Best Medicus Golf Clubs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

So, you’ve tried the golf lessons, but they happen to be too expensive. You also tried to learn from a trainer, but he ended up being really bad or really rude. Maybe you bought your alignment sticks and forgot them at home. Well, if you have tried every possible solution to understand why you are having mishits or flaws during your golf sessions, then maybe you need to try the next best thing. Even if you are new to the sport of golf you need to try this next product.

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  • Hybrid
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Helps with Swinging Faults
  • Price: See Here
5 Iron
  • 5 Iron
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Creates Muscle Memory
  • Price: See Here
Overspin CM2i
  • Overspin CM2i
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Full Utility
  • Price: See Here

Imagine a club that once you swung to hit the ball would “unlock” and show you exactly where and why you had a mishit or foul ball. Well, this next technology exists, and it comes from a brand that has created some of the highest quality patented golf club designs in the industry. Medicus has created quality clubs that serve as real life-like training aids for individuals alongside a unique hinge design that ensures you never have a wrong hit again. We went on the search to share with our audience the top ten best golf clubs from this brand. Whether you want a training aid with a dual hinge design or a life-like club that is designed for quality training, they have it all. Here are the top ten best Medicus clubs that you can buy today.


10 Best Medicus Golf Clubs


1. Hybrid

1. Hybrid
Medicus is known as a brand that focuses on some of the best tough training material in the industry. Well, it is time to discuss a quality golf club that is effectively designed for durability and ease of use. This is the Medicus Dual Hinge Hybrid Club and it has a unique design that individuals will discover is incredibly useful, here is the first benefit of this product.
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Master Your Swing

This product is designed as a training tool for the individual. The dual hinge design allows the user to be able to instantly detect swing flaws and improves hooks and slices. To add to this, an individual can easily improve his or her tempo and swing path as well. Overall, the design allows for the user that is using this product to master and work on their swing.

The Hinge System

Why would a golf club have a hinge design? Well, the hinge design is intended to help an individual master their difficulty level and challenge the way the swing. You can individually adjust the tension of the hinge, so you can easily practice different swinging methods, making it easy for you to get a good round of practice in.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, what would you pay for an adjustable hinge quality club? Actually, it does not cost that much. This is priced around a starting point and it is perfect for amateur golfers that want to work on their tempo, swing, and overall accuracy shorts. If you are seeking a quality hybrid, you may want to consider this one as your practice product. Everything from the head to the grip is designed to be durable.

Instantly detect swing flaws.

Improve slices and hooks.

Improve your tempo and swing path.

Change the tension of each hinge.

Challenge yourself on different difficulty levels.


Not for professionals.

Can be very light.

2. 5 Iron

2. 5 Iron
The next club on this list is a 5-iron club and it is designed with the dual hinge design we discussed earlier. This club is comfortable, easy to use, and quality design. To add to this, the overall design is intended for accuracy, quality, and consistency. More so, the design allows the user to be able to correct their swing and improve his or her accuracy.
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Create Muscle Memory

This product is designed so an individual can create muscle memory. To add to this, the design is intended for the user to achieve a consistent swing and be able to hit live balls easily. Overall, the design allows the user to be able to seamlessly transition from practice into play.

Different Hand Styles

This product is very high quality and the brand has created different designs and styles for an individual to consider. This product comes in men’s right-hand design and left-hand design alongside women’s left and right-hand design. The reason there is this much detail into the design is that it is intended for practice and to enhance your swing. So, the brand has created different styles depending on whether you are a left-handed swinger, or you swing with your right.

Cost and Value

This product is actually a bit less costly than the last one on our list. With that, the price is intended for amateurs or starter golfers that need to learn and practice their swing. To add to this, we want to share with our audience that we think this product is properly designed for individuals that want to hit consistency shots and practice their tempo and swing.

Correct bad habits easily.

Improve your technique.

Improve your swing and tempo.

Different variations available.

High quality design and shaft.


Only helps to a certain extent.

3. 7 Iron

3. 7 Iron
This next item on our list is much like the last one we just shared, except it happens to be a seven iron. What is great is that whether you want to practice with a five iron or seven iron, this company has different designs for your specific style. With that, let’s look at two great benefits of practicing with this product.
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Get Feedback Instantly

With this club, an individual is able to get feedback instantly. With the automatic flaw detection design, an individual can start to notice the areas that need some work and what they can enhance as far as their swing and tempo. The overall easy adjustment hinge makes it easy for an individual to tighten or loosen the way they function.

Correct Bad Habits

This product is intended so an individual can improve his or her technique and identify the areas that are causing a problem. You can correct your swing, improve your consistency, distance, and your overall accuracy. To add to this, the hinged design will remain straight through your swing, so you can enhance the way you swing.

Cost and Value

Ironically, this is a seven iron and it happens to be less costly than the five iron. The brand has also designed this with a simple to use crown, a traction grip, and a sturdy shaft. With that, there are numerous hand selection styles to choose from that make it easy for the user to be able to correct his or her swing easily and effortlessly.

Correct your bad habit and improve your technique.

Improve your swing and tempo.

Create muscle memory easily and effectively.

Get instant feedback.

Prevent training plateaus.


May take a while to learn how to use.

It’s considered very short.

4. DA Dual Hinged

4. DA Dual Hinged
The next club that we are eager to discuss is the Medicus DA Dual Hinged Driver. This product is effectively designed to help you identify problems area in your swing and it comes with a variety of hand orientations and style, so an individual can get the accurate product and train with the right type of club for his or her swing type.
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Great Warm Up Tool

This driver is designed to work and resemble a driver club. With that, it is a great warm-up tool for individuals that want to perfect their swing style and figure out what is wrong. If you are learning how to use a driver or you notice that you have problem areas in your driver, then this is the practical tool for you. With that, the brand has a satisfaction guarantee.

Comes With DVD

This is actually one of the incredible benefits of this prodigy, individuals have mentioned that this item actually comes with a DVD. The DVD is intended to help the individual learn how to use the club and learn the proper way to swing. The DVD and club can become your own private at-home instructor class.

Cost and Value

For the fact that it is helping you adjust your swing, fix your slice, and get the perfect shot, people pay thousands for golf lessons and classes. Well, this product is only a fraction of that amount of money. With that said, we tout this product for being high quality and for the brand creating such an innovative piece of technology for new golfers.

Easily correct your swing.

Great tool for helping golf swing.

Straighten your swing.

Comes with DVD.

Great quality service.

Comes in quality packaging.


May take a while to learn and adjust.

5. Overspin CB2

5. Overspin CB2
We have talked about drivers and irons and now it is important to change gears a bit. This may be one of the most fun clubs in the industry. It is time for the putter! This is the Medicus Overspin CB2 Cast Blade Golf Putter and we want to discuss two quality benefits that a golfer will appreciate from the design of this product.
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Beveled Face Design

Have you ever been using a putter and all of a sudden, the ball has a lift on impact? Well, this putter is designed to minimize that lift by allowing a perfect shot every time due to the unique design. The design is a beveled face design that minimizes air from lifting the ball on impact or from energy transfer lifting the ball. With that, the design is intended to cause the ball to have more ground contact and a smoother roll.

Only One Putter

With this product, you will only need one putter. This product is intended for the individual to minimize the utility use of specialty clubs around the green. This item is a full utility putter offering real True Roll benefit. The patent-pending design is part of the CT Groove Technology which allows the product to be used outside the green where a wedge or club would normally be taken out.

Cost and Value

To discuss the value of this product, an individual must get to know the brand itself and why it such so valuable. This is the first of it’s kind and individuals can be guaranteed that this product will work as a club or a wedge. With that, it offers plenty of technology benefits and different designs to consider. For instance, you can pick between three different shaft lengths, so you can pick the best match for you.

Quality beveled design.

Intended to last.

Perfect short every time.

Worlds only full utility club.

CT Groove Technology.

Different shaft lengths available.


May cause a bit of overspin if your swing is too powerful.

May take a while to learn.

6. Overspin CM2i

6. Overspin CM2i
Time to bring out the big guns. This next product is the Medicus Overspin CM2i Cast Mallet Putter and it is designed to be high quality, easy to use, and effective. More so, the design is beneficial, conventional, and durable. Here is the first feature of this specific professional putter and how individuals can benefit on the golf course from this product.
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Full Utility Putter

This is the world’s full utility putter that offers real True Roll performance. With this, the design is a patent pending design that is intended to be used in high fringe and rough areas outside the green. Therefore, an individual can minimize how many clubs he or she carries onto the course. This is the perfect utility putter for a golf bag with minimal space.

Full Body Aluminum Face

This product is designed with a full body aluminum face design. The design is intended to be easy to use and the face offers a very soft and firm feel for amazing accuracy. It also enhances the responsiveness that the golfer feels when using the club and enhances the way the club performs.

Cost and Value

This putter happens to be a bit costlier than the last one on our list and we want to share with our audience that it is intended more for experienced golfers. The design is very high quality and resembles that of more professional clubs. However, it still is a quality budget putter for individuals that want specialty features and premium benefits.

Beveled face design eliminates lift.

CT grooves act and keeps the putter face from turning.

Eliminates the need for other clubs.

Worlds first full utility putter.

OverSpin technology with exclusive cut-face design.


Awkward to use at first.

7. PowerMax 260

7. PowerMax 260
As the seventh product we are eager to discuss, this is the PowerMax 260 Driver, a quality full-length training aid for individuals new to the sport. With an advanced weighting design that has a real-club feel, this product helps individuals understand where their swing needs a bit of growth and how they can better enhance their overall quality performance on the golf course.
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Improves Your Swing

This product is designed as a training aid. However, it has a real-life design that is very high quality and offers an advanced weight design. With that, the overall quality of this product allows for an individual to develop proper wrist action for pro-like performance. Lastly, the design resembles a real club, so an individual can better adjust their timing, sequence, and overall accuracy.

Full Length

This product has a full-length design, which is highly beneficial. The full-length club design offers a high-quality grip and shaft so an individual can better his performance easily and effortlessly. To add to this, the design is durable, simple, and easy to grip.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, it is important to note that the reason the price is so low is that this is a training aid. With that, individuals will benefit from the design and learn technique, tempo, and more. If you are new to the sport of golf and are wanting a life-like approach to a golf club, but without spending a lot, this is excellent.

Full-length and life-like design.

Advanced weight for a real-club feel.

Improves your distance and accuracy.

Wrist grip comfort design.

Priced very well.


May feel low quality.

8. Purestrike Wedge

8. Purestrike Wedge
We have talked about hybrids, irons, and now it is time to share a quality wedge. If you are looking for a training aid that resembles a quality wedge, this is the training aid for you. The Purestrike is this brand’s excellent training tool for individuals that want to eliminate swing flaws. With a life-like wedge design, here are two benefits of this amateur golfer training tool.
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Portable Design

This product happens to be suitable for all ages and for golfers of different experience levels. Most importantly, it is a great product for golfers that want to perfect their swing style, but with a club resembling a wedge. This particular design allows the individual to receive full feedback from the product and be able to easily and effortlessly eliminate swing flaws.

Guide Sticks

This product also comes with guide sticks. The guide sticks are intended to offer feedback to the individual and help when setting up for alignment and swing position. To add to this, the design happens to be very portable and easy to carry with you. If you know anyone that needs a proper training tool that will help with their alignment and overall swing, this is it.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and the price, we want to share with our audience that his product is effective and high quality. To add to this, the design of this particular wedge is durable, comfortable to use, and has a great grip design that feels very life-like. More so, The design is actually very appealing and resembles a wedge very closely.

Great gift for novice golfers.

Eliminates major swing flaws.

Guides sticks included.

Portable and multifunctional tool design.

Suitable for golfers of all ages.


No reviews online.

9. Dual Hinge 260cc

9. Dual Hinge 260cc
Time to discuss another driver that has a very high-quality design for all golfers. Even if you are an expert golfer, tools such as this are excellent in helping you learn and adjust your swing. If you need help learning the flaws in your swing, this product is the training tool for you. The dual hinge design helps an individual identify when there is a flaw in their swing. This is the 260cc Driver from Medicus.
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Patented Design

This design is very unique and new in the industry. Essentially, the dual hinge design is intended to let an individual learn and adjust their swing. The dual hinge well unlocks and let an individual know when their swing is incorrect. With this, a golfer can perfect their swing and create muscle memory easily and effectively. Never learn to swing the wrong way again.

Free Bonus DVD

This product comes with a bonus DVD for easy learning. The DVDs are actually Drive Like A Pro and Top Tips From Top Pros. These DVDs have very valuable insight as to how an individual can perfect his or her swing. With lessons from different masters, the fact that you get DVDs to teach an individual how to swing is an excellent value.

Cost and Value

Speaking of value, this product is worth it if you want a quality driver with plenty of benefits. First, this product has the dual hinge design we spoke on earlier. On top of that, it also has a quality putter trainer, so individuals can adjust their putter skills as well. However, if you do not want to pay for professional golfing classes, this product comes with free bonus DVDs that make it easy for an individual to learn new techniques and methods for golfing.

Free bonus dvd included.

Patented dual hinge design.

Instantly identifies the flaw.

Quality putter trainer included.


May take a while to get the hang of it.

10. Power Maximus 460cc

10. Power Maximus 460cc
Used by some of the top teaching pros including Roger Gunn and many more, this product is a high-quality right-handed driver that is intended to help individuals identify their flaws and enhance their swing. This is the Power Maximus 460cc Driver and here are two benefits of the last product on our list.
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Hittable Driver

Unlike a couple of other clubs from this brand that is intended for practice only, this product is a hittable driver that helps individuals get instant feedback. With that, if you want to start with a training aid, start with a dual-hinged and then graduate to this product which is non-hinged and weighted.

Quality Design

This product is designed to resemble a true driver. Therefore, it gives the user a life-like experience when they swing. In fact, you can use this as your amateur driver on the course and receive instant feedback and learn how to properly train like the pros.

Cost and Value

For the cost and value, this product may be considered around the same price range as other drivers that have better qualities. However, if you are a fan of this brand and appreciate their tools, this may be an excellent driver for you. With that in mind, this product is durable and has an excellent grip system that makes it easy to learn and follow.

Used by top teaching pros.

Hittable driver with instant feedback.

Build golf-specific muscles.

Increase your flexibility.

Full money back guarantee within 60 days.


No reviews online.

A bit overpriced.

Have you ever tried a dual hinge club? Well, if you have not we highly recommend it! If you have been seeking for a proper training tool that makes it easy for you to be able to golf and study your own tempo and performance, then this is the product for you. More so, it is important for an individual to identify which is the best club for his or her needs so you can gain the most out of your experience.

Some of the clubs are designed as training aids with a hinge mechanism, some are designed to resemble actual drivers or putter so you learn instantly your mistakes and enhance your swing. Now, if you are looking for a quality product from this brand, here are a couple of different factors to consider when selecting a Medicus club.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Medicus Golf Clubs

Quality / Reviews

This brand has been around for 25 years with one of the largest selections of quality training aids and tools in the industry to consider. With that, they have created some of the most notable tools in the industry in the area of golf, everything from DVD’s to clubs. Now, they have even been mentioned by world-renowned golfers for their quality and overall design benefits. To us, the most important part was the quality and the reviews. The real question we sought to answer was, do they really work? With that in mind, we did discover a couple of products that did not have reviews online, but we also discovered that their industry reputation stems back many years. In fact, they have a reputation of creating some of the first club tools in the industry designed for self-taught individuals that want to perfect their swing.

What is this magical tool? Well, keep reading to find out!

Dual-Hinge Design

The dual hinge design is what has made this brand a highly notable brand and a product to consider. Some of their clubs are considered training aids. With that, the way they function is with a dual-hinge design that gives the user instant feedback the moment his or her swing is out of balance or not in accordance with the way they should swing. This tool has become one of the most effective methods to teach new golfers how to swing properly.

One of the biggest benefits is that the hinge design allows the user to practice muscle memory, practice his or her tempo and enhance the way they swing on the golf course. When done correctly, the hinge will not unlock. With that, an individual can get to known and learn exactly what the problem areas of their swing is. To add to this, the brand has a couple of bonuses when you buy one of their training clubs.

The Bonuses

One of the very cool benefits of buying from this brand is when you buy a specialty club or a specific type of club, the brand may include instructional videos. For instance, some of the dual-hinge clubs come with specific instructional videos on how to adjust your swinging posture and different techniques to consider.

Lastly, the next bonus is one of the most crucial and also happens to be a common bonus, which is a money back guarantee or warranty on the product. Now, this depends on the specific product that you buy. Therefore, it is important to read the fine print and ensure that the item you are buying comes with a warranty or a money back guarantee in the case you discover this is the right product for you. Now, let’s get to other criteria that are equally important.

Variety and Design

Variety was a crucial factor in sharing the top ten best clubs from this maker. Individuals can expect clubs that are designed for training and clubs that are designed to be real-life and weighted for even more enhanced training. With that, the brand actually offers an extensive variety of different options to choose from. Whether you want a driver, a putter, an iron, or a weighted club, this brand has it all.

Another important factor was the design, individuals can expect that the brand will offer clubs that are designed for both men and women and also left and right-handed. With that, the reason for this is because women clubs tend to have a lighter shaft and crown design. Now, as far as design, this brand actually has different factors to consider.

They have irons that are designed as five irons, seven, and many more so. With that, some of their clubs happen to have specific features. For instance, a putter will have a multi-use design, so an individual can use them both on and off the green. Therefore, it is important to get to know exactly what a specific club is for because it can be for both beginners, intermediate, and even professional.

Customer Service

This next element that we wanted to touch upon is the customer service. This brand has an excellent customer service reputation and many of their products are designed to be of the best quality value. In the case something is defective or you have questions, their customer service team is always there to help. So, it is important to consider that you are not only getting a quality training aid, you are getting support from a brand that has been around for 25 years.

Cost and Value

When considering the cost and the value, it is important to think about when you may be ready for an upgrade or if you need a training aid. For instance, some users may only need a simple training aid that can help with their swing, tempo, etc. Once you learn what may be wrong with your swing or why you have mishits, you can then upgrade to a real club, so you do not have to continue spending money on training.

Another factor to consider is how these at-home training aids save you money in the long run. Instead of hiring a professional trainer, you can learn what is missing in your swing by using a simple dual-hinge club that shows where you are of faults are. Now, this is the value we can get used to!

With this said, let’s move forward and answer some of the many questions users have about this unique product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these clubs come with a headcover?

A: Many of the products we have shared do not come with a headcover because they are designed as training tools. With that, they are very affordable and do not require a headcover because you most likely will not be transferring them.

Q: Are these clubs portable?

A: Yes! Many of the dual hinge clubs that we have shared are designed to be collapsible, making them very easy to travel with and making them very easy to pack.

Q: How do you clean these clubs?

A: To clean many of the clubs we have shared is the same as cleaning a regular club. Simply wipe down the shaft and the grip and clean the ridges with a groove cleaner.

Q: Does the hinge need to be oiled or adjusted?

A: No. The hinge is designed as a dual-hinge design, making it easy for an individual to be able to use it without much maintenance.