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Even with all the latest developments in golf technology, there are still some people who struggle to keep the ball in play. But what can you do? If you switch to a hybrid or an iron tee you’ll be sacrificing those much-needed yards. You need something reliable, lightweight, something to elevate your performance, however, trying to understand where to start in your search for the perfect driver can be difficult.

Thankfully for you, the Callaway Fusion Driver is a super-forgiving and the ideal match for anyone struggling to keep their drive under control.

Since it’s a creation in 2004, Callaway’s Fusion models have been built using extensive insight into carbon and its composition, replacing the heavier bits with ultra-modern and lightweight parts for improved use.

Specially engineered using an incredibly sleek and aerodynamic design, improving the driver’s handling, but the triangular head shape boosts the MOI, improving airflow – which in turn reduces drag and increases clubhead speed.

While the Fusion is not the longest hitter on the market, but if you’re searching for consistency, then this is the one for you.

Thanks to all of this and more, the Big Bertha Fusion will take your golf game to a new level.

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Modern appearance
  • High build quality and designed to be forgiving when it comes to distance.
  • Remarkable sound from the strike of the ball.
  • Substantial influence across the clubface, creating a tight distribution.
  • There are some golfers who will struggle to produce the distance they’re seeking with this driver.


To make this driver ‘super-forgiving’ you need to increase the MOI, which means placing the weight low, towards the back. Not so simple, right? Well, it all depends on weight. All metal head store most of the weight high up in the crown, reducing aim. To combat this issue, Callaway's have used their extensive insight of carbon into their drivers.

In order to increase the MOI, this driver has been crafted with Triaxial Carbon for a practically weightless feel. Not only is Triaxial Carbon is 35% lighter than titanium, but its also 15% thinner towards the back of the head.

Incorporating a 460cc head and a 12g weight, the density is placed towards the back of the head, giving you more control while maximising driver’s forgiveness.

All of these innovations save around 35g in weight, which can be redistributed through the medallion. The internal weight pads and rear screw once again increases the MOI by 17%.

The lightweight feel of this product provides an unconventional approach that really pushes the boundaries when it comes to your golfing game. But while it may be unconventional, in terms of a forgiveness point of view, it's an ideal benefit that is not as new as you would expect.


As previously mentioned, Big Bertha is created using ultralight Triaxial Carbon for a lighter-than-air feel. This material is not only lightweight, but it's also 65% less dense than your traditional titanium, and also 35% thinner than composite materials that have been used in the past by Callaway’s.
This difference in the build has allowed Callaway’s engineers to create this impressive driver, relocating 35g inside the clubhead, optimising CG and once again increasing MOI.

Taking the design one step further, Big Bertha has also been created using a titanium ‘Exo-Cage’, this cage enables the driver to save weight and move it more freely elsewhere. Along with its lightweight construction, the exoskeleton is quite stiff, creating an impressive, powerful and pleasing sound on impact with the golf ball.
The sound, which is much more of a thud rather than the expected crack, is a satisfying piece of auditory feedback which gives much-needed insight on the quality of your strike.

While it has a thinner wall width and a lighter density than conventional composite crowns, it's also able to retain an equal level of strength and stiffness through its braided design which is visible in the back of the crown, fading into a matte black near the face.

The lightweight materials and aerodynamic construction make this the most stable driver in Callaway’s history.


There are a few club golfers out there that would profit from obtaining more fairways than a few extra yards, that’s one of the reasons why this model’s appeal is so notable. While you may not accomplish your fastest club speeds, the stability this driver has to offer, as well as the impact and feeling of power it gives you, this golfing must-have has various beneficial points.

The forgiveness provided by this driver is perfect for helping you swing more freely and in synch with the ball, rather than trying to steer it down the fairway. The swing is very lightweight, creating an impressive distance on well-struck drives.
Traditionally the more forgiving drivers were typically higher spinning, however, this is quite the opposite. What is equally as impressive and significant is that the spin numbers don’t jump around recklessly, regardless of if you hit it high or low on the face.

The unique shape of the head tricks you into thinking that it wouldn’t be especially fast running through the air, thankfully it’s the opposite. This is helped by the inclusion of the Speed Step crown, which is said to lessen aerodynamic friction.

Created with the most inconsistent ball striker in mind, this driver’s methods of assistance are numerous; even supporting the golfer to tighten their dispersion over longer carries.


As well all know, looks can be deceiving, especially when it concerns Big Bertha. Taking inspiration from previous Callaways’ models, the triangular profile calls back to the old FT-iZ driver. However, the addition of the matt carbon finish gives the piece a very appealing feel when you’re setting up the ball. While the shape may also not be ‘traditional’, however, the attention to detail given in into its appearance and performance, it's certainly appealing to all levels of golfers. The edges have been smoothed, making its appearance softer, detracting from the triangular shape, once again making it more appealing.

Another interesting detail is the Triaxial carbon cage can be seen towards the rear of the crown, which creates an interesting snakeskin effect, this combined with its decadent red trim, makes this driver a stylish golfing must-have.

Another interesting point of the Big Bertha Fusion driver is its shaft. The 44.5-inch shaft has proven itself to be popular amongst different levels of players. In previous tests, 30% of players found that their drives were longer with the shorter shaft. An added advantage is the fact that it comes in 9.5°, 10.5° and a very high lofted 13.5° heads, which can even be adjusted down 1° or up 2° in a neutral face angle or a draw, leaving you with plenty of flexibility

Speed & Distance

Speed and distance are key when it comes to picking the perfect driver, you need to be certain that it will deliver when the time comes to it. On average, Big Bertha flies higher, with around 250rpm more spin. One of the things that make this club so forgiving is the extra spin provided, which helps to give your hit a few more yards of distance.

The driver’s lightweight build once again works in your favor when golfing, the 45g-55g UST Recoil is really effective when it comes to adding to the overall forgiveness of the driver.

One of the biggest contributors to the speed and distance is the driver’s build and weight. The larger club head and thinner frame offer the perfect sweet spot, which still protects your balls speed, especially on off-center hits.

You’ll see a high launch characteristic, providing much higher levels of ball speed with it’s specially designed face cup.

The improvement in clubhead speed is due to a speed step design on the crown, this reduces drag on the downswing. Along with this, the sole shape is also refined by reducing the contact areas on the bottom of the club, which in turn promotes better turf interaction in various playing conditions.


The golf industry has seen a lot of improvements when it comes to the engineering of their equipment. By using the latest in available technology, Callaway’s engineers and designers are able to ensure that their products deliver in terms of performance each and every time.

Since relaunching the Fushion franchise, Callaway has become accustomed to using aerospace-grade titanium, creating the exoskeleton called the ‘Exo-Cage’. As previously mentioned, the material is 65% less dense and 35% thinner than previous materials used by Callaway, increasing MOI alongside the softened triangular shaped club.

In order to maximize speed, a Speed Step was specially positioned in the front of the crown to reduce any aerodynamic drag, smoothing the airflow over the top of the head. In turn, this increases the speed, adding a little more distance to your game.

Towards the back of the crown, there are some interesting styling choices, in this area, you are able to see the woven structure of the Triaxial Carbon that was used throughout. This adds a unique finish, especially when combined with the softened triangular shape. Callaway’s use of technologies in this must-have driver is not only beneficial to your came, but they also ensure this piece looks its best.

Another useful bit of technology used in the construction of Big Bertha is the three stock shafts, two of which are UST Recoil shafts, and the other being an MRC Diamana M+, which together weighs roughly 46 to 60g.


As expected from Callaway’s previous premium drivers, the head is fully adjustable, giving you full flexibility of changing the loft, as well as adjust the face angle for a more customizable approach to the specific needs of your game.

This impressive design offers full flexibility, an added advantage when making the most out of your game environment.

Key Features

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver is a must-have when it comes to improving your golf game. Not only does this driver offer an unconventional, but the deceptively helpful triangular shaped club, but it also gives you flexibility, allowing you to properly adapt to your game’s requirements.

Big Bertha was created with the help from a team of dedicated engineers, using their extensive insight into carbon to create a smoother game.

With its ultra-light frame and specially engineered design, this driver cleverly displaces the weight of the heavier components for a sleek and weightless finish.

Its ultra-stylized finish is also appealing to players of all levels, in essence, your competition will be envious of your improved game and style.

Key Features:

  • Triangular club

  • Triaxial Carbon

  • Exo-Cage

  • Three stock shafts - two UST Recoil and other MRC Diamana M+ shaft

  • Speed Step Design

  • Gripped handle

  • Red and black coloring

  • High MOI

  • Fully adjustable head

Bottom Line

When picking out your next driver, you need to focus on three things. Accuracy, distance, and control. The Big Bertha Fusion helps with all three things with its untraditional triangular club shape, its ultra-lightweight carbon frame and shortened shaft, all of this promises to boost your confidence during your next game.

You’ll soon find that this driver is one of the most forgiving, consistent drivers you’ve ever used and you will struggle to adapt to life without it.

This is an absolute essential for any golfer (regular or occasional) who are looking to improve the consistency of their game without sacrificing when it comes to distance.

It has to be one of the most forgiving long drivers, and one that is well-known for consistently delivering, regardless of your skill level. Any enthusiastic golfer understands that forgiveness is a great thing to have when playing, and the Big Bertha certainly does just that with minimal (if any) compromise. If you’re looking to invest and improve your golf game, this driver offers cutting edge materials, a unique design, distinctive club, and the latest in aerodynamic technology. Not only that, but it also enables you to push yourself your game. If this is something you think you would benefit from or you’re looking for a little bit more control over your drive, then it is truly worth the investment.