Best Recovery Drinks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Do you feel sore after working out? Do you feel sore after playing a round of golf? Of course! It is common for the body to feel sore after excessive exercise or after moving a lot because of muscles releasing specific acids. With this said, no amount of stretching, food, or even sleep can heal sore muscles faster than giving muscles what they need most, water and one key ingredient.

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  • BSN
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Tastes Great
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FitAid Recovery Blend
  • FitAid Recovery Blend
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Price: See Here
Evlution Nutrition
  • Evlution Nutrition
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Designed for Recovery
  • Price: See Here

Have you ever heard of BCAA? This happens to be the needed ingredient for muscles to heal quickly and ensure an individual more comfort. BCAA stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids, which is a specific set of amino acids that an individual can consume that go straight into the muscle to heal that specific area and also cause muscle growth alongside plenty of protein. With this in mind, it is important for individuals to consider the benefits of taking a product with this ingredient. These products are specifically known and called “recovery supplements” and it can be in the form of a powder or in the form of a drink.

Now, a recovery supplement not only has BCAA it also has many different specific and important ingredients that are important to the body to ensure maximum quality when it comes to the product working and individuals gaining beneficial results. With this in mind, we want to share with our audience the top ten best recovery aids that help in recovering after an intense game of golf, hours of practice, or intense workout.

If you happen to need a recovery aid, these are the products we recommend. With that, it is important to ask the advice of a professional and or nutritionist to better understand if these products are right for you. Let’s begin!


10 Best Recovery Drinks


1. BSN

1. BSN
If you are an athlete, workout often, or get sore from a couple days on the golf course, then you need the first product on the list. We want to share the BSN Amino X Post Workout Muscle Recovery formula. This powder is designed to taste great, can easily be mixed in a glass of water, and ensures that all of your post-workout soreness will be gone. Here are two features to consider.
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Taste Great

This product, like many supplements in the industry, is flavored to mask the flavor of the powder and make it a bit more tolerable to drink. However, this formula has one of the best and most delicious flavors in the industry, tropical punch. This flavor will turn any drab glass of water into a muscle recovery formula that is well designed and taste great.

Branch Chain Amino Acids

Individuals are not commonly aware that they need BCAA’s to ensure proper body workouts and also remove soreness from the body. With that, this item is designed with plenty of amino acids that offset muscle breakdown during endurance workouts and repair the muscle after the workout or golf game. With this, individuals can exercise more regularly or head to the golf course.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we want to share that it is expertly designed for individuals that want a great tasting formula that also heals the muscle and removes muscle breakdown. With that, it ensures a quicker recovery and the brand is also widely recognized for their quality products. In this, we give it four stars. It comes in twelve flavors, and it is well priced as well.

10 grams of amino acids.

•Mixes very easily and does not clump.

Plenty of delicious flavors.

Use during any time of the day.

Ensures muscle recovery.


The flavors can taste somewhat medicinal.

2. FitAid Recovery Blend

2. FitAid Recovery Blend
We have commonly known amino acid drinks to be a powdery substance that you add into a glass of water. However, this brand skips the middle step of mixing and supplies an alternative. This on-the-go recovery blend is a delicious addition to any workout routine for any individual that needs healthy properties and wants proper recovery substance. Here are two benefits of the FitAid Recovery Blend.
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It’s A Drink

This product fits everything that an individual need in a recovery drink into a can. Yes, this item comes in a twelve-count of cans that ensures that you will be able to recover from soreness with ease. Most importantly, individuals can take it on the go because of the can design. With that, all you have to do is keep it cold and take it with you for an easy to drink and pleasant flavor drink.

The Ingredients

The second benefit of this particular product is the ingredient list and profile. The ingredient list is a blend of healthy ingredients ranging from Vitamin C, E, and D to Omega-3’s and electrolytes. Therefore, you are not only drinking a healthy muscle recovery drink, you are drinking a healthy drink that hydrates and ensures better physicality. With that, it has the needed amino acids to ensure muscle recovery.

Cost and Value

The real question is; what is better, canned recovery drinks or powder? The answer is that it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. For a dozen cans, if you drink these every day, it can get very expensive. However, blending this drink into your weekly workout routine but having a powder mix as your primary source of recovery is an ideal solution. With this in mind, this is one of the highest quality recovery mixes on our list.

Plenty of positive benefits to consider.

Great key ingredients in the profile.

Vitamins and minerals.

Healthy omega 3’s.

Convenient use.


Expensive for twelve cans.

The taste is different.

3. Evlution Nutrition

3. Evlution Nutrition
This next quality recovery formula is designed to be a great post-workout recovery drink that ensures up to thirty servings. With the healthiest of formula profiles, individuals can expect a refreshing flavor with an easy to drink and blend mix that ensures maximum muscle recovery. Here are two features to consider of the Evlution Nutrition Recovery Mode formula.
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Designed For Recovery

This product has a high-quality formula that is designed for the body to quickly recover and get back up from any workout. With that, the formula has L-carnitine, L-tartrate and other ingredients that are needed for protein synthesis and the proper formulation of muscle growth and function. With that, we recommend this product if you want health benefits and easy to mix blend.

Two Flavors

This product has a very unique flavor complex. This item has different flavors than other brands in the industry. The first flavor is blue raz, which is a sweet blend of grape flavor, blueberries, but also what you would expect blue Kool-Aid to taste like. With that in mind, the second flavor is known as furious grape and it happens to only be a blend of grapes that are strong bold and very tasty.

Cost and Value

To talk about the cost for this item, a thirty serving bucket is considered a bit pricey. However, this item is well worth it considering you are not waking up to sore muscles the next morning. With that said, the formula is high quality, highly beneficial and worth it if you want the benefit of tasty flavor and a great blend of BCCA’s.

Made for strength and muscle growth.

Delicious taste.

Ensures more energy.

Promotes protein synthesis.

Quality profile formula.


Servings do not last long.

The taste is very strong.

4. Vega Sport

4. Vega Sport
This item is known as one of the highest quality blends in the industry. The Vega Sports Post-Workout Recovery blend is great for individuals that want a healthy dose of benefits alongside a high-quality muscle recovery powder. Here are two quality features of this product.
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Restores Energy

This item is a high-quality powder that is designed and formulated to restore energy and reduce inflammation. With this, individuals can expect a supportive muscle tissue repair powder that helps and aids in the process of muscle growth. With that, it also comes in two flavors that are very great tasting.

Healthy Formula

This brand is known for producing all vegan products and this product is no different. This quality powder is a plant-based all vegan powder that is also gluten-free. With that said, the powder is clean and filled with whole food ingredients that are extremely healthy to consider.

Cost and Value

This brand is known for their value and expert formula. This powder is only an example of their high-end quality items. With that, individuals can expect a twenty-serving bucket for around the same price as many other brands. Considering the fact that it is vegan and gluten-free, individuals can expect it to be a bit more costly than other brands.

Healthy muscle recovery formula.

Taste great.

Two flavors to consider.

Vegan friendly and gluten free.

Helps muscle recovery.


Low protein.

May irritate the stomach.

5. GU Energy

5. GU Energy
This next powder is a quality protein mix that is also designed with amino acids to ensure proper muscle recovery function. With that, it helps athletes, workout junkies, and the daily golfer refuels, recover, and rebuild muscle tissue and functions after training. Let’s talk about the GY Energy Recovery Protein Mix and what individuals can expect from this supplement.
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Mixes Well

This quality powder is designed to mix into sports drinks really well. With that, the powder is designed for an 8 oz. glass of water, milk, or even a smoothie. The flavors are vanilla and chocolate and they are designed to taste delicious, real, and with minimal sugar.

Amino Acids

This powder blend has a great blend of healthy amino acids that are needed for muscle recovery. For instance, this product comes with 1000mg of leucine and 2,800 of l-glutamine. With this, individuals can expect that their muscles and body tissue will recover within no time, removing the middle process of soreness that occurs after a heavy workout or day on the course.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this particular product, we want to share that it is high quality, well designed and very tasty. With that, the powder even includes 10g of protein and they come in a decent size. Overall, the price is standard for what is common among recovery powders and individuals can expect it to be great tasting and easy to blend.

Easy to blend drink powder.

Deliciously tasty.

Recovers and rebuilds.

Dual source carbohydrates.

Mixes well in an 8oz glass.

Amino acid blend.


The taste is not strong.

6. RESQWater Proactive

6. RESQWater Proactive
This particular product serves a dual purpose. Not only is it a great recovery drink, but it also helps during times when you may celebrate a bit too much. Yup, whether you need a muscle recovery drink or you drank too much alcohol, the ResQWater Proactive Recovery drink will rescue any individual from muscle aches or dehydration. Here are two features to consider this awesome product.
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The Ingredients

This product is designed to heal the body from muscle soreness as well as aid during nights where you may have drank a bit too much. The ingredients include electrolytes for hydrations and b vitamins. With that, it also has N-Acetyl-Cysteine and milk thistle. Now, it does have sucrose, but it happens to be organic cane sugar.


This product happens to have one of the healthiest formulas in the industry. This item is made to be gluten-free, fully vegan, and filled with healthy vitamins. Alongside this, it is completely kosher and designed for individuals that want a great on the go supplement after a heavy night of partying or working out.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this, we want to share that it happens to be made from one of the highest quality ingredients in the industry. Overall, the benefits of this product are evident and aid in muscle recovery. Although it is not as strong as specifically formulated amino acid powders, it still helps against soreness. For a pack of twelve, it may not be the best thing for effective muscle recovery, but it is a great drink from time to time.

Great muscle recovery drink.

Healthy ingredients.

Multi-purpose drink.

Hydrates the body.

Detoxes the body.


Not as many amino acids.


Not as effective as BCAA powder.

7. Play Again Now

7. Play Again Now
This next quality powder is designed with plenty of healthy benefits. This high-molecular weight drink happens to be made for individuals that want to protect their muscles from soreness and their bones or joints from any potential pain after a workout. Overall, it is a high-quality product that is ideal for athletes or individuals that feel sore after a full day workout or golf game.
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For The Whole Body

This product is well designed and created for the whole body. In fact, this item is a shock absorber for the body during workouts or high-intensity sports. With this, individuals are guaranteed a quality product that acts as a daily supplement that also aids and protects the joints, ligaments, and connective tissue from any tear or workout pain.


This drink is not only great tasting, it also is a zero-carb drink. With this, individuals can expect it to be 100% gluten and caffeine free alongside have zero calories. The only thing individuals get with this product is a healthy dose of benefits and premium sports nutrition. With that said, we recommend this product for prework outs and post workouts.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we recommend this quality product to any individual that wants sports nutrition alongside plenty of healthy and beneficial elements. With that, it is a great muscle recovery sports drink. Now, it can be considered widely expensive for a three -ounce bottle. However, it is worth it and individuals will notice a difference between five to seven days.

High molecular sports drink.

Well designed and plenty of benefits.

Health for the whole body.

Provides athletes muscle recovery benefits.

Perfect for post or pre-golf.

Acts as a shock absorber.


Very expensive.

Not as tasty as other drinks.

8. O2 Natural

8. O2 Natural
This next product is another quality drink mix that is designed to both hydrates and ensures maximum muscle recovery. The O2 Natural Recovery Drink Mix has plenty of benefits that help individuals' recovery from workout pain or heavy soreness. With this, it leaves individuals feeling reborn and refreshed. Build muscle with none of the soreness, here are two reasons why this is a great product to consider.
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This particular workout drink has plenty of electrolytes and healthy benefits. With this, it is expertly designed for proper hydration alongside 7x more oxygen than other water drinks. With this, it allows for the body to post-performance toxins much faster than any other drinks and it is very healthy for the liver as well.


This is somewhat new to the recovery drink industry. Most drinks do not have any caffeine because they are designed for post workouts. This drink, in particular, has 140mg of all-natural caffeine from green coffee beans that allow for sustained energy without the after jitters or crash. Therefore, individuals can take this as a pre-workout drink that also aids in muscle recovery.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we consider this product high quality and highly beneficial. With this in mind, individuals are guaranteed a quality drink that is tasty, highly beneficial and worth it. With electrolytes, caffeine, and other benefits, this product is a great company to any workout routine. However, it is somewhat expensive for 12 cans.

Quality and beneficial sports drink.

All-natural recovery.

Healthy for the liver.

Great pre-workout drink.

100% natural caffeine.

Filled with electrolytes.



Not as many health benefits as other brands.

9. Recover Life Brands

9. Recover Life Brands
This quality recovery drink is made for individuals that need electrolytes and a healthy dose of fuel to the body. Designed for individuals on an active lifestyle, golfers will enjoy the many hydration benefits of this product. With different flavors to choose from, we recommend this quality health drink for many reasons. Here are two benefits to consider.
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Proven Heathy Ingredients

This product has one of the highest quality ingredient complexes in the industry. Not only does it contain ginseng root extract and vitamin c, it has B complex and filled with electrolytes. With this, the ingredients are extracted and designed for maximum cellular absorption that leads to in-the-moment hydration.

2x’s Electrolytes

This product has 2x’s the electrolytes that we have come to expect from other sports drinks. With this, it leads to in the moment hydration that is beneficial and great tasting. With that, it also flushes toxins from the body and energizes the body for an all-day adventure ahead. If you want a quality supplement to take with you to the golf course that also hydrates, we recommend this product.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this drink, we see it as an all-day quality drink that is delicious, premium tasting and flushes toxins from the body. With that, it allows for all day fuel for the body that gives a jump kick of energy. Alongside this, it has quick recovery benefits and it is clinically proven and packed with benefits. For a twelve count, it is the cheapest drink on the list and still has plenty of value.

Made for hydration benefits.

Well-designed sports drink.

Great for active individuals.

Easy to take on the go.

Flushes toxins.

Adds fuel to the body.

2x’s the electrolytes.


Clinically proven ingredients.

10. MusclePharm

10. MusclePharm
This next product is a quick acting formula that is proven to support lean body mass while also ensure maximum nutrition and recovery to the individual. With this, this product is designed to build muscle while also promoting muscle recovery and blocking any potential soreness. We want to talk about the MusclePharm Amino 1 Sport Nutrition, a great formula for all-day athletes.
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Hydration System

This product is designed with a quality hydration formula that ensures hydration after a heavy workout or all-day adventure. With that said, this item has a blend of coconut water and other hydration ingredients that hydrate the skin and the body. Also, it is scientifically proven to support lean body mass and hydrate muscle production.


This product is designed with the needed daily intake of BCAA’s for individuals that work out often. With that, this item features high quality branched-chain amino acids that ensure muscle recovery. With this needed and essential amino acids, individuals are guaranteed to have an easy recovery from a hard day on the golf course or all-day workout.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, this product is both very high quality and also worth it if you want hydration and muscle recovery. With that, we can ensure individuals a quality hydration supplement that ensures lean body mass and supports muscle growth. Alongside this, individuals can expect a quality formula that has no artificial dyes or proprietary blend. For the price, we highly recommend it.

Quality formula.

No artificial dyes.

High-quality amino acid formula.

Proven scientifically to work.

Lean body mass.

Great nutrient delivery.


Contains sucralose.

May give individuals jitters.

If you are looking for a quality recovery agent, these are the top ten best products that we highly recommend that ensure proper recovery time. With this in mind, we hope that individuals have found a solution to their soreness, because it can lead to days of exhaustion. Now, if you are a heavy athlete or go to the gyn often, these recovery agents will help. More so, many of them not only help with muscle soreness, but they aid with hydration, brain function and much more. As we said above, it is always best to contact a professional and get to know more of what exactly you need and which one is right for you.

With this in mind, if you are looking to find the best recovery agent for you, we want to share with our audience the criteria for this specific product. Reason being is that the criteria will aid in discovering the best possible product and has a set of guidelines to follow if you want to find the best product for you. So, let’s move forward and talk with our audience about the different aspects to consider when finding the right recovery agent. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Recovery Drinks

As the criteria to discover the best recovery agent, it is important to take into consideration these different aspects when searching for the best product. With that, we can ensure that we conducted the best research to share with our audience which products are the best. With such a saturated industry, there is a wide supply of many different products such as these. Therefore, we developed these set of guidelines. Let’s begin with guideline number one!

Reviews / Quality

As the first and most important aspect to consider when it comes to recovery mixes, reviews aid in the process of discovering which brands are the best. With that, our primary concern was to share brands that had a four-star or above rating and were designed for quality and for effective use. Another aspect to consider is the overall quality of the product, such as the purity, the consistency, the formula, and many aspects we will share below. With this in mind, the reviews of the products we have shared aided in the discovery of finding the top ten. When in doubt, read reviews!

Powder / Drink

As the next aspect to consider, as we conducted our research we actually discovered that there are two different forms of recovery mixes. There are powdered recovery blends and drinks that come in a can. Therefore, it is important for individuals to consider which one is the best one. With that, each recovery formula is different and has both different features as well as effects on the body. With that, we want to share a couple of different aspects and features of a recovery mix, whether a drink or a powder.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

Whether it is a drink or a powder, a recovery formula will have different vitamins and minerals. Of course, the product will range depending on the brand. However, many formulas will have beneficial vitamins and minerals that are needed for the body to be able to recover and heal properly.

  • BCAA’s

Another important aspect to consider a recovery mix is whether or not the recovery mix has BCAA’s. Branched Chained Amino Acids is one of the crucial elements to consider when it comes to ensuring maximum recovery. However, not every drink or powder has this. Therefore, if you want maximum recovery, this is an aspect to consider.

  • Electrolytes

We all know the purpose that electrolytes serve the human body. With this, it is important to consider whether the drink you are having or the powder has electrolytes. Reason being is that electrolytes help the body hydrate properly and if you sweat often, then a recovery drink with electrolytes will be important to consider.

With this in mind, we want to mention that not all of the mixes we have shared have these formulas or compositions. Therefore, it is important to consider which formula is best for your specific recovery needs since they can range so drastically.

The Formula Ingredients

As far as the formula ingredients we have talked about the best ingredients to consider and what should be the best aspects of the specific recovery mix. However, there are other aspects and ingredients to look out for that should not be in any recovery formula or mix. We want to share with our audience the different ingredients to consider that should not be in a recovery mix or drink.

  • NO GMO’s
  • No added sugars or fake additives and sweeteners.
  • No synthetic ingredients.
  • No soy.
  • No fructose.

With this, other aspects to consider that may be in your recovery mix that tend to lessen the quality of the formula is gluten, maltodextrin, caffeine, dairy, and other ingredients. With this in mind, these ingredients may be common in specific recovery mixes or brands for specific purposes. Therefore, it is important to consider which product and drink are best for you.

The Price

As the last criteria, the price is an important factor when it comes to recovery mixes. Thorugh our research and process, we discovered that recovery mixes are among some of the most costly products in the industry when it comes to supplements. Therefore, it is important to consider which product is the biggest bang for your buck. With that, canned recovery drinks tend to be more costly than regular powders because of the convenience of being able to take the product on the go. So, it is best for individuals to consider what they want to spend on a specific product and what they are desiring from a specific recovery drink before purchasing.

Now that we have shared the recovery mixes criteria, we want to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to recovery mixes, let’s begin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the powder mix come with a scooper?

A: When it comes to a powder mix including a scooper, many brands do include the specific scooper. With that, it is important to consider that each brand will have a different size or amount to consider when taking their supplement. With that, the instructions will share how many scooper amounts need to be taken per day to notice results.

Q: What is a better a drink or a powder mix?

A: There are many different advantaged to each particular item. When it comes to a powder mix, the powder mix can be blended with other ingredients and even whey protein or other powders if you are seeking to gain weight or enhance your nutrition. The primary benefit of taking a recovery drink is the convenience of the fact that you can consume the drink on the go. With that, it is all a matter of preference.

Q: How many drinks should I have per day?

A: It is recommended to only take one drink per day or one smoothie per day with the powder mix. Each specific product will have the recommended daily dose. However, when it comes to BCAA’s or vitamins and minerals, you only want to take the specific daily amount and not exceed those expectations.

Q: Can the mixed powder be taken with water?

A: Yes, you can blend a recovery mix powder with water. However, the recovery mix powder may cause the water to be a bit thicker. However, most powders tend to be thin and fine and blend very well, adding a distinctive and tasty flavor to the water.

Q: Can I buy recovery mixes that have protein?

A: Yes, in fact, there are specific protein powders that have recovery formula in it. If you are seeking a blend of protein alongside recovery powder, then finding a protein with BCAA is the best option.


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