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When purchasing a new set of golf gloves, you want to be sure that they'll effectively assist you and your execution on the course. This is often overlooked by the everyday golfer, which is rather strange. After all, we spend so much time and effect searching for the right balls and clubs. Shouldn't we naturally extend this to our gloves too?

The better the grip the better the nature of the game is. That's not all when the quality is higher, the more effective they are at preventing sores or pain, an overlooked feature.

Ideally, you need a glove that is both relaxed on your hand for additional comfort but also fits properly. Maintaining a sturdy and firm grip on the club is also a must, and a decent glove will help you do just that. This works to assist and improve your swing. But with so many golf brands accessible to you, which do you go to?

Bionic Golf work to magnify your skills and strengthen your hold with their specially designed gloves.

Throughout the years, Bionic Golf's gloves have become well known for providing players with stylish luxury. With their high level of durability, support, anatomical relief pads, as well as their motion zones, they're an impressive addition to your golf accessories.

With a long list of incredible and innovative points which serve to assist you while your playing, it is understandable why they are highly rated by their wearers.

If you want to defend your hands, adjust your grasp & swing, then you should contemplate buying this brand in particular.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The use of anatomical relief pads helps prevent clubface twisting upon contact with the ball.
  • Due to its improved grip, players are able to further their swing speeds on the green.
  • The motion zones within the glove maintain dry and cool hands while providing additional dexterity.
  • The durable fabric means they are long lasting and also hand and machine washable.
  • Some may find the padding a little too bulky.


The main intention of golfing gloves should be that they're ergonomic. Ideally, they should be created by a specialist. That way they are able to have some of the greatest features which will no doubt benefit their wearers.

Golf gloves assist their wears, helping them deliver an incredible execution. Often without the assistance of a glove, many games would be left incomplete. Most brands use the assistance of experts in orthopedics to create incredible products, and Bionic Gloves are no different.

Upon initial glance, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly different about them, especially compared with other brands. However, when you first wear them, you quickly notice just how different they feel.

The ergonomics offer endless comfort and an accurate fit. But, they also work to naturally alleviate problems within the wearer's hand, particularly when gripping the club.

Throughout the piece, there are specially placed pads. They add additional relief and protect against blisters, sores, and calluses. These pads can be found at the thumb, across your fingers, and the palm.

With three layers of padding, they work to increase grip, pinch & torque strength. All of which help maintain control over your hold, which in turn helps create straighter shots.

The overall aesthetic of this glove has been kept relatively minimal. Offering a sleek, sporty style which is ideal for anyone searching for a glove that will blend into their golfing style.


The technology used by Bionic has been specially chosen to ease and perfect your game. More importantly, they work to combat any problems within your hand that often interfere with gameplay.

Initially, these gloves were designed for hockey players. However, it was discovered that they would be better suited for golfers and was thusly adapted to suit this. In order to ensure this glove was perfectly designed for those who needed additional help, the creation was assisted by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon. Little additions to the form include an anatomical form and specialized padding.

One of the biggest things the creators claim is that they have been able to enhance the wearer's comfort while improving overall control of the club. You may be impressed to learn that this is the first glove to earn the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation. Quite the impressive feat. These gloves also have a number of other incredible features.

They work to directly remove any natural intrusion, keeping your hands dry and cool. They also work to improve hand positioning and grip, which is an essential feature of any golfer's swing.

Some may find that their hands often causes a variety of problems which interfere with their performance.
However, this has been scientifically constructed to assist you in this particular area. Evening the playing field so to speak.

By creating a smooth hand surface, the grip has been improved. But Bionic has also learned that many golfers tense, and grip the club tighter in an attempt to even out the surface themselves. So they've placed relief zone padding within the glove, which works to directly even the surface with minimal; strain or effort.

In order to enhance gameplay, the creators have used Bionic tech to improve accuracy, grip strength and enhance club handling. They've also used these innovations to lessen hand exhaustion and natural movement.
With the use of specialized fabric, they've also been able to create a product that is resistant to wear and tear, making them long-lasting.


In order to test if this product provided any additional strength, it was rigorously tested.

During the examinations, it was found that this particular piece worked to improve hold force. While being tested, the wearers were told to hold onto a dynamometer as tightly as they could, but without causing any pain or distress.

It was discovered that users were able to use 16 percent greater strength while using the gloves than without them. I think we can all agree that is an impressive percentage.

When measuring pinch force, there were a number of grasp types examined. Firstly, users were told to press the gauge as tightly as possible, once again without causing themselves any pain or discomfort. It was discovered that with the addition of the glove, the overall strength was improved.

In order to examine the tip pinch (where the tops of the thumb and index meet), users were asked to settle their index just beneath the gauge, while at the top they rested their thumbs.

When examining the Palmer pinch, wearers placed their thumb on the top of the gauge, while the pads of the index and middle finger were placed at the base. It was found that wearers were able to create 25% greater tip pressure strength and 47% greater palmar compression strength.

Care & Maintance

In order to get the most out of your gloves, you need to be able to clean and look after them. While some other brands require you to wash their products in a certain manner, these particular gloves handle well after being hand and machine washed.

Bionic claim that washing your glove helps to enhance its durability. However, it also works to maintain the leather's suppleness. Thankfully, as we've mentioned beforehand, this is safe for both hand and machine washing. It's highly advised that you were this product with the velcro tab secured to each other. That way they will not snag onto other garments, causing possible damage.

Surprisingly, the soft leather holds up very well after being washed and dried, and it maintained its shape too! But please keep in mind that it should only be air dried.


In order to test Torque, three controls were used in its examination. Wearers turned each control clockwise, turning it as far as they could before starting to feel any discomfort. During this independent testing, it was noted that the grip torque was highly enhanced.

Users then went on to turn the controls counter-clockwise, once again as far as they could turn them without causing discomfort. The controls varied in size, the smallest being half an inch big, while the larger control was an inch in size.

To test the grip of the user's palm while wearing the glove was tested differently, using their palm to operate the control, with the fingers curving around it. The testers (both left and right-handers) performed this test without the glove, and then with. It was found that wearers were able to create a great


As we've previously mentioned, this was designed with the assistance of an orthopedic hand surgeon with the purpose of creating an exceptional glove. With incredibly innovative features such as relief pads and motion zones, they have been able to create a glove that feels comfy yet strong.

The anatomical relief padding was designed with the intention of distributing pressure across your full finger, rather than certain points. This goes onto result in a more enhanced grip of the club. It also works to reduce any blisters and sores. In testing the glove's fabrics was found to be incredibly soft and smooth and stayed true to its word about preventing pain and sores.

The flexibility and fit of this piece are remarkable, and it will fit the shape of your hands without too many issues. While it may not be the thinnest glove available on the market, it still grips effectively well. It'll work well for players who want a lighter grip of their club. If you've struggled to find a glove that fits you perfectly, then this will also benefit you.

This product also works well for players suffering from arthritis, as during testing it was noticed that they experienced less pain and were able to perform certain objectives while wearing the product. Not only was there an improvement in grip strength, but also comfort and pinch force too. It guarantees total power without sacrificing support.


As incredible as this glove is, it is important to take note of the main complication. Back in early 2006, it was decided that not everyone would be permitted to use it.

The United States Golf Association will only permit the use of this particular glove in USGA approved events for any player who suffers from arthritis in their hands. Which means you can only use it in official USGA events if you have a real medical need for it. So before you jump straight into buying it, you may need to keep this in mind.

Key Features

Overall this is a truly innovative and effective product that anyone who uses it will be able to appreciate. Especially when you consider all the innovations used within its construction. People who struggle with arthritis will also find it a beneficial addition to their golfing arsenal.

The sleek form oozes with luxurious sports vibes, which will utterly match your golfing style.

The use of soft, yet enduring leather is also an additional bonus, as it both protects and comforts your hands from pains and sores.

Key Features

  • Anatomical support pads which work to limit any unwanted movement of the clubface upon impact with the golf ball.

  • As a result of improved handling, users will notice an increase in their swing speeds.

  • Strong and stable grip.

  • Motion areas work to provide natural adroitness while maintaining fresh, dry hands.

  • Luxuriously comforting fabric.

  • Durable and long lasting design.

  • Suitable for hand and machine washing.

Bottom Line

These gloves are effective, stylish and also incredibly comfy, which we can all agree is an excellent combination.

On top of that, all the claims that Bionic has made regarding these gloves have (so far) been proven to be truthful, and surpass our expectations.

Alongside that these gloves is a huge help for anyone who struggles with maintaining an effective grip, whether it's through a medical condition such as arthritis, or poor handling.

While they are thicker than competitor brands, they have proven to still perform. All of this and more make these gloves an undeniable must-have for anyone trying to complete their golf set and inspire confidence in their performance.