Cobra King F8 Driver

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Distance is something we all desire from our drivers, it can make a big difference to our game. But that's not the only key feature you have to consider when purchasing a new driver. You also need to think about how accurate the driver will be, and how much control you’ll have when using it. Accuracy, control, and distances are the three main areas Cobra have really focused on when it came to creating the Cobra King F8 driver.

This driver has become a true passion project for Cobra, who put almost two and a half years into designing and engineering into this beautiful piece. All of King F8’s features were created with you in mind, helping you improve and add a little bit more consistency into your game.

The F8 is the perfect mixture of speed and forgiveness, with some incredible features like it’s precision face milling, adjustable and aero weight technology. I also feature one of Cobra’s thinnest faces to date! It’s the ideal driver for handicap golfers who tend to have moderate to high swing speeds. The oversized shape is also ideal for anyone looking for improved distance on their mis-hits, as well as a more forgiving profile.

This driver was engineered to be more forgiving, while also fitting a wide range of playing abilities. It’s easily said that the King F8 is one of Cobra’s most advanced drivers in terms of the technology used in its creation. Being one of the first ever drivers to be forged using CNC milled Titanium face that has E9 Technology.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The CNC milling on the face effectively reduces dispersion on any mishits.
  • The sole and hosel can be adjusted simply and effectively.
  • The Cobra Connect Arccos System within the grip helps to improve your driving with valuable statistics.
  • The SmartPad system on the sole helps the clubhead sit squarely at address regardless of your environment.
  • Some mishits have a tendency of producing more spin, meaning they do not fly as far.


It is remarkable how much effort has gone into the creation of the King F8 driver, particularly when you look at all of the details on this one clubhead. There was a wide range of materials used in its construction, and they all work together to improve your performance.

The body and face of the F8 have been made using with titanium, in an effort to save weight. The face has also been forged and CNC milled, ensuring any thickness is where it's supposed to be when struck. Cobra has added this feature to the F8 after discovering that ball speed was greatly improved on many different areas of the face due to CNC milling. Because of the CNC milling, Cobra has been able to enhance the driver’s bulge, improving left and right dispersion and the trajectory on shots that have hit too low or high on the face. This Dual Roll Design is sometimes referred to by other brands as a Twist Face.

The striking patterns on the crown and sole are referred to as Aero 360 trips and they were designed to improve the airflow of the clubhead. These rips on the crown are made from polymer, which is a lightweight material, lighter than titanium. Once again, this saves weight in the crown, similar to the carbon fiber piece that forms up the base of the crown area behind the Aero 360 trips.

The Aero 360 system on the bottom was constructed with titanium and works to guarantee maximum aerodynamics throughout your downswing. This way there is no speed that has been lost through the hitting area.

The adjustable sole weights are also positioned towards the heel and at the back of the clubhead. This allows you to further enhance your draw, producing a higher move for a forgiving flight when the heavier weight is placed towards the back slot. The weight of these two weights is only 12g and 2g each but they produce up to 300 rpm difference in a spin which all depends on where they are placed.


There is a large amount of technology within the F8, all specifically used to improve your game and ensure accuracy and consistency within the driver itself.

The first piece of technology used in King F8 is the CNC Precision Milled Face. There is also a forged titanium face which features Cobra’s E9 Technology, arguably one of the best on the market. However, rather than going traditional with hand polishing to finish the face, the creators of the F8 decided to use CNC milling. This leaves your club’s face will have some incredible patterns on it, but this visual stand out technology also makes the face even thinner for a consistent finish. The whole thought process behind this is simple. A thinner face will generate a faster result, and a faster result means a longer distance.

The Dual Roll Technology used in competitor brands has allowed the Cobra design team to go unnoticed. While most (if not all) brand’s drivers have some bulge and face curve, the F8 uses two different types of curvatures. Both the high on the face curvature and the lower one have the same mission, to maximize the launch and spin of the golf ball. As you can imagine, these specially placed curvatures increase consistency and accuracy and are a key feature of the F8. While it won’t eliminate all mishits, it does maintain a more playable launch.

The Cobra King F8 is not just a beautiful driver, it’s also a fantastic example of aerodynamics at work. Featuring 360° Aero Technology, the creators of this driver looked at its design from all angles, using it to reduce drag, effectively dispense weight throughout, and increase speed potential. The edge of the crown features strips made using polymer. Its lightweight structure works to ensure the center of gravity is not shifted according to Cobra. This weight saving piece of technology is perfect for creating speed and the specially placed polymer strips work to reduce drag.


There are a lot of things about the F8 that will leave you feeling impressed. Almost immediately the feel of this driver and the sound it makes stands out. The solid and powerful acoustics made by this driver is the best to date out of any previous drivers by Cobra.

The reason behind this impressive sound is thought to be the blend of carbon fiber within the crown, that combined with the new CNC milled face. Regardless of the reason, most players who have used the F8 have commented on how incredible it sounds upon impact.

But even more impressive then the sound is the accuracy of the F8. As I’ve mentioned, the E9 face, along with the CNC milling are incredibly impressive and practically steals the show. The use of these incredible technologies has allowed Cobra to create a driver head that produces attention-grabbing numbers.

Overall, the ball speed was up across the face. But when you add in the Dual Roll face as well, now you have a higher and impressive launch and spin retention on misses that are further away from the center. This helps keeps your ball in play more. Your ability to fade or draw the ball is still there too, even with a head that is more neutral-to-fade biased.

With the aid of the Foresight GC2, Cobra has managed to create a driver with the impressive launch, spin, and speeds, even besting some of the other well-known drivers out there. It’s also worth noting that your spin highly varies on the swing. In some cases, the F8 is very similar to a lower spinning driver head.

The F8 has some natural draw to the base of it, along with the placing of two weight ports at the back and heel. With the weights being placed in the heel, you’ll find that the draw bias has increased, meaning the launch is an average of 0.4°, while the placement of the back weight has also increased the launch - creating a more neutral flight. Thankfully, the adjustable element here is not only simple, but it works effectively.


One of the strongest selling points of the King F8 driver is its forgiveness. If you’re searching for something a little more stable and faster, especially on your off-center hits, then the F8 is the perfect thing to improve your game.

Speed & Distance

The streamlined shape of the King F8 driver works to optimize the airflow and reduce the drag of your swing. As you may know, a lower drag means you’ll have a higher clubhead speed, giving your tee some much needed and appreciated the distance.

The distance generated by this driver is dependant on the club speed, with the additional aero trips and streamlined structure working to reduce drag and improve the driver’s aerodynamics.
The aero trips are specially positioned within the structure of the club to the orientation of the airflow, drag, and speed through each swing, all of which works to give you the maximum distance.

Ball Flight

The launch of the F8 is impressively high and would suit swing speeds ranging from mid to slow. While the front weight option does help lower your flight down to a playable level, it can still sometimes be a little too high, peaking at around 43 yards. Low spin levels typically mean that the ball doesn’t climb too high during the flight, helping maximize your carrying distance.


Even with all of its incredible features, the F8 driver is one of the most affordable premium clubs available on the market. When purchasing this driver you’re not only investing in an absolute golfing must-have, but you’re also investing in yourself and how you play. The price, as well as all of its incredible features, goes to show how effective good quality design and technology.

The F8 is a must-try for anyone looking to purchase a new driver, or just looking to test out something a bit more different. It’s an absolute when it comes to upgrading your current golf kit regardless if you're a casual or avid player.

Key Features

The Cobra King F8 uses a lot of innovative technologies and design details in its creation, making an effective and impressive driver. The structure of the clubhead, mainly its oversized profile, increases the MOI providing players with some much-needed distance, speed on off center hits, and forgiveness.

F8’s E9 build generates an elliptical "sweet zone" which gives you some range on misses, furthermore, the Dual Roll face accommodates shots impacted high and low on the face which then creates chase down the fairway.

Key Features:

  • CNC Milled Face

  • 360° Aero technology


  • Two adjustable CG positions in the back and heel

  • Carbon Fiber Crown

  • MyFly8 with Smart Pad

Bottom Line

It's clear to most that Cobra has invested a lot of time and thought into the construction of the King F8 driver, coming up with an impressive change in design and their use of technology.

The 360° Aero and carbon crown features and the use of simplified weights within the clubhead are easy to understand. The distinguished Cobra forgiveness from the E9 face is still present within the driver and is an admirable feature that you’re bound to notice almost immediately.

This driver will not go unnoticed in the golfing community. The F8 is an incredibly remarkable, and competent driver, both in terms of tech, performance, and accuracy. This is thanks, partly, to the stock shaft options, as well as the no-upcharge choices, and the loft adjustability. This driver can be tweaked, tuned and made to fit for the individual golfer. Not only that, but the CNC Milled Face is genuinely helpful, and makes the King F8 a user-friendly driver.

King F8 is a good value for money driver especially when you consider what you are getting in terms of design and technology. If you’ve not tried a driver by Cobra before, then the King F8 could be the one to mold the way you play.