Callaway Golf Fusion 14 Stand Bag

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Reportedly the average golfer will spend a large chunk of their day on the golf course, anywhere between four to six hours at a time. So, it's natural that you're fully prepared for whatever the golf course may have instore for you. But, it's even more essential that you have the right tools for the task too.

Golfing is a fun and relaxing hobby for a person to have, but if we're being perfectly honest, there is a lot of things (equipment and clothing) that goes with the hobby. This means you need a bag you can rely on to keep all your belongings and equipment together. Something that is easy to transport, virtually weightless when being carried, can fit everything inside and offers style and durability.

But of course there is a wide range of golfing brands accessible to you on the market these days, and deciding which brand to buy from can seem like an impossible task at times. Sure, you could turn to your beloved relative's heirloom golf bag to store and carry your clubs and balls in, but let's be honest. It's sentimental and has no real value on a golf course. Not only is not up to the task, but it will also send the wrong message about you as a golfer to your peers. It'll just show them that you're not invested in the sport enough to purchase the correct equipment for it.

You need a brand you can trust to deliver high-quality, durability and optimized storage within your new golf bag, and thankfully this brand may be the one for you.

Since starting in the early 80s, Callaway has worked hard on establishing themselves as a golf brand that you can trust and rely on to bring you the very latest in golf tech and style. This is especially clear to see in their latest addition to their collection of golf bags, the 2019 Fusion 14 Stand Bag.

This bag is lightweight, offers exceptional durability and an awful lot of style. Not only that but Callaway have provided you with a nice selection of dividers, all of which help to safely and securely store your clubs.

Featuring 14-way top club separators, this bag allows you to effectively organize your clubs, as well as your other golfing essentials in the plentiful pockets and compartments that this bag provides you with.

A common issue some golfers face with their golf bags is that the clubs (particularly the ones placed in the center of the bag) get squished together. Thankfully with this bag, the full-length dividers greatly lessen the chances of your clubs being squished together. Which is a desirable perk if you ask us!

Another great thing about the Fusion 14 Stand Bag is that it is available in a wide range of colors and prints. If your style is more on the conservative side, then you'll certainly be happy with the plain and simple color schemes available. But if you like to stand out, then the bright oranges, camo prints, and other fun, bold colors will match your personality and style much better!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The specially designed phone pocket, is ideal for safely storing and transporting your phone around the golf course.
  • The built-in Bluetooth Speaker allows you to play your own music on the course without having to turn up the volume.
  • With a wide range of color schemes and prints you can really leave your mark on and off the golf course style.
  • The 14 way top dividers allow you to comfortably store your clubs without letting them squished in the center of the bag, thus protecting and ensuring their overall quality.
  • This stand bag is not waterproof or water-resistant, making it not ideal for rainy weather.


Your need your new golf bag to be able to hold a substantial amount of equipment and gear, especially if you're one of those golfers who frequently visit the golf course for long periods of time. You need to know your bag can hold not only your clubs but also your smaller golf essentials (such as tees and golf balls) as well as a change of clothes and somewhere safe to store your shoes. On top of this, you also need to be certain that your bag will hold your clubs in place safely and securely, without damaging or squishing them.

Fortunately, this bag has a vast amount of storage potential, offering you twelve pockets and compartments to utilize, all of which are in well thought out positions throughout the golf bag. These compartments vary in size, and all of them serve their own individual purposes, some of them more suited for smaller items rather than anything too big or bulky. Thankfully, all of these useful compartments and pockets means that storage is the least of your worries with this bag (not that there's much to be worried about).

The pockets have sealed seams for additional durability. The pocket built for storing your valuables in has been lined with a luxurious, and smooth velour fabric, so your essentials are kept safe. There is also another pocket which has magnetic velour lining, which has been utilized within the Range Finder pocket. It really does seem like the creative creators of this golf bag have thought of everything!

There is also storage for your water bottle, this particular pocket has been made waterproof to prevent leakage within the bag and it is also insulated. This means its ideal for keeping your cold drinks cooler for longer and your hot drinks hot. What more could you ask for?

This bag also features a specially designed Bluetooth speaker pocket, which is ideal for golfing groups or anyone who likes to listen to tunes while they play golf but hate wearing head/earphones!

As we mentioned, storage is not an issue with the Fusion 14 Stand Bag, as it is an area that has been well thought out, with every potential problem or detail thought out, planned in advance and accommodated for. All of which works as a sign of the bag's overall high quality, which is utterly remarkable.

Fit & Feel

How the bag fits when being carried across your shoulders can be an indication of its overall comfort. Something you may need to seriously consider if you don't have access to a cart of a golf buggy.

Obviously, if you spend a lot of your time at the golf course you want to be certain that you experience a decent level of comfort. After all, would you really want to carry it if you knew the whole experience would be unpleasant?

If you're not properly supported by your golf bag, then it's not the right one for you. Even if you're only carrying it for a small amount of time, if you're not properly supported, then it can and will have negative effects on your health, posture, and back. This could cause a whole heap of problems that will prove difficult to treat and care for.

Thankfully comfort isn't much of an issue here, as this bag is lightweight, and has a padded strap which will rest comfortably against your shoulder and chest. This means no irritation, no concentrated pressure, and discomfort in one area, and you have a little extra comfort in the places you need it most. Also, Callaway has designed this strap to be self-balancing meaning it won't slide off.

The modified strap system also provides the wearer with more coverage and comfort and offers some adaptability thanks to the adjustable straps. This bag can be worn in a few ways, over the shoulder or across, but it can also be transported without being carried with the straps. This bag has a specially molded handle, which allows you to grab and carry. This is especially ideal when you're only carrying the bag for short distances.

The Fusion 14 also comes with built-in stands, these stands allow your bag to be upright or angled for additional convenience when on the golf course. It means you can effortlessly grab the club you need without any unwanted hassle or inconvenience.

Generally speaking the fit of the bag and how it feels while it's being carried is not a problem you will have to worry about while wearing it. Overall, the fit is spot on for most (if not all) of your needs, and it is very comfy and lightweight too.


Durability is key to ensuring your golf bag has a long lifespan. This way you're not constantly having to purchase a new one on a regular basis because it easily broke and tore apart. After all, buying a new bag every few months is pointless, especially if you're investing a lot of money into the bags you purchase.

While some of us may hate the thought about spending a lot of money, when it comes to golf equipment and bags, you get what you pay for, and it's completely worthwhile.

For a durable golf bag that offers high-quality performance on the course while also being both stylish and practical, then you should look no further than the Fusion 14, as this really is a game-changing bag.

The biggest issue with this bag is the lack of waterproofing or water-resistance across the entirety of it. Yes, the insulated water bottle pocket is watertight, which is ideal for preventing internal leakage. However, it's not ideal for preventing water damage across the rest of the bag during a sudden burst of rain. It's highly recommended that if you want to lengthen the lifespan of this bag, then you should treat with water-resistant spray while also investing in a waterproof cover. This will help with this minor issue while also lengthening the lifespan of the golf bag.

But aside from this, the overall durability of this bag is remarkable. The seam-sealed stitching prevents rips and tears from the inside, while also ensuring none of your essentials fall through the gaps of your bag, getting lost inside. Also, the 14 club dividers also allow you to safely store your clubs inside without squishing them or damaging them, which of course is always ideal when it comes to handling and storing clubs.


The Callaway Fusion 14 Stand Bag is a very stylish bag while maintaining a rather conservative structure. This piece is available in a vast selection of colors, prints, and schemes, which means there is a look to match everyone's tastes and styles. Whether you like to downplay your overall golf look, or you want to stand out amongst your friends and peers, there's a vast selection of colors for you to choose from.

No matter the print of color scheme you pick, said theme runs throughout the bag effectively, while also offering you consistent style.

This bag has a very sporty feel to it while also been given a luxurious and fashionable finish, helping it with its overall appeal and making it extremely alluring to every golfer, regardless of their tastes and skill level.

Key Features

If you're interested in purchasing a bag with remarkable storage, then the Fusion 14 by Callaway is just the bag for you. Not only does it feature well-planned pockets and compartments, which includes a specially designed water compartment, valuable pocket and built-in phone section (giving you quick and easy access). This bag also features a mesh compartment, which was designed for a Bluetooth speaker.

Another incredible benefit is the X-Act Fit strap system. This helps you balance the bag while carrying it, thus improving the overall experience.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Pocket.

  • Modified Strap Design: for improved comfort.

  • Discrete Rain Hood Pocket.

  • 14-Way Top Dividers.

  • Magnetic & Velour Lined Pockets.

Bottom Line

The Fusion 14 is a remarkably durable and practical golf bag that also proves that being a reliably practical bag doesn't have to mean it looks boring. Thanks to its wide range of color schemes and prints, you have a lot of ways to express yourself and your tastes. It's easy to carry and use a bag which will securely hold and safely transport your golf essentials across the golf course with no issues at all.