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Every golfer knows that Callaway is a serious brand that has anchored its position among the leaders in the golf industry by constantly developing new technologies and cutting-edge designs. Their success spreads in all golf areas, from clubs to equipment and accessories. Rarely will you find a golf company that offers such a broad range of products designed with superior materials and under the most stringent conditions. 

Their dedication to bringing about the latest scientific discoveries into their products has resulted in various breakthrough designs that set new limits in their range. Callaway has always been going deeper in its pursuit to find the best and never got satisfied, no matter how far they have gone in their quest for improvement. Perfection doesn’t exist, but if you have to define it, then it will include Callaway products in it.

The company rarely leaves no stone unturned in their research and that applies in every possible range. When it comes to golf balls, their array is massive, boasting the same perfection and attention to details seen in all other types of products. The company has developed breakthrough designs with the inclusion of new elements and materials, and their golf balls have been one of the most frequently seen on tournaments and regular golf sessions. 

One of the golf ball models that created a big craze from the moment they were launched on the market is Chrome Soft, a model that differs from the other models by utilizing within its blend of materials a Nobel Prize-winning material that was just a century ago discovered, and which is considered to be the strongest material in the world. This material is called graphene and bellow we’ll talk about why they decided to use this material, what changes it makes and the performance of the balls.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Four-piece golf ball made od dual-core, a mantle, and a cover

Larger core for low compression rate and an ultra-soft feel

Extra spin on the greens without sacrificing speed and distance

The urethane cover guarantees durability

Hexagonal dimple design adds more aerodynamic features and extra spin

It comes in several colors and designs

Two models within the series, Chrome Soft, and the Chrome Soft X


Not particularly suitable for high handicappers


Callaway Chrome Soft includes two designs, the standard one with the original name Chrome Soft, and Chrome Soft X. The difference mainly lies in the firmer X’s feel, designed to meet the needs of golfers with better swing speeds. Chrome Soft is a four-piece golf ball which includes double core construction that features inner and outer core, a mantle and extremely strong urethane cover. And, it is not the outer design that stands out compared to the majority of the golf ball designs. The hexagonal dimple design represents a deviation of the standard circular design which delivers a very specific aerodynamic function.

Core Design

The game-changer of this Callaway model is the core design, i.e., the dual-core design which is comprised of the inner and outer core. So, the great talking point of the design which affects the overall performance lies in the introduction of graphene, a material that has been discovered about 10 years ago, for which its inventors received a Nobel Prize. The material is considered to be the strongest on the Earth and it is 200 times stronger than steel.

However, as impressive as it sounds, one needs to be aware that it is actually 0.4% of it used that is used in the construction of the outer core layer. Yet, they created a layer around it and made the inner core 80% bigger than their previous model. The purpose of the use of such a strong material is to increase the compression difference between the inner core and the outer core, and the company calls it a crash helmet for the inner core. This makes the inner core larger and softer to deliver better performance in all the aspects of the game.

Cover Design

The low compression cores deliver a softer feel, and their purpose is to mainly deliver low spin and more distance off the tee, however, when it comes to short game performance, it is the construction of the cover and the mantle that take the responsibility.

Before we talk about golf ball covers, we’d like to remind you that nowadays the materials used in their production are mainly limited to Surlyin (ionomer), urethane, and Callaway has their own proprietary hybrid material. Yet, urethane is considered to be the most premium material than all, which is considerably pricier as well. This material enables manufacturers to create softer golf balls, without worrying that the balls will undergo any significant changes under impact since it maintains its strength under the most powerful shots. This implies that they will last longer and won’t be prone to any damages.

Having opted for urethane, Callaway inconspicuously makes clear that this ball is of premium quality, not only in its inner part but from the outside too. Together with the mantle they deliver premium short game performance and enhance the feel. The hexagonal dimple design makes it aerodynamic but at the same time, this pattern creates increased spin and better-stopping landing on the green.


Callaway has officially declared Chrome Soft ultra-soft and low compression golf balls. However, even though there are some indications that low compression golf balls feature compression rate up to 80, this scale hasn’t been officialized and adopted by all golf manufacturers. This is particularly valid for Callaway since the company has acquired a policy never to state the compression rate of its golf balls. Even though the compression is a good indicator of the feel when it comes to Callaway golf balls, it can be misleading because the company claims that some models feature high compression rate and yet they deliver an incredibly soft feel. Their hesitation to release compression numbers appears to be justified, as many golfers have been led by the compression rate when choosing a golf ball, which in this case will be incorrect.


This third generation of Chrome Soft brings about advancements that nobody would have thought were possible. But, if you are familiar with Callaway's broad range of products and technologies, this wouldn’t come as a surprise though, because they often come up with an unexpected way to deliver something new.

When it comes to a four-piece golf ball model, you do realize that we are talking about supremacy which has a final goal of delivering optimal performance. If you have ever asked yourself about the deeper meaning of the so-called “optimum performance”, we’ll explain it right away.

As you know, many golfers struggle with speed, so they would look for distance golf balls. Others have a really hard time handling the shots from the wedges and look for golf balls that deliver more spin. Others need more stopping power on the greens or maximized roll when putting. So, now imagine that there is a golf ball that includes everything within its construction to deliver the “optimum performance”.

The softcore, as we have previously mentioned, delivers much less spin when it comes to long shots with a straighter ball trajectory that leads to more distance. Also, when the core is softer this means it is more forgiving thanks to their ability to compress even when golfers hit the ball off-center and convert the head speed into ball speed, unlike harder balls.

We mentioned that there is another submodel within this one, the Chrome Soft X, which is a bit firmer, and which is more intended to meet the needs of golfers who have a more powerful swing. It is a more feel-and-control-based model which differs slightly in the size of the core.

Sound and Feel

What better players need with every shot is a pure feel and the feedback of their performance. Since this is a soft feel golf ball, with a design that enhances playability in the long and short game, it is the feel of pure shot that impresses golfers the most. The construction of the ball allows golfers to get real feedback on their performance with sufficient greenside control and accuracy.

Sound-wise, it is what distinguishes the two models, the standard and the X one. With every shot, there is a clear clingy sound that is much more emphasized in the X model, while in the standard one it is more muted. This louder sound divides golfers in their opinion what is better, louder or muted, either way, two options are at your disposal without a considerable difference in their performance.

Key Features

After scrutinizing the overall design and the performance of these Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, let’s now summarize the key points that are worth remembering and which characterize them as premium golf balls.

Firstly, they are four-piece golf balls that are comprised of a dual-core, mantle and urethane cover with hexagonal dimple-pattern design. The ultimate hallmark of Chrome Soft is the use of graphene, the strongest material on the Earth to create the outer core layer which has an influence on the compression of the cover and it influences the playability of the ball. Then, the decision of the engineers to use urethane means that you get a high-quality golf ball that will last for much longer (unless you lose it somewhere on the course or in the water hazards), and which will show almost no signs of wear and tear for quite some time. Lastly, it is a high-performance, all-around golf ball that delivers piercing-straight, low spin trajectories that deliver more yardages and extra forgiveness. As we have said, the optimum performance of this model is observed in its ability to perform well in the short game too, offering extra spin, enhanced feel, more control and stopping landing power.

Key Features

  • Four-piece golf ball made of dual-core, a mantle, and a cover

  • The outer cover features graphene, the strongest material on the Earth

  • The 80% larger core delivers very low compression rate and an ultra-soft feel

  • The graphene layer functions as a crash shield that enhances the performance on the approaching shots and extra spin without sacrificing speed and distance

  • The urethane cover makes sure that the ball will stay intact after using it for some time

  • Hexagonal dimple design adds more aerodynamic properties and spins when playing with the short irons

  • It comes in several colors and designs

  • There are two submodels, the standard Chrome Soft, and the Chrome Soft X which is bit firmer and intended to appeal to golfers with a faster swing speed

Cost and Value

The premium design of Callaway Chrome Soft can be noticed once you start playing with the ball and start getting more yardages. The innovative approach of the company to address in one ball all the aspects of the game are seen with the introduction of the Nobel prize material and the selection of urethane for the cover. Both of these materials are very expensive even in their raw form, so in combination with all the manufacturing processes, the innovative concept and the attention to each and single details, it is more than understandable why these golf balls are one of the most expensive on the market. However, even if it looks outrageous to spend so much money on golf balls, make sure you understand that it is the playability and the game-enhancing features you are paying for that are going to last for quite some time.

Bottom Line

Avid golfers are trained enough to recognize a good quality golf ball, and most of them agree that Chrome Soft is a solid model that ticks all the criteria to be called a premium model. If you have ever wondered what makes one golf ball model different from another one, we hope that this review helped you to understand that creating golf balls is a very scientific process that includes plenty of research and development. The materials and the technologies play a big role in the performance of the balls, and luckily Callaway boasts with many.

To summarize, these are exceptional balls that will enhance your performance in the long game and increase your confidence in the short game thanks to the top-notch design they feature.