Best Lunch Boxes Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Have you ever been in the middle of the golf course and ended up being so hungry you could not focus? Well, this is a true story for almost every single golfer that has ever golfed for hours. With that in mind, many golf courses have their own independent rules when it comes to bringing food on the course. However, some of them allow individuals to bring a drink or a snack. With that in mind, if you are a golfer and you get hungry on the golf course, then we have the next best article for you.

Featured Recommendations

  • PackIT
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Variety of Options
  • Price: See Here
  • MIER
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Insulated PEVA Lining
  • Price: See Here
Built NY Gourmetimg
  • Built NY Gourmet
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flat Bottom
  • Price: See Here

We are eager to share with our audience the top ten best lunch bags that an individual can bring. Most importantly, all of these lunch bags are intended as multi-functional lunch bags and individuals can take them anywhere and use them at any time. With this, we want to share with our audience the different aspects to consider when selecting the best lunch bag. Here are a couple of features to consider when buying a quality lunch bag for your next golf picnic or outing.

  • The quality of the zipper.
  • The insulation on the inside.
  • The exterior color and material.
  • The size of the product.
  • The handle.

With this in mind, take into consideration how much food and the snacks you wish to bring along as well as the other functions for the lunch box to ensure the best quality overall product for the purpose. Alongside this, we also want to share with our audience that below the ten products we have come up with the criteria to evaluate the best lunch bags for added value. Now, let’s talk about the first product on this list. Let’s begin!


10 Best Lunch Boxes


1. PackIT

1. PackIT
As the first item on the list, it is important to note that a lunch bag has many different qualities that are needed for it to function properly. With that, we want to share that this product is of the best quality when it comes to the design and the features. With that said, we want to share the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag and two benefits of this product.
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Wide Variety

This product has one of the largest color selections in the industry. Whether you want a fun ombre look or you want a design specifically created for style and quality, there is a large variety of different styles to choose from. There are many different colors and options available from this brand.

The Design

The design of this product is intended to be freezable. So, individuals can place the bag in the freezer or the fridge and the specifically designed nontoxic polycanvas will keep everything inside of the lunch bag cold and well stored. With that said, the freezable gel keeps items cool for long periods at a time.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this item, the best value that individuals gain is that it is compact and easy to travel with. Alongside that, this bag is easy to use, store, and very simple as far as design features. With that said, the price is less expensive than most bags in the industry, but it is because it also is much smaller.

Water resistant lining design.

PVC and BPA free.

Lead free and nontoxic.

Poly canvas

Nontoxic and freezable gel.

Compact design.

Many different color options to choose from.


The Velcro closure could be better quality.

Not as large as other bags.


If you want a unique and quality lunch bag that is designed to be easy to carry and durable, this is the product for you. This lunch bag is high quality, easy to use, and designed for effective use. With that in mind, the MIER Adult Lunch Box is high quality and the design is one of the simplest products in the industry. With that in mind, here are two features to consider.
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Two Sections

This product happens to come with a two-section design. The design is a quality design that is intended to keep items cold and warm items separate. With that, individuals can easily store everything they need easily and effortlessly carry it. The square compartment on the bottom is designed for sandwiches, salad, and more, while the top roomy compartment can be for drinks and other items.

Insulated PEVA Lining

This product is designed from a quality PEVA lining that is eco-friendly and food safe. With that, the lining wipes clean easily in the case of any spills or messes. Also, the exterior of the product is very durable and high quality.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we believe that it is a high-quality lunch bag for individuals that want a durable item that comes with the benefits of two compartments. This brand also had designed this item with a high-quality durable handle, a quality exterior design, and an easy to clean interior. More so, the zipper is durable, and all aspects of the product are well designed.

Quality designed.

Front zipper pocket space.

Two compartments.

Easy to use.

2-way dual zipper closure.

Three different color choices.


Can be somewhat flimsy.

Insulation is low quality.

3. Built NY Gourmet

3. Built NY Gourmet
This particular product is known as a simple lunch bag design that also acts as a tote bag. The design of this product is simple, high quality and very easy to use. With that, individuals can expect a quality item that is designed very carefully and guaranteed to last the test of time. Here are two benefits of the Built NY Gourmet Lunch bag.
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Flat Bottom

This product acts as a tote bag. With that, this particular item has a flat bottom design that is intended to help the bag stay upright. More so, the wider bottom design is specifically designed so individuals can easily carry plates, bottles, and other items.

Soft Design

The exterior of this product is a vinyl-free and PVC-free fabric that is intended to keep the contents cool. The exterior is a neoprene fabric that is quality designed and guaranteed to keep all items properly insulated. More so, the handle is very soft, and the exterior of the bag is soft as well to ensure a quality user experience.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this particular product, it is important to note that this bag is very small and does not fit a lot of items. With that, it is a quality tote bag that individuals can use as a picnic bag, a lunch bag, or other important features. With that said, this product is high quality, well designed, and very durable, and right above only $10, it is considered a steal.

Quality and durable lunch bag.

Neoprene exterior is easy to clean.

Contents stay cool.

Free of harmful materials or chemicals.

Plenty of different styles to consider.

Stores flat and has an easy to carry design.


The bottom needs an extra liner.

Not too much space.

4. Baloray

4. Baloray
This next product is much like the last item on the list but enhanced. The design of this lunch bag and the tote bag is designed for quality use and for individuals that want a stylish design that resembles a carry bag. This product has a quality and durable exterior while the interior is designed to be insulated for quality use. Here are two features of the Baloray Lunch Bag and what individuals can expect as far as the benefits of this item.
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Double Zipper Design

This product actually comes with a durable double zipper design resembling that of a travel bag or a purse. The zipper is high quality and designed with a silver polish look that matches the beautiful striped exterior. With that said, the bag is easy to close and easy to open because of this design.

The Design

As we said above, the design of this product is very unique to this brand. This item acts as a purse or carries bag with the benefit of it being a lunch bag. With this, individuals can expect this product to be design with some of the most intention features made for comforts such as a padded handle and a convenient design.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this product, we want to share with our audience that individuals will appreciate the design of this product alongside the different benefits. This item is made with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the brand is known to offer excellent customer service. In all honesty, the design is very stylish, and it appears to be more of a carry bag than anything else. With that, the insulation is not the best, but it does the job.

Insulated material.

Larger outside pocket than other bags.

High quality dual zipper.

Quality stitching.

Great interior definition and design.

Keeps items fresh or warm.


Bad insulation.

Needs an ice pack to keep products cold.

5. Nike Insulated Lunchbox

5. Nike Insulated Lunchbox
This next brand has created a quality product for individuals that are a fan of this brand. The Nike brand has long been known to produce quality features and designs. With that, we want to share the Nike Insulated Lunchbox for golfers that want to take a snack with them on the golf course. Here are two benefits of this product and this brand.
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The Exterior

The exterior material quality of this item is 100% polyester. With that said, the polyester is designed to be a quality material that is durable and can withstand the test of time. The interior is designed with 100% PEVA lining, which guarantees all items stay cool or warm. Now, this lunchbox is not the largest, it is intended for small items.

Easy To Clean

Without a doubt, a lunch bag can be hard to clean if the material is not of the best quality. Well, this product happens to be very easy to clean and very durable. With that, the design is guaranteed to ensure maximum durability and everything from the zipper to the stitching and the handle are of the best material quality design.

Cost and Value

As far as price for this item, we want to share that it happens to be very affordable considering the brand and the quality. We have no doubt that this item is very durable and made to last considering the brand is one of the best in the industry. With that, overall, this product is worth considering and it comes in a large selection of color choices as well.

Many different color choices to choose from.

Quality design and made to last.

Comfortable and durable handle.

Quality zipper.

Quality insulation.


Flimsy design.

No pouch for an ice pack.

6. Sable

6. Sable
This next product on our list is the Sable lunch box and it is a quality product made to last. With multiple compartments and a durable design, individuals will find this lunch bag to be easy to use and high quality. More so, it has plenty of space to carry everything from fruits to water bottles and snacks. Here are two benefits to consider of this brand and this item.
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Plenty of Pockets

As we said, this product comes with plenty of pockets. In fact, this item comes with a food management pocket that is leak-proof and designed to keep food fresh. However, it also comes with an additional pocket for neat organization and easy to carry. Individuals can carry plates, silver wear, lunch, and even a delicious dessert with this bag.


This brand has designed this item with a dual-portability design. The design is an easy to carry strap that is long enough to carry over your shoulder. Therefore, no golfer can ever go hungry again when using this product.

Cost and Value

As we said above, his item is made for quality and made to last. With that in mind, the fabric is a quality and durable fabric that is guaranteed to last. With two color choices available, individuals can easily pack the right items and head to the golf course. Separated by a two-layer design, individuals can expect this product to be durable and high quality.

Multi-layer design.

Insulated aluminum quality.

Eight hours of freshness.

600D waterproof Oxford fabric.

Made to last.

Quality and easy to clean nylon material.


The bag is somewhat small in design.

Does not keep food warm long enough.

7. CleverMade SnapBasket

7. CleverMade SnapBasket
This bag has long been known for their excellent products and design qualities. The CleverMade SnapBasket is an easy to use basket that keeps items fresh for a period of time. With that, individuals can easily take this item on the go anywhere and have an easy to clean bag that is multi-functional and high quality. Here are two benefits to consider.
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The Design

The design of this particular bag is unique compared to others in the industry because it acts more as a cooling basket. However, the design is very high quality and design for space saving. The product is collapsible while also being designed by one of the most durable material qualities in the industry. This bag is made from a rip-stop fabric that guarantees the high-quality durability.

Easy To Use

As we said above, this product may be one of the most simple and easy to use designs in the industry. In fact, this bag is a high-quality bag that snaps open and closes easily. With that, the strap handle is a high end and durable strap handle that guarantees the highest quality design features. With this, we can guarantee the product to be durable and very easy to use.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this bag, we believe this is a high-quality product that is very durable and easy to use. More so, this bag is excellent for individuals that want a stylish and quality frame bag for multi-purpose use. With that, it comes in a large selection of colors and happens to be very large. The price does make it the costliest on the list but it is well worth it.

Quality and durable carry bag.

Easy to use.

Simple design.

Collapsible design.

Quality exterior stitching.

Different color options.

Flop-free frame.



May sag on one side from time to time.

Does not hold frame for long periods at a time.

8. Opux Premium

8. Opux Premium
This next product comes from a brand that excels in the area of quality and design. The Opux premium lunch bag comes in a variety of color choices and has a sturdy and high-quality exterior design Whether you opt in for the standard option or the tall option, this product is made to be durable and simple to use. If you want a lunch bag for your next golf adventure, we recommend this one.
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This product is designed to be highly durable. With that, the design of this bag is made to be leakproof and quality insulated. The PEVA lining is soft and ensures that all products stay warm or cold in the contents of the bag. The bag is even large enough to fit six sodas if need be. With that, the leakproof and thermal design is highly beneficial.

The Material Construction

The material construction of this product is what makes it high quality and durable. This item comes with a 600D polyester fabric that prevents any potential rips and tears. With this, the fabric is easy to clean, soft, and also very durable. Individuals can easily clean the fabric, while also expecting it to last the test of time as far as durability.

Cost and Value

This product is priced as standard to many other brands. With this, the lunch box is quality designed and made to be very durable. More so, there are different sizes and colors to choose from, so individuals can pick their ideal design. So, if you want a quality product that will last the test of time, we recommend this durable and stylish lunch box.

Durable and quality insulation.

Stores contents very well.

Enough space for multiple lunches.

Exterior quality is very durable.

Stylish design.

Leakproof and properly insulated.


The strap is considered short.

9. Dynamic Gear

9. Dynamic Gear
As product number nine on our list, we want to share the Dynamic Gear lunch bag. This product is made to last, very high quality and offers multiple pouches as well as a bonus item with the purchase. Here are two unique features to consider of this expertly crafted lunch bag.
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Have you ever heard of a double-decker bus? Well, this is a double-decker lunch bag. This product is designed with two particular pouches that include a roomy design, plenty of storage, and high-quality benefits. Alongside this, the design guarantees that all of the content will stay properly insulated. If you want an excellent storage bag, this is it.

The Bonus Item

This is a first for a brand such as this. This product actually comes with a complimentary item with the purchase. The bonus item is a high-quality complimentary thermos included. The thermos is designed so individuals can easily take a warm drink out on the golf course. As expected, the design is high quality and very durable to match the lunch bag.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, this item happens to be highly versatile and very durable. Individuals can expect a custom fit design for ultimate benefits. With that, the bonus of a thermos is a great addition if you are considering this particular item. Keep foods fresh for longer and you can expect the product to last the test of time.

High quality and waterproof.

Detachable shoulder bag.

Mesh pocket design.

Strap for easy carrying.

Soft handles.

Free thermos.

Multiple pouches included.


Small when the pouches are inside.

The icepacks are not high quality.

The thermos can leak.

10. High Sierra

10. High Sierra
This next product is designed for quality use and happens to have one of the most unique and beautiful designs in the industry. The High Sierra Single Compartment Lunch Bag is made to last, intended to be durable, and made from quality materials. Here are two specific and great benefits to this bag.
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Padded Design

This product happens to have a quality design that is guaranteed to last the test of time. The fully padded design is built to help insulate the contents of the bag. Also, the padded handle allows for the item to be easy to carry. Overall, the exterior is cushioned, high quality, and also easy to clean.

Internal Mesh Pocket

Part of the design of this product is that it has an internal mesh pocket. The mesh pocket is a specific pocket design intended for individuals to easily carry accessories, utensils and more. With that, the mesh pocket allows for individuals to store an ice pack.

Cost and Value

This item is a very simple design that is high quality and easy to travel with. So, if you want to take your lunch on the course, take this lunch bag too! For the price, this item comes in a large variety of color choices and different selections to choose from.

Quality lunch bag design.

Padded for durability.

Quality lining.

Different color choices available.

Interior mesh pocket.


The handle can be a bit weak.

The zippers may get stuck.

Now that we have discussed the top ten best lunch bags, individuals will have noticed the wide variety of products out there in the industry The reason being is that there is a very large selection of lunch bags to consider. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. If you are considering a particular product, we want to recommend looking into the quality, the size, and much more. If you are conducting your own research, we want to share with you the criteria to evaluate the best lunch bags. This criterion is strategically designed to help individuals get a bit more clear when selecting a product such as this. This is the criteria we specifically used when selecting the best products to help us identify and narrow down the best lunch bags. With that, let’s move forward!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Lunch Boxes

As the criteria to evaluate the best lunch bags, there are numerous features to consider when selecting a lunch bag as well as different design elements to consider. It is important to note different aspects, so you can select the best product for you. For instance, there are lunch bags that are designed for multi-purpose, lunch bags designed for cold items and hot items, and even lunch bags with different compartments. With that, we want to share with our audience the first criteria to consider when selecting a quality lunch bag.

The Exterior Quality

The exterior quality of a lunch bag is one of the most important aspects to consider for numerous reasons. The primary element to consider a lunch bag is the overall exterior material quality. For instance, we noticed that most lunch bags are made from polyester or nylon, with nylon being one of the toughest materials in the industry. In fact, nylon is easily known as one of the highest quality materials available today and it is commonly known as a quality tactical industry material. With that in mind, it also tends to cause the product to be a bit heavier, but also more durable. When considering the exterior quality, it is important to consider how durable the product is as well as how easy to clean it maybe if it gets dirty.

The Interior Quality

  • Insulation

As the second aspect to consider, the interior insulation of a lunch bag is one of the most important aspects to consider for the sole purpose that without proper insulation, the product will not function properly. With that, we noticed that many brands use PEVA lining in the interior of the insulation to ensure optimum insulation. With this, part of the insulation properties of this material guarantee that the product will be leak proof, last for a long time, and be able to properly insulate the contents.

  • Size

As another aspect of interior design, the size of the product is an important aspect to consider, especially if you plan on taking a lot of items. With that, many brands actually create their products with a multi-pocket design that guarantees optimum benefits. For instance, some brands have a double-decker lunch bag design where the bottom is designed as a second compartment while the top is designed as the primary compartment for insulating products. This allows individuals to have variety as far as what they can take in their lunch bag.

The Design Features

There are numerous design features to consider when selecting a properly designed lunch bag. With that, we want to share some of the most common features to consider when selecting a lunch bag for your next adventure.

  • The Shape

The shape of a lunch bag is one of the most important items because it will also reflect how well an individual can package their items as well as store the bag. There are numerous shapes to consider. However, the two most common are a lunch bag tote design and a square lunch bag that is made kind of like a cooler. With that in mind, the tote bag tends to look more modern, sporty, and stylish, while the square cooler design is designed to look more like a regular lunch bag.

  • The Zipper

The quality of the zipper is another criterion to consider when selecting a lunch bag. The reason being is that the zipper has to be made of the best quality to ensure durability. With that, many lunch bags even have a dual-zipper design that makes it easy for individuals to unzip and zip up for easy access.

  • The Handle

The handle is another important aspect to consider when selecting a quality lunch bag. The reason being is that the handle has to be comfortable and easy to use, as well as making the bag easy to carry. Many bags even have a dual handle design or a shoulder handle to make it easy to carry. The shoulder handle is a common theme among big square bags that tend to be larger in size. Some handles are even padded to make it easy to carry.

  • The Bottom Support

As the last aspect to consider of design features, the bottom support is an important aspect to consider for individuals that want a quality lunch bag. Reason being is that bottom support guarantees that the product will not warp. Alongside this, the bottom support guarantees that all the contents of the product stay in place and do not suffer due to poor craftsmanship.


As the last lunch bag element that we wanted to consider, we wanted to ensure a wide selection of products to choose from as far as design. Therefore, we wanted to include different lunch bags that had different design features and elements ranging from tote bags to regular square bags. With that, we found that there is a wide selection in the industry to choose from and different color choices available as well.  With this in mind, we found that the style, size, and overall design of the product determine the cost of the lunch.

So, now that we have talked about different design features to consider when selecting your own lunch bag, we want to move forward and talk about the most frequently asked questions when it comes to a lunch bag. Let’s begin!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean the inside and outside of a lunch bag?

A: If your lunch bag happens to get dirty. The inside of the lunch bag is easier to clean than the outside. Since the inside is insulated and designed to not leak, you can simply rinse it out with water and drain the water out by flipping it over. However, the exterior material can affect how the product is cleaned. Most commonly, individuals use a wet rag when cleaning their lunch bag and then setting it out to dry.

Q: Is the lunch bag collapsible or keeps its shape?

A: This question really is determined by the overall design of the lunch bag. For instance, most lunch bags are made to be collapsible and other bags are designed to keep their shape. With that, it all depends on which one is most useful to the individual.

Q: How long does that content stay cold for?

A: Most commonly, the contents of a lunch bag stay cold between 2-4 hours depending on whether an individual uses an icepack of not on the inside. With that, contents to stay warm is normally much less.

Q: Does it come with a carry strap?

A: Most square lunch bags or lunch bags that tend to be rather large due come with a carry strap. With that in mind, the carry strap is detachable and can easily be connected to the lunch bag.


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