Best Probiotic Supplements Reviewed & Rated for Quality

The life of a sports enthusiast or athlete does not only happen on the golf course or the track. In fact, being a healthy and sport loving individual is a lifestyle where all slices of the pie help the whole. For instance, part of that pie includes practicing daily, having a positive mental attitude, staying focused on your goal, and also eating right. Have you ever had a heavy gross meal right before the golf course to discover that you cannot even focus on the task at hand because you feel so weighted down by the food?

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Nutrition Essentialsimg
  • Nutrition Essentials
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All-Natural
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Garden of Life Whole Food
  • Garden of Life Whole Food
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Immune Support
  • Price: See Here
Hyperbiotics Pro-15img
  • Hyperbiotics Pro-15
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • 15 Strains
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Maybe you feel low on energy or your digestion is bothering you. Well, this is where a quality supplement comes into play. If you are looking to enhance your digestive tract and also enhance the way that you feel, you may want to consider a probiotic. Now, what is a probiotic exactly? They are healthy enzymes and bacteria that aid the area of the stomach known as the “gut.” Did you know that the gut is also affected about 70-80% of your immune system? This is why a healthy gut is a healthy life.

With this in mind, let’s discuss the best probiotic supplement that an individual can buy today and discuss what is expected in the area of quality, potency, and so much more. Here is the first product!


10 Best Probiotic Supplements


1. Nutrition Essentials

1. Nutrition Essentials
If you are considering taking a probiotic, then you have to consider this phenomenal brand. Nutrition Essentials has a large crowd of fans due to their quality products and great healthy supplements. We want to discuss this specific probiotic from this brand. To be more specific, this is the #1 rated in all of the industry. Let’s discuss two health benefits.
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All Natural

This product happens to be an all natural and very safe way to control your appetite and your weight. To add to this, this product helps reduce any urinary tract infections and also helps with acne problems. It does this through healthy ingredients that enhance your overall digestive health and clean out your body from potentially harmful chemicals.

Made In The USA

This product is made in the USA in a strict and FDA certified lab. To add to this, this product is made of high-quality ingredients that help support immune function and digestive health. Part of these features includes that it is great for blood pressure reduction, they help with good colon bacteria, and enhance reduce any clogging in the body.

Cost and Value

The overall price and value for this bottle of tablets are well worth it. For 60 tablets, you are guaranteed a product is pretty standard. However, the fact that it is one of the most notable brands in the industry it also makes it more high-quality and also more trusted. With that, this item has 10k reviews and ranges in four-star range. If you want a great probiotic, we recommend this one.

High-quality blend of ingredients.

Helps with your immune system.

100% money back guarantee.

Made in the USA.

All-natural product and ingredients.

Industry leading formula.


Some may come broken.

2. Garden of Life Whole Food

2. Garden of Life Whole Food
We have talked about this brand multiple times and it is because their products are very high-quality and their ingredient profile is very well-designed. As the second item on our list, we want to discuss the Garden of Life Whole Food capsules. These capsules are vegetarian, high-quality, and designed with a great composition. Here is the first health benefit.
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This product happens to be completely vegetarian. With that, it is a whole food and completely gluten-free probiotic that is well balanced and environmentally friendly. The fact that it is vegetarian guarantees that an individual is not receiving any unhealthy ingredients.

Immune Support

This product has a full immune support. This item has 15 billion CFU and thirteen hardy strains of high-quality ingredients that ensure system health. Overall, this high-quality material blend ensures that an individual will notice great effects quickly when taking this product for an extended period of time.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this product, this particular supplement is a bit more pricey than other supplements because it happens to be extremely healthy. It is gluten free and vegetarian and this composition tends to cost a bit more. One great benefit is individuals can choose between 60 capsules, 90 capsules, or 180 capsules. However, it does get pricey.

Quality strain of ingredients.

Highly beneficial.

Promotes digestion support.

Soil based probiotic design.

Easy absorption into the body.

Nutrient dense formula.


May cause gas.

May cause constipation.

3. Hyperbiotics Pro-15

3. Hyperbiotics Pro-15
This next product is a very high-quality and patented delivery method capsule that is a beneficial formula for the body. This product ensures that an individual can easily consume it and also experience the benefits of the probiotic. With this in mind, we can say that this gets fifteen times more survivability than other industry leading capsules.
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Immune Health

This product is designed for individuals that need a bit of gut support. Did you know that about 80% of your health and the immune system is based on your gut? Well, this item replenishes beneficial bacteria that humans require for proper support and digestive health. With this, it enhances your gut strength and the way your stomach acids function.

Support Mood and Energy Levels

This product allows individuals to support their mood and energy levels. This specific capsule design is intended for individuals that want a healthy product that is lactose-free, gluten free, and has a time-release design for better absorption. With this in mind, we can say that this product is design to support your mood and overall quality of life.

Cost and Value

As far as price, this product is not as costly as other all organic products. However, it does have plenty of benefits that make it a probiotic to consider. With this, individuals will find that this supplement is easy to consume, has a long shelf life and does not even need to be placed in a refrigerator. With this, it is an all natural supplement that has no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Quality probiotic for body health.

Long shelf life.

No refrigeration needed.

Natural supplement with no artificial flavors.

Has 15 targeted strains.

Supports immune system health.

Has a time-release design.


May be hard to swallow.

4. Dr. Tobias Deep Immune

4. Dr. Tobias Deep Immune
As the next effective product, we want to discuss, the Dr. Tobias Deep Immune Probiotic is a high-quality and high-functioning probiotic that is designed with 4.4 Billion CFU and has four strains of reinforced probiotic booster ingredients. It is a highly effective formula for complete gut and immunity health. If you want an excellent product to consider, here are two benefits of this one.
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This product is enhanced with spores, so it can have a long shelf life. With that, this particular design supports beneficial bacteria that enhance your immune system. With that, the spore-forming strains are designed so the overall quality of the product is not less due to the design of the pill and it can also withstand many different temperatures.

Stomach Acid Protection

This product has an advanced patented capsule design that is proven as a targeted release design. With this, it is designed to go directly into the intestines, so they have a quick acting formula where individuals will notice effects of this product very quickly. To add to this, the design is high quality and delivers a deeply positive reaction of energy to the body. Lastly, they are completely vegetarian.

Cost and Value

If you want a quality product to consider, individuals trust this brand. In fact, they have over 5k reviews and 4.5 stars. With this in mind, the price is very fair considering you receive 60 easy to consume capsules. Lastly, individuals will appreciate that the design has a long shelf life and they are very healthy due to the ingredient profile.

Effective in small doses.

Proven stomach acid protection design.

Gets into the intestines quickly.

Spore enhancing with clinically proven benefits.

Helps target bad stomach bacteria.

Made in the USA.


May take more than one bottle to notice difference.

No significant changes.

5. BioSchwartz 40 Billion

5. BioSchwartz 40 Billion
This next quality supplement is a high-quality product that is intended to be easy to consume and has twenty more effective probiotics than other supplements in the industry. With that, it has is a quality strain of healthy gut protective ingredients that allow for full immune system health and more. We want to discuss the BioSchwartz Probiotic 40 Billion CFU.
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Extremely Healthy For You

This product is incredibly healthy for you. This product has 40 Billion CFU in one little dose. It is designed to support digestive health, restore the natural balance of your body and boost your immune system and functions. With that, it is also designed to promote regularity and helps individuals feel healthier for longer periods at a time.

100% Healthy

This product is designed to be of the healthiest design and benefits. This product is a full non-GMO formula that is 100% natural. With this, it is a premium formula that is also gluten-free. To add to the benefits, it has no soy, egg, shellfish, corn, peanuts, and sugar. In fact, it has no additives as far as sugar for flavor. It is an all organic and simple formula.

Cost and Value

As far as the benefits and the price, many high-quality products tend to be more costly than cheaply made products. This product is of high quality without the upcharge on price. In fact, it is even less costly than most other products in the industry. With that, individuals can expect it to be a great formula that enhances the way you feel and the way your body functions.

Support digestive health benefits.

Restore natural balance.

Promote regularity in your body.

Helps in weight loss.

Promote healthy cholesterol.

Improves your mood and reduces fatigue levels.

Enhances the way you feel.


May cause gas.

May cause indigestion at first.

6. TruBiotics Daily

6. TruBiotics Daily
We are at product number seven and we want to share a four-star product with plenty of positive reviews. This is the TruBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement and it is an all-natural formula that supports your health. We want to discuss with our audience the benefits and qualities of this specific formula and what individuals will gain as far as design and benefits.
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Replenish Your Body

This product is designed for individuals to replenish their body’s natural body acid and their microorganism that are designed to enhance the bacteria in the body. To add to this, this product is designed to help aid the digestive tract and enhance the way an individual feels and digests food.

Supports Immune System

This product also has plenty of benefits, including the fact that it is designed to support your immune system. With that, individuals can feel an enhanced overall feeling and quality when it comes to mood and stress. With this, we want to share that the product is designed to boost your digestive tract which leads to a better immune system.

Cost and Value

This capsule pack comes in various sizes to choose from. To add to this, individuals will appreciate the fact that it is a 45 day supply with plenty of benefits. Alongside this, this brand is trusted and they are well known for their quality products and overall value and design. With this, we recommend individuals to take into consideration the benefits and get to know the product ingredients. For the price, it is worth considering.

Helps replenish good bacteria.

Supports your immune health.

Easy to consume.

Causes no odd side effects.

Replenish your body’s good bacteria.

Easy to travel with.


May cause stomach ache.

7. Natures Bounty

7. Natures Bounty
This product is a high-quality supplement from a brand that excels in creating supplements. With that in mind, this supplement provides a friendly bacterial complex that aids in the health of the digestive system. Let’s talk about the Natures Bounty Probiotic and what individuals will like as far as this particular product.
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Quality Ingredients

This product is designed with quality ingredients that meet the GMP supplement quality standards. With that in mind, this product is a quality gluten free and dairy free complex that is very healthy and has plenty of healthy bacteria for the gut and digestive system.


This product is designed to be of the healthiest ingredient profile. For instance, this supplement is sodium free, has no wheat and has no gluten. To add to this, it also does not have some of the most common materials in other supplements such as sugar, starch, milk, or lactose. Overall, individuals will discover that this formula is easy to swallow and has great benefits.

Cost and Value

As far as price, the price for this formula ranges depending on how many bottles and capsules you buy. To add to this, the brand actually has different bottle sizes to consider. The only downfall is that currently, it does not have any reviews. However, the brand is trusted and known for their quality formula and trusted ingredient profiles.

Different sizes of bottles to choose from.

Quality formula that is very healthy.

No unhealthy ingredients such as soy or sugar.

Gluten and dairy free.

Friendly healthy bacteria for the gut.


No reviews online.

8. PureNutria Probiotic

8. PureNutria Probiotic
As a quality probiotic on our list, the PureNutria Probiotic is for individuals that want an enhanced quality product with a powerful potency that helps your gut and your overall immune system. This product has been touted as one of the most professional probiotics in the industry and the formula is a 4.5-star formula that has been specifically tested for individuals that want a quality and healthy product.
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For Sensitive Stomachs

This product is an extremely powerful probiotic as a daily dose. However, the best part is that it is intended to be as delayed release probiotic capsule that in fact, it is completely made for sensitive stomachs. The fact that it is a probiotic that has a delayed release function, allows for an individual to not feel the effects of a massively powerful probiotic all in one dose.

The Capsule

This has been named this brand’s best probiotic for various reasons. Not only is it a healthy and strong dose of gut enhancing power, it actually is completely organic. This product is 100% safe and comes in a 100% organic capsule made to be vegetarian. With that, it has no preservatives or added fillers like many other brands in the industry today.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and the value for this probiotic, individuals will surely benefit from the specific design of this product. Not only is it a quality probiotic, but it also is healthy, safe to use, and priced very well. With 4.5 star reviews to consider, individuals will discover that this formula has many different benefits. Restore your immune system, enhance your health, and feel more alive than ever with this product.

Has a great shelf life.

Made in the USA.

Does not need to be refrigerated.

Designed to encourage well-being.

Great customer quality and case.

Honest brand with years of experience.

15 strains for maximum results.

Restore and rebalance the good bacteria.


Cost a lot more than other brands.

May cause bloating or gas.

9. Distinctively MatchaBiotics

9. Distinctively MatchaBiotics
We are coming close to the end of our quality list and it is time to discuss a probiotic that is very healthy and made for quality use. This product is known as the Distinctively Organic MatchaBiotics and it has a wide variety of benefits that enhance the quality of life of the user. This product is a premium quality probiotic with a healthy strain formula that allows your feel full vibrancy and enhances your daily life. Let’s discuss the benefits.
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The Organic Design

This formula is a very organic and healthy daily dose. This formula is a fully gluten free and allergen free formula that is created to be completely non-GMO. To add to this, the formula is suitable for vegans and is completely kosher. It also has no corn, peanuts, tree nuts, alcohol, or sugar. With this, individuals will notice an enhanced feeling of quality and health when consuming this formula.

Targets The Unhealthy Cells

This is a formula that is designed to target unhealthy cells and enhance your body wherever possible. For instance, it not only enhances your mood, but it counteracts aging and promotes healthy digestive tract and immune functions. Alongside this, it also accelerates weight loss and boosts your energy levels to new heights. It does this through it’s targeted time release patent-pending formula that balances the potency through the day and releases at specific intervals.

Cost and Value

What do you think about this product? We will tell you what many individuals think. This is actually one of few on our list that happens to be a full five-star product. In fact, many users tout it for its ability to enhance your daily mood and livelihood. With that, it is a distinctively unique formula that is organic, healthy, and very strong. For the price, you receive a good among and although it cost a bit more than other brands, it is worth it.

Unique and superior blend of quality.

Aids healthy digestion and weight loss.

Survives stomach acid and intestinal acid.

Promotes immune system function.

Promotes calmness.

Detoxifies your body naturally.

Great for vegans.



10. Standard Process Prosynbiotic

10. Standard Process Prosynbiotic
This next quality product on our list is designed to promote healthy immune system function and much more. The Standard Process Prosynbiotic is for individuals that want a research-supported formula of lactic acid that is designed specifically for the gut digestive health. This product improves your overall body functions and maintains a healthy gut microbial environment.
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Helps The Body

This specific product helps the body’s microbial levels in various ways. Not only is it a great formula that will enhance the environment of your gut and in turn, the way you feel, but it also is designed to support the body’s natural calcium and magnesium absorption. With this, it improves digestive health and has many more benefits.

Organic Farm Products

This brand mentions that over 80% of the ingredients that they use that are raw are grown in an organic farm. Therefore, individuals can expect that this product is designed to be very healthy, potent, high-quality, and designed from an expert facility by industry professionals. If you are going to put your gut in the hands of a healthy probiotic, this is not a shabby brand to start with.

Cost and Value

Well, in discussing the cost and value, we discovered that this is actually one of the most costly products on our list. However, it is extremely well designed and derived to be potent, high-quality, and offer plenty of benefits. To add to this, the overall benefits outweigh the cost, and individuals will notice a change in the way their stomach feels, their overall enhanced mood and their ability to function daily.

Research-supported strains of lactic acid.

Contains inulin and nondigestible carbohydrate.

Useful in maintaining healthy gut.

Will enhance your body’s system.

Improved nutrient digestion.

Created by trained healthcare professionals.



So, do you take probiotics now? If you don’t, you may want to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, these are not just for individuals that need a bit of healthy gut digestion, they are for everyone. For example, if you eat yogurts, you are consuming one of the healthiest choices available today. Yogurt is filled probiotics and is a very healthy choice for individuals. However, it does not have the potency as many supplements.

When finding the best probiotics, one of our major concerns was ensuring that it was a quality product and that it met strict requirements. Reason being is because there is a wide variety of different supplements and brands in the industry, and when considering products that are consumables, you want to consider the overall strength of the product, the quality of the ingredients and much more. So, let’s begin and talk about the criteria using during the evaluation process. Feel free to use this criterion to exercise your knowledge of the best brands and ingredients when searching for the best probiotic for you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Probiotic Supplements

Quality / Reviews / The Brand

Although this is a three-part criterion, it overall goes together. When considering the best product, our primary concern was to ensure that the product had quality reviews and a great rating and that the brand was widely recognized. In the area of consumables, it is widely known that brands that are new or have no reviews or not trusted. Reason being is because there is an incredibly large selection of supplement brands in the health industry that runs the gamut for being among the best.

With that, our primary concern was to ensure that each brand was a four and above star brand. What we discovered was that the most notable brands have 4.5 stars or 5 stars and have thousands of reviews.

With that, our second concern was that the reviews were clear, concise and transparent. When considering a consumable, you always want to ensure that the brand is of the best value and that the product works as guaranteed. With this, there are different aspects to look forward too when reading individual reviews about probiotic supplements.

  • Consider if the product works as expected.
  • Consider if individuals mention that the supplement has side effects.
  • Consider if the pill or capsule is easy to swallow.
  • Consider if the pill or capsule has a taste.

With this, let’s move onto the next criteria.

The Ingredient Profile

When considering which probiotic products where the best, one of the most important aspects is to consider the ingredient profile. With this, there are two different aspects to consider when it comes to the ingredient profile of a probiotic blend. They are listed below.

  • Potency and Strains

When reading about the ingredients you also want to read the potency of the products and how many immune boosting strains it has. With this, many brands have a wide variety of different potencies and different strains of enzymes, plants, and probiotic molecules or bacteria within the composition of their product. This will cause the cost to differ as well, which we will discuss in the next criteria.

  • The Add-On Ingredients

As another important aspect that is important to consider, the “add-on” ingredients are as equally important as the potency and strains for various reasons. The reason is that “add-on” ingredients tend to be the harmful stuff. What we discovered was that as far as quality, the best brands in the industry as completely free of the additives and other ingredients that become “add-ons”. Many of these ingredients include soy, wheat, dairy, GMO, sugars, additives, and really unhealthy chemicals and substances that are in fact, bad for the body.

With these two factors considered, it is safe to say that the ingredient profile is quickly a highly important step to consider when picking out the best ingredients. In our research, we learned that the best probiotic supplements are actually designed with vegetarian capsules or capsules made organically.

Cost and Value

As another key criterion that is important when evaluating which product is the best for you, the cost and the value for the cost is an important criterion. This essentially covers how much you get in one packet for the price. With this, the most common size is a bottle of 60 capsules, 90, or 120. With that, it is important to consider that the more healthy a product is, the better it will be for you, but also the more costly it will be. Most brands that use only organic methods, with more strains and a higher potency tend to charge a bit more for that level of quality. With that said, below are a couple of different factors that we considered as part of the value criteria when considering the best ten.

  • The Size

We wanted to ensure that each pill or capsule was an appropriate size and would be easy to take. With this, we discovered that most pills happen to be a size that is about average. Now, they also may be coated with an easy to swallow exterior design.

  • The Taste

We also wanted to secure that each brand had designed the pill or tablet to be flavorless, so it would be easy to consume. Nothing is harder to take than a product that tastes really bitter.

  • The Side Effects

As the last major concern that we had when sharing the best products, the side effects was an important aspect for various reasons. The side effects of a probiotic may shift depending on the brand. You have to consider that you are taking a strong dose of a supplement and if you do have low gut health, you may be fighting oxidation and healing your gut, which may cause side effects. Most notably, the brands we shared have no major side effects other than a few stomach cramps or sensitive stomach for a couple of days.

As part of our criteria, we always strive to ensure that each product is of the best overall value and return for the individual. In the area of a probiotic, the most important aspect is gut health and returning your immune system to a powerhouse of health so you can achieve any golf goal you have and spend more days out on the course. Now, let’s discuss the different frequently asked questions for a probiotic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to consume a probiotic?

A: This is a great question and one of the most important. The best time to consume a probiotic according to most brands is in the morning during breakfast or with a snack. You want to consume it during the day so you can begin noticing effects within the day.

Q: How long before I start noticing major changes?

A: This primarily depends on your body chemistry, your body, and the potency of the product. However, a probiotic will not lead to major changes other than mood enhancement and a stronger immune system. The primary changes are in the gut and stomach of the individual, becoming stronger and better functioning, making it easier to digest and eliminate food.

Q: Should I have my probiotic with food?

A: This question is most definitely a yes! If you are considering taking this supplement, you need to have it with food to avoid any potential stomach discomforts or cramps.

Q: Do they need to be refrigerated?

A: Many brands will mention the importance of putting your tablets or capsules in the fridge once the bottle is open. For these,  this is not the case. Most often, you do not need to put it inside the fridge.