Best Yoga Mats Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Many individuals often underestimate the importance of yoga. Yoga is not only is a way to gain better flexibility, enhance your body posture, and enhance your performance and endurance, it is a way to center the mind, which is highly important when it comes to the sport of golf. In golf, being centered is crucial to the sport and winning the game. More so, being properly prepared, stretched, agile, and ready also allows for a clear mind and focus on the target. With this, yoga can do wonders for the mind and the body.

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Farland Non Slip
  • Farland Non Slip
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Non-Slip
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BalanceFrom GoYoga
  • BalanceFrom GoYoga
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Carrying Strap
  • Price: See Here
Sivan Health and Fitness
  • Sivan Health and Fitness
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to Clean
  • Price: See Here

Therefore, we are eager to share with our audience the top ten best yoga mats. A yoga mat is not only a way to cushion your body and the floor, it’s your center space to relax, reflect, and enjoy quality stretching. More so, a yoga mat has distinctive qualities that make it a quality product to use on the course. Features such as grip, material, texture, and size play a role when picking out the best mat for you.

Therefore, we are eager to share with our audience the top ten best yoga mats that an individual can buy today. Whether you are wanting a simple, thin and colorful yoga mat that is high quality and easy to carry, or a thick and cushioned yoga mat to diminish joint pain and ensure maximum durability, there is a mat on this list for everyone. Let’s begin with product number one.


10 Best Yoga Mats


1. Farland Non Slip

1. Farland Non Slip
Many individuals tend to underestimate the benefits of yoga in their everyday life. This product is a high-quality yoga mat that has quality features that make it a long-lasting and durable product. As the first product on our list, we want to share the Farland Yoga Mat and two features to consider of this quality product.
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Have you ever used a yoga mat and every couple of minutes you had to stop your peaceful yoga session because the mat kept slipping? Well, there is no worry when it comes to this product. This item is a high-quality non-slip yoga mat that is durable, easy to use, and effective. Now, the non-slip design is a two-sided design that allows individuals to use the mat on whichever side they use.

NO-Smell Material

Nothing is worse than buying a workout product that smells like heavy chemicals or plastic. Well, this product comes with a nontoxic TPE material that is high quality and durable. The moisture-proof design is high quality, smell-free, recyclable, and is free from phthalates. With that, it is a great product for individuals that want an all organic type of mat.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, there is a wide variety of benefits to this product. Alongside this, this item comes with different color choices to choose from and the price made it very affordable. With this, this item also comes with an anti-tear grip layer that is durable and made to last. Alongside this, it also is durable, anti-slip, and comfortable to use.

No-smell material.

Excellent springbuck technology.

Comes with straps.

Very durable design.

Eco friendly materials.

Three layers of comfort.

Comes in a variety of colors.


Individuals have mentioned that the product can slip.

Not sticky on wood floors.

2. BalanceFrom GoYoga

2. BalanceFrom GoYoga
When we think of a yoga mat, we think of this particular product. This brand has created some of the highest quality and innovative products to consider in the industry and this is one of them. The BalanceFrom GoYoga is a high quality ½” extra thick yoga mat that allows for individuals to have a fully cushioned experience. Here are two benefits of this product.
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Carrying Strap

This item comes with a carrying strap, so individuals can easily carry the product anywhere. With that, it is portable, easy to roll up, and individuals can expect the carry strap to be high quality and effective. With this in mind, this yoga mat is great for daily use and can last the test of time.

Easy to Clean

This product happens to be one of the best material compositions. In fact, this item is actually moisture resistant an does not soak any water. Alongside this, this yoga mat can be easily cleaned with soap and water if you want a simple to clean product.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, this product is durable, portable, and one of the most comfortable designs in the industry due to the ½’ thick padding. The foam density is great for workouts and daily yoga sessions, allowing for less tension on the spine, hips, and knees. Alongside this, it comes with an adjustable carry strap and it is priced under twenty dollars.

Different color choices available.

Durable and beneficial design.

Carrying strap included.

High density anti-tear yoga mat.

½ inch thick foam.

All-purpose matt.


May slide.

Stretches easily.

3. Sivan Health and Fitness

3. Sivan Health and Fitness
This next yoga mat is much like the last one on the list. However, the material is a bit different from other brands and other products. We want to share the Sivan Health and Fitness Mat, which is durable, great for daily use, and very easy to clean. Here are two feature to consider of this product.
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Easy To Clean

As we said above, this item is easy to clean. With that, it comes with a slip-free surface that makes it a great and enjoyable experience for individuals. Alongside this, this product is durable, high quality, simple to use, and allows for individuals to get the most of their workout routine and yoga sessions.

The Carry Strap

This item comes with a simple to attach an durable carry strap. The black carry strap is stitched for durability. High quality, simple to use, and made with quality benefits. Alongside this, the item easily rolls for storage, and can be very compact. Take it on the go and easily unpack it.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this product, we first want to mention that the padding of this item makes it one of the most comfortable to use at home. Alongside this, the extra long design is superior and supportive. If you want quality comfort, this is the product to choose. Also, it comes in a variety of beautiful color choices and the colors are made to not fade and last a long time.

Fade free color choices.

Durable and high quality design.

Easy to clean and moisture-resistance.

Removable carry strap.

Non-slip surface.

Thousands of positive reviews.


May tear easily.

Not for extensive yoga.

4. Manduka Pro

4. Manduka Pro
This next product happens to be a high-quality yoga mat that the experts use. This product is made with the toughest material quality in the industry and it is expertly created to never wear out. The Manduka Pro Yoga Pilates Mat is a beneficial high-quality yoga mat that is easy to use, effective, and very durable. Here are two benefits of this expert leading product.
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Highest Quality

This product has one of the best material compositions in the industry. The material is a specially formulated synthetic material that is guaranteed to not wear out and is also non-toxic. Alongside this, the material is 100% latex free and also emissions-free, so it does not have that odd smell that comes when buying a yoga mat.


The particular cushion of this item is known as a high-density cushion that is highly supportive of all areas of the body. The cushion is a high-quality cushion that is designed and guaranteed to never wear out from yoga practice or working out. With that, it allows for individuals to have a better-quality yoga experience when using this product.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we first want to share that this brand is an expert when it comes to high-end quality. With this, this item happens to be a fan favorite among professionals in the yoga industry. Designed to be the best non-toxic mat to use, it comes with a quality surface design, it is easy to use, portable to roll up, and easy to clean. Now, this level of expertise also makes this product one of the costliest on the list, reaching well above one-hundred dollars depending on the size.

Synthetic product.

Emissions free.

Non-toxic material.

Quality surface.

Made to be cushioned.



May be damaged by water.


5. HemingWeight

5. HemingWeight
This next yoga mat is a simple and durable product that is designed to be effective and easy to transport anywhere. The design of the HemingWeight yoga mat makes it easy to use and very comfortable for an all-day yoga session. Here are two benefits of this quality expert product.
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Thick Foam Pad

This item comes with a specially designed thick foam padding design that makes it easy for individuals to workout on bare hard floors. With this, it acts as a layer of padding between you and the surface below and you never feel the hard-rough floors below you. With that, this product has a ½” padding that is effective, easy on the spine, hips, elbows, and knees.

Easy Transport Design

This product has an easy to roll up design that comes with a carry strap, making it easy to take anywhere. With that, this item is durable, high quality, and the strap is quality stitched, so individuals never have to worry about it tearing or breaking. Alongside this, the product is overall durable and effective when it comes to comfort.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, it is important to keep in mind that it is effective, easy to use, and high quality. With this, the double-sided non-slip surface design makes it easy for individuals to use it anywhere. With that, it is easy to prevent injuries due to the foam comfort and the non-slip benefits.

Designed for quality.

Comfortable on all areas of the body.

High quality foam material.

Integrated self-strap system.

Easy to use.

Double sided non-slip.

Comfortable for all heights.

Different color choices.


The thickness may warp after a while.

6. Gaiam

6. Gaiam
This next yoga mat is a very high-quality product and much thinner than other brands. What this brand lacks in thickness and cushion, it makes up for in quality and durability. This product may be more durable than other mats on this list and it is effortlessly designed for high-quality benefits and usability. This is the non-slip Gaiam Yoga Mat and here are two benefits.
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The Color Choices

If you want a very different kind of yoga mat that focuses on yoga as being a quality experience and less of an exercise, this is the product for you. While many other brands have bright colors that tend to lack in relaxation and subtleness, this brand focuses on creating color choices and designs that are high end, fade-free, and high quality. With this in mind, this product is very beautiful overall.

Non-Slip Surface

As one that has actually used this mat before, we want to say that the surface of this product is of the highest quality. This item has a high-end non-slip surface that allows for better traction, quality grip, and an effortless experience when using the product. Alongside this, it is stylish, easy to roll up, and very portable.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, the biggest benefit is the variety of quality of this brand. With this, this item is durable, beautiful, and overall a great choice if you are looking for a relaxing yoga mat. Overall, we recommend this to any individual wanting a different style and thickness when it comes to a yoga mat. With 1.8k reviews, individuals tout this brand for their expertise and high quality.

High quality durability.

Plenty of color choices.

Free downloadable yoga workout.

Durable and non-slip.

Beautiful designs


Slippery if you swear.

May peel overtime.

7. AmazonBasics

7. AmazonBasics
This brand has long been one of the most touted suppliers of home products and products for daily use, known as AmazonBasics, we are eager to share their particular exercise mat, creatively designed for lightweight and portable use while also supplying an extra thick layer of comfort for individuals that want the best when it comes to their yoga mat. Here are two features to consider this excellent quality product.
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Textured Surface

This product is designed for safety and comfort. With that, the brand has designed this item with a textured surface design that is ensured to keep individuals comfortable while also supplying an extra thickness and grip on any floor. With this, while an individual uses this product they can feel the grip with their hands and relax in the sturdiness of this product.

Durable Foam

This item happens to be made with a quality durable foam that is excellently designed for quality and durability. With this, this item is guaranteed to last a long time and be easy to carry. In fact, it comes with an easy to carry strap that allows individuals to conveniently place it on the mat with ease and take it on the go. With that, this brand guarantees quality!

Cost and Value

To discuss the price of this product, this brand normally offers daily use products but at a much cheaper price and this is one of them. Designed for quality and comfort, individuals can guarantee an item that will last a while. With an average of four reviews, the only concern that individuals have is that the item can get snagged and ripped easily if not careful. Therefore, ensure that the area you are placing it is clean and has no sharp points or dirt on the floor.

Quality expert brand.

Great mat for workout routines.

Textured surface for better traction.

Cushioned support design.

Made for lightweight and durable use.

Quality foam.

Plenty of color choices to choose from.


May get ripped easily.

May slip from time to time.

8. Jade Fusion

8. Jade Fusion
Made in the United States with premium materials, we want to share a quality yoga mat that is creatively designed from some of the most durable materials in the industry and expertly created for quality and ingenuity. This item is highly beneficial, comfortable to use, and extremely high quality. With that, we want to share the comfortable and resilient Jade Fusion Yoga Mat. Here are two benefits of this item.
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Natural Rubber

This product happens to be designed for some of the highest quality rubber in the industry. This item is made from comfortable and resilient rubber and not any synthetic plastics, foams, or other harmful materials. With this, this brand has designed this item to be nature-friendly and have one of the highest quality grips in the industry to ensure no movement ever slips away.

Plant A Tree

Another quality aspect of buying from this brand is that every time that an individual purchases a yoga mat from this brand, the brand actually plants a tree with every mat sold. In fact, they are partnered with Trees For The Future to further expand their reach of using quality all natural resources and not any harmful chemicals or materials.

Cost and Value

With this brand, you are purchasing an experience, a valuable product made to last. With that, this item happens to be more durable than other products in the industry and individuals are guaranteed a quality item that is built to last. With this, we can say that this brand excels when it comes to quality and value, making them a high-quality brand to consider.

Quality all natural yoga mat.

Great grip with open cell rubber.

Made in the USA.

Natural rubber material.

No chemical smell.

In partnership with Trees for the Future.



May smell odd at first.

9. Liforme

9. Liforme
This next yoga mat happens to have one of the most beautiful and unique designs in the industry. With a high-quality material design that ensures maximum grip alongside comfort and thickness, we want to share the Liforme The Yoga Mat. This product comes in four color choices and happens to be made uniquely for individuals that want one of the highest end yoga mats in the industry.
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The Grip

This item is made with a unique grip material that ensures individuals will never have a slippery move. With that, the material is an eco-friendly material with high-quality padding that does not loose cushion or grip over time. With this, individuals are guaranteed years of quality when it comes to this excellent yoga mat.

The Carry Case

We have never seen a carry case like it. This carry case is not a simple strap on design with simple stitching. The carry case of this item is a high quality, padded, cushioned carry case with an adjustable strap that makes other carry cases look like cheap strings. With this, individuals are guaranteed that they can travel with their yoga mat safely and effortlessly.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss the price for this item. When taking into consideration the price, it is important to note that you are buying into a quality lifestyle, not just any regular item. With this, individuals are guaranteed an excellent product that is made to last and designed for the high-end shopper. It is one of the costliest products on our list, well above one-hundred dollars, but it is worth it if you want longevity and durability. In fact, this is the only item on our list that has five stars.

Five star yoga mat.

Highly durable.

Longer, wider, and thicker than ever before.

High quality yoga bag.

Cushioned quality.

Four beautiful pastel color choices.



10. Trideer

10. Trideer
This last yoga mat on our list is a high quality and durable yoga mat made for premium benefits and also aesthetically pleasing designs. The Trideer Yoga Mat is a premium product with a high-quality print design that is aesthetically very pleasing. If you want to stand out in your next yoga class, this is the expert product for you.
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Quality PVC Foam

This item is made from a high-quality foam that ensures the best quality all around. This item is made from a durable and great quality PVC foam that is known in the European industry as highly durable. With this, the foam happens to be free of toxic phthalates and heavy metals. Alongside this, it does not carry the heavy chemical smell that many foam products carry in the industry.

Beautiful Color Choices

The color choices of this product happen to be by far the most aesthetically pleasing on our list. Not only are they beautiful, but they are high quality and fade-free. Alongside this, the chemical-free ink is safe to use and designed to last a long time.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, this item is actually highly affordable and made to last. With this, individuals are guaranteed a durable product that is very pretty. Overall, we recommend this to the yoga enthusiast that wants a fun design that is decorative and unique. It is comfortable, cushioned, and has supportive grip.

Cushioned with supportive grip.

High quality material design.

Durable and sturdy.

Extra thick comfort.

Perfect gift for individuals.

Indian-style beautiful patterns.


May warp with hot yoga.

Not as thick as some individuals would like.

As we said above, yoga is an underestimated sport. Not only does it enhance the body’s flexibility, but it overall has highly beneficial results when it comes to clarity, endurance, and performance. Think of regular stretching, as a form of yoga. In fact, many stretches that we do in our daily life happen to be different stretches in yoga. With this in mind, if you are convinced you are going to give yoga a try and are looking for the best yoga mat for you, we want to share our criteria to evaluate the best yoga mats.

As far as our criteria, we share this with the hopes of simplifying the search process. So, if you are looking for the best yoga mats in the industry, let’s begin by taking into consideration the different important aspects of a yoga mat.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Yoga Mats

As the criteria to evaluate the best yoga mats, there are different aspects to consider if you want a quality yoga mat. With that, it was our primary concern to share the best quality products that were expertly created for durability and for easy use. Therefore, we developed this expert list of criteria to consider. We want to share with our audience the five different aspects to consider when picking out a quality yoga mat.


It important to note that a quality yoga mat is supposed to act as a cushion between you and the floor below. With this, we did share a wide variety of yoga mats that range as far as thickness. Therefore, it is important to consider if this is an important aspect for you. The benefits of a thicker mat such as ½ inch are that it allows for a soft layer of comfort. However, this level of cushioning can also cause different balancing effects because at times the thickness will cause individuals to bounce and move slightly on the yoga mat. Therefore, there are also thin yoga mats that act as more secure cushions and grips between you and the floor. Which brings us to criteria number two!

The Grip

The grip is an important aspect to consider when picking out a quality yoga mat. With this, the grip of the yoga mat will change depending on the material. Most yoga mats are made from a plastic synthetic material or foam. With this, high-quality yoga mats are made from natural rubber and all natural materials that tend to be of the best quality and made for better grip. Different aspects to consider when it comes to the grip is how it grips when an individual sweats and the grip on hardwood floors. With that, it is important to take this aspect into consideration for safety purposes as well.

The Material

Now that we have talked about the material a bit, we want to further expand on our research when it comes to this criteria. To start with, there are only a few materials when it comes to a yoga mat. These materials are either a synthetic plastic, a cushioned foam material, rubber, or organic rubber. Of course, the healthiest of all materials is rubber. Now, the reasons being are because unlike synthetic plastics or foam, organic rubber and even regular rubber does not have such a heavy and smelly scent. With that, the foams tend to also be of less quality than rubber and tend to rip and tear much quicker than one would expect.

With this in mind, the material happens to be a crucial part in developing the best quality product. Now, as far as material and quality, rubber is the most durable and also the highest quality while the synthetic plastics and foams tend to rip easily or tear easily. With this, if you are passionate about your yoga mat and you see yourself using the product a lot, then it may be best to invest in a quality product that will withstand the test of time.

Carry Strap / Case

As the fourth most important aspect that we took into consideration when it comes to this product, the carry strap or carry case was an equivalently valuable factor alongside the other criteria. With this, what we can conclude is that most mats below a certain price range tend to have the same type of carrying strap. It tends to be a simple carry strap with two end loops and one major strap that is used to place over your shoulder. With this, individuals can expect the stitching to be well designed and the product to be very durable.

Now, when it comes to high-quality brands, their carry straps tend to be carrying cases. For instance, the LiForMe Yoga Mat is a very high-end product and the carry cases match the price of this product. With this padded carry case, individuals can always expect the product to always be safe and easy to store.


As the last criteria to consider, the cost was an important aspect when it comes to a yoga mat. The reason being is that we discovered that there really is no middle ground as far as cost for a yoga mat. This product ranges from the mid-twenty-dollar range to the thirty-dollar range for a regular, synthetic, or foam mat. However, the high-end rubber mats that are made primarily to be more durable and long lasting can cost upwards of one-hundred dollars. With this in mind, it is important to note which product is the best one for you.

If you are looking for the best yoga mat for you, we highly recommended conducting your own research and looking into different aspects such as the cushioning, the material, and the design. With this in mind, we recommend yoga mats as an active product for individuals that want flexibility, more energy, and to enhance their overall performance on the golf course. With this, we want to move forward


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I remove the yoga mats bad odor?

A: If you happen to buy a mat that has a bad odor due to the chemical quality of the product, then it is best to wipe down the product with a moist towel and let it sit overnight, in an open airy area spread out so the odor can leave the mat. With that said, if the odor continues, repeat this process until the mat has lost its odor. The odor tends to build up because of the packaging and the product is so new.

Q: How do I clean my yoga mat from dust or marks?

A: This really depends on the material of the mat. Some mats are actually sensitive to water and can get damaged because of it. However, most mats are water-resistant and wick away the water due to the material quality. The best method to clean off your yoga mat from dust or marks is by simply wiping it down with a wet cloth.

Q: How can I prevent cracking from happening to the mat?

A: If you want to prevent cracking from occurring to your yoga mat there are two simple steps to follow. Make it a routine to clean off the mat after use with a moist towel and then wipe dry. With that, the cracking usually occurs when the mat is in the sun for too long or out in the open for a period of time where it is exposed to heat. It is always best and recommended to keep your mat rolled up.

Q: Can I use a yoga mat outside?

A: Most yoga mats are designed and made from either latex, neoprene, rubber, or foam. With this, it is important to note that the material will cause the mat to react differently when outside. Never leave your mat in the heat and always wipe it down of dust and dirt as it can get stuck to the mat easily due to the grip of the product. With that, rubber is always the better material to use outside compared to neoprene or a latex foam.


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