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There isn’t any other sport that requires carrying around so much equipment as golf does. From the golf bag with fourteen clubs, a bunch of golf balls, cleaners, towels, tees, to personal items and accessories, the list is quite long. Among the most necessary nowadays is the possession of a good distance finder. And, as with the rest of the equipment, there are plenty of manufacturers with a claim that their rangefinders are the best. We know that there is no such thing as the single best product, but what we do know is that there are certain manufacturers that produce high-quality rangefinders that offer golf gear and equipment which is groundbreaking and top-notch in many aspects.

Such a company is Callaway whose presence on the course is dominant with multiple ranges of products. It is the company that has invested so much in perfecting their array that whenever they launch a new product on the market it comes with a never-seen-before feature. Callaway shook the golf world when they announced their AI computer-designed driver, and it is a record holder in the number of investments in golf products.

All these investments in research and innovations make Callaway one of the most reliable companies that produce everything that golfers need, including rangefinders. There are different types and models, and our subject of today's review is Callaway 300 Pro, one of the most advanced distance finders within the range which includes the option of slope measurement and some more bells and whistles which make it one of the most all-inclusive offers on the market.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sleek, compact and ergonomic design

Pin Acquisition Technology locks onto the pin, up to 300 yards

“Birdie” technology provides a chirping sound when it locks onto the pin

Slope Measurement technology

6x zoom, premium LCD screen

5-1000 yards range with accuracy with +/- 1-yard

Scan mode allows distance measurements of more objects at the same time

Waterproof and fog proof


A few golfers reported a delay in calculations


The importance of possessing a reliable rangefinder is no longer a subject of a debate as it is more than clear that the correct measurement will provide golfers with required information that will help them make multiple decisions such as which club to select or how powerful their swing needs to be. There are different types of rangefinders, from basic ones that deliver information on the distances to the pin or selected target to more to those that calculate slope distances and scan the area. In addition to offering multiple features, what makes the rangefinder attractive is the good grip, ergonomic design and the compact size which will allow golfers to have it all the time with them.

In line with this, Callaway makes one of the most lightweight distance finders on the market, and even though this is not the smallest and the lightest, it is very compact, sleek and ergonomic, weighing only 7 oz. The surface provides good grip and rough surface so that it doesn’t easily slip, especially when the weather is rainy.


Callaway rangefinders are easy to use as the designers focused on convenience and practicality as the first guiding principle when constructing it. However, due to the fact that there are several functions, it is advisable to read the user manual for further reference, in case you are not quite sure how it works.

Anyway, we will try to make things easy and simple for you, and describe the functions and how to activate them. To measure the distance to the selected target, you will need to press the power button, and the crosshairs will come up to provide you the distance to the selected target. When measuring the distance to the flag, you should point to the flag pin and wait for the correct measurement which is delivered in a second. To go through different modes, you should press the mode button which also selects whether you’d like to have the measurements in yards and meters.

One of the top features that Callaway 300 has is the slope function which is activated by sliding the side button up and down for enabling, i.e., disabling it. Plus, the scan mode delivers the distance to different targets such as trees, water hazards, or greenside bunkers. To activate this function you need to press scan mode and aim to the location that needs to be scanned. You will have the locations displayed on the screen by pressing the black button for each of the selected objects.


Callaway 300 Pro is more advanced rangefinder that besides the basic features, it provides golfers with precise measurements to the pin, to the target, and it also scans the area to provide the distance to multiple objects. Plus, it features slope measurement function and the company's Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) that allows golfers to get the distance to the pin from up to 300 yards even in situations when the surrounding is not clear and when there are many trees or objects in the background. What makes this rangefinder very convenient to use is the “birdie” technology that makes the device chirp like a bird once it locks onto a flag.

Slope Measurement Technology

Golf courses are not flat surfaces and some multiple inclines and declines can affect the measured distance to the flag and the other targets. Therefore, the Slope Measurement technology has been invented to measure the inclines and declines to calculate the slope adjusted distance. However, this function is not in accordance with the USGA regulations and the terms of use, so it is forbidden to be used in legal tournaments. This is the reason why there is an on/off button that turns this function on and off.


Golfers need rangefinders to get precise distance measurements, so in case the rangefinder delivers incorrect measurements it would be pointless to use it. Fortunately, Callaway 300 Pro is one of the most accurate rangefinders on the market, with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard that is the maximum precision that equals the premium ones. The range to measure distances spans from 5 to 1000 yards with a bit of instability characteristic for more distant targets. The time that is needed to calculate the distance is considerably fast, however, some golfers noticed that it needs reestablishing the distance during bad weather conditions. Thanks to the “birdie” function, every time the target to the pin has been locked, you will hear a chirping sound.

Zoom and Optics

When it comes to lens quality, in this model we can see Callaway superiority in the brightness and the clearness of the lens, helping golfers clearly see the targeted object and make an adequate decision on which club to use. Regarding the possibility of bringing the images closer to a golfer, Callaway 300 offers 6x magnification to allow golfers to magnify the landscape and the targets and get a clearer image of the most further objects. Golfers claim that having been able to use this feature, has provided them with a crisper image of the landscape or to easily locate the pin. To zoom in, you need to rotate the rubber eyepiece which is located at the lens point of the device.


The quality of the display is significant since it allows golfers to see the target which will help them make important decisions on their strategy, such as the type of the club and how they are going to perform each shot. Callaway 300 Pro features a premium LCD screen to deliver high definition images helping you to see what’s ahead and make suitable choices. What golfers can read on the LCD display is the yardages or the meters to the target, status of the slope function, PAT mode indicator when it is turned on, and the status of the battery.

Additional Features

So far, we have discussed the basic features and technologies that mark the performance of this distance finder. However, there are some other, very convenient features that are worth mentioning and which, even though not crucial for the overall performance of the rangefinder, they do deliver much more convenient performance under all conditions.

And, talking about conditions, this means that Callaway 300 Pro will provide you with the benefit of having correct measurements even when the weather conditions are far from favorable, such as when it is raining or when the weather is foggy. This distance finder is water and fog proof with complete protection of the lens quality and the clarity of the images.

Since the device features, high-quality optics which is integrated into its construction, it won’t affect the quality of the images or the accuracy.


This is a full package that includes a premium molded carrying case with a zipper closure and a button. On the back of it, there is a carabiner clip which allows you to conveniently carry it on the belt or the golf bag.

When it comes to the power source, it utilizes standard CR2 battery which is easily replaceable and which boasts a very long battery life and a year warranty. When you buy the device, you get the battery included. Callaway 300 Pro comes with a one-year warranty.

Key Features

Within this section, we make a summary of the features that we have discussed so far, including the performance and the way it functions. These functions are characteristic for Callaway 300 Pro and clarify what you can expect from it.

The most important feature regarding this model is the Slope Measurement technology which allows golfers to measure the slope features and calculates the exact distance to the target. Secondly, we shouldn’t forget that this is a Callaway product that implies high effectivity and performance. Then, thanks to P.A.T technology, golfers get a very precise pin distance measurement which helps the lower the number of strokes. Next, the fact that it is water and fog proof allows golfers to use it under different weather conditions without being worried that it might get damaged. Finally, the 6x zoom with the ultimate precision of +/- 1 yard and the range from 5 to up to 1000 yards with a pin-lock feature to up to 300 yards, put Callaway 300 among the most functional rangefinders, that can be used by anyone.

Key Features

  • A sleek and compact rangefinder that boasts accuracy and precision, with readings in meters or yards.

  • Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) allows it to lock onto the pin to up to 300 yards.

  • It delivers accurate readings with +/- 1-yard accuracy and with a range span from 5 to 1000 yards.

  • “Birdie” technology creates a little chirping sound when it locks onto a flag.

  • Slope technology measures the inclines and declines to calculate the distance.

  • It features a scan mode to scan the environment so that it acquires distances to water hazards, sand traps, or flags.

  • 6 x zoom and high-quality LCD display.

  • Water and fog proof

Bottom Line

With the advancement of technology, many gadgets have been developed to make the life of golfers easier. Indeed, when you think about the fact that just a few decades ago it wasn’t imaginable for golfers to have their own distance finders, now everyone who plays some golf, considers buying one. They are regarded as a crucial part of golfers’ gear and their value has been long ago confirmed. When you just think about all the possibilities that open up when you know how far the target to the flag is, or when you know the surrounding including the distances to the hazards, sandtraps, and the trees, everything becomes easier.

With this, every golfer regardless of their level of handicap can take advantage of using a distance finder. Callaway 300 Pro, is an advanced model and a trustworthy product, guaranteeing the quality of the most dominant golf manufacturers. All in all, this rangefinder will provide you with maximum performance and accuracy so that you shorten the number of strokes and lower your score for a price that is more than affordable when it comes to this quality range finder.