Best Rowing Machines Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Much like a cycling bike or at-home gym, there are many different varieties, which can make it challenging for a consumer to know what to buy. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what type of product you are desiring. If you are unsure and are here to get to know the different types of row machines, well check out all of the ten different brands and machines that we are going to share.

Featured Recommendations

Stamina Body Trac Glider
  • Stamina Body Trac Glider
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Foldable Design
  • Price: See Here
Concept2 Model D
  • Concept2 Model D
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Track Your Progress
  • Price: See Here
Stamina ATS
  • Stamina ATS
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Air Resistance
  • Price: See Here

These clever machines are actually designed to give an individual the same effect or feeling as rowing a canoe or kayak. In conclusion, they are an amazing arm workout. Well, we are sharing these nifty machines with our audience for the fact that they are highly beneficial, especially if you are a golfer. If you are a golfer and you experience elbow pain, arm pain, want to enhance your strength, or want to enhance your reflexes, these machines can aid in that process. So, without further wait, let’s explore these products and cover some of the most beneficial features you should consider.


10 Best Rowing Machines


1. Stamina Body Trac Glider

1. Stamina Body Trac Glider
As the first row machine on our list, the Stamina Body has 2.3k reviews and plenty of positive stars to add to the quality of this machine. What may be even better than that is the simple price tag of this product. We want to discuss two features, the value, and the cost of this great machine. If you are seeking more upper body strength, this is a great way to start.
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Foldable Design

The design of this particular machine happens to be foldable and easy to install. With foldable and compact arms and an adjustable hydraulic cylinder, the benefits are that this system is easy to use and allows for users to be able to adjust the rowing to their exact style and desire.


Many aspects of this machine happen to be very high quality. Some of these high-quality aspects include the fact that the machine comes with padded areas for more comfort. These padded areas include the seat and the hand grip, which are made with high quality foam for an enhanced padded feeling.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and the value for this specific set up, individuals will benefit from the fact that it is priced very friendly and it happens to be very affordable. To add to this, the system itself is high quality, made for long lasting durability and It has a track record of happy customers. Overall, if you want a quality design that is built to last, this one is it.

Unique full-range-of-motion design.

Multi-functional electronic monitor.

The seat is molded for added comfort

The manufacturer designed the machine to be adjustable, thanks to a hydraulic feature.

Textured footplate for better grip.

Foam padding for comfort.

Steel frame construction is durable.


The foot pedals are cheap.

The monitor may have glitches.

2. Concept2 Model D

2. Concept2 Model D
This next machine on our list is the Indoor Rowing Machine Model D from the Concept2 brand. With that, individuals will discover this rowing machine to be very high quality, durable, functional, and well designed. Most importantly, it is effectively designed with some of the highest quality features in the industry. If you want unprecedented quality and comfort, this is it.
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Track Your Progress

This machine allows for an individual to track their progress easily with real-time reliable data. The monitor is the fifth generation monitor from this brand known as the Performance Monitor 5, which has many modern features that can be expected. For instance, this monitor connects wirelessly to the heart rate belts and apps of the machine and self-calibrates for easy use and comparable results.

Storage Benefit

This particular machine may be of the highest quality for the fact that it separates easily into two pieces for storage. In fact, the overall design of the product and the wheels make it mobile and it happens an easy assembly design with only eight screws needed to assemble the whole machine. With that, individuals can easily set up or take it apart.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, this machine is very high quality, and part of this high quality design is evident in the overall value of the machine and the price. The price is costly, compared to other machines but it is because it uses real-time technology, apps, and some of the most comfortable quality benefits to ensure the durability and maximum longevity of the machine. With a five-year frame warranty, individuals can expect the machine to be of the best quality design.

Low impact workout design.

Comfortable use and easy set up design.

Designed for most users.

Space saver and separates into two pieces.

Plenty of positive reviews.


The seat may need more cushioning.

3. Stamina ATS

3. Stamina ATS
This next machine is a high-quality machine that is made with dynamic air resistance and many other quality features for better muscle toning and improved health. If you are a golfer and you feel you could benefit from a rowing machine that is designed to enhance your overall upper body strength, this is it. We want to discuss the Stamina ATS Air Rower and what the benefits of this machine are.
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Air Resistance

One of the best benefits of this machine is the fact that it comes with dynamic air resistance. The dynamic air resistance is designed to match your pace, but if you row harder it will add more resistance to match your level of strength. With this, individuals do not need to stop to adjust their level of resistance.

Upgraded Design

This machine compared to many other versions happens to be an upgraded design. This machine comes with an upgraded seat, upgraded upholstered design, upgraded footplates and padded in the handle to keep you relaxed and more comfortable while rowing. With that, the upgraded features make it more evident that this machine is intended for longevity and it happens to have a high-quality design.

Cost and Value

As far as the price for this machine, individuals can expect it to be of the best overall quality and design and ensured to withstand the test of time. With that, it comes in various color choices and the overall design is effective, easy, and high quality. It does come with customer service satisfaction guarantee and a 180-day parts warranty. For the price, it is affordable but effective.

Effective cardiovascular design.

Dynamic air resistance.

LCD workout monitor.

Upgraded features.

Easy assembly design.


Has a couple of design flaws.

The seat may be uncomfortable.

4. Sunny Health and Fitness

4. Sunny Health and Fitness
This next machine has a very thin design, is high quality, and has a couple of technology features that individuals will enjoy and find useful. The Sunny Health and Fitness machine is a quality machine with plenty of positive benefits. Overall, this machine is of the highest quality design and currently is priced very well, which we will talk about more later. For now, here are two features to consider.
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Digital Monitor

This machine comes with a high quality and very large LCD console that is designed to display the time, count, calories, and more. With that, individuals can use convenient scan mode and display their progress to assist in tracking all fitness goals, making it easy to keep track/ With that, the technology is fast, and individuals have not mentioned any glitches, etc.

The Safety Benefits

This machine has numerous safety benefits as part of the design. The machine itself has a non-slip foot pedal design that is textured to ensure safe footing. To add to this, it has a cushioned grip and seat for enhanced comfort for the individual. It also has grip pads that make better contact with the floor to ensure that the machine overall has a quality grip.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and value of this product, individuals will discover that it is a high-quality fitness machine with plenty of smooth and quality features that enhance the overall quality of the product. To add to this, this machine is very durable, designed for effective quality use, and individuals will like the bang for your buck deal. In fact, this machine happens to be 48% off.

Digital monitor that is large.

Foam grip handlebars that prevent calluses.

Non-slip foot pedals for safety.

Transportation wheels for easy use.

Adjustable resistance design.


Not as smooth as some individuals would like.

May get loud overtime.

5. Water Rower Natural

5. Water Rower Natural
This next machine on our list is known as a water rowing machine with a flywheel design. The Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine is a quality machine made from ash wood and it is highly comfortable and durable. With a unique design that is trademarked to this brand, individuals will discover that this machine is of the best material design and quality.
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Wood Construction

This machine has a wood construction. The wood construction with the solid ash and honey oak is designed for quality but also for one specific purpose. The wood is intended to absorb sound and vibration, unlike steel machines. With that, the machine happens to be a lot quieter than other machines in the industry.

Self-Regulated Resistance

This machine happens to have a self-regulated resistance design. The design is self-regulated due to the resistance of the water tank and the overall machine. With that, individuals can expect a smooth and quality experience when using this machine. With a quality motor and overall value, this machine is designed for longevity and durability.

Cost and Value

As far as the value for this machine, users will discover that this may be one of the highest quality machines in the industry for the design. The water rowing design makes it unique, high quality, and unlike any other machine in the industry. It is smooth, comfortable, and intended to offer individuals a quality workout experience when in use. For that, we think individuals will find this machine to be highly beneficial.

Solid ash and quality wood material.

Quality performance monitor.

Heart rate monitor and more.

Flywheel sits in an enclosed water tank.

Handcrafted design.


The delivery may be in multiple pieces.

Difficult to install.

6. 3 Goplus Magnetic

6. 3 Goplus Magnetic
As the sixth machine we want to discuss, this machine is made to be easy to use and very durable. In fact, the steel construction happens to also be very compact for easy storage. If you are seeking a great starter machine that also has great reviews, this is the machine for you. This is the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine.
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Durable Design

The design of this machine is a durable and comfortable material design with a high-quality aluminum beam. With this, individuals will discover that the quality design is intended for durability and longevity, allowing individuals to receive the best of their experience with this machine. Overall, it is intended for high-quality use.

Adjustable Resistance

This machine happens to have an adjustable resistance feature and a magnetic tension system with a ten level adjustment. With that, it has a six-wheel interior design that ensures that the rowing experience is very quiet and smooth. With this in mind, the design is very compact and gives individuals a quality experience.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price, this machine is very affordable because it happens to be made for compact and beginner use. With this, it is easy to use, move, adjust, and set up. Overall, the price is reflective of the fact that it is made with more affordable features so the technology is not the best, but it is comfortable and works well.

Durable construction that is made to last.

Adjustable resistance and foot strap.

Clear screen design.

Easy to move due to transportation wheels.

Easy to use.


May not be strong enough for a leg workout.

7. Avari Stamina

7. Avari Stamina
If you are seeking for quality and a machine that puts technology and premium features above it all, this is it. This workout machine not only allows for the user to have a quality workout experience, but it is also actually designed so an individual can program their desired stats. The fitness monitor keeps track of time, distance, and so much more. We want to discuss the Avari Stamina Programmable Magnetic Rower.
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12 Workout Programs

This machine has many different workout programs available for the user. It has 6 cardio profiles and one manual profile as well. To add to this, it has four custom programs and one heart rate program. Overall, the machine is designed so the user can have a custom and enhanced experience.

Aluminum Design

The construction of this machine is designed with some of the highest-level benefits for the individual. For instance, it comes with an extruded aluminum rowing beam design that ensures more comfort and quality when in use. To add to this, the construction is made for anti-rust and for longevity, so the machine can last a long time.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, this machine is designed to be costlier than others because it has unique and different construction qualities. To add to this, the machine itself comes in two color choices and individuals can expect many features of the product to be of the best value for the design. Overall, we recommend this machine if you are seeking longevity and quality.

Quality design that is built to last.

Different workout programs available.

LCD backlit monitor.

Extruded aluminum rowing beam design.

Fitness monitor keeps you motivated.

Two color choices available.


The foot straps are not the highest quality.


8. Merax Magnetic

8. Merax Magnetic
As the eighth machine that we want to discuss with our readers, this machine is intended for quiet use and is made with a magnetic resistance design that ensures a great quality workout. With that in mind, individuals will benefit from the quality of the product alongside the general design benefits. If you are seeking a quality machine that can go for hours, this is it.
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Comfortable and Silent

This machine happens to be highly comfortable. First, the machine itself offers a 15-degree angle seat so an individual can have an efficient and smooth comfortable rowing session. To add to this, it is not very loud so an individual can maximize their exercise process and workout even during the late hours of the evening while others are sleeping.

Enhanced Padding

This machine has enhanced padding in many different areas of the machine. For instance, it has a fully padded seat for comfort alongside rotary footplates for added comfort and stability. A sliding and extra padded seat to support the back is also part of the design. To add to this, the large footplates are adjustable and allows for an individual to easily adjust to their ideal experience.

Cost and Value

This machine is priced to be very affordable, and currently, it is also discounted. With that, the overall construction design is high quality and the machine comes with a warranty. However, the best benefit is that this machine folds to be vertical, allowing for more space saving so it does not take up a large area of a room or garage. With this, the overall assembly is simple, and the machine is not as heavy as other ones.

Has various workout equipment attachments.

Extra padding and comfort design benefits.

Track your workout easily.

•Convenient LCD display.

Durable and portable design.


Lots of plastic parts can make it feel cheap.

Some plastic may break over time.

9. XTERRA Fitness

9. XTERRA Fitness
This next machine is the active motion water tank, which happens to be designed and created for individuals that want an active and relaxing experience. The XTERRA Fitness Water Rower has many different quality features that we have come to appreciate it. With that, the design is compact, it stands for easier storage, and it is very durable.
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5.5 Panel

This machine happens to have a very easy to understand LCD panel. With that, the panel itself is a large 5.5” LCD panel that has 500m time, calories, distance, strokes, and much more. Individuals no longer have to squint to see their stats or have to pause to get close to the screen because the screen is large enough. With this, the machine is easy to clean and the screen has an anti-smudge filter over it so it rarely gets dirty.

The Seat Design

The seat design of this machine happens to be a large contoured seat design that maximizes comfort and overall performance for the individual. With that, the seat is durable and intended to not peel or wear and tear easily. It also allows for an individual to easily wipe it clean after use. To add to this, the seat has a smooth rowing motion design with a solid steel frame for comfort.

Cost and Value

To discuss the overall price of this machine, we believe that an individual will benefit highly from the construction and the overall quality of the machine. With this, the machine is durable, intended to last, and the best part is that the construction is lightweight and fold easily for a better compact design. For the price, this is the perfect balance of quality construction and durability.

Active motion technology design.

Quality comfort and large 5.5” console.

6 resistance levels available.

Raised seat height for added quality.

Large contoured seat.


The pedals are poor quality.

Hard to tell how much water is in the machine.

10. Harvil Hydraulic

10. Harvil Hydraulic
As the last row machine on our list, this is a simple hydraulic machine that enhances your cognitive functions and overall mobility. If you notice pain after golfing for long periods at a time, this is the machine you want to hop on for a couple of minutes and row the tension away. It aids in muscle recovery and also toning. This is the Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine and we want to share two features to consider.
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Durable Steel Frame

This machine happens to have a highly durable steel frame construction. The machine can support a weight of 265 and individuals will benefit from the overall quality of construction. The steel frame design is sturdy and designed to last for years against wear and tear. Everything from the resistance knob, to the seat, and even the hand grips are made for individuals to have a quality experience.

Comfortable Workout

One of the most important aspects of a machine such as this is that it needs to have a comfortable seat that is also smooth. Well, this machine has a high quality and comfortable seat that moves back and forth easily, gliding, so the seat never gets stuck and individual never feel the discomfort of the seat. With this, we recommend it to individuals that want a quality workout that is also simple and easy.

Cost and Value

As far as the design of this machine, it happens to be very effective and easy to put together. It also happens to be the smallest machine on our list and very compact as far as the design. With that in mind, it is also highly affordable, so individuals can easily start with something simple and easy to use. To add to this, it happens to be very fairly priced.

Quality rowing machine that is made to last.

Durable steel construction.

Easily adjustable hydraulic system

Track your progress easily.

High quality, but also affordable.


The system can be quiet sensitive.

Now, what do you think? If you are an individual seeking to enhance your physique and overall general livelihood and arm strength, these machines are for you. For a golfer, they help in stretching the body, gaining confidence, and working out different arm and back muscle groups that aid when on the golf course.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Rowing Machines

Are you wondering how we picked these top ten? Well, we created a set of specialized guidelines that are designed and intended to help identify the best machines in the industry. With that, here’s criteria number one.

Quality Of The Machine

As the first criteria, we can say that the quality of the machine itself is the first concern when selecting the best product. The reason being is because as a whole, we want to make sure that each machine is a great value deal. Most importantly, there are various different aspects of quality to keep in mind when selecting a quality workout product. Let’s narrow them down.

  • Durability

As the first aspect of quality, one of our primary concerns when ensuring the top ten best products is durability. Durability is crucial to ensure that each machine is of the best value. We first want to make sure that each machine is built for longevity. Therefore, different aspects of durability are important such as the durability of the material, the craftsmanship, the technology, etc.

  • Build / Assembly

As another criterion which is part of the quality of the machine, build and assembly was an important factor to consider because we wanted to make sure that all of the machines we shared were of the best build quality and that the assembly would be simple. We discovered that most brands have specialized instructions during the setup process to make the process simple for the individual.

  • Compact Design

Another important factor during the selection process was ensuring that each design of each machine was compact and high quality. What we discovered is that most machines are designed to be compact and fold up easily. With that, the compact design depends on what machine you get, which leads us to the next criteria.

Machine Type and Functionality

There are different varieties of machines in the industry as far as exercise machines. There are water rowing machines and air resistance machines. With this, it is important for an individual to understand which one is better for a specific purpose. Air resistance machines tend to be and have less resistance than water machines. While water machines sometimes are quieter depending on the build quality and craftsmanship. With that, here are a couple of different aspects of functionality that we took into consideration.

  • Quiet

It was important for us to ensure that each machine was quiet and made for indoor use. Of course, they will make some noise. However, the ones we have shared are smooth as far as build quality and they are strategically and specifically designed to be quiet and efficient.

  • Comfortable

Another important aspect was the comfort. We wanted to make sure that each product was comfortable to use and high quality. The reason being is because we wanted to share products that were designed for long-term use. With that in mind, all of the machines we have shared have different comfort features such as padding and foam seats of padding on the handlebars with a better grip for security.

  • Smooth

Since much of a rowing machine, you are moving back and forth, in the seat and rowing with your arms. We wanted to make sure that the mechanism of the machine was smooth and easy to use. With that in mind, we can say that all of the material qualities of all of the products we have shared are of the best and smooth craftsmanship design to ensure the quietest and seamless experience.

Cost and Value

Now, this next aspect if the big question in all of this; how much is a rowing machine? In all honesty, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, it all depends on your preference. Some rowing machines even have LCD screens that display information such as calories burned and more. With that, there are also very simple and affordable machines that are compact in their design and cost as affordable as $100. Now, let’s move forward and discuss a couple of other aspects that we found to be important when selecting the best products.

  • Warranty

All of the brands that we have shared do come with a warranty. However, it is important for an individual to acknowledge which is the best brand with the best warranty for his or her specific needs. The warranty will differ from brand to brand.

  • Customer Service

We can say that all of the brands we have shared have excellent reviews. In fact, we only focus on brands that have four stars and above with numerous positive reviews. With that, many individuals tout their customer experience with all of these brands, which is a plus in our book.

  • Compact

The compact design was an important aspect because we wanted to make sure that the machine would also be easy to move and easy to store. With that, many machines have wheels that make it easy for an individual to move it back and forth. Another aspect is that some of them can be positive vertically, so they are easier to store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know when to fill up the tank?

A: Most machines that are water-based will give the user instructions as to how to fill up the tank. With that said, most commonly you feel it up once you feel no more resistance during your workouts. Some machines even have different unique methods of alerting the user when it is time to fill up the water tank of the rowing machine.

Q: How do I clean the machine?

A: Cleaning a workout machine is often easy, all you need is a wet rag. However, there is specially designed workout liquids out there that an individual can use to ensure the longevity of each machine.

Q: Does the product come in separate boxes?

A: It may, depending on the specific brand that you use and the product that you buy. With that, most bikes will come in separate boxes and orders due to the size of the product and the weight.

Q: Does it come with instructions?

A: Yes, all of the products we have shared come with instructions.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: The warranty depends on the brand. However, most commonly it is a six month to a two-year warranty on parts and frame. However, you can extend it depending on the brand’s general policy.