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When the C3i wedge was first released, it got very aggressive advertising, trying to convince everyone that this is the wedge that would put an end to all those annoying fat shots. The golf channel has been repeatedly featuring this revolutionized design which is claimed to be all about consistency and elimination of fat shots. 

If you are a beginner golfer, then the short game must be causing you a lot of trouble, especially if you are learning the chipping and flopping. Even mid and low handicappers can’t say that they have conquered all the lies around the greens, as you need a great amount of feel and control to be able to get the ball out of the rough or the bunker.

An average golfer usually has about two to four wedges, depending on the style and the skills of the golfer. From tight lies and thick lies to sand shots, wedges cover the hard part of the game. For many golfers, getting the ball out of the sandbox is mission impossible, and they often waste many shots to proceed with the game. 

This is where the C3i wedge steps in, as it has a patented design called Auto Glide Sole which the company advertises as the most cutting-edge sole that has been made to deliver the impossible escape from any sand bunker. Game Golf came out with intriguing statistics claiming that a mid handicapper is capable of getting the ball out of the bunker once every 10 times. This fact is enough indication that it is a painstaking task. 

While practicing is imminent for developing feel and control, which are the ultimate factors that lead to better performance, the golf wedges you use can deliver almost instant help if you know what kind of wedges to look for. The C3i wedge is repeatedly named the best wedge for escaping any tough lie in the most consistent way and instantly cut about 5 shots. While most of us take advertisement like this with a grain of salt, we dived deep into the specifics of the wedge and users’ reviews, so below we explain everything worth knowing about the C3i.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It features Auto Glide Xtreme Sole design that glides through any turf condition

Three available lofts of 55, 59, and 65 degrees for more versatility

Heel/hosel section for maximum backspin

It delivers accurate shots without opening the stance and the face

The leading edge features extra curvature and beveling

The 12-degree bounce is closer to the trailing edge

Optimized CG located up and back within the head

A vibrations-reducing polymer that delivers a softer feel and pleasing sound

Dark Chrome finish reduces the glare


Some golfers think it is another gimmick since it doesn't magically restore your performance

General Information

There are many reasons why the short game is so burdensome for many golfers, particularly high and mid handicappers. One of the most justifiable excuses for the issues related to the short game is the need for a different setup from the one you have for producing normal shots. Another reason is the steep swing that causes all that inconsistency and fat shots. Also, if you’re a recreational golfer, then the chances are that you spend almost no time on practicing your shots.

And while all these reasons can be sufficient explanation for your inability to perform well in the short game, there’s one more reason that seems to be neglected when it comes to the short game. Most of the wedges you are playing with are a traditional style of wedges that require dedication and practice so that you are able to perform even basic shots. If you take a closer look at their design you will notice that their soles are narrower, making bigger divots and feature low forgiveness capacity. Plus when playing, you need to change your setup and open the clubface and your stance so that you can perform even your basic shots. Lastly, among the culprits for a bad short game can be blamed for the lack of enough loft, which at the traditional wedge ranges about 60 degrees for the sand wedges. Apparently, that’s OK for more advanced golfers, but for recreational golfers who are basically high and mid handicappers, this is the reason for performing badly.

Therefore, the standard loft degree for the C3i wedge is 65 degrees for which the preliminary and consecutive testing has proven to work the best for the flop and lob shots. The best part is that you don’t have to change your setup nor to open the face club and you will still be able to get the ball out of the bunker.

Auto Glide Xtreme Sole

All about the C3i is related to the unique sole design which changes the way golfers perform and effectuate their shots into shots the get near the hole. One of the main differences, when you compare the sole of this wedge with the traditional one, is seen in the leading edge which sits significantly off the ground. The sole is 2” wide which means double the size compared to the traditional sole which is just 1” wide. The wider sole makes it much easier to glide through sand and across the turf with ease while eliminating the flubbed bunker shots. Another benefit coming from the sole design is the higher lie loft that makes it easier for the club to perform better flop shots.

Design Features

For many golfers, the look of the wedge boosts their confidence and helps them achieve more by knowing that they own the right club for the short game. Even at first glance, the C3i looks unconventional and stunning. The first thing you notice is the dark Chrome face or the black matte finish which looks elegant, modern and attractive, and if you are a golfer who prefers playing during hot and sunny days, then the finish has antiglare properties which at times can be very useful.

The face, the shaft, and the grip, they all remind of a standard 60-degree wedge, and even though this is a 65-degree wedge, is not going to feel abnormal or strange. Its sole purpose is to help deliver more productive out of the bunker shots, so all the accompanying elements are kept the same so that golfers are able to have the same feel.

The only difference, as we have previously said, is found in the Auto Glide Sole which is one inch wider than the standard one, and which is meant to have bounce and help golfers easier glide through the turf. The clubhead features a ‘teardrop’ style which inspires much more confidence and comfort when setting up at address. The cavity design is another very striking feature that makes the design of this wedge unique and stands out among the multitude. Inside the cavity, there is a vibration-reducing polymer that delivers more pleasing sound, much softer feel and superior feedback.

Who Is It For?

We started the introduction as if this wedge was for high handicappers struggling to get the ball out of the bunker or any tough lie, but the reality is a bit different. While high handicappers can benefit profoundly from this wedge, the same can be said for mid and even low handicappers. Many of the reviewers claim that regardless of their handicap, this wedge has helped them to considerably lower their score.


When it comes to the turf conditions and when to opt for the C3i, many golf experts suggest using it in very wet turf and spongy-like conditions, or very soft lies, when the grass is thick and the ball is sitting up or if the sand is exceptionally fluffy, so basically, those extremely difficult situations when golfers need much many more skills to produce successful shots. But, we the C3i wedge, all you need to do is just square the face and hit the ball.

And, if you have been involved in the game for quite some time, then you must have experimented with your clubs. Golfers who are a bit more experienced frequently use their wedges from the fairway as well to score peculiar shots. So, this is exactly where you can use this wedge too. The effect of these shots will be a high ball flight and soft landing of the ball.

When you are attempting to hit the ball from out of the rough, from thicker grass, the bounce of the leading edge will help you not to chank the ball and help you smoothly glide through the grass.


There are multiple benefits from using the C3i, the greatest of them in enabling golfers to drastically increase the bunker shot effectiveness, and improve consistency. Most of the golfers who have reviewed this wedge claim maximized performance, and this is confirmed by the robot testing that the company performed. You will see reduced-fat shots or round-crushing shots within 50 yards of the flag. The wider sole is delicately cambered to prevent divots in the turf. The 12-degree bounce allows golfers not to change their stance without opening the clubface and makes the shots much easier than using traditional wedges.

Key Features

From what we have said so far, it appears that the C3i boasts high versatility in terms of using it in different turf conditions with the three loft angles of 55, 59, and 65 degrees, and the possibility to be used by differently skilled golfers. This is made possible by the unique design and the technology that has been integrated within the wedge.

The Auto Glide sole which is 2” wide helps golfers overcome any difficult situation in the hardest turf conditions and it simply glides through the sand and the turf, ensuring consistency. The leading edge also features extra curvature and beveling enhance the shot consistency and eliminate snagging and digging ensuring that golfers have clean contact. The fact that the 12-degree bounce is placed closer to the trailing edge makes the wedge extremely effective from any firm lies and makes it less susceptible to blading, while the extra camber positioned from the front to the back of the sole allows the wedge to slide smoothly over the turf or the sand.

Another game enhancing feature is the location of the Center of Gravity (CG). It affects the overall performance of the wedge, and it contributes to the overall design of the wedge. In the C3i, the CG is positioned up and back within the clubhead so that the stability of the wedge is considerably enhanced. This positioning of the CG adds more backspin from any type of lies, and at the same time, it enhances the forgiveness of the club so that it produces precise and accurate ball flights.

Key Features

  • Auto Glide Xtreme Sole design that is 1-inch than the traditional soles

  • Three available lofts of 55, 59 and 65 degrees for every turf conditions

  • Heel/hosel section for maximum backspin, squaring the ball at address and clean shots

  • The leading edge features extra curvature and beveling

  • The 12-degree bounce is closer to the trailing edge

  • Optimized CG located up and back within the head for improved performance

  • Polymer insert in the cavity reduces the vibrations, delivers a softer feel and pleasing sound

  • Dark Chrome finish reduces the glare

Bottom Line

The C3i is one of those wedges that will make a twist in your short game performance, allowing you to get out the ball from any bunker, any lie, and any turf condition. The wide, delicately cambered sole, the 12-degree bounce, and the large sweet spot making it very forgiving, and short game enhancing. It is the perfect wedge for golfers of all handicaps but mostly recommended for high and mid handicappers. You can produce accurate shots without opening your clubhead or your stance and it is capable of producing a variety of shots while eliminating the fat shots and increasing the consistency. Priced below the average but not too cheaply, it can be your most preferred club in your golf bag.