaving a greasy shine or ghost-like residue. The use of zinc oxide has been notorious for making the sunscreens deliver the white cast effect, however, the technology that is implemented in EltaMD guarantees cast-free looks. It doesn't need, however, a longer time to get fully absorbed but when it does, it provides a fully mattifying effect.

One of the cons that this otherwise very good sunscreen has is its lack of waterproof feature, so in case you sweat excessively or if you spend more time in the water, you will need to apply waterproof sunscreen to get fully protected. During regular use, you should reapply a few more times if you are constantly exposed to the sun, especially during its most active hours from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

Key Features

After reviewing in detail Elta MD UV Clear, it becomes clear that going out under the sun without protection can’t and shouldn’t be acceptable. And, if you thought that there wasn’t a solution for your sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, this sunscreen proves you wrong. The combination of vitamin B and E, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid make it perfect for calming irritated skin and promote the healthy look in your skin. Your skin feels hydrated and calm, while the blend of zinc oxide and octinoxate protect the skin from the aggressive UV rays. Plus, it is easy to apply, it gets easily absorbed and it feels lightweight and sheer with a mattifying effect.

Key Features

  • Broad-spectrum facial sunscreen with SPF46

  • Made for people with oily, acne-prone skin, rosacea and hyperpigmentation

  • It features ingredients that calm, soothe and hydrate the skin

  • It contains 9% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate which protect from the UVA and UVB

  • The antioxidants help the skin combat free radicals

  • Easy to apply and it doesn’t leave a shiny or white residue

  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective sunscreen

Bottom Line

Applying sunscreen shouldn’t be treated as something unnatural and abnormal and it shouldn’t make you feel on the edge too. This particularly applies to all golfers out there who have been choosing to leave out the sun blocker, thinking that a nice quality that could do the job.

Sunscreens are not only needed to protect your skin from burning, but they prevent your skin from premature aging and even cancer. Needless to say that their use is not limited to just a few weeks or the hottest months of the year, but their use should be extended throughout the year.

Furthermore, if your skin is not creme-friendly because of the oily surface or the extreme sensitivity, we recommend EltaMD Clear UV whose formula contains mattifying and easily absorbing ingredients that treat, soothe and protect the skin. Coming from a medical skincare company which has specialized in producing in wound healing products, it is a guarantee that EltaMD Clear UV is a trustworthy sunscreen that delivers palpable results.