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In the ocean of golf shirts, golfers have the choice to select their preferred choice based on the materials used in shirts production, colors and patterns, the style and the design, even the numbers of buttons and the collar types. And, you can choose the brands that you’ll be wearing on the course too. Today we are reviewing a brand that has been familiar among golfers, but not too much to the general public, as the name comes from one of the most popular amateur golfers, Bobby Jones, the renowned golfer from the 20ties who helped design Augusta National Golf Course and helped set up the Masters Tournament there.  To honor his legacy, Bobby Jones golf shirts are as timeless as the name of Bobby Jones is for avid golfers who appreciate his contribution to the world of golf.

The decision to name the company after him doesn’t only come as pure respect of the person who showed golfers of that time what dedication to the sport means, but it also set an exemplary embodiment of fair play and sportsmanship, rarely found even among the professional golfers of that time. In addition to all these attributes that made Bobby Jones such a distinguished person, many fashion experts include his style which was impeccable, classic, with sports details that subtly enhanced the purpose of what he was wearing when he was off to the course. 

Since the company is set to offer modern-day golfers equally sophisticated and subtly modern and elegant golf apparel, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range inspired by the style of Bobby Jones golf shirts. All their pieces of garments, signature accessories, and golf collectibles honor the legacy of this outstanding golfer which, even though rooted in the past, they have their eyes to the future, mixing modernity with tradition. 

This is why golfers with a particularly defined style often choose Bobby Jones golf shirts for on and off the golf courses. The finest selection of materials and the manufacturing process which includes a very stringent quality-control check ensure that golfers get the best of the best. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Performance shirt made from 93%polyester and 7% spandex

XH2O technology makes it water-resistant with moisture-wicking properties

Breathable and easy to dry

Stylish, classy design with subtle embroidery on the button-placet



General Description

The apparel that features Booby Jones’s signature is characterized with ultimate quality and refinement for maximum comfort and style. The company’s golf shirts come in three different categories, which are distinguished by the material utilized to make them.

The Cotton Essential range, as the name implies, offers golf polo shirts that are made with the finest cotton, i.e. pure Peruvian Pima cotton, or 100% merchandized cotton which is extremely lightweight and designed to stretch without losing its original shape. Some of the models within this range consist of two plies that interlock which additionally enhances the performance features of the shirt. They come in different patterns or solid, vivid colors offering brilliant luster and remarkable style.

The second category is all about performance fabrics and it is designed to offer golfers game-enhancing features that help them achieve ultimate comfort when things get heated without disturbing their comfort and with that their confidence while swinging. The performance materials include the use of polyester, spandex, elastin or nylon, processed with the company’s best technologies to make them moisture-wicking, and easy to dry.

The third category is the eFX performance cotton that integrates shirts made from a blend of cotton and performance materials that are made to combine the softness and the comfort that come from cotton with the performance features of some of the performance materials.

The XH2O Jersy Line Stripe Polo

Among the vast range of Bobby Jones golf shirts, we have selected the XH2O Jersy line model which comes from the Performance category of polos. It features a timeless design with a soft and smooth feel, which allows golfers to exhibit a full range of movement with maximum comfort. This model comes in multiple colors ranges with a horizontal stripe pattern which is a classic must for golfers.

The moisture-wicking property seems to be a must for any golf shirt, along with the flexible material which can help golfers produce swings with full-blown force without feeling that the material prevents them from their successful performance. Focused on delivering everything that golfers might wish for, this model is a guarantee for unhindered stylish performance during hot, summer days.

The Looks

Since the company was set up to celebrate the legacy of this outstanding golfer, it has a goal to bring together the traditional elegance of the old days, and the modernity of the present days so that you look equally attractive in the past. Designed with simple stripes with bright, clean colors, this golf shirt will be all you need to play with self-confidence up to the 18th hole, without feeling heavy, sweaty or overwhelmed by discomfort.

The model doesn’t look too extravagant or too classy, it is more on the casual to elegant side and it can be a perfect shirt for on or off the course. It doesn’t look too flashy, but it does enhance premium quality and brand signature. It is a model that can be easily combined with golf trainers or pants, and it can be worn as a base layer or with other pieces of clothing. This makes it suitable to be worn not only on the golf course but in the office or for a walk in the city. This versatile use makes it even more attractive for golfers of all ages.

XH2O Materials

In case you were wondering about the rather odd choice of letters to name this model, we'll clear out the mistery for you. The letters XH2O stand for anti-water technology and indicate that you won't get easily get soaked by your sweat. The XH2O Performance golf polo brings together performance materials into a perfect unity for optimum playability on the golf course. We all know what it feels like the shirt is soaking wet and you are all focused on the dripping sweat from your shirt rather than on the way you play the game.

Therefore, the XH20 model is made from 93% polyester in combination with 7% spandex that boosts the natural capacities of these to materials to put an end to such scenarios as we have described above. Polyester is a well-know performance material which is characterized by the capacity to resist water, it doesn’t get easily soaked, it is very flexible and it can easily stretch. In combination with spandex, the fibers are intermingled to deliver a material that is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

This material has moisture-wicking properties, which means it doesn’t let the sweat stay on the skin, but it pulls it away to the surface of the material where it can easily evaporate. Plus, it has quick drying capacity, so golfers will always feel fresh and cool even though they still sweat while playing during hot and sunny days.

Design Details

When it comes to clothing styles, there are as many as there are golfers, so it isn’t very simple to just qualify one style as better over another. However, the elegant, classy style has always been the most preferred on the golf course and we are all aware that golf is a game of fashion styles too.

We aren’t going to talk much about the style as Bobby Jones is a company that produces traditional, classy styles with modern elements and details. These details emphasize the high-end design of the model, however, they don’t make it over-pronounced or extra flashy. The shirt itself speaks a ton about the quality choice of the materials, while the Bobby Jones embroidery located between the first and the second button gives it a nice touch of exclusivity. There’s one more indication that this is an authentic Bobby Jones shirt, located just below the rear collar.

The seams and the stitching is spotless, made to absolute perfection with clean lines, and sharp edges. The tailored self-fabric collar has a stand that helps the shirt keep its neat shape without the risk of being deformed.


There’s one rule that is applicable to all pieces of garments-the moe you care about them and clean them in accordance with the instructions, the longer they will last. This rule certainly applies to Bobby Jones golf shirts as well, even though the company advertises the fabric as easy-care fabric.

When it comes to washing, the shit is machine washable, but make sure you wash it at a lower temperature. The quality of the material and the colors won’t get changed or faded even after multiple washes, which is a guarantee for the premium quality of the materials. Drying it is also easy, you can leave it dry on its own or if you tumble dry it, choose the minimum cycles option. After washing it, the material doesn’t get too wrinkled, especially if you leave it to dry on its own

Cost and Value

If you are a golfer with a refined, classy style who appreciates the exclusive craftsmanship, then this brand is probably already one of your favorite. Many golfers who have tried on Bobby Jones golf shirts have realized the importance of the high-end design that the company offers to its customers. All the technologies, the finest selection of materials and the process of tailoring the models are at the premium level with impeccable quality check, guaranteeing that buyers get maximum value for their money. And, talking about the money, the prices of the Bobby Jones golf shirts, including this model as well, aren’t low by any means. However, if you are looking for maximum quality, comfort, and reliable performance, then this is your go-to shirt.

Key Features

One of the classiest shirts that you can find on the market are Bobby Jones shirts, and their looks and quality simply replenish everyone. The vivid colors, perfect craftsmanship and subtle embroidery are all characteristics of a company that is aimed to attract golfers who have the winning attitude and who are striving to get the best.

This model is part of the Performance category, made from a blend of polyester and spandex to deliver maximum performance features. Therefore, golfers wearing it should be confident that the shirt won’t make them feel sweaty and uncomfortable since it is very breathable and features moisture-wicking properties. Plus it gets easily dry, so you can rest assured that your focus will be on the game.

Key Features

  • Performance shirt made from 93%polyester and 7% spandex

  • XH2O technology makes it water-resistant with moisture-wicking properties

  • Breathable and easy to dry

  • Stylish, classy design with subtle embroidery on the button-placet

Bottom Line

Despite the fact that there are many golf shirts, a few can boast perfection in terms of material selection and impeccable craftsmanship. Bobby Jones, the company that was inspired by the style and the performance of the famous golfer from the 20ties, decided to honor his legacy in the best possible manner- by producing premium quality apparel for golfers who seek garments that will enhance their performance. For 25 years the company has been faithful to its decision to produce products that will reflect Bobby Jones’s style but with their focus on the future.