Best Medicine Balls Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Have you ever heard of a medicine ball? Well, when we first heard of the name we figured it was a tiny ball that holds your vitamins or medicine. It is nothing like that! All jokes aside, a medicine ball may be one of the most effective methods for exercising. Essentially, it is a sphere with a specific weight distribution of 5lbs and up. With that, it is designed as an activity ball for individuals that want to have a quality workout or want to use it for a specific purpose.

Featured Recommendations

  • AmazonBasics
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Price: See Here
  • Valeo-Pound
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rubber Shell & Textured
  • Price: See Here
  • J/Fit
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Exterior
  • Price: See Here

With this, these products actually have many different benefits. You can use it for upper body and lower body workouts, you can use it for balance and reflexes, and it even enhances the way you perform on the golf course by allowing you to stretch important muscles groups such as your arms and your back. With that in mind, there is a large variety of different medicine balls in the industry and we are eager to discuss with our audience which ones are the best ones and why. With that, let’s move forward and talk about the top ten best designs and what is the most common features are for this product.


10 Best Medicine Balls


1. AmazonBasics

1. AmazonBasics
We often tout that golf is a lifestyle and if you want to make it to the pros, part of that lifestyle is staying fit and healthy. Well, we want to discuss the first medicine ball on our list and the brand happens to be highly touted and well trusted in the industry. Whether they sell shirts, gear, or technology, AmazonBasics is also selling active gear.
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Sturdy Construction

The construction of this product is of premier quality and an individual can rest assured that it will last for many workouts. This ball is made of a high quality and well-constructed rubber exterior with precise stitching to ensure that the ball is perfectly round. With that, if you want to bounce this product off hard surfaces, you are o-k to do so.

Textured Grip

Part of the quality of this item is the fact that it comes with an incredibly high-quality textured grip. The textured grip is designed to ensure an individual has great grip when using the ball and the ball does not slip away during use or slips from your fingers. To add to this, texture grip is excellent for individuals when they begin to sweat.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, it all depends on what size you buy. Whether you want a ten-pound, 12 pounds, or a fifteen pound, you are guaranteed an excellent quality product. With that, the value is in how you use it because overall, you are guaranteed a long-lasting product.

Excellent textured construction.

Sturdy grip even when you sweat.

Will not lose air easily.

Plenty of choices to choose from.

Trusted brand with years of experience.


Chemical odor at first.

2. Valeo-Pound

2. Valeo-Pound
We are eager to share a product from a brand that really excels in the sportswear industry. With this, they have a long-standing for producing quality activewear products and this item showcases their ability to create practicality with quality. From the Valeo brand, we want to share two benefits of the second medicine ball on our list.
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The Rubber Shell and Texture

This product comes with a very high-quality outer shell. The outer shell of this particular ball is designed to be textured in the case an individual starts to sweat. More so, the texture is made to be dirt and dust resistant and very easy to clean. The rubber shell also allows for an individual to bounce the ball n hard surfaces for added workout benefits.

Finger Treads

Another great benefit of this product is that it comes with precise and quality finger treads. The finger treads are intended to enhance the gripping aspect and allow an individual to have more flexibility when using the product. Alongside this, the colors of their balls are very bright in the case you use them in the dark and it is difficult to see them at night.

Cost and Value

As far as this brand, their value is superb. With years of experience in the field, they have created a line of activewear products that are modern, effective, and most importantly, durable. With that in mind, the price varies according to the size of the ball that you select. However, on the radar, they are a bit less costly than other brands.

Premium exterior ball material.

Can bounce for added benefit.

Bright colors for easy to see.

Durable rubber shell.

Finger treads for enhance grip.

Color coded and stamped for easy weight identification.


Life expectancy is one to two years if used constantly.

May run out of air.

3. J/Fit

This next product may have one of the highest quality exterior shells in the industry and we want to share why. If you want a soft shell design with a modern fit and excellent stitching, this is the medicine ball for you. As product number three, this is the j/fit soft wall ball medicine ball and we are eager to bring you this product.
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Soft Exterior

If you are not a fan of the textured rubber grip from the balls above, then we have a soft ball exterior that is intended for the quality purpose. This soft wall exterior is soft, smooth, still slightly textured, and has incredibly strong stitching. The stitching is known as a triple-stitch design with an impact absorbent material that ensures it never rips or falls out.

14-Inch Diameter

The diameter of this product happens to be a full 14-inch diameter that allows for an individual to achieve many different exercises that are not common with smaller balls. To add to this, the construction is very high quality and there is a wide variety of different ball sizes to choose from.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price and the benefits, this product is heavy duty, triple stitched and has a soft shell covering that makes it easy to use. To add to this, the special construction allows for the ball to maintain balance and keep its original shape intact without losing quality. However, it is not intended for slamming exercises or constant bouncing.

Soft shell exterior.

Heavy duty triple stitching.

Impact absorbent.

Quality exterior feel.

Enhanced grip with smooth shell.


Not for bouncing.

4. CAP Barbell

4. CAP Barbell
This product comes from a brand that has long been known for all of their active wear and exercise gear. CAP has been producing some of the industries highest quality products and we want to share this expert barbell medicine ball. If you are seeking a quality exercise ball that will help in toning muscle and more, this is it.
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The Exterior

The exterior of this product is considered a tacking exterior and it is made from a rubberized material that guarantees a quality grip. With that said, this product is made with an anti-slip exterior and a sweat-resistant grip that allows an individual to work out for hours without concern that the ball will slip out of the hands.

Different Sizes

This item comes in various quality sizes. Therefore, an individual can select the ideal size for the workout he or she desires. To add to this, individuals can collect them all and expect the overall quality to be universal among all of the products, or try them one by one and let us know your thoughts.

Cost and Value

The cost for this product is universal with other brands. The reason being is that the grip is a tacking textured grip, much like other brands and the overall value of the product is about the same as well. With that in mind, individuals can expect this item to be high quality and with four stars, the brand is highly touted as well for their excellent products.

Quality grip.

Easy to clean.

Anti-slip and anti-sweat.

Different sizes to choose from.


May have exterior oil.

May smell like rubber.

5. Titan

5. Titan
Time to talk about another soft wall ball. Much like product number three, this next product is very high quality but designed for individuals that want a soft wall exterior that is easy to hold and easy to use. This is the Titan Fitness medicine ball and it is crafted from an incredibly durable and high-quality material which guarantees premium comfort and durability.
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Durable Material

The material of this product happens to actually be synthetic leather. With that, it is very durable, anti-slip, water-resistant, and designed to be incredibly durable. To add to this, individuals can expect the leather to withstand the test of time and easy to clean as well. What is most impressive about this product is the stitching.

The Stitching

The stitching of this particular ball is one of the highest quality due to the amount of care that goes in the process of making this product. It is a double-stitching material that holds the contents of the ball together to ensure that can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

Cost and Value

In discussing the price, this product happens to be around the same price as other soft wall medicine balls on our list. The only real difference between this one is the stitching, colors, and synthetic leather material. While others use soft rubber, this brand used synthetic leather. In any case, the purpose is the same. Lastly, there are various sizes to choose from for your ideal workout routine.

Allows for the development t of core muscles.

Durable and high-quality synthetic material.

Double-stitching design.

Expert brand with years of experience.


The weight may be lopsided.

The texture may be too smooth for gripping.

6. DynaPro

6. DynaPro
We are eager to discuss a unique medicine ball with a very different type of exterior design. From the DynaPro brand, this product has a dual-texture grip design in the exterior to ensure maximum quality grip and durability. This product is different than most and we want to share with our audience two reasons why It is worth considering.
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The Texture

As we said above, this product has a dual-texture design. One area of the ball that is covered in one color has one specific texture, while the second area has another texture. This allows individuals using the product to have a more secure experience and more reassurance that the ball they are using is properly designed for holding, bouncing, and safety.

Strength Training

This particular product is designed for strength training in mind. An individual can easily use this ball for hardcore exercises due to the incredibly tough exterior shell and rubber material. To add to this, individuals will discover that this product, is intended to withstand the test of time and be highly effective during use.

Cost and Value

As far as price, this product is priced very fair for the quality and individuals will discover that the overall value is worth it. In fact, it actually is priced a bit lower than most brands. With this, you are guaranteed a quality product that is also more affordable. In fact, the reviews alone tout it as a five-star medicine ball and with various sizes available, you can have the whole collection.

Durable double-texture experience.

Air-filled, but burst-resistant.


Grip gets better when wet.

Different sizes available.


May smell very strong.

7. TRX Training

7. TRX Training
You’ve heard of the TRX brand. They have been widely known as one of the top developers in active sports gear for individuals that need an extra level of endurance or quality. We are eager to discuss the specific training ball that they have created as a slam ball for effective workouts. This is the TRX ball and it has many of the special features that make this brand one of the most touted today.
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Specific Grip Design

The specific grip design of this product is designed for individuals that want a masterful grip. The grip resembles a car tire and it is designed for superb holding power and secure holding. To add to this, the grip is designed in a way that gives the ball more bounce and slams when in motion or in use. With this, an individual can expect this product to be able to withstand the test of time.

Thick Rubber Shell

The rubber shell of this specific ball is designed to be a bit thicker than most brands. The reason being is that it is intended for an individual to be able to use it for years to come without the concern of it bursting or breaking. Overall, the exterior shell is also easy to clean.

Cost and Value

This product is well worth it if you are considering a great heavy duty slam ball for active sports. With that, an individual can stretch their back, enhance their arm workouts, and work on their balance with this ball. With that, it also comes in various different sizes to choose from and an individual will appreciate the one year warranty that is added to every purchase.

Quality exterior design.

One year warranty.

Multiple weight options.

Durable thick rubber shell.

Excellent grip system and design.


May be too costly compared to the competition.

8. Day 1 Fitness

8. Day 1 Fitness
We are coming close to the end of our list and this next ball has a five-star review rating for their overall value and longevity. With a double0grip construction, the Day 1 Fitness ball is expertly crafted to give a user a quality workout experience. Designed to improve balance, improve your workouts, and aid in flexibility and coordination, here are two reasons why this product is designed to last.
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The Grip

The grip of this particular ball happens to be a dual grip design that has superior grip and craftsmanship. More so, the construction is durable, high quality, and is designed for non-slip benefits. Even when wet, an individual can enjoy the benefits of enhanced grip and better performance with this product. The grip is not as deep as other brands such as TRX, allowing for an individual to not get any indentations in his or her hands when using this ball.

Bounces Well

This product is designed to bounce really well. If you are an individual that wants a heavy ball that is also designed to bounce well for more active sports, this is it. With that, there is a wide selection of different sizes to choose from, all color coordinated. Lastly, this product is easy to clean and the brand has been touted for their great customer service.

Cost and Value

So, should you go with this brand? Well, as we said above, their customer service is excellent and their overall product value can withstand the test of time. With that, this product has a quality grip construction alongside the benefit that it adds to your flexibility and overall performance. If you want a simple ball, this may be the best one to consider.

Enhanced texture grip.

Dual texture grip experience.

Comfortable non-slip grip technology.

Classic ball that bounces easily.

Designed to last.

Five-star product.


May smell like rubber.

9. GoPlus

9. GoPlus
This next medicine ball on our list happens to be a very different ball than other ones we have shared. This product has a dual-grip design, but not like the other products on our list. We want to discuss with our audience the GoPlus Dual Grip Medicine Ball and why it is such a high-quality product to consider if you want superior craftsmanship and durability.
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The Material

Now, this is a first on our list! The material of this product happens to be an environmentally-friendly rubber material that has a dual grip design. The best part of the material is that it is designed to be solid but it has no harmful odors and it has no harmful chemicals in the construction process. With that, the exterior material grip is designed to be water resistant and anti-slip.


We have mentioned that many brands on our list have a dual-grip design, which is true. However, by duel grip we mean they have two different grip textures as part of the coating. This product has two literal grips on each side, making the ball much easier to hold and allows for a fuller range of workouts for the individual. To add to this, the product happens to be highly durable and portable because you can hold it like a handle instead of a ball.

Cost and Value

For the price and the value, this product is designed very well. With that, it is priced a bit more than the competition because of the handle design and the dual-grip quality. However, the benefits are the fact that you get more from this ball because the handles allow you to receive a different experience when you use the ball.

Quality training ball.

Effective design with handles.

Textured grip and anti-slip.

Quality rubber material.

Different sizes available.


The handles are a bit thick.

10. SportMad

10. SportMad
As the last product on our list, I want to share the SportMad Soft Ball with our audience and a couple of features of this last soft ball. Although it is much like other softballs on our list, we want to discuss what makes this one unique and why it should still be taken into consideration.
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The Exterior

The great news is that the exterior of this product is much like the last soft ball, a synthetic leather that is highly durable. With that, the overall design is a double thick and quality design that is intended for quality use and durability. In fact, the brand has touted that this product can stand being thrown into the wall or bounced for long periods at a time.

Two Loops

This specific product has two loops on each side of the ball for easy storage or gripping. The loops are sewn into the system of the ball and the stitching so they are impossible to pull out and are incredibly sturdy. With that, the soft grip leather makes the ball easy to hold and individuals can expect the exterior to also be anti-slip.

Cost and Value

Overall, the softer designs are pretty universal with one another. For this, we are focused and concerned about reviews. This product has four stars, plenty of positive reviews, and individuals can expect it to be well-designed and long-lasting. With that, there are two color choices to choose from and various sizes available.

Multi-functional design.

Durable soft grip construction.

Synthetic leather design.

Double thick tight design.

Quality exterior.

Durable stitching.


May loose shape if thrown.

So, if you are looking for a unique and quality workout, we highly recommend using these  due to the number of activities and exercises that you can achieve with this product. With that said, we want to move forward and discuss with our audience the criteria for selecting a quality medicine ball. If you happen to be looking for your ideal medicine ball but are unsure as to what is the best aspect to consider, check out our criteria below.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Medicine Ball

The Two Different Types

As we said, there are two different types of medicine balls. There are soft and hard balls. With that, we are going to dive in and discuss the different features and unique elements of each one. Essentially, we are going to break up this primary criterion into different factors and facets, so individuals can know what to look out for when selecting their ideal product.

  • Hard Balls

So, the first ball on our list happens to be the hardball. Universally, they are both designed to have a certain weight in the middle for the purpose of weight lifting or other workouts. However, the hard ball has various different features to keep in mind. First, the hard ball is intended to act like a basketball, only a bit heavier. A hard ball also has an outer shell that is made of rubber and allows for the product to bounce really well when thrown against a surface. This allows an individual to have a more flexible and quality experience when using the ball.

Another aspect of a hard ball is the grip, the grip tends to be a textured grip that allows for better traction even when wet. The grip is often made of a rubber material that is really hard that allows for the user to be able to use the ball even in wet conditions. Most commonly, the grip comes with a double-grip texture which means there are two different sections of grip so the ball feels different every time when being held but allows for even more enhanced traction on the fingers. Alongside this, most commonly a hard ball has finger placement in different areas, so an individual can press those areas for more enhanced grip.

  • Soft Ball

Now, a soft ball is very different than a hard ball for various reasons. First, what is universal about this product design is that it still has a weight on the inside, so you can choose between five pounds and up. With that, the soft ball exterior is completely different than the hard ball exterior. The soft ball is designed with a synthetic leather exterior that is designed to be very soft and more cushioned than the hard grip. The purpose of this is that it is intended for it to be easy to hold and not be as rough as the hard ball. However, since it is made of leather it is more prone to scratches and wear and tear. So, it is important to not place the ball on any rough or hard surfaces that may cause the exterior to rip.

Speaking of rips, the exterior of a soft ball is not intended for bouncing or throwing like a hard ball is. The reason being is that the leather is stitched. Most often times, the brand will use a double stitching or triple stitching design. However, if you throw the ball the stitching may rip. The benefits of a soft ball are that they allow for more skin contact without the discomfort of the traction and grip. As far as traction, a leather exterior is not as gripping as traction rubber based. Therefore, the ball should not be exposed to water or rain because it may damage the product.

These are the two most common designs. With that, let’s look at other small factors of this kind of exercise product.

The Size

What is most unique about this specific product is that the size is universal. In fact, most spheres are designed to be 14” in diameter. However, the weight inside of the product can go as high as 30lbs. With that said, the size never changes and most balls happen to be the same size, much like a basketball.

The Color

Another important element is the color of the product. Most commonly, the color will be distinguished according to the weight. So a ten-pound weight has a different color than a twenty-pound weight. Another aspect is that the color will also be bright enough for an individual to be able to know where the ball is even in low light.

The Brand

It is important to consider the brand. As part of our selection process, we ensured that each brand has medicine balls that were four stars and up. With that, it is important to keep in mind that many brands have different design elements when it comes to their grip, texture, and material. Another aspect is what the brand offers. For instance, numerous brands will offer a warranty with the purchase alongside an e-book for different exercises. So, evaluate which one is the best deal overall.

We hope that you have discovered some new insights as far as a medicine ball, the purpose, and the different designs available. Lastly, it is time to answer some of the most common questions of a medicine ball.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the stitching starts to fall out?

A: This is a very important question and is often asked when it comes to a soft product. If the stitching starts falling out, it is important to keep in mind that it most likely will not fall out quickly. Also, the chances of it happening are minimal considering it is a double stitch that is extremely high quality. However, many brands do have a warranty on the product in the case it starts to unravel, or the stitching breaks apart. Just make sure your warranty is within the window period.

Q: How do you clean the ball?

A: If your workout product is starting to get really dirty, you can simply clean it with a damp rag and wipe it down. Of course, the hard exterior is much easier to clean than synthetic leather, which may require specific materials or liquids for cleaning it. However, it is a most common practice that individuals use a wet towel to easily wipe it down. The hard shell tends to be water resistant and dust resistant as well.

Q: What is the life expectancy of these products?

A: The life expectancy of a medicine ball can be many years if it is taken care of properly. For instance, a soft product should never be thrown hard to tossed around because it may start to wither. However, the hard balls are more durable and can withstand plenty of wear and tear. With that in mind, the common theme is that the hard design has a longer lifespan than the soft product because of the stitching and leather. If used as a quality exercise product, it can last in your gym for years to come.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: The benefits of a medicine ball are plenty. With this product, not only do you enhance your upper body strength but also your mobility and flexibility, which can aid in the process of golfing and can aid your swing. To add to this, the benefits include better back strength and more flexibility, which can help when you swing and perform on the golf course. Overall, the benefits can lead to more lower body strength, muscle, balance, reflexes, and much more. If you are considering a quality workout product that is easy to use, consider this one.

Q: Does the brand have a return policy?

A: Most often the return window is a thirty days. However, most brands will include a warranty as part of the purchase in the case something is wrong with the product quality or the item is defective. In that case, a warranty can be up to ninety days or six months, all depending on the brand.