Best Workout Shorts Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Whether you are running, stretching, or practicing your swing in the backyard, you want to be comfortable. More so, we have recently been on this kick where we focus on golf as a lifestyle. We believe that your lifestyle should resemble how you feel, and if you feel gloomy, you need to head to the golf course. Well, one thing that can put a pep in your step is working out and ensuring that you are comfortable and wearing the best gear is our priority. Therefore, it is time to discuss with our audience the top ten best running, workout, and golf-practice shorts in the industry. If you are seeking excellent quality shorts, here are a couple of aspects to consider before reading out the top ten list.

Featured Recommendations

Champion Long
  • Champion Long
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight Design
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Raid
  • Under Armour Raid
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • HeatGear Technology
  • Price: See Here
Amazon Essentials 2-Pack
  • Amazon Essentials 2-Pack
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Price: See Here

First, selecting a quality workout shorts is not about style, it is about comfort. You want to look at the material quality, the design benefits, the comfort, the fit, and many other features to ensure that the product is right for you. With that in mind, we cover much more of this in the criteria section of our article.  So, let’s talk about the first one on the list.


10 Best Workout Shorts


1. Champion Long

1. Champion Long
This brand is one of the longest standing and highest quality sportswear brand in the game and we are eager to bring them on our list and talk about two benefits. This is Champion and this is their long mesh workout shorts. Designed for convenient quality use, we are going to discuss what makes this product high quality.
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Lightweight Design

This product is made from 100% polyester. However, it is made in a woven material method that resembles mesh. The mesh design is breathable, durable, and comfortable. Therefore, an individual is guaranteed to be comfortable all day long when wearing this product. To add to this, the design happens to be machine washable, so you can easily wash it and go!

Side Pockets

This product has quality side pockets for storage. So, if you want to run with an ID or wallet or your cellphone you can. Overall, the design is comfortable, durable, and conveniently designed to last. The side pockets are also reinforced so no holes or rips or tears can occur. With that said, the design is simple and easy to put on.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, individuals will discover that this product is durable, comfortable, and conveniently designed for durability. With this, the price can range due to size and color choices. Overall, the price goes up because the brand is highly touted. However, with 4.3k reviews and five stars, we can see why!

Quality sporty design.

Comfortable and loose.

Mesh is lightweight.

Durable construction.

Many different colors to choose from.


The pockets are very loose and large so contents may fall out.

2. Under Armour Raid

2. Under Armour Raid
Time to talk about the brand that has reinvented workout gear with their quality moisture wicking designs. Under Armour has long been known for producing innovative products that have changed the industry. Well, these shorts are comfortable, well designed, and have two quality benefits that users will benefit from. Here is the first feature of the Men’s Raid Shorts.
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HeatGear Design

The design of this product is an ultra-soft and highly smooth fabric known as HeatGear. This fabric is comfortable and is extremely lightweight compared to the competition. The lightweight fabric design allows for more extreme comfort and it is smooth, ensuring that an individual has no discomfort when running or working out. If you want to wear these for a pre-golf workout, you will not be disappointed.

Sun Protection

This product comes with UPF 30+ which protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This level of quality protection ensures that the user can wear the shorts for long periods at a time during sunny weather and not experience harm or discomfort when in the sun. So, if you want to wear comfort and quality for some backyard golf practice, these are great.

Cost and Value

This product comes with many different features that individuals have touted as being well designed and constructed. It is made to be durable, has sun protection, and one excellent benefit is the four-way stretch construction that ensures you can move in any direction without hindrance. Overall, you have many different colors to choose from and sizes.

Durable material design.

Quality soft fabric for extreme comfort.

4-way stretch construction design.

Mesh hand pockets for comfort.


May feel snug in the waist.

May have loose threads.

3. Amazon Essentials 2-Pack

3. Amazon Essentials 2-Pack
This brand is known for their excellent design elements and quality products. They have produced a large variety of different products from sportswear to household products. With that, individuals will discover that the Amazon Essentials brand has produced a quality selection of workout shorts. Well, for the price of one, you get two. Is it worth? Let’s find out!
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Moisture Wicking

This product is high quality and is highly comfortable because of the moisture-wicking benefits. Therefore, even if you sweat a lot or sweat often, you are guaranteed comfort. The design is also highly breathable, allowing for air to pass through the shorts easily. With a closed-hoe mesh design, water cannot get in, but air can.

Loose Fit Comfort

These particular shorts are for individuals that want a comfortable and loose fit. The design of the product allows an individual to train in confidence. With this, the loose fit is very comfortable and can be worn all day long. So, if you want to work out and practice your swing in comfort, these are the shorts to get.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and value, an individual will notice that these shorts are comfortable and high value. To add to this, the design is comfortable and even better, it comes in a two-pack. For the price of one, an individual can expect to get two. Overall, they are well designed and come in a variety of color choices to choose from.

Quality design.

Durable construction.

100% polyester.

Loose fit design.

Two-pack for price of one.

Different color choices.


May fade easily.

Elasticity is not the best.

4. Nike Fly 2.0

4. Nike Fly 2.0
This next product on our list comes from a brand that knows a thing or two about quality. Nike is known as one of the oldest and also most trusted sportswear brands. They produce shoes, golf gear, even golf balls. Well, of course, we have to share their expert quality shorts on our list. The Nike Fly 2.0 Training Shorts have their quality Dri-Fit construction and we are eager to discuss what makes them well trusted.
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Wide Waistband

This product comes with a wide waistband design. The waistband is a drawcord design that has a quality snug and comfortable fit. With that, the overall construction is made to last and the elasticity is excellent for all-day comfort. To add to this, this product is machine washable, which adds to the durability and quality design.


This product comes with this brand’s Dri-Fit fabric, which is their moisture-wicking fabric that is designed to keep an individual dry and comfortable all day long. With that, it wicks away sweat so you are not running in your own sweat all day long. Lastly, the construction and breathable mesh design add to the durability and comfort of the product.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, we can say that this product is durable and well-constructed. With that, it comes in a variety of different color choices to choose from and the moisture wicking design adds to the functionality and benefits of the overall product design. With side pockets for storage and side panels for a range of motion and elasticity, you can never go wrong with this brand.

Different sizes and colors to choose from.

100% polyester

Side panels for enhanced range of motion.

Flat-seam construction.

Side pockets for storage.

Comfortable fit drawcord.

Dri-Fit fabric for comfort.


May fit small.

May shrink in wash.

5. Gerlobal Active Shorts

5. Gerlobal Active Shorts
This next product has a very unique design that individuals will find to be very comfortable and high quality. The Gerlobal Active Shorts are designed to be comfortable, elastic, knee-high, and fitted to fit slim and comfortable. The overall design is lightweight, breathable and highly durable. To add to this, it comes in two color choices.
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Premiere Polyester

The polyester material of this product ensures that the individual will be very comfortable when wearing shorts. To add to this, the polyester is moisture wicking and designed for quick drying effects. With a full range of motions that prevents chaffing, the user will discover that the comfort of these shorts is due to the elasticity material and the overall weave polyester design.

Zipper Pockets

Have you ever been running or practicing your swing in the backyard and you heard a loud crash because your cell phone fell out? Well, with these shorts this problem does not exist. These shorts are designed in a way that ensures nothing falls out of the pockets. The pockets are designed with zippers and happen to be designed for long-term use and durability.

Cost and Value

With zippered pockets, a slim-fit design, and premium elasticity, users have discovered one of their new favorite shorts. With multiple sizes to choose from, the only downfall is the fact that this product comes in only two colors choices. The colors are washed out grey and all-black with an invisible pocket in the back. With that, it does have many positive reviews to consider.

Elastic waistband is comfortable.

Durable polyester fabric.

Three zipper pockets.

Designed to last.

Lightweight and breathable.

Slim fit and comfortable.


May run small.

6. Baleaf 7”

6. Baleaf 7”
These next shorts have a quality design with a quick-dry fabric and an overall value that is superb for the price. As product number six, the Baleaf Men’s 7” Quick Dry Workout running shorts have a mesh liner that adds support and an overall construction durability that enhances the way an individual feels on and off the track. If you want comfort for your next golf practice or are seeking stretchy shorts for working out, these are it.
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Built In Mesh Support

This product has a built-in mesh design that provides support and breathability. To add to this, the fit is comfortable and is stretchy when working out or running. Now, the interior mesh cup design is intended to offer support for the individual and more comfort when wearing shorts, much like swim-trunks. With that in mind, the mesh allows for airflow to flow through.

The Material Design

This product comes with 95% polyester and 5% spandex as far as the material quality. Users will discover that the material quality is very durable and allows for stretchy comfort and elasticity. Actually, spandex is often used alongside another primary material to enhance the quality of that product and the overall stretchy comforts and design.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and the value, these shorts can be considered somewhat pricey considering that it has many unique features. It features spandex, they are quick-dry, they have built-in mesh, and the list of comfort features goes on and on. With this, the user will discover that this product is built to last and made for the course or the track.

Quality polyester material design.

Designed to be lightweight and quick drying.

Deep side pockets for supportive fit.

Side mesh panels for ventilation.

Reflective elements keep you visible in low light conditions.


The fit can be considered loose.

7. Adidas Designed 2 Move

7. Adidas Designed 2 Move
In the sportswear community, there is a brand that is known for their expert quality and their three-stripe design. The Adidas Designed-2-Move Shorts are designed for active individuals that want a quality product that is durable and comfortable. With that in mind, the overall quality is standard from this brand and it comes in a large variety of different colors to choose from.
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The fabric of this product is 100% polyester. With that, the fabric is designed to keep sweat away from the skin and keep an individual comfortable for long periods at a time. The fabric is designed to be moisture wicking, so you can workout in these in really hot weather and still expect to be highly comfortable. With that, the mesh design allows for added ventilation and comfort.

The Variety

If you want a brand that enhances their products by having an incredibly large variety to choose from, this is it. There are over twenty different color choices available and all designed with the best care and material design. The material is machine washable and designed to not snag. Overall, this product is of the best material value and design.

Cost and Value

As far as price, individuals can expect the price to range depending on the color chosen and the size. With that, individuals are guaranteed premium quality with this particular product. To add to this, the design is comfortable and has a regular fit construction, so it fits loosely without feeling like they are going to fall off. The fabric is also designed to offer a full range of motions that allow for the user to be comfortable all day long.

100% polyester fabric is durable and comfortable.

Side seam pockets for convenience.

ClimaLite fabric sweeps sweat away from the skin.

Mesh back insert for comfort.

Side panels for ventilation.

Regular fit design.


The drawstring is low quality.

8. Neleus

8. Neleus
These next shorts are designed from a brand that focuses on premium quality benefits and a construction design that is guaranteed to last. With plenty of comfort benefits to consider, the Neleus Men’s Lightweight Shorts are designed with premium benefits and an overall material design that ensures longevity and durability. In fact, they are actually made in the USA and come in a two-pack.
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Moisture Wicking

This product, as with many different shorts is moisture wicking. However, these are considered fast drying shorts and they have many different comfort features alongside this one. They are rip and tear resistant, they are fast drying in the case that they get wet, and they have are odor-resistant which allows for repeated use.

Performance Fabric

Performance fabric has now gotten the world by storm. Performance fabrics are now very common among many sportswear companies. Performance fabrics allow for the users to be comfortable, have four-way stretch, and receive many different benefits that ensure maximum comfort. The fabric is made of 100% polyester, which is guaranteed to last and ensured to withstand the test of time.

Cost and Value

To discuss the value of this product, it is important for one to know that you are actually getting a two pack. This product comes as a pack of two shorts. Alongside this, they are designed to be comfortable and have a material construction that ensures durability, longevity, and of course, comfortable performance. With thus, the size tends to be comparably smaller, so you may want to consider getting one size up.

Moisture-wicking design that is comfortable.

Odor-resistant liner.

Laboratory tested for strength.

Convenient storage and elasticity.

Performance fabric quality.

Performance durability.

100% polyester is machine washable.

Comes in a pack of two.


Will fit small.

May snag easily.

9. TBMPOY Outdoor

9. TBMPOY Outdoor
These next shorts on our list happen to be the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Sports shorts and they are comfortable, well designed, and even come with zippered pockets. Although this brand is not as widely known as other brands in the industry, we wanted to give them a try and share them with our audience. With plenty of comfort qualities, there are two great reasons to consider this product.
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Includes Spandex

The material design of this item allows for the product to be comfortable, durable, breathable, and stretchy. Well, this product is made of 95% polyester and includes 5% spandex. The spandex is designed to add to the stretchy comfort and quality of the shorts. Overall, a user will notice that the product can last for a long time and after multiple washes, still looks good as new.

Back and Front Pockets

These shorts have various pocket options available. This product has front and back zippered pockets that allow for the user to keep their phone, wallet, or keys safe in the shorts. So when you run, you never have to worry about the contents inside of your shorts falling out or worse, getting damaged. Lastly, they come with a comfortable elastic waistband that guarantees a quality fit when running.

Cost and Value

This product is priced very well and it comes with premium features that are most commonly known among luxury brands that charge half as much. With this, they are practical to wear for long periods at a time and users will appreciate the construction quality and the low zippered pockets. It comes in brown, blue, grey, and other neutral colors.

Breathable construction.

Drawstring closure.

Elastic waistband design.

Different colors and styles.

Simple design.

Zippered pockets.

Quick drying benefits.


The pocket rip if not careful.

The drawstring is small.

10. Jolt Gear Dry Fit

10. Jolt Gear Dry Fit
This last brand on our list knows a thing or two about quality and design. They have created some of the most comfortable and useful products in the industry. Their shirts and other workout gear are known to. be comfortable and command quality. Overall, they have produced a large selection of quality products to consider and this is one of them. Here is the Jolt Gear Dry Fit.
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Secure Waistband

This product has a secure waistband with an elastic drawcord that is designed to keep the shorts in position and comfortable all day long. You can easily loosen or tighten the waistband as you wish and overall, the design is premium and constructed to be durable and comfortable. Lastly, the elasticity allows for a natural range of motion to occur.

Loose and Comfortable

This product is designed to be loose and comfortable without feeling bulky. In fact, the construction is lightweight and the fabric feels soft on the skin for a no chafing design. With this, the athletic material is polyester and most importantly, it allows the user to be comfortable for long periods at a time.

Cost and Value

The cost and the benefits for these shorts include the fact that you are getting it from a premium brand. In fact, their products tend to be five stars and they have great reviews. For the price, you only get one, which can be seen as a bit pricey. However, longevity-wise, their span of quality is longer than most shorts in the industry.

Moisture wicking performance fabric.

With pockets and a side hem.

Durable and elastic.

Ventilated and comfortable.

Built in draw string.


The material can snag easily.

Whether you go for Adidas or a much lesser known brand, our goal with this list was to share variety. When creating a product list for a large selection of individuals, variety is crucial to ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether you are about comfort, quality, design, appeal, color, or features, choosing the right workout gear depends all on your comfort level and your desires. Therefore, it is important to conduct your research and get to know the brands out there. With all of this in mind, we invite our readers to check out our criteria to evaluate the best workout shorts.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Workout Shorts

Quality and Reviews

As far as the first criteria, quality and reviews is a crucial aspect of ensuring that a product is of the best quality design and benefit for the user. When conducting our research, we first only focus on products that are four stars and above. The reason being is because we want to ensure that it has great value and will retain it’s worth. To add to this, we also read reviews from individuals because we want to make sure that the audience agrees with the value. When reading reviews for workout shorts you want to look at the following important aspects.

  • What users say about the fit, elasticity, and comfort.
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Do individuals mention it fits as suggested?
  • Does the brand have a return policy?
  • Do the shorts fade, pick, or snag?
  • What are the features?

As far as the last question on the above list relating to features, we are going to dive into what the best features for workout shorts are. Let’s begin!

Features and Benefits

This next criterion is very common among workout gear. When selecting our top ten list, we look into the features and benefits of the product. So first, we evaluate the benefits based on the features. Essentially, diving into the value of the product based on the features. With that in mind, let’s break down the many different features of the workout shorts we have shared and what to look forward to from this industry.

  • Moisture Wicking

As the first feature, moisture-wicking may easily be one of the most important. The reason being is because wicking away moisture allows for a user to be comfortable and not be working out in soaked clothing, especially the individual sweats a lot. With that, moisture wicking features is an aspect of the material of the product, which we will discuss in the next criteria.

  • Four-Way Stretch

Four-way stretch is a brand’s specific design in creating a product that is designed to be stretchy and comfortable. Four-way stretch essentially means that a product can stretch up and down and left and right. Therefore, it allows for a full range of movement for the user wearing the product. Four-way stretch is a very modern approach to creating workout gear. It is designed so the user can comfortably move in different directions and use the shorts for many different activities.

  • Elastic Waistband / Drawstring

An elastic waistband design is another important and crucial element in creating a quality product. With that, it is a feature that is very common in workout gear because it allows for the area of the waist to easily be adjusted and be very comfortable. To add to this, many brands will design their shorts with drawstring cords, so an individual can have even more adjustment and comfort.

  • Mesh and Breathability

The last feature is another crucial feature when ensuring that you are comfortable on the golf course or when working out and that is selecting products that are breathable. Whether you are looking for a quality golf shirt or even golf shoes, a breathable shirt or shorts ensure that you will be comfortable. With that in mind, all of the shorts we have shared are either designed with layers of mesh or perforations or are very thin and lightweight to ensure air can travel easily through.

The Material Design

As the last primary area of focus, the material design was an important factor that we wanted to cover. With this, we are going to dive into the two most common materials when selecting a quality pair of workout shorts and why they both are the most common. Let’s start with polyester.

  • Polyester

What isn’t made of polyester? This material happens to be one of the most common materials in the industry. With this, polyester is virtually in every piece of workout gear that there is in the industry. Whether you want a premium high-quality comfortable shirt or workout shorts, polyester is there to ensure that your product is durable and comfortable. Depending on the construction qualities, polyester can be comfortable, soft, and designed to be very lightweight.

  • Spandex

This material may be the second most common because once it hit the scene, everybody was raving about it. Spandex has become a novelty and virtually every piece of gear or workout clothing, even daily clothing, has gone up in value because of this material design. With that, as little as 3% of the material composition of the product can have spandex and still it is strategically designed to have many features. The features of spandex include breathability, elasticity, moisture wicking, lightweight, stretchy, and many more. With that, if you are looking for a quality and comfortable product, this material ensures the best overall value.

Bang For Your Buck

The most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest is not always the best deal. The reason being is because the cheapest may break much quicker than other products, causing you to have to buy new shorts and spend more money. With that, always consider which deal has the best bang for your buck. There are many different products to consider and some brands even include a 2-pack for the price of one. With that in mind, many well touted and notable brands tend to charge more for their products because they are costlier compared to lesser known brands. Therefore, when selecting your product or gear, consider which one is the best deal. Look at the cost to value ratio!

Now, let’s discuss and answer some of the most asked questions about workout shorts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is spandex pick-resistant?

A: No, spandex is not pick-resistant. Only a product is pick resistant when it is designed to be anti-snag and anti-pick, which is often rare. With that, it is important to consider how to machine wash the product, so you do not damage the quality and the design of the shorts.

Q: The drawstring went inside the waistband, what do I do?

A: Some short’s drawstrings tend to be too short. With that, often it is very hard to try and take out the drawstring from the elastic waistband. The shorts are still able to be worn and comfortable. However, often times an individual can contact the brand if it falls within the return period.

Q: Do you wash cold or hot?

A: Most definitely in cold. You do not want to machine wash a product such as polyester or spandex in hot because it will shrink. With that in mind, each product has specific washing instructions.

Q: What is the return period?

A: This all depends on the brand. However, most commonly Amazon allows for a thirty-day return policy if the workout shorts have not been worn. Once worn, a product may have different guidelines and regulations to consider.

Q: What is the difference between regular fit and slim fit?

A: Slim fit tends to have a slimmer waist and leg fit, while regular fit will fit much like basketball shorts or loose fitting running shorts.