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With the launch of the first “Baffler”- the utility wood that has changed the performance concepts, it was clear that Cobra was aiming high, and throughout the years the company has made a name of itself that means status, recognition, advancement, and attitude in the golf industry. Based on innovations and excellence, Cobra has brought about many one-of-a-kind designs that have modified the expectations players have from their clubs. From game improvement graphite technology to introducing tungsten as the material that locates the centers of gravity in the clubs to the groundbreaking Cobra Connect Technology, they have managed to make the game of golf more versatile, more enjoyable and more satisfying. In the line of all the cutting edge clubs they have offered, the Cobra King Black Wedge is an outstanding addition to the King lineup which integrates a combination of sophisticated technology and improved construction in many segments.

Cobra Golf leaves no stone unturned when approaching a new concept, and this has been the guiding principle for making this wedge. As the competition was closely overshadowing their latest design, Cobra Golf had to think about going deeper into their possibilities and offer something unique and outstanding. And what they did was to offer the latest of their technology, nicely packed and customized in a wedge. 

So, the Cobra King Black wedge comes as one of the company’s most versatile wedges with three sole grinds, increased face roughness obtained through their advanced technologies for grooving and milling, and outstanding, confidence-inspiring black finish. This is, in fact, the same finish that Rickie Fowler’s irons had when he was first played with them back in 2017. However, the finish comes with some subtle improvements that enhance the durability and the elegance of the finish. 

The Cobra King Black Wedge is offered in two length options, the standard King Black, and the King Black One Lenght, the concept that was previously introduced and which has shown an incredible success among golfers who appreciate the benefits of playing with one-length clubs, something that we are going to discuss below. Among the innovations that were introduced in this model, it comes equipped with the popular Cobra Connect Technology that has also been earlier introduced with the F7 irons. This technology has been a winner in terms of performance tracking and together with Arccos, they bring the player’s performance at the display with just one click of the button. 

There’s much more to talk about the Cobra King Black Wedge, so continue reading about the features it has and the performance it delivers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Diamonized Black Metal (DBM) finish

Exceptionally durable black finish with extreme wear resistance, superior looks, and reduced glare

CNC Milled face delivers accurate grooves for consistent spin across the entire face

Versatile, Classic and Widelow sole grinds

Suitable for golfers of different skill levels

Progressive groove design with differently patterned grooves depending on the loft degree

True Temper Dynamic Gold Black Shaft



Design Features

One of the most striking features regarding its design is the all-new Diamonized Black Metal (DBM) finish which has been the company’s winner, and which delivers not only outstanding elegance and performance, but it is incredibly durable. The disadvantage of many competitor's black finishes (or any other color which is not silver or white) is the fact that they easily wear, and after some time you can see the metal underneath. However, the DBM delivers utmost wear resistance and guarantees that the wedge will keep the black color after quite some time thanks to the chemically implanted black finish. Plus, the finish itself is confidence-inspiring, it reduces the glare, and looks awesome in golfer’s stand bag.

The clubhead is made from exceptionally soft but tough 8620 carbon steel which delivers an exceptional feel and spin. Plus, the heads and the grooves feature progressive design while the face is characterized with Variable Face Roughness so that its roughness is maximized up to the point to reach the USGA limit.

Progressive Groove Design

Cobra paid special attention to making the grooves of King Black as spin-enhancing as possible, and as a result, they developed the Progressive Spin Technology that delivers tailored spin performance adequate to each particular loft. The grooves are manufactured with the company’s proprietary CNC milling process, constructed to ensure maximum performance from every groove so that the golf ball gets the required spin for every turf condition on the green.

So, Progressive Spin Technology delivers a different groove pattern depending on the loft. This means that the higher lofted wedges, those from 56 degrees and onwards, feature wider and shallower grooves so that you get more spin and closer contact between the ball and the clubface as this design channels the dirt away. The lower-lofted wedges feature tighter and narrower grooves so that you’re able to execute shots with higher launching trajectories and more stopping power on the greens.

Sole Grinds

We all know that every golfer has its own style of playing and some personal preferences vary greatly from one golfer to another. Nobody knows this more than golf manufacturers as they have direct feedback from tour players who provide reliable input on what golfers need and what makes a club better than another.

Since performance and preferences vary, Cobra offers three different sole grinds to match any golfer’s ability, style, and course condition and maximize the performance. So, Cobra considered three steps when creating the sole grinds, the turf conditions, the angle of approach and the swing type. This resulted in coming up with three sole grinds: the Widelow Grind, the Classic Grind, and the Versatile Grind.

The Widelow Grind is a versatile, all-around sole grind that is excellent for shots out of medium to soft turf conditions and bunkers. It is a combination of a low bounce and a wide sole that doesn’t let the leading edge dig into the turf. This helps golfers to keep their shots consistent which will lead to more spin and more consistent trajectories.

The Classic Grind features classic lofts, higher bounce and thinner sole deliver maximum performance from a wide range of turf conditions, such as medium, soft or firm. If you are a golfer who has a tendency to make shallow to medium divots then you need to consider this sole grind. This is the most versatile sole grind, and it is recommended to golfers who still haven’t determined any particular style.

The Versatile Grind features a softer leading edge, including softer heel, and toe relief. It is recommended for neutral or slider approach angle and medium to firm turf conditions.

Head Design

The head design is considerably different from many similar wedges, but this is what makes Cobra stand out from the crowd. The rounded shape lacks strict, clean line, however, the taller, muscle back construction is designed to position more mass right behind the impact area. This positions the center of gravity more toward the center which enhances the feel and delivers outstanding feedback. This shaping, together with the choice of the 8620 carbon steel, delivers a very harmonic, soft and solid sound, while the muscle back design dampens the vibrations, adding to the overall playability. And, as we have previously mentioned that this wedge has been designed in line with Cobra’s Tour players, it features a thinner topline which features subtle chamfer which makes the wedge look absolutely stunning.


As it is expected from such a reputed company as Cobra is, there are numerous loft settings that range from 50 to 60 degrees lofts in various bounce and grind combinations. If you opt for Widelow sole grind there are three available loft settings that range from 56 to 60 degrees with two degrees increment. The classic sole grind comes in 52, 56 and 60 degrees lofts, while the Versatile sole grind comes in 50 to 60 loft degrees.

Cobra Connect

In case you haven’t heard about the smartest form of utilizing the smart technology into a club, then this is the right place to read all about it. So, Cobra Connect Technology offers performance tracking and recording and in conjunction with Arccos Caddie ™, golfers get a detailed analysis of every shot, allowing them to improve their performance and get an insight into their trends.

The Cobra Connect Technology integrates sensors that are positioned on the top of the club and which records everything golfers do on the course. But, in order to be able to read all the stats and the data, you need the app on your smart devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

This technology functions as a rangefinder, providing 40,000 courses worldwide where golfers can pinpoint exact distances that are delivered in meters and yards to any desired distance on the course. The sensors measure the swing speed, the distance they provide with detailed analysis of the overall performance and help golfers figure out their strengths and weaknesses and help them lower their scores.


There’s another feature that is particularly characteristic of Cobra’s latest releases and which refers to the introduction of the one-size concept of all the clubs. The one-length clubs have been designed to match the length, the weight, the lie, and the angle of the seven-iron. The purpose of the one-length design is to provide golfers with the same setup and body posture so that they keep the same stance for every shot. Therefore, to fit in the one length concept, the Cobra King Black Wedge comes as a complement to the one length wedge and as a standard length.

Key Features

The Cobra King Black Wedge has been on the market for about a year and within this period of time, it has been one of the most outstanding wedges on the market. The impressive DBM finish has been proven to function impeccably well without showing any signs of wear. The progressive groove design and the variable face roughness deliver exceptional spin and performance, while the numerous combinations of loft, bounce and grind varieties offer customized performance.

Key Features

  • Diamonized Black Metal (DBM) Technology delivers an exceptionally durable black finish with extreme wear resistance, superior looks, and reduced glare

  • CNC Milled face delivers accurate grooves for consistent spin across the entire face

  • Three sole grinds, Versatile, Classic and Widelow

  • Progressive groove design with tight and narrow grooves with lower-lofted wedges and wider and deeper grooves with higher-lofted wedges

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Black Shaft

Bottom Line

Needless to say that the Cobra King Black Wedge is an outstanding wedge model which offers one of the greatest loft, bounce and grind combinations for a personalized, customized fit. The DMB finish is one of the most outstanding finishes currently on the market and undoubtedly the most durable. It was voted the best wedge for 2018 by many golf magazines and most reviewers are more than satisfied with its performance. If you are looking for extreme versatility, durability, unstandardized concept of maximum playability, it is definitely the go-to wedge.