Best Shoe Deodorizers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Although golf is a very calm and relaxed sport, like any sport, an individual will sweat. Not only that, but sweating can lead to discomfort and of course, bad odor. Now, don’t be embarrassed because this is a natural aspect of a human nature. If you sweat often or sweat after a couple of hole in ones on the course, we are eager to share with you the top ten best shoe deodorizers in the industry. With that said, it is important to note that there are many different products and they are not particular to just shoes.

Featured Recommendations

Sof Sole Balls
  • Sof Sole Balls
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Removing Foot Odor
  • Price: See Here
Mini Moso
  • Mini Moso
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reusable for 2 Years
  • Price: See Here
Glovestix Antimicrobial
  • Glovestix Antimicrobial
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • SilverSeal Technology
  • Price: See Here

In fact, individuals can use the deodorizer on golf cart bags, duffel bags, and even spaces where you may keep all of your golf equipment. The reason being is that, and it goes without saying, golf equipment can stink and if you have a stand bag, it can get humid inside of it if you take it on the golf course often. Before we share the top ten best, we want our audience to take the following into consideration before choosing the best one.

  • What will you be using the deodorizer for?
  • What is the scent of the deodorizer?
  • How long does it last or work for?
  • Does it also remove humidity?

With that said, let’s start with product number one.


10 Best Shoe Deodorizers


1. Sof Sole Balls

1. Sof Sole Balls
As the first product on our list, we want to share with our audience a simple and quality product that is built to last and is very high quality. With over 1.2k reviews online and 4.5 stars, the Sof Sole Sneaker Balls is a quality and simple product that is easy to use. It has a very effective and unique design that removes foot odors from sneakers. Here are two benefits to consider.
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The Method

The method to use this product is very simple. Simply quick-twist to open and release the formulated fresh scent. All you have to do is twist the cap and place it inside of a shoe and leave it there, so it takes over the overall odor of the shoot and produces a new and better smelling scent. When not in use, an individual can simply twist it back and preserve the freshness.

Removing Foot Odor

This product is designed to remove foot odor very well. With that, the fresh scent is designed to last 2000 hours or more and it happens to be very high quality and clean smelling. There is a large selection of different odors to choose from and different designs as well.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and value for this product, we see this item as being very beneficial, simple, and easy to use. With that, the price is very effective and cheap for the fact that you can a 3-pairs, six tiny balls in total that are designed to easily fit inside of any shoe, including kids’ shoes. For the price, this product is effective and worth it.

Quality design that fights odor-causing bacteria.

Small and round design that is easy to use.

Quick-twist design.

Fits in all shoe sizes.

Effectively attacks foot odor.

Can be placed in gym bags, golf bags, and shoes.


Not good for heavy odors.

Not good for work boots or humid places.

2. Mini Moso

2. Mini Moso
This next product on our list is one of the most effective, high quality, and simple products to consider. The Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags are designed to be very great in the prevention of mold and mildew and fighting odor causing bacteria inside of golf bags, duffel bags, and even shoes. We want to share with our audience two features of this product.
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Reuse For Two Years

This product has a very long lifespan. This product can easily be used for up to two years but needs to be placed in the sun once a month for at least an hour. The reason you want to do this is to remove the bad odor and also rejuvenate the charcoal qualities that ensure a fresh and relaxing scent. With that, individuals can expect the item to be very high quality.

The Design

The design of this product is that it has 100% premium bamboo charcoal inside of the baggie. With that in mind, the charcoal is designed to be a fragrance and chemical free design that is able to absorb bad odors quickly and effortlessly. The stitching of the baggie is high quality and feels like a soft polyester fabric. With that said, the overall design is worth considering if you want a simple and easy o use formula.

Cost and Value

To add to the value of this product, this brand has 2.5k+ reviews online. With that, individuals can expect the overall design to be very high quality and effective and eliminates odors very well. This product has four stars, is well designed and is perfect for different types of products that you may have that have a bad odor.

No fragrance and no chemical smell.

Non-toxic design.

Prevents mold and mildew.

Can be reused for two years.

Convenient method.

Easy to carry, store, and keep with you at all times.

Place it in gym bags, shoes, and other gear.


Does not remove the smell of plastic.

Does not remove the smell of flip flops very well.

3. Glovestix Antimicrobial

3. Glovestix Antimicrobial
This may be one of the most unique designs in the industry. Resembling nun-chucks, we want to share with our audience the Glovestix Antimicrobial Deodorizer, a quality product that is designed to have endless value. In fact, the brand touts that this product can easily last for ten years to come and absorb moisture and odor within 24 hours. We want to talk about two features and what the audience thinks as far as value.
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Silver Technology

So, this brand touts that the technology behind this can last for up to ten years. With this, the way it does this is by infusing plastic and silver. This product has a Silver Seal technology design that infuses silver to promote natural antimicrobial properties. With this, this product is effective in extinguishing the cell walls of the bacteria and removing any bad odor.

Replaceable Inserts

This product has a Silver Sea exterior design which converts the bad odor and it also has inserts on the inside that guarantee the full absorption of humidity. With that said, it is recommended to replace the insert every 3 to 4 months for optimum performance.

Cost and Value

As far as the price for this product, we can say that individuals can expect this item to be very high quality and durable. With that, it is also priced very well. However, most effectively, individuals tout the fact that it is designed with quality in mind by a brand that excels in creating useful products. We recommend this item for your golf gloves, golf bags, and golf shoes.

Durable handle that is built to last.

Removable clip.

SilverSeal technology.

Replaceable inserts.

Can be used for up to ten years.

Fights 99.9% of bacteria.


May take longer than 24 hours to remove odor.

4. Meister Glove

4. Meister Glove
This next product comes from a brand that is very well known and has designed an easy to use product that even has different scents to choose from. We want to share with our audience the Meister Glove Deodorizer and two features to consider this expert product. Here is what to take away from this product.
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Different Scents

So, one of the best and most unique factors of this product is the fact that it comes with many different scents to consider. This item comes with the option to choose between fresh linen, cologne, lavender, and even cedar. With that, the scents are very high quality, long lasting, and are delicious. Most importantly, they are not overwhelming, and they are long lasting.

The Design

The design of this product is what makes it excel as far as quality. The design is a high-quality exterior that is moisture resistant and durable. However, it is the high-quality flannel and premium aromatic fillings that make it a great product to consider. It is designed to absorb the moisture and odor inside of a glove, shoe, or other sports equipment that needs a bit of a touch-up.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share with our audience that this product is very high quality and also effective. The fact that you have different scents to choose from making it an even better and worthier product. With this said, it is the first item so far to have a full five-star rating with many reviews to add to the quality rating. The price is also very affordable.

Different scents.

Absorbs unwanted moisture and odor.

Leaves gloves and shoes smelling great.

Increases life of the glove.

Works great for multiple products.

High quality flannel filling.


The cologne scent is very strong.

5. Clear Gear

5. Clear Gear
As the fifth product that we want to share with our audience, the Clear Gear Disinfecting Spray is a quality product made for individuals that want a simple to use spray that is effective and easy to use. This product comes with a deodorizer bottle, a cleaner, and a disinfectant, acting as a five-in-one formula to clean your gear, disinfect, and prevent from any further bacteria growth. Here are two features to consider.
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The Disinfectant

One of the best aspects of this product is the anti-viral and anti-fungal disinfectant. The disinfectant is designed to kill mold and mildew while also preventing from very hazardous bacterial infections. With that said, it is designed to remove ringworm and more. It also eliminates infections that are inside the glove or the shoe and kills bacteria on impact.

The Cleaner

Another excellent aspect of this product is the cleaner. The cleaner is a quality designed cleaner that is designed to not leave any residue behind, wipe away easily and easily be able to remove all dirt and any other reside on the surface. With that in mind, individuals will find the process to be effective and well worth it.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and value, what is most impressive is the fact that an individual receives three different products in one. Overall, the design, the bottles, and the overall value is very high quality and individuals can expect it to work evenly on all surfaces. For the price, it is a great deal and it is worth the five-star rating.

Quality and effective EPA-approved formula.

Kills 100 germs.

Easy to use and simple spray design.

Safe cleans all bacteria and prevents growth of bacteria.

Deodorizes well.

Can be used for multiple surfaces.

Used by over 20 professionals in different industries.


Does not eliminate all scent from shoes.

May take multiple tries.

6. Squeaky Cheeks

6. Squeaky Cheeks
As the sixth item, we want to talk about a product that is designed to be used on feet or shoes. If you suffer from foot odor, this may be the best powder for you. The Squeaky Cheeks Natural Foot Powder is a quality product that is designed to be easy to use, very effective, and used daily. Here are two features to consider this simple and easy to use powder.
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100% Natural

This product is a 100% natural and talc-free powder that energizes and relieves pain smells for great and long-lasting use. Alongside this, it happens to be a simple and effective powder that prevents chafing, sweating, and any odor-causing bacteria from building inside of the shoe.

The Odor System

This product is designed with a bentonite clay essential oil design. The essential oil design is intended to provide comfort and remove any foot odor. With this, this particular material chemical happens to be FDA approved and is completely safe.

Cost and Value

As far as price, this product is priced average and is very reasonable. It is not particular to golf bags or any golf gear other than shoes. However, it is intended to primarily be used on the feet of an individual if they happen to suffer from bad foot odor. For the price, we recommend it because it is a quality design.

Non-cracking design.

Bentonite clay essential oil design.

Reduces sweat and moisture.

Quality formula.

Comfortable and 100% natural.

Prevents skin irritation.


You can make your own for cheaper.

Does not work as effective as other remedies.

7. Odor Zapper – Natures Armour

7. Odor Zapper – Natures Armour
We want to share a quality disinfectant spray that is designed for individuals that want a simple and easy to use deodorizing spray. It is time to talk about the Natures Armour Disinfectant Spray and what individuals can expect as far as the quality and design of this spray. It comes in a quality bottle, it is very effective and happens to be priced well. Here are two features.
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It Is A Disinfectant

It is important for individuals to recognize that this is a disinfectant, not a spray that is designed to keel bacteria 100%. It is made of peppermint and lavender with purified water. The design is intended to disinfect shoes, gym bags, and any sports gear from bad odor-causing bacteria and scents.

The Spray

The spray itself happens to be a quality spray system that is easy to use and very effective. All you have to do is shake well and from there spray a couple of times through the day, which may cause it to be used much quicker than other products in the industry.

Cost and Value

As far as the cost and value for this spray, it is worth it if you want a simple and quality deodorizer. To add to this, the design is a simple product that is effective, high quality, and well designed. With that, the fact that it is designed to be antimicrobial and antifungal is also a great benefit. Overall, It is a simple formula and worth considering.

Simple quality formula.

Easy to use.



Deodorizing spray.

Made from purified water.

For use in sports bags and more.

Smells delicious.


The smell is very strong.

Not as high quality as other sprays.

8. Shoe Fresh Odor Killer

8. Shoe Fresh Odor Killer
If you happen to be traveling and you want a quick round on the golf course but notice that your shoes do not smell too pleasant, this is the shoe and fresh odor killer that you need. The Shoe Fresh Odor Killer is a quality product that makes it easy for individuals to eliminate bad foot odor while they travel. With that said, here are two features to consider this product.
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Eliminate Not Replaces

Many sprays now in the industry mention that the product will replace the scent, but what they really do is mask the scent with a new scent. This product does not do that. This item is designed to eliminate and remove any bad odor so you are not standing and walking in a balloon of bad foot odor and lavender. Essentially, the product will remove the bad odor in its entirety according to the brand.

Non-Toxic Design

This product is one of the most beneficial as far as health and ensuring that it is safe to use. This blend is a non-toxic blend that is also plant-based. With this in mind, individuals will find this product to be very high quality, smells great, and ensures that you are not putting any hazardous chemicals into your shoes where you will be stepping and walking all day long.

Cost and Value

As far as the price for this product, we want to share with our audience that it is an effective product that is high quality and worth considering if you want an effortless and easy to travel spray. The fact that it is non-toxic and very healthy makes it a great consideration. For the price, it is a great addition to your golf bag or your travel bag.

Small and compact.

100% money back guarantee.

Very effective and high quality.

Fresh scent.

Kills odor and bacteria.

Kills sweat bacteria and is safe on shoes and gloves.


Poor packaging.

9. O-liminator

9. O-liminator
As the next product, we want to share, it is time to talk about the As Seen On Tv O-Liminator. This product is effective, high quality, simple and easy to use. Here are two features of this excellent and durable product.
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Dry Pellet Packets

This product is designed with a moisture absorbing dry pellet packet. The packet is designed to absorb moisture using silicon technology. Alongside this, it removes moisture that allows any mildew growth, bacteria, and mold. Overall, we recommend it if you want a simple product that ensures a dry shoe and golf bag from any humidity.

Effective and High Quality

The design of this product is a simple and high-quality product that is very effective and easy to use. Simply place the mesh bag in an area with unwanted odor and it will remove it quickly. Once opened the contents of the mesh bag are designed to last up to sixty days. With that, individuals will find the design to be very simple and removes odors very well.

Cost and Value

In discussing the value and price for this product, we can say that it is an effective and quality packet that is worth considering. With this, it eliminates tough and stuck odors in shoes, gloves, gym bags, and more. With this, it is designed for athletes and individuals that tend to sweat often in their shoes or other gear. For the price, it is a quality product and it has gathered a lot of fame for being effective.

As soon on TV

High quality dry pellet design.

More effective than sprays.

Eliminate tough odors.

Can last sixty days.

Durable design.


May not last the full sixty days.

10. Atsko Sno-Seal

10. Atsko Sno-Seal
As the next product on our list that we want to share, it is time to talk about the last deodorizer. We want to share with our audience the Atsko Sno-Seal Shoe and Boot Deodorizer. This product is a simple four-ounce spray that is priced very effectively and individuals have mentioned works well. Here are two features to consider.
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Controls Moisture

This item is designed to control moisture and help individuals remove the humidity from their shoes or their golf bags. With this, we want to share that it is a quick bottle design that can be used once a week and will work effectively.

No Scent

This product is designed to not have a scent. This item is a high-quality deodorizer that is effective, simple to use, and keeps nasty odors and bacteria under control. With that in mind, individuals will find that this bacteria-fighting and odor-fighting spray is very durable and works very well.

Cost and Value

As far as the cost and benefits for this product, individuals will find this particular item to be of high quality, easy to use, and great for shoes in particular. It does contain absents, which is a plus or minus depending on how you look at it and it does not have many reviews. With that said, we highly recommend it if you want a simple and high-quality product.

Effective odor control design.

No exposure to fragrance.

Best to use once a week.

Keeps nasty shoes under control.


Not too many reviews.

Not as high functioning as other deodorizers.

Now that we have shared the top ten best choices, what are your thoughts? Have you used any of these? These products have many benefits. Not only does it remove the scent inside of a shoe or a duffel bag, but it also helps in removing humidity and enhancing the longevity of the product. With that, we want to move forward and discuss with our audience the criteria that we used for the evaluation process. This criteria aids our audience in the selection and examines which products are the best to consider for your specific purpose. Also, if you don’t know much about a deodorizer, individuals can use this next portion of our article as more of general information of what is out there and how they work. So, if you want to select your own best deodorizer for your golf shoes or stinky golf bag, here are our criteria.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Shoe Deodorizers

The Different Types

As the first criteria, there is a wide variety of different deodorizers in the industry. This wide variety of different products ranging from deodorizers made for shoes to specific designs made for gloves. With that in mind, we want to share with our audience the different variety that there is so our audience can start getting informed of what there is to expect if you are in the search for a specific product. So, here is the first type.

  • Packets

There are specific deodorizers that are designed as packets. These can come as small, medium or large sized packets. The difference is the interior of the packet. Some packets are designed to have charcoal, some are designed to have bamboo and some have a specific material that is designed to suck out the air. With that, each packet has different instructions as to how long it should be inside the glove, the shoe, or the duffel bag.

  • Sprays

There are many different products that are designed as sprays. The spray is designed to remove bad odor and mask the odor with a pleasant scent. With that in mind, there are also deodorizers that are designed for individuals to be able to clean the specific product and remove the scent.

  • Sticks / Balls

There are also different sticks and balls. For instance, the Sof Sole Balls are designed to be twist-open balls that release a pleasant scent into the shoe. With that in mind, these act as the packet and should be placed inside of the product for the period of time that the item suggests.

With that in mind, it is important to note which product is the best scent-remover for your specific purpose.

Mask or Remove

When picking out the best odor remover it is important to keep in mind that there are two types of odor removers. Believe it or not, some happen to be very weak and do not work as marketed. So, we want to share with our audience the two different items to expect that are out there.

  • Masking

When buying a quality product, it is important to keep in mind that there are different odor removers that do not remove the odor that well, but they actually mask it. This is good if you have a duffel bag or quality golf bag that does not smell too bad but it does have a humid scent. With that, if you have golf shoes that are really stinky, you will want the next deodorizer on our list.

  • Remover

This is the type of deodorizer that you want if you have a really smelly golf bag or shoe. If you notice a humid and foul scent inside of your golf bag, you want this particular style. This is known as a scent remover. Essentially, the specific product design and material quality will remove the scent completely by sucking it. Think of it as a foam sponge that sucks the scent and traps it.

With this in mind, this criteria works in tangent with the next one we are going to share.

The Length

As one of the criteria to consider, we want to talk about the length of time of the specific product. If you are considering a specific deodorizer, it is important to consider the length of time that the product is designed to function. For instance, there are deodorizers that are designed to work within 24 hours. However, some are designed to be placed inside of the gym bag or item that has the scent for longer periods at a time. With this, you want to ensure that the product will remove the scent completely. Now, when picking out the best item for this purpose, we want to share different criteria that need to be considered.

Other Criteria

As the last criteria on our list, we are compiling other important aspects to consider below!

  • Cost and Value

It is important to consider the cost and the value of each particular product. The reason being is that you want to get what you pay for and you want it to work. Therefore, consider if a higher end product cost more and if its worth it for the price.

  • Reviews

It is important to read the reviews of individuals that have used that product. The reason being is because you want to ensure that the item will work as suggested. Also, it is important to evaluate what people think about the product to ensure that it has a quality design and if it is the right product for you.

  • The Scent

Some specific deodorizers actually come with a scent. So, when taking into consideration the best deodorizers in the business, the scent is a valuable aspect to consider because it may aid in the removal process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the material inside of the deodorizer?

A: The material inside of the deodorizer will vary depending on the specific product. With this in mind, the most common material is charcoal bamboo or another type of material that is designed to absorb the odor.

Q: Can the packet be washed and cleaned?

A: No, the deodorizer should not be washed and cleaned. Most commonly, individuals leave the product in the sun or in a room if it is intended to be reusable.

Q: What is best for a golf shoe?

A: There are different products for golf shoes. Whether it’s a stick-like design or the Sof balls, we recommend picking out specific ones for shoes since golf gloves and bags deodorizers may be too big.

Q: How long does the scent last for?

A: Most commonly, the deodorizer scent will last for a couple of days until it the scent dissipates and the bad odor is not there anymore.

Q: What if the packaging breaks?

A: Some products are designed to be organic and have very safe ingredients such as rose water or essential oils. However, some have different chemicals or harmful products. As always, wash your hands and throw it away.