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If we were to talk about the incredible innovations that Callaway has brought in the world of golf, it would take us more than just a few pages. The list is not only long but abounds in science and technology. Nothing less can be said about the technological advancement of Callaway Mack Daddy 4. One of the most popular Callaway wedge models, and whose success is built on the success of the previous generation, the Mack Daddy 3. However, a new model inevitably implies further improvements, and in the Callaway Mack Daddy 4, these are seen in the new sole grind and the type of groove patterns. 

What is striking about its design is the new groove-in-groove technology, which is the first of its kind, and this is exactly what marks the brand of Callaway. When Callaway launches new products, they always feature a drastic change, a never-seen-before feature, or a new technology that is striking in performance and design. Plus, there’s another characteristic that makes Callaway recognizable in the golf industry. This is their intrinsic desire to go beyond their limits and always seek for more thorough various cooperations with reputed, outstanding companies, or individuals. 

Such is the case with the Callaway Mack Daddy. The model that was created in cooperation with Roger Cleveland, who is one of the geniuses when it comes to wedge design. Together with Callaway’s Advanced Research Team, they looked for all possible solutions to create one of the fastest wedges that offer the greatest spin that a wedge has ever offered. According to Cleveland, this is his personal greatest work in his fruitful career. And this is more than obvious as the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 is a design that allows and outstanding performance, taken from many points of view.  

Below, you’ll find a detailed description of the wedge that was made with the feedback delivered by tour players and all the features it boasts. So continue reading to find out what makes it stand out, and why the peculiar grooves-in-grooves technology brings a spin that you have never seen so far.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Patented Groove-in-Groove technology for more spin

Four sole grinds for different playing styles, course conditions and attack angled

21 various bounce-loft combinations

Made from 8620 carbon steel for exceptional feel

Progressive CG locations and crisp turf interaction

Black Matte Finish or Platinum Chrome


Some golfers think that the sound is too sharp

Groove-in-Groove Technology

We feel that we have to start with this technology simply because it is the technology that makes all the difference when it comes to its design and the performance it delivers. The face now features an added 16th groove which is much closer to the leading edge that becomes extra spin-enhancing when it comes to shorter shots. However, what they did with absolute perfection and ultra-smart precision is the design of the micro-grooves that are constructed in such a way that instead of recessing into the head, they protrude from the surface. These micro-positive protrusions that are positioned between each groove provide the Mack Daddy incredible 84 points of contact to grab the ball at impact. They increase the roughness of the face by featuring three raised micro-ridges which increases the length of the hitting area and enhances the gripping power of the wedge.

Another impressive way that these grooves are constructed is seen in the progressive design of the grooves which gradually change the shape as you progress from the lower-lofted wedges to the higher-lofted edges. So, the wedges with 52-degree loft or lower feature a 20D grooves that deliver consistent spin when you play fuller shots because they are thinner and narrower and resemble the irons. When it comes to higher lofted wedges, those from 54 degrees to the highest 64 degrees, you’ll find a 5D grooves that are wider to provide you with optimal control from shots around the green and out of the rough. Plus, this design on the shorter wedges enables them to channel more moisture and dirt away and therefore provide much better contact between the face and the ball.

The popular, so-called “Nip-It” groove which is positioned below, near the leading edge has proven to be very efficient and it delivers maximum control for short game shots. And, in case you happened to ask yourself if all those millings were legal, Callaway is very strict when it comes to complying with the USGA rules. This means that before every single wedge is released on the market, it is 100% inspected with special software and digital stylus to make sure that it is within the USGA regulations.

Tour-inspired Design

The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 has been considered the most advanced wedge that the company has produced and it complied with all the standards that tour players require. Roger Cleveland himself was working tirelessly in close cooperation with validated tour players who provided him with the slightest details about what they would consider a perfect wedge.

What we can see from this cooperation is a refinement in the soles, grinds, and shapes which have ultimately led to much more compact shape, a straighter leading edge which has a tighter radius, a bit more offset compared to its predecessor and four instead of three sole grinds. The fact that it features a tight radius enables the wedge to make exceptionally clean contact on different turf conditions or on tight lies which is a precondition for optimal control and maximum spin. And it is not only performance-enhancing, but it is also eye-pleasing too, which is a feature that tour players often seek.

Sole Grinds

One of the modifications seen in the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 is the extra sole grind. Now they total four instead of three, as was the case with the previous model. The sole grind options are the S, W, C, which existed in the previous model, and the all-new X sole grind. All sole grind varieties come with very generous camber from toe to heel to deliver a solid feel and exceptionally smooth turf interaction. The versatility of the wedges is extraordinary, and they provide the solution for every course condition, every swing, and every shot. They optimize the spin for every loft, and they help golfers excel in their performance.

The C Grind features increased relief that is particularly emphasized at the heel area, helping golfers to produce better shots with the face open. This is an ideal grind option for attack angles that range from medium to shallow with relatively firm course conditions. The bounce of the C Grind is 8 degrees.

The S Grind features a sole that has a medium width and slight chamfer positioned at the back. The heel relief is moderate, and it helps to maintain the leading edge low while it helps to deliver a very solid contact on shots with an open face. The S Grind comes with 10-degree bounce, and it is the most versatile than all, recommended for an any-skill golfer.

The W Grind comes with a sole that is narrower at the heel but wider at the toe and the center, featuring rich front to back camber and moderate heel relief. It some with 12-degree bounce, and this design prevents it from digging in without any additional bounce degree while maintaining the leading edge very close to the turf at the impact. This is an excellent option for golfers who play with their clubs open.

The X Grind is the latest addition, and it comes with a high-bounce, narrow crescent sole, which features a low point positioned near the front. It is a great option for soft or semi-soft course conditions and steep or moderate attack angles. Just like the W Grind, it comes with 12-degree bounce.

The Center of Gravity

In order to deliver a very peculiar feel and performance, the center of gravity in the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 features an equally progressive positioning as the grooves. The most interesting and characteristic feature of this wedge is the weight port design or the circular holes which in each Mack Daddy model feature a different color, which in the case of the MD 4, it is red. Not only are they very unique for the model itself and represent a recognizable feature, but they are also there to remove the weight from the bottom of the club and to raise the center of gravity much higher up the face. Since we mentioned that the wedges feature a progressive CG, this means that these weight ports become deeper and increase as the lofts increase too.

Sound and Feel

The sound and the feel determine the performance of the golfers and designers pay special attention to them too. Several factors determine the good sound and feel among which the crucial is the material that the club is made from, the location of the center of gravity, the sole design, the type of the shaft and the grip and the finish. So, it is never just one key factor but a combination of several.

Since Calaway designed this wedge to deliver maximum playability and boosted performance, it is more than expected to get sound and feel that are on a premium level. Indeed, the material used for the MD 4 is one of the softest 8620 carbon steel types, while the available finish options are the Matte Black finish and the Platinum Chrome finish. As the centers of gravity progressively change, thus the feel is more and more enhanced offering exceptional control and accuracy in short shots.

Regarding the sound, it is a bit louder than you’d normally expect, and Callaway says that it is purposely made to deliver this sound for clear feedback. And it is actually the sound that some golfers found a bit off-putting, but it is a purely personal matter.


As was the case with the previous Callaway Mack Daddy models, the last release the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 has been designed to meet the needs of low to solid mid handicappers. Designed with the direct input from tour player, it is crafted to deliver spin as no other wedge has ever managed to deliver, and according to multiple reviews and comments from users, Callaway stood up to the task. What you can definitely expect from MD 4 are exceptional spin, control, and predictable and reliable shots. Many golfers claim that this is the wedge that has no competition when it comes to spin and consistency.


The shaft is as important as the rest of the clubhead and it is often referred to as the engine of the club. Plus it delivers the feel, so no wonder manufacturers pay special attention to it, especially when it comes to premium models such as the Callaway Mack Daddy 4. The stock shaft it comes with is the Dynamic Gold Tour-Issue S200, a shaft that is a bit on the lighter side with 115 grams it follows the modern trends. The grip they used is the red Lampkin grip which is a match with the weight ports and which adds to the looks of the wedge.

Key Features

From the description so far, we get to the concluding point that the Callaway Mack Daddy is an exception, tech-packed wedge that is as unique in its design as everything else that comes from Callway. The cooperation between Roger Cleveland and Callaway has proven to be extremely fruitful as this model shows advanced perfection and performance. So, let’s take a look at the most dominant features it has.

Key Features

  • The patented Groove-in-Groove technology delivers more spin

  • Four sole grinds that suit a wide range of playing styles, course conditions and attack angled

  • Lofts that range from 46 to 64 degrees and offer 21 various bounce-loft combinations

  • Made from 8620 carbon steel for exceptional feel

  • Progressive CG locations and crisp turf interaction

  • Black Matte Finish or Platinum Chrome

Bottom Line

The way the Callaway Mack Daddy has been constructed has the right to claim that it has set new, higher standards when it comes to wedge production. It has definitely opened another door of wedge face design with the micro-grooves, while the exceptional loft-bounce versatility, the exceptional spin, and control it delivers make it one of the highest performing wedges ever made.