Best Workout Pants Reviewed & Rated for Quality

We have often mentioned how wearing the right gear in the game of golf is crucial. Not only for comfort but also for safety. For instance, wearing the right gear to the golf course guarantees that an individual will be comfortable all day long as well as protected from the sun’s UV rays. With this, we recommend wearing the right gear at all times to ensure optimum protection. More so, there are different aspects to consider when buying golf shirts, shorts, or shoes. These aspects include breathability, stretchiness, comfort, material design, and overall quality of the products.

Featured Recommendations

Adidas Soccer Tiro 17
  • Adidas Soccer Tiro 17
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ventiliated Materials
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Tech
  • Under Armour Tech
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Anti-Odor
  • Price: See Here
Baleaf Capri
  • Baleaf Capri
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fitted Design
  • Price: See Here

Now, these aspects also transcend into this next criterion that we are going to share with our audience. Alongside this, we have mentioned that working out to prepare for the golf course is also very important because working out and stretching properly guarantee proper body movement, focus, and allows the individual to be ready and comfortable on the golf course. With that in mind, we want to share with our audience the best workout pants. We are eager to blend our expertise on golf gear and bring it into the area of workout gear. The reason being is that we want to share with our audience the best workout products so they can better enjoy their time working out and preparing for the golf course.

With this, there are different aspects of workout pants to consider when selecting the best ones. These aspects are as follows.

  • The size of the product.
  • The quality of the material.
  • The features.

Therefore, we are eager to share with our audience the top ten best workout pants you can buy today. These pants are made for quality benefits and guaranteed to last the test of time. With that, they are also incredibly comfortable. Let’s begin with product number one!


10 Best Workout Pants


1. Adidas Soccer Tiro 17

1. Adidas Soccer Tiro 17
This first brand excels in the area of quality and masterful sportswear expertise. They have long been known as one of the highest quality brands for producing excellent items for the everyday sports hero. That is you! With that, if you are looking for comfortable workout pants, we want to share the Adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro 17 Training Pants. Here are two features to consider.
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Ventilated Material

This particular product is designed of one of the highest quality materials in the industry. This product is created from 100% polyester, also known as a double-knit material that is high quality and highly durable. This material is comfortable, breathable, and keeps the skin dry by having moisture wicking properties and excellent airflow.

Front Zipper Pockets

The front of this product includes a quality zipper pocket. The pocket is designed and used for individuals that want to easily store important items in their pocket. With that, it also has a great design that is easy to use. For individuals that highly tout this brand, this product is easily one of their best.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price and value of this product, we want to share with our audience that this product comes in a large variety of different sizes and color choices to consider. In fact, this brand has even created this item completely in white, black, and even bright red for individuals that want to stand out.

100% polyester and high quality.

Double-knit construction quality.

Ventilated ClimaCool technology.

Drawcord on the waistband.

Brand quality design.

Positive reviews.


The material is thicker than expected.

No back pockets.

2. Under Armour Tech

2. Under Armour Tech
This next brand has long been known for producing a wide variety of different quality products in the sportswear industry. With that, they perfected the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric and have even extended that design to many of their products today. We want to share the Under Armour Men’s Tech Pants with our audience and two features that individuals can expect from this product.
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The Material

The material of this product is 100% polyester, but it happens to include the famous UA Tech Fabric design that is ultra-soft, quick drying and guarantees an all-natural feel. Alongside this, this design is moisture-wicking and dries fast as far as the quality. This material wicks away sweat and individuals can expect it to be highly durable and comfortable to wear all day long.


The technology behind his product is an anti-odor technology that ensures individuals are using a quality product. This technology has been designed to prevent odor-causing microbes from building in the material of the product, so individuals can have a better all-around experience when working out.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk a bit about the price and value. These pants will vary drastically in price depending on the color chosen and the size. With that, the material is high quality, made to last, and individuals can expect the pants to be very comfortable allowing for an all-day workout experience. Overall, the item is high quality, effective in the design, and the fabric is very soft.

100% polyester design.

UA Tech fabric is soft and natural feeling.

The material wicks away sweat.

The material dries very fast.

Mesh hand pockets.

Anti-odor design.


Can get pricey.

Fabric is not as stretchy as some individuals would like.

3. Baleaf Capri

3. Baleaf Capri
If you want excellent workout pants that are high quality, durable, and built to last, we want to share this next product with our audience. Made from a unique French fabric that is designed to ensure the best benefits, the Baleaf Men’s Capri Pants have different features that make it an excellent addition to any sportswear individuals’ wardrobe. Here are two benefits of these pants.
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The Material

The material design of this product is a 100% polyester fabric that is very comfortable, lightweight and low-friction. More so, the fabric is designed to keep an individual cool and also wicks away sweat easily. With this in mind, the fabric keeps individuals cool for long periods at a time and allow for a comfortable working out experience without any hindrance or over sweating.

Fitted Design

The design of this product is a fitted design with a slim fit tapered leg look that flatters an individual’s body frame. This is great for individuals that want to look stylish but also be very comfortable when working out. As far as the design, it also has a drawstring at the waist and large pockets to fit important items securely.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we can see why it is a fan favorite item on our list. The price is incredibly lower than other sportswear brands. In fact, collecting all three colors would still be cheaper than one name brand product from this list. With that, they have 4.5 stars and are made to last. If you do not care much about a premium name brand, this item is excellent to consider.

Durable fabric and easy to wash.

Comfortable and soft fabric design.

Adjustable waistband.

Three color choices and multiple sizes available.

Side pockets are large.

Cheaper than most brands.


Thicker fabric than other brands.

Pockets do not fit large phones.

4. Nike Epic Knit

4. Nike Epic Knit
This next product comes from a brand that excels in the area of sportswear products. In fact, this brand is easily known as the chosen brand for individuals that want durability and comfort. They have been known for tears as the leading distributor of sportswear gears and they have covered it all. So, if you are looking for quality workout pants that cover well and are quality made, we want to share the Nike Men’s Epic Knit Pants. Let’s find out two reasons they are known as one of the top of the line epic pants in the industry.
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Dri-Fit Fabric

This product comes with this brand’s quality fabric design. This manufacturer has perfected the Dri-Fit fabric and this product is no different. This item comes with Dri-Fit fabric, which is effortlessly, and quality made to ensure the best optimum fitness benefits. This material consistency is designed for individuals that want a product that keeps the runner or person working out dry and comfortable.

Athletic Fit

This product is designed with one of the most well-designed fits in the industry. The fit is an athletic and tapered fit around the ankle, so individuals are guaranteed a quality wearable experience. With this in mind, the fit is designed to ensure maximum comfort all day long. So, if you want a comfortable fit alongside maximum durable benefits, we recommend this pair of pants.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to acknowledge that this brand is known for their premium quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. More so, their items are designed to be high quality, durable, and comfortable to wear all day long. Boasting premium benefits, these pants come in three color choices and the price will vary.

100% polyester.

Dri-Fit Technology keeps individuals stay dry.

Elastic draw cord for personalized fit.

Tapered through the ankle.

Side pockets are stable.


The lower legs are too small and tight.

5. Fruit of The Loom

5. Fruit of The Loom
This next product may easily be recognized as one of the most infamous in the industry. Boasting a simple sweatpants bottom design, this brand is known for supplying the best clothing designs in the industry at an affordable cost. Known for their plain white shirts and undergarments, we want to share the Fruit of The Loom Elastic Bottoms and two features of these particular sweatpants.
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Reinforced Seams

This product comes with a reinforced seam design. The design of this product is a highly durable and high-quality design that ensures long-lasting comfort and durability. The seams and the stitching is of the best quality to guarantee that the product can withstand many workouts to come. Alongside this, these pants are comfortable, easy to wash, and they feel great.

The Material

The material of this item is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which happens to be one of the best material compositions in the industry. With that, this material is durable, high quality, and can be washed easily. Alongside this, the cotton makes the pants even more comfortable than other brands. A slight downfall is that they are not as breathable as other brands. So, individuals can get hot easily and sweat a lot.

Cost and Value

If moisture wicking is not a concern, but comfort is, these are the pants to get. This product is high quality, made to last and highly durable. With that said, we recommend them to individuals that want an excellent brand that excels in the area of comfort, design, and fit. With multiple colors to choose from, they are great for working out or a couple of simple club swings in your backyard.

Quality material design.

Highly durable and stays soft.

Machine washable design.

Deeper pockets for better seams.

Feels great and fits well.


They shrink in the wash.

6. YoungLA

6. YoungLA
As the sixth brand, we are eager to share snug fit pants that are quality made and intended for individuals that want a durable and quality design. This product is built to last, made for quality and designed for individuals that want an easy to wear product. Here are two benefits of the YoungLA Training Pants.
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The Fit

The fit of these pants happens to be a snug fit design that ensures maximum appearance quality and also benefits. However, if individuals want a more relaxed fit, the brand recommends ordering one size up. With that, the quality breathable fabric is durable, made to last and has mesh panels on the side that guarantee maximum airflow and breathability.

Deep Pockets

A universal fear among individuals that buy a product such as this is the pocket design. If the pocket design is not purposely designed to fit large items, while running or working out, the contents of the pocket may fall out. Therefore, this is a primary concern of many individuals. This brand has addressed this concern by creating two large pockets that are zippered and designed to carry large items.

Cost and Value

To discuss price and value, we want to say that this brand excels in quality design and benefits. Their products are durable and their styles are more modern and edgy. So, if you want a quality fit with an edgy appearance, these are the pants to get. With this in mind, the overall size of the product varies and there are different color choices to choose from. For the price, individuals can collect them all!

Highly durable.

Over 500 reviews online.

Tapered and comfortable fit.

Two deep pockets.

Made from high quality materials.

100% breathable.


The pants may break if you stretch them to much.

7. Starter

7. Starter
Now that we have talked about different men’s pants, we want to introduce a quality product for our women golfer friends that want an excellent workout product. This is the Starter Women’s Jogger Sweatpants and they are designed to be durable, high quality, and very finely created for maximum benefits. Here are two features to consider these particular pants.
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This product is designed to be ultra-soft. Therefore, individuals can expect the design to be highly comfortable for an all-day wear experience. Now, the soft fleece can get a bit hot, so it is important to note that the material composition can get warm and not be as breathable as other brands. With that said, this product is one of the softest in the industry.

The Material

The material composition of this product is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. With that, the material composition guarantees individuals will be comfortable all day long and the pants will be able to withstand the test of time. With this in mind, this brand excels when it comes to customer quality and individuals can expect a true to size product.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share that we believe in this brand’s overall quality and design. Alongside this, they have long been known as one of the highest quality suppliers of sportswear that is also affordable. For that, the price of this item makes it a must-have item for any individual.

Ultra-soft fleece design.

Internal elastic waistband design.

Durable materials.

Comfortable design.

Three color choices available.

Trusted brand.


Can get hot.

Not moisture wicking.

8. Contour Athletics

8. Contour Athletics
As the next pants on our list, we want to share with our audience the Contour Athletics Men’s Joggers Active Sports Pants and two benefits of this item. This product has five stars, is quality design and has a great blend of materials that ensure premium quality features alongside a comfortable fabric. Let’s talk about the first feature.
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Lightweight Fit

This product is made to act as workout pants. With that, they have a lightweight fit design that guarantees an excellent overall experience for the individual. The ankle cuffs are designed with a contoured fit, while the fabric is also made to be reflective for better visibility. With that, this item also comes with zipper pockets and an elastic waistband.

Cotton and Polyester

The particular material blend of this item is a cotton and polyester blend of materials that is known as a premium fabric that is designed to be flexible and comfortable to wear. With this, this fabric is also very durable and can withstand the test of time, guaranteeing individuals an overall quality experience.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share with our audience that this product is engineered to look and feel great on the individual. With this, the overall design is comfortable, durable and guaranteed to last through the most rigorous of workouts. This brand is not widely known, but they still have a strong fan base that showcases that this product is made for a comfortable fit but maximum workout benefit.

Quality product made to last.

Spandex for maximum comfort.

Durable and sporty.

Cotton and polyester for flexibility.

Three color choices.

Different sizes available.


The stitching can tare if not careful.

Longer in the leg region.

9. Amazon Essentials

9. Amazon Essentials
We have often talked about this brand for producing excellent products that are known as ‘everyday essentials.’ Well, they are back with fleece pants that are designed to be comfortable to wear and offer an excellent workout experience. Here are two features of the Amazon Essentials Fleece Pants and what individuals can take into consideration for this product.
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The Material

The material base of this item is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. With that, the product does get a bit hot when wearing them. However, they act as the perfect cold weather pants. For individuals that want a quality product made to last, these pants are comfortable and very high quality as far as their design and overall benefits.

Excellent Brand

This brand knows what customers want and their products are only a resemblance of their dedication to quality and service. With that in mind, this brand also has a money back guarantee in the case that their products do not fit comfortably or properly.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and the benefits for this product, we want to share that this is one of the best-designed sweatpants in the industry as far as design and features. With that in mind, individuals can expect this product to be durable and long lasting. Overall, they have four colors to choose from and they are excellently designed to offer plenty of valuable comfort.

Made to last.

Material quality is washable.

Relaxed comfort.

Elastic waistband for better fit.

Sporty design.

Four color choices.


Not as premium quality as other brands.

10. Reebok Mesh Knit

10. Reebok Mesh Knit
As the last product on our best pants list, we want to share the Reebok Men’s Mesh Knit Pants. To start, this brand is one of the most recommended brands when it comes to sportswear products. With that, we want to share this lightweight fitness product designed for proper ventilation and quality. Here are two features to consider.
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This product comes with their PlayDry technology which is a specifically formulated fabric designed for comfort and benefits. This design not only manages heat and moisture but it also has increased ventilation and reduces any abrasion that may cause while working out or running. The design is high quality and has a secure and comfortable fit.

Front Pockets

This item comes with front hand pockets that are designed for easy storage. The hand pockets happen to be of the best quality and size, so individuals can easily store their wallet or cell phone. With that, the pockets have quality stitching and are effortlessly designed for comfort and quality.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share that it happens to be made of one of the best quality material designs in the industry. With this said, the design is durable and intended to last the test of time. Also, this brand offers these pants in three different color choices and multiple sizes to choose from. As far as price, they are one of the most affordable to consider.

Lightweight fitness design.

PlayDry Technology that manages heat and moisture.

Accelerated evaporation design.

Increased ventilation.

Elastic Waistband.

Front hand pockets.

Three neutral colors to choose from.


Few reviews online.

If you have ever used workout pants before, then it is important to note that there is a wide variety of different pants out there in the industry. Therefore, it is up to you to pick the best ones. Whether you want a relaxed fit or a slim fit design, the right design guarantees maximum comfort alongside durability. With this, to better help our audience select the best workout pants, we have come up with the criteria to evaluate the best workout pants. This criterion is to be used when selecting the best item to ensure maximum quality. With such a wide variety out there, how do you know which product is the best? Well, we want to share our specialized technique with our audience today! Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Workout Pants

As the criteria to evaluate the best workout pants, there are numerous aspects to consider when searching for the best product. Therefore, we want to share these important aspects with our audience to help distinguish the best products from products that are not worth it. With this in mind, we want to move forward with the first criteria on our list, what may easily be one of the most important aspects.

Read Reviews

When in doubt, read reviews! Although this does not say much about specific details about an item, reading reviews can really guide an individual in selecting the best product in the industry. For instance, reading reviews helps individuals identify the strong and weak points of a product. For us, reading reviews guarantee us taking into consideration the best features and the areas of improvement, as we stated in the pros and cons. With that in mind, after reading reviews we wanted to focus on products that had four-stars and up. Therefore, individuals will notice that all products have the best reviews in the industry. Now, as far as reviews things to consider are the follows.

  • How people mention that they fit.
  • The stitching of the product.
  • If people mention the packaging.
  • Whether the item is designed as pictured in photos.
  • If the product wears and tares easily.
  • If individuals mention the comfort.
  • If people mention the fit. (straight, relaxed, tight, etc.)

With that said, we want to move forward towards the first criteria on our list that is crucial in selecting the best quality workout pants.

The Material Design

The material design of a pair of workout pants is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. The reason being is that the material design makes headway for the overall product quality. The material design determines the features, the style, the durability, and the overall benefits of that product. With that said, the most common materials that individuals can expect workout pants to be made of is cotton, polyester, and spandex. These blends of materials together form a quality product that is designed and well executed. With that, it is important to consider the material design of the product to guarantee the overall quality as well as the feature. The reason is that features will vary depending on the material quality. Features that will vary include the following.

  • The breathability of the product.
  • The stretchiness.
  • The comfort of the item.
  • Whether it is moisture wicking or not.

The Fit of The Pants

As another important aspect to consider, the fit of the pants also causes the pants to vary differently as far as designed quality and style. So, it is important to consider how the workout pants fit. For instance, some workout pants are designed to have a contoured fit that is known as slim-fit or straight fit pants that cause the product to be more form fitting. Alongside this, there are also loose-fitting pants, regular fit pants, and pants that have a tight ankle fit design. It is all up to the individual. However, there are different varieties to consider. It is also important to consider the size of the product. Many workout pants tend to shrink and brands even advice that if you want a looser fit, to purchase a size up. Therefore, individuals should take into consideration this feature when selecting the best quality workout pants.

Variety / Brand

It goes without saying that most of the brands that we have shared are primarily known for their design quality and their expertise in the sportswear field. With that, this criterion we included because we wanted to share a wide variety of different brands to choose from. Whether you are a fan of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or a less notable brand, all of these brands are known as some of the highest quality in the industry due to their level of expertise and overall material quality and content. With that, many of the brands above have a wide variety of color choices to choose from as well so individuals can have their pick of the best product to consider.

Cost and Value

As the last element that we took into consideration, we found the price and the value of the item to be a crucial factor to consider. The reason being is that the value will determine the overall cost of the product. For instance, most notable and high-quality brands tend to charge more for their products because of the different design benefits, features, and elements to consider. These features include breathability, stitching, comfort, and design. However, most brands such as Nike or Adidas have a proven track record for quality and customer service. Therefore, their products tend to cost more in price, so this is something to consider.

Now, we want to move forward from the criteria to the most commonly asked questions that individuals have regarding workout pants.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you machine wash workout pants?

A: As one of the most commonly asked questions, yes, you can machine wash workout pants. We would think that if this was not possible, individuals would not purchase the product considering that workout pants are designed to get sweaty. With that said, each brand of workout pants have their own separate machine washing instructions so this is an aspect to consider when selecting your product.

Q: Is the material moisture wicking?

A: As the next question that is most commonly asked, moisture-wicking pants tend to be a feature of specific material designs. For instance, polyester and spandex have a great moisture wicking material complex. While cotton may be less prone to be moisture wicking. With that, this is an important feature and aspect to consider when selecting the best workout pants in the industry.

Q: What is the waistband design?

A: There are two common waistband designs when it comes to workout pants, elastic string, and elastic waistband. With that, an elastic waistband, whether string or without string allow individuals to have a more comfortable and adjustable experience when wearing the product. With that, the waistband designs of workout pants are one of the most important aspects to consider.

Q: Do the workout pants have pockets?

A: This is an aspect to consider if pockets are important to you. With that, workout pants with pockets tend to have side pockets that are large enough to fit a wallet or cell phone. However, it all depends on the specific brand and their design quality. This aspect is individual to each particular manufacturer.

Q: What is the inside of the pants material?

A: Most commonly, pants that are designed to not be moisture wicking will have a fleece-like interior. However, this interior can get really hot and is better suited for the cold winter months. Most commonly, the material of the outside is also on the inside of the pants.


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