Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump

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Have you ever thought that the game of golf can be ever so revealing and pose in public the greatest and the deepest psychological traits of some of the greatest despicable presidents in American history? Many politicians have stood out with deeds that are beyond thinkable,  but few of them can be called more than controversial in any sphere of their lives, not just the political playground. The golf book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump” has quickly spread among people and soon after it was published, it was already the latest American bestseller. You guess the reason, people need an explanation and an insight into the personality of their hard-to-track president, so this is the straw they grasped. 

What’s more intriguing about the book is the fact that it isn’t just an outpour of individual opinion in a bunch of sentences, but it is an on-the-ground, in-depth survey intended to reveal much more meaningful purpose. It is a fascinating, humoristic, and at the same time disturbing exposure of the inconsistent-with-the-truth statements given by Trump. The way his absurd claims are presented in the book introduces us to the masterful skills that the author possesses in his attempt to disclose facts related to the president. 

So, what does the game of golf have to do with the book? It is all about golf actually. It all started when President Trump, in his never-ending attempt to emphasize his imaginary superiority, gave the unfortunate claim that he has won, believe it or not, 18 Club Championships, and ignited the spark in Rick Reilly to start researching and prove that it was all the president’s wishful thinking that never happened. 

The book includes loads of juicy gossips about golfing presidents, golf and golf rules, and everything that surrounds this game in the highest presidential level. We enjoyed the book as much as those millions of people who have already read the book, so here’s the review of the book. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

The New York Times bestseller

It reveals Trump’s behind-the-scenes lies and manipulations

257 pages filled with eye-watering humor and a disturbing, fact-based reality

An outstanding masterpiece that uses golf as a core to reveal the true Trump’s personality


A bit exaggerating

Short Summary

Since it was the key to writing this book, Reilly starts the book with The Big Lie, as the first chapter, explaining what triggered him to set off on a mission to reveal the actual way that has helped the president to get ‘ornamented’ with victories and success. President Trump claims that he is a 3 handicap, he is always the winner and has won an amazing 18 club victories, the number which hasn’t been claimed by anyone so far, and which caused the outrage among seasoned golfers.

He proceeds with Trump’s obsession with golf, all his bragging about his alleged victories, the opponents he has beaten, and the number of golf courses
he runs and operates. He starts with the first acclaimed title of the 1999 Club Championship, on his personal golf course which after extensive research, it turned out that the course didn’t exist that particular year. Then it continues with a huge number of multiple absurdities and shenanigans, each of which becomes more and more annoying and outrageous as you proceed with the book. The book points out his treatment of the rules as if they were made for other people, not for him as he puts himself on the pedestal of supremacy and above human range. Reilly points to the fact that the game of golf is built on the principle of high morality, self-governance and ultimate respect of rules, which are absent in the game of the president. This, according to Reilly, has directly pointed to the way he runs his presidency and his political disasters that have marked some of the most disturbing actions in the latest Amerikan history. Episode after episode, an anecdote after anecdote, they are pilling one after another into hundreds of segmented stories which, even at times seem to be exaggerated, they all point to the hypocritical nature of the president and his obsession with winning.

The book will leave no one indifferent, and depending on your attitude regarding the president, your emotions will move along as you progress through the book. If you are his fierce opponent, this book will confirm your worst fears regarding his capacity to act in accordance with justice, truth, and good morals. The ardent followers of Trump will feel probably enraged and are likely to dismiss the claims as mere fake news, taking everything with a grain of salt. Those who never cared much about politicians and the presidency, in case they read the book, these people are likely to become significantly intrigued and astounded by the facts presented in the book.

Either way, it is a book about morality, truth and practicing the truth into one of the greatest sports games that lie on foundations of rules and obedience to those rules. The spine of the book is the game of golf, but it stretches into the deepest pores of the president’s psyche and his capacity as a golfer, a person, and a president.

Content and Organization

You know how sometimes it is hard to go through the pages of a book as the book might be too hard or overwhelming to read? Well, this book is definitely the mere opposite of all those hard-to-read books, as each of the 257 pages is bound to trigger an emotion that ranges from eye-watering fun and feeling of ultimate amusement to mere disturbance and shock. Perhaps this can be called the most hilarious golf-related book of all times that has the saddest reality in its core- the fact that all the President Trump’s deeds are based on manipulation, self-obsession, and inability to cope with the reality. Well, at least this is what Rick Reilly is claiming.

The book is organized into sixteen chapters that masterfully go through the atrocious rape of the golf rules, starting from the minor getaways, to actual ball relocation, one of the most elementary golf rules. You will read about magically having the ball taken out from the water hazards and brought to the fairway, arranging caddies to oppose the facts and lie in support of the president, interrupting the games when there was no reason for that, the only obvious reason being his losing the match...and many, many eyebrow-raising and mouth opening facts.

About the Author

Rick Reilly is not just any author who decided to put in to open the president’s manipulations in the game of golf. He is himself an eager golfer who grew up in a golfing family who was strictly following the rules of golf that make the game more meaningful and enjoyable. His debut was the back-page for Sports Illustrated more than 20 years ago which followed with TV and column features. He was also the featured ESPN writer and he has been voted the NSMA National Sportswriter of the Year for eleven times. In addition to this, he has been awarded Damon Runyon Award for Outstanding Contributions to Journalism.

When he talks about himself, he loves to claim that he is into people’s stories, their swings and misses, their ups and downs, and the life of the athlete is what drives him into writing, not the numbers or statistics. He rarely cites statistics, he almost never put numbers in his columns, everything is about the people who played them. He loves sharing hilarious anecdotes that have happened to him in the most entertaining way, and he even calls himself “not a particularly smart man”.

When it comes to the “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump”, he says that it was driven out of the basic need to tell people the truth about Trump’s claims of winning 18 club championships. Reilly had the chance to play with Trump and hear all about his tendency to fake, manipulate and disrespect all possible golf rules, so he set himself to a disclosure mission. As he followed the basic principle that says: “If you want to know a person, play golf with him”, so he did and had first-hand experience with the president. But, it wasn’t just the president, but it was hundreds of other influential figures, golfers, caddies, developers, opponents, and even amateurs who have had first-hand contact with Trump and who shared their experience with him.

Rick Reilly has been repeatedly called one of the funniest humans on the Earth, and even by reading the first two pages of the book are enough to understand this claim. The book immediately found itself on the New York Times bestseller list.


When there’s a book that manages to get to the bestselling list, it is understandable that it is the positive critic and the outstanding reviews that helped it get there. New York Times has called it stunning and hilarious “indictment” of Trump’s manipulation, cheating, lying, and lack of sportsmanship on the course.

Sunday Times calls it “ an eye-watering” account of the president’s misuse of the rules of golf. The New Yorker points to the fact that Reilly managed to poke more holes in the claims of Trump than there are sand traps on all the courses taken together. Among reviewers and critics are many other outstanding sportspeople, influentials or anonymous persons who describe the book as a masterpiece which very skillfully blends together the game of golf and its rules with the way Donald Trump avoids them and makes a smooth correlation among his game and the presidency.

Cost and Value

Ever since the book was released in April 2019, it has been enjoying huge popularity and appreciation among readers of different profiles. This has also impacted the way it sold, so you can find different versions of the book with different price points.

You can purchase the book with a hardcover or paperback and the price is within the average price ranges. You can add an Audio CD which will cost you a bit more. In case you are a Kindle person, you can order your e-book and enjoy reading it on your digital screen. Regardless of the way you read it, it is an invaluable piece of writing which needs to find its way to your home for a good price point.

Key Features

You don’t have to be a golf lover or despise Donald Trump to get attracted by this book. You don’t have to know anything about golf nor have any particular feelings about Trump. Once you start reading “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump” you’ll feel entertained and amused. On a deeper level, you’ll ask yourself if what you are reading is actually what really happened, as there as so many courses of events that make almost no sense and it is hard to believe that the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world would go so low. The author of the book claims that it is based on his first-hand experience with the president or it is a testimony shared by people who played with him. It also poses the question if a person with such malicious traits in his personality is capable of being called “the leader of the nation”.

Key Features

  • The New York Times bestseller

  • It reveals Trump’s behind-the-scenes lies and manipulations

  • 257 pages filled with eye-watering humor and a disturbing, fact-based reality

  • Reviewed as an outstanding masterpiece that uses golf as a core to reveal the true Trump’s personality

Bottom Line

In the bunch of new book releases, this book brings a new wave of humorous reality and distressful revelation of Donald Trump’s outrageous avoidance of all golf rules. Regardless of your Trump-related feelings or your interest in golf, it is a book that will urge you to read page after page until you reach the last one. It is a book that poses many questions as you read it and it continues to pose them even after you finish it. Priced in the medium range, you’ll feel that your money has never been better spent. It is highly recommended and enjoyable to read.