Callaway 200 Rangefinder

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Once you decide to play golf and step on the course, the brand of Callaway subtly imposes its dominance wherever you go. It is one of the most prominent golf companies, game-changer in many aspects, a company that invests a huge amount of money, time and resources in developing new designs, new concepts, and new technologies. It is the first company that collaborated with Boeing to better understand and implement the laws of aerodynamics into their clubs and golf balls, and it is the first golf company that developed an artificial intelligence computer which developed one of the fastest drivers ever.

But, their designs do not stop with the golf equipment, as its impressive range of products spreads from golf gear, apparel, shoes and practically everything that is golf-related. It gives the impression that there’s nothing that Callaway can’t produce, and whatever they launch on the market is greeted with immediate acceptance leading to ultimate market success. 

Talking about market success in the field of range finders, today we are analyzing Callaway 200, a budget-friendly, highly performing distance finder that has been a favorite among golfers thanks to its sleek design and optimal performance. Plus, it has a very affordable price tag that makes it an irresistible market offer, especially when you know that it has been made by such a prominent company.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Compact and lightweight

Pin Acquisition Technology locks onto the pin to up to 275 yards

6x magnification, LCD screen

5-800 yards range with accuracy with +/- 1-yard

Scan mode allows distance measurements of multiple objects

Waterproof and fog proof


Workability issues


Rangefinders represent part of the most necessary golf equipment and golfers no longer make wild guesses about the distance to the next target or the pin. If you have been playing golf for some time you already know that knowing the distance will affect your game, the choice of the clubs and the way you hit the ball. That is the reason why golfers need to have a rangefinder with them for all aspects of the game. But, we all know that whatever comes as an extra, apart from the basic equipment and gear, tends to be left aside or frequently forgotten. Also, if the device is impractical then it will be very difficult to handle which can cause additional frustration among golfers.

Being aware of golfers’ preferences, Callway created an ultra-small rangefinder with an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in any hand size. It is about 20% smaller than their larger model, Callaway 300 and it weighs only 110g (3.9 oz) which makes it one of the lightest rangefinders on the market. The royal blue plastic cover with rough surface delivers good grip and prevents it from slipping, especially during wet conditions.


This is probably one of the easiest to use rangefinders as the number of measurement points is limited to the most important ones, so if you are looking for all the bells and whistles, you need to search in some of their more advanced models, which of course, are higher priced.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get the measurements you need. On the contrary, you will get the distance to the target you are aiming to by pressing the black button that is positioned on the top of the rangefinder. This will bring up the crosshairs and then you need to point at the flag to bring up the meters or yards to the flag. It is basically operated with the same button for most of its functions.

Another useful feature is the scan mode which can deliver the distance to multiple targets such as greenside bunkers, trees or water hazards. It is also very easy to use this function. The only thing you need to do is to aim to the desired location, press and hold the black button for a few seconds until you see the measurement displayed on the screen.


Callaway 200 is an entry-level rangefinder that is designed to provide golfers with accurate measurements of the most important distances to the pin and to the multiple objects by scanning the surroundings. So, even though a basic model, it does feature the proprietary Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) which provides golfers with the opportunity to lock onto the pin from up to 275 yards distance even when there are multiple objects or trees in the background.


This feature is the one that usually distinguishes a highly functional rangefinder from the others, and as would many golfers agree, if the rangefinder is accurate enough, the number of extras that go with it is usually of lesser importance.

Callaway claims that this distance finder is very accurate with a precision of +/- 1 yard which is nearly the optimum that most of the premium, high-end ones usually offer. The range you can seek target distances goes from 5 to 800 yards, however, as this is a basic model, the measurements of further distances tend to be unstable and it often takes several attempts before you get the definite measurement. This is on the con side, and even though it is not a disastrous feature, it can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you are about to hit par. Regarding the time it takes to deliver the distance, it seems to be fairly fast, although if you compare it with the top-performing ones there’s a lag for a second or two, which is even unnoticeable. All in all, the accuracy is decent with very acceptable speed rate.

Magnification and Optics

When looking through the lens, the clarity of the measured distance helps golfers determine the desired target, so it is crucial for them to make sure that they are measuring the right distance. Therefore, most of the manufacturers tend to integrate the highest optics features within these devices so that golfers take maximum advantage of them.

Callaway 200 features 6x magnification which is of the highest quality and which allows users to zoom in the targets and see better the most distant objects. This feature is very convenient when scanning the landscape, targeting the pin or acquiring multiple targets. It is also suitable for persons with impaired eyesight and who wear glasses. The zoom works with the help of the rotatable, rubber eyepiece positioned on the upper part of the device. So, what you need to do is basically point to a target, rotate the eyepiece for a clearer image and you will get the readings on the screen.


As we have mentioned in the previous section, it is significant that golfers are able to see the desired target and be able to make a decision based on the measurements which club to use and the way they are going to hit the ball. This goes hand in hand with the quality of the display and the ability to see better. Since Callaway is a company that takes care of the quality of their products from the entry to the premium level, this rangefinder comes with a top-class LCD display with extra bright and crisp images. You will be able to easily see what’s ahead of you and make a smart decision. The LCD screen shows the yards or meters to the target, the indicator of the PAT mode when it is turned on, and the battery status.

Additional Features

After discussing the key points of this compact, lightweight and basic rangefinder, we’d like to point to some additional features that make up a complete and an attractive offer which is worth considering.

If you are not lucky enough to be living in the always sunny places in the world (which means more than 95% of the golfers out there), then there must be times when the weather conditions have been far from favorable, imposing the need of owning golf equipment and gear which can resist those inclement weather conditions.

Therefore, taking different weather and course circumstances into account, Callaway engineered this rangefinder with waterproof and fog proof features, which means golfers can freely use it during rain and fog. The high-quality optics that is integrated within its design won’t greatly deteriorate the quality of the images, and the accuracy to the targets. We have to mention, though, that golfers did experience multiples attempts to pick up the target accurately enough and slightly blurred images during heavy rain and dense fog, but we have to be honest that in such conditions, deterioration in quality is expected, bearing in mind that this device is of entry-level performance.


When purchasing Callaway 200, besides the device, you get quite a robust, black carrying case with Velcro closing on the top. On the back, it has a carabiner clip which makes it very convenient to be carried around on your belt or hung on the golf bag.

Regarding the batteries, it uses standard CR2 battery which can be easily replaced on the course for uninterrupted use throughout the pop-up handle which is fastened on the screw in the battery compartment. The initial purchase includes one CR2 battery. Also, the product comes with a one-year warranty, starting from the day of the purchase.

Key Features

After a detailed review of all the features that this rangefinder has, and the performance it delivers, we’ll focus on the most important key features that make up this unit and distinguish it from the others on the market. Firstly, the sole fact that it is a Callaway product means that you get a guarantee that you’ll have a fully functional product that is made to make the game of golf easier by delivering exact measurements of the targeted objects. Secondly, even though it is just an entry-level distance finder, it doesn’t undermine its functionality and accuracy thanks to P.A.T technology, with a few slight lags here and there. Thirdly, it is water and fog proof, which is an extremely functional feature for golfers who frequently play golf in inclement weather conditions. Finally, the 6x magnification with the accuracy of +/- 1 yard and the maximum range to up to 800 yards with pin-lock to up to 275 yards, make Callaway 200 a decent distance finder which can meet the needs of the youngsters, recreational golfers and those with a tight budget.

Key Features

  • Compact, lightweight and very convenient rangefinder that delivers measurements in meters and yards.

  • Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) enables it to lock onto the pin to up to 275 yards distance.

  • Accurate distance measurements with +/- 1-yard accuracy and a range from 5 to 800 yards.

  • The scan mode allows golfers to scan the landscape and to acquire distances to sand traps, water hazards, trees, and flags.

  • 6 x magnification zoom and bright LCD display

  • Waterproof and fog proof

Bottom Line

As technology has been advancing with the speed of light, thus we have witnessed a rise of completely new devices that make our lives easier. The same refers to golf gadgets and devices, and if owning a laser rangefinder just half a century ago was more than an unthinkable concept, the opposite is valid today. There are almost no golfers on the course without having any kind of distance measuring device which provides them with accurate information about the distance of the target. Even the dilemma that prevailed a decade ago among golfers whether they need one is no longer under discussion as every golfer who has played golf at least once with a distance finder knows the benefits that it delivers and how impractical and inconvenient the whole game can be if you lack one.

Having said this, it is clear that even beginners, including teenagers and recreational golfers, can take advantage of possessing a rangefinder. Callaway 200, as one of the most basic types, represents a perfect choice for anyone who is still having second thoughts about whether or not to invest in buying such a device thanks to its budget price. It is a reliable product, made by one of the most prominent golf manufacturers and it comes with a year warranty.

In a nutshell, this is a rangefinder that delivers optimal performance and reliable service for a very competitive price coming from a premium brand.