Best Kettlebells Reviewed & Rated for Quality

In the fitness industry, it’s safe to say that there are so many different ways to work out the human body. Whether you choose to use a treadmill, dumbbells, or even just traditional yoga, the options are truly endless. Now, once every few years, there is always a new way to workout that takes over the industry and world by storm. We are talking exercise routines or equipment that completely change up the game. Do you remember when the concept of incline running, or downhill running became a trend? What about the elliptical machine? Well, guess what? We have a new type of equipment gear that is the must-have gym equipment of the year. More than ever, this unique looking will you have you grateful that you purchased it.

Featured Recommendations

  • CAP
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ample Weight Sizes
  • Price: See Here
Tone Fitness
  • Tone Fitness
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Three-Weight Set
  • Price: See Here
Yes4All Vinyl
  • Yes4All Vinyl
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • PVC Coating
  • Price: See Here

We are talking about kettlebells. Have you heard of this yet? It’s a unique looking weight that actually resembles a dumbbell; however, it benefits, and advantages are immense! In fact, these handy little tools can help with the following:

  • Toning
  • Posture Correction
  • Core
  • Cardiovascular
  • Balance
  • Mass Gain

For the sake of today’s buying guide and our audience, using kettlebells could result in better or stronger drives, better fairway game, more accurate putting, and an overall healthy body. With that being, it’s quite understandable why so many professional golfers are beginning to incorporate kettlebells into their workout routine. If you are intrigued and want to join the craze, check out these top-notch brands and products


10 Best Kettlebells


1. CAP

1. CAP
A kettlebell has long been a product that individuals use to gain strength, build agility, and enhance their body. With that, if you are a golfer looking for a quality product that will fit perfectly at your at home gym and enhance the way that you work out and build muscle, this is the item for you. As the first brand on the list, we want to share the CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell and two aspects to consider.
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Plenty of Weights

Every individual seeking to gain muscle knows that it is important to use the right product. With that, every golfer seeking to enhance their body understands the importance of a product that is specifically designed for that. Well, this item comes with plenty of different weights ranging from 10lbs up to 50lbs. So, you can gain weight, or become a bodybuilder, your choices!

Black Coated

Cast iron has long been known as one of the most durable products in the industry. With that in mind, this item is black coated and designed to be very durable. The coating is made to not chip and is easily cleaned. Alongside this, it protects the cast iron from any potential rust or any potential water damage.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we want to share that this product is very unique, but also one of the simplest in the industry. With that, there is not much to say other than that the price is usually measured by the weight. As a rule of thumb, the weight that you choose will normally be the same as the price.

Quality and durable kettlebell.

Coated in black.

Plenty of great reviews.

Ideal for strength training.

Great to build agility.

Great to build strength.


The handle grip may be small.

The black paint may chip.

2. Tone Fitness

2. Tone Fitness
Who knew that kettlebells could come in such pretty and stylish colors? This item is known as the Tone Fitness Kettlebell Bundle and it is a quality bundle designed for individuals that want to gain strength using a quality product. Here are two features to consider of this unique bundle.
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Three Weights

This product is one of the highest qualities in the industry and it is in fact, often touted by many professionals and individuals that have used it. With that in mind, an individual with this bundle receives three different weights, a five, ten, and fifteen-pound weight and a DVD to go along.

Vinyl Cover

Unlike coated cast iron bells that may chip, this product is actually made with a quality vinyl cover. The vinyl cover of this item is a high-quality vinyl that is durable, sleek, and very well made. With that, it also has a quality grip that allows for individuals to not slip. The grip is the perfect width and happens to be made to be durable.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, we want to share that this brand excels when it comes to quality and their product design. More so, they also make the product appear fun and colorful, adding to the structural design and benefits of the item. If you want a durable product that will is high quality and offers years of training, this is it. For the price, they even include a DVD.

Workout DVD included.

Great for beginners.

Sculpts the body.

Comfortable Grip.

Sleek vinyl design.


The design is large for the weight size.

Very large and can be hard to hold.

3. Yes4All Vinyl

3. Yes4All Vinyl
This next brand excels in the area of fitness, creating quality designs that are seamless, easy to use, and made for quality. This next item is known as the Yes4A Vinyl Coated Kettlebell and it happens to be very durable, high-quality and made to be easy to use. Here are two features to consider this product.
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No More Chalk

It is common for individuals to chalk their hands when using an item such as this. The reason being is that chalking your hands allow for you to have an excellent grip and minimizes slips when you start to sweat. Well, this product is designed for individuals to not need any more chalk. The textured handle happens to be a non-slip secure grip handle that is made to have ridges and made to be highly durable.

PVC Coating

This item happens to have a quality PVC coating in the exterior of the cast iron to ensure individuals maximum quality. With that, the coating is anti-corrosion, superior strength, and happens to be very durable. Alongside this, we recommend this product for the fact that the coating allows for the item to last longer.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this kettlebell, we want to discuss that it is made to be highly durable and high quality. With this, individuals will appreciate that this product is also made to be for individuals that have endurance and want to gain weight. If you love the design, will there is a wide variety of different weights to choose from, ranging from five pounds to 45 pounds.

Ranges in weight.

Contoured smooth texture handle.

No more chalk.

Solid cast iron PVC coating.

Durable super strength and anti-corrosion.

Weight markings.

Flat bottom for easy storage.


If not careful, the rubber may rip.

Can get dirty quickly.

4. REP Fitness

4. REP Fitness
This next brand has five stars, and it is because their products are excellent, well designed, highly durable and made from quality materials. The REP Fitness Kettlebell is a quality product that comes in a large variety of different sizes and individuals can even buy it with a stand. More so, this product is excellent to build lean muscle mass, use them for squats, cross training, and more. Here are two benefits to consider this product.
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Single Cast

This product happens to be made from a single cast design that ensures maximum quality and durability. While many brands tend to create their kettlebells by welding the handle and the base, this product is one single design. Alongside this, each handle has a color-coded ring at the bottom to ensure that individuals can distinguish each weight.


This brand has a quality design that individuals will appreciate. This product as an ergonomic and comfortable handle known as a SmoothGrip matte-black powder coated handle that is designed to be easy to grip and high quality. More so, the handle is intended for individuals that want a quality handle that will not damage their hands or cause the item to slip.

Cost and Value

As far as price, we want to share that this may be one of the highest quality items on this list to consider. More so, this product is made to be very durable, high quality, and easy to use. With that said, we recommend this item for individuals that want a quality kettlebell, they want to gain weight, or want to cross train. For the price, this item is highly valued, and the brand offers excellent customer service.

Quality enamel coating.

Build strength and endurance easier.

Lean muscle mass builder.

Quality handle.

Anti-slip design.

Made to be durable.

Trusted brand.

Five-star reviews.



5. GoFit Premium

5. GoFit Premium
This next product is a high-quality kettlebell that is also very simple to use and very durable. Dipped in vinyl to enhance the durability of the product and the overall design, we want to share the GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell and two features of this excellent product as well as what individuals can expect from this brand.
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Easy On Your Floors

The vinyl material that covers the bell area of this product is made to be durable, but also easy on your floors. The design is a high-quality kettlebell design that ensures maximum quality features and protection on your floors. With that said, the vinyl coating is also designed to make the product last the test of time.

Improve Your Form

This product is designed for individuals that want to enhance the way that they work out. More so, the item is made to help individuals enhance their posture. Alongside this, this product aids in strength training and muscle building, which can come in handy on the golf course.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we want to share that we believe this brand has created a great product. With that, they have four stars and their biggest concern is that the DVD is not a high-quality instructional video. However, the price is very reasonable, and individuals can simply search great videos online on how to use this product. For the design, we highly recommend it.

Durable quality product.

Great product.

Plenty of different color choices to choose from.

Quality grip.

Made to be easy on floors.

Easy to store due to flat bottom design.


Bad quality DVD video. Costly.

6. Best Choice Products

6. Best Choice Products
This next item is by a brand that excels in quality products and excellent designs made for durability. The Best Choice Products Three-Piece Fitness Kettlebell and Base is a high-quality item that includes everything an individual will need to start their strength training and muscle building journey. If you want an excellent item made for durability, we recommend this quality product.
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The Set

This quality set includes everything an individual will need to succeed and start their strength training journey. The product is a high quality and durable three-piece set of bells that includes a five-pound, ten-pound, and fifteen-pound as well as a stand for them to sit on. With that, individuals can expect the item to be durable, high quality, and simple to use.

The Design

Now, the design of this product happens to be different than most kettlebells. This product comes with HDPE kettlebells that are high quality and then stuffed cement. More so, the grip is designed for the kettlebell to be easy to move and use without the feature of slips and potential accidents.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, we want to share with our audience that his product is high quality, made from an excellent design and individuals will appreciate the overall value of the product. Alongside this, we recommend to individuals that they consider their options when selecting the best product and whether or not they prefer cement or cast-iron bells. For the price, you get three bells and a stand, which is a great offer.

Quality and durable set.

Constructed of heavy-duty HDPE.

Made to last.

Filled with cement.

Great variety.

Set includes five, ten, and fifteen pounds.

Durable construction.


The stand is low quality.

Not for professionals.

7. AmazonBasics

7. AmazonBasics
This manufacturer has been known for producing excellent quality products that are durable and made to last. The AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell is one of those excellent products. We want to share two features of this item for individuals that want a simple design.
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Cast Iron

This product is made from 100% cast iron. With that, individuals can expect it to be reliable, built to last, and highly durable. Alongside this, we want to share that the product is also very simple to use and coated with an exterior coat that ensures that it will be protected against potential corrosion.

Textured Handles

Whether you hold your product with one hand or two hands, this product is designed with an anti-slip coating and a textured handle that makes the product easy to use. The handle is considered to be wider than most in the industry. Therefore, individuals should consider the weight alongside how easy to the product is to hold. With that, the exterior coating makes the product even more safe to use.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share with our audience that it happens to be highly durable and easy to use. More so, the design is a high quality and simple design that comes in a variety of different weights for individuals to use. We recommend this product for the value, the durability, and the brand that supplies it.

Quality product made to be durable.

Plenty of sizes to choose from.

Trusted brand.

Painted surface.

Increased durability and corrosion.

Textured wide handle.


Slippery when wet.

Not appealing.

8. Gymenist

8. Gymenist
This next product is very durable, has a quality coating, and the design is very stylish. Overall, it not only is a quality product to use, but it will look highly appealing in any gym. The Gymenist Kettlebell Fitness Iron Weight is durable, high quality and made to last. We want to share two excellent features of this product with our audience.
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Modern Colors

One of the best aspects of this product is the brand has actually made this item to have very modern and stylish colors. The colors are bright pastel colors that are designed to help individuals acknowledge the weight of each item. Ever weight ranging from five pounds to fifty pounds has their own specific color design.

Neoprene Exterior

Neoprene is often known as one of the highest quality materials in the industry. This material guarantees quality alongside durability. With this, this item is actually coated with a neoprene exterior to make it easy for individuals to be able to use the product and not have any slipping or potential accidents when using the item.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price, it is important to note that it will vary depending on the size of the item. With that, this item is of the highest quality, design benefits, and guaranteed to last. With this in mind, individuals are guaranteed a durable product that is very high quality and even looks great on display in any home gym.

Different weights to choose from.

Single solid-iron design

Neoprene coating exterior.

Comes with a unique and modern color.

Neoprene coating protects floors.


Smaller than most.

9. KettleBell Kings

9. KettleBell Kings
This next product has five stars for many reasons. For individuals that want a high quality and durable product, this brand excels in their features, design, and quality. We want to share with our audience the KettleBell Kings powder coated kettlebell, which is made for rust, durability, and resistance. Here are two features and benefits to consider.
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Free Workouts

This product comes with a variety of free workouts with the purchase. In fact, the brand includes access to a database of different workout techniques, how to’s and much more. With that I mind, this brand actually has five-star reviews for their quality products and overall excellent design.

Powder Coating

This product may be one of the highest quality kettlebells in the industry. The item has a powder coating that protects the kettlebell from being chipped or scratched and maintains a high-quality appearance. With that said, this product’s powder coating prevents from any rust building on the product as well as protects your floors from the heavy weight of this product.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, we want to share that it is important to consider the high-quality design of the product alongside the excellent design of this brand. With that said, this brand has a wide variety of different weights to consider and they even come with a lifetime guarantee for the design. If you want excellent value for the price, this brand is worth considering.

Excellent design.

Lifetime warranty.

Quality and durable design.

Free workouts included.

Powder coating to protect the product.



10. Day 1 Fitness

10. Day 1 Fitness
This product is known as the Day 1 Fitness Kettlebell Weight and it happens to be made for quality and durability. This product actually has five stars and it is designed for high impact and longevity. We want to share two excellent features to consider if you want more burn and less ouch. Here are two benefits!
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Less Ouch

This product may have one of the highest quality designs in the industry. This product has a smooth grip that is high quality and allows individuals to avoid unnecessary rubbing and blisters. Alongside this, it happens to be sanded and has a seam-free design, so individuals feel a quality grip when using the item.

The Finish

The finish of this product is of the highest quality. It happens to be a solid cast iron design with a hammertone non-chop finish. This finish is designed for quality and anti-rust benefits. Alongside this, it also has a vinyl coating at the base that cuts back noise, chipping, and potential accidents. More so, it also protects your floors from unwanted scratches.

Cost and Value

If you want a quality design that is durable, made to last, and designed with a smooth grip design to avoid any blisters, we recommend this product. More so, this brand excels as far as design quality and benefits and overall their products are excellent for individuals that want to build strength and create a great at-home workout routine. For the price, they are well worth it considering they are specially made to be highly durable and resistance free.

Protect your floors with the vinyl coating.

Scratch free exterior.

Quality vinyl coating.

Includes free workout routines.

Five star brand and product.



As we mentioned before, the opportunities and advantages really are endless when it comes to these products. There is so much room for growth and advancement by including these into a workout routine that, more and more golfers around the world are beginning to weigh in on the benefits of them. With that being said, we highly advise all golfers to start with a lighter weight. If you are unfamiliar with how to work out with a kettlebell, you should start with something easier, so you can learn the movements, before using something heavy, potentially causing damage, impacting your ability to golf.

Now, you might be curious as to how we were able to find these 10 products above. If so, the next section is particularly something you will be interested in. There, we are going to reveal our secrets behind how we were able to really measure and assess each product and brand. If you are ready to move onto our evaluation section, keep on reading!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Kettlebells

Before we were able to simply picking out the 10 best products, we realized very early on that we needed to have a strategy put into place. Otherwise, we would be overwhelmed by options and designs. So, what we did was create a list of different criteria that we used to help choose the best brands and products. Now, this criterion was really based upon what we felt our readers were looking for in these products. This meant concepts like the size and the weight, the durability, and even how the handle was designed. If you are unaware of how important these features may be, have no fear. Below, we are going to provide some valuable insight and tips on how important each aspect is – and how we used them to pick our 10 products.

Are you ready to begin?

Size and Weight

One of the first things that we want to share is that every single product that we provided you today has a different size and weight. Like that of dumbbells, there are different ways for manufacturers to design this product – and this is clear if you look solely at the pictures above. Now, our goal was to provide you with a vast number of options, all of which boast the same quality and value. So, whether you are a beginner golfer or expert golfer seeking to improve your workout routine, there is a size and weight class dedicated to you. Now, we would like to say that, out of all of our products, the trend seems to be between 5-40 pounds in weight – ranging in different sizes, handles, grips, and materials. Below, we are going to talk a bit more about the handle and materials.


If there is one facet of a kettlebell that is critical to look at, it’s the handle. This component could be the difference between developing blisters and having bloody hands – and having a good golf swing. Now, given that there are hundreds of different brands and products, one can conclude that there is also an assortment of different styles of handles.

When it came to our buying guide, it was our goal to highlight products that came with comfort-infused handles. This meant handles that came with grips, had a good amount of space for golfers to hold the bell and has been appropriately designed for extensive use. To ensure that all of our products were notable and quality, we looked at previous customers to see what they had to say about their workout experience. As many have attested, there is nothing better than the 10 brands that we shared with you today.


Now, you might not think this, but, the materials used in making kettlebells is something worth looking into. In our experience and research, consumers should only be purchasing products that are made from the following two materials:

  • Cast iron
  • Steel

If you are finding a product that is not made from either of these materials, it’s either cheap, patented, or not even worth considering.


Now, even though many of these items are made from high-quality cast-iron or steel, you wouldn’t expect to think to evaluate durability, would you? Well, during our research, we found many brands and products with reviews from consumers complaining about the durability of the overall product. It was here that we learned that these products can lack durability and the handle, grip, or entire product can simply fall apart if it was not put together properly.

With that being said, our goal with today’s buying guide was to only select items that were proclaimed to have superior durability and quality. To assure our readers, we not only looked at the manufacturer’s product description and material choice, we even looked to see what brands offered warranties or guarantees on their durability. Additionally, we consulted with hundreds of different reviews to ensure that other consumers had a positive outlook on the item.

Consumer Reviews

If there is one criterion that we feel all consumers may be used improperly, it’s consumer reviews. Typically, when we purchase a product, we look at the customer reviews, but with our own biases in mind. What we mean is, we look at the absolute best and absolute worst reviews. We don’t ever take the time to look at the average reviews. For the purpose of today’s buying guide and finding the absolute best brands and choices, we actually looked at those average reviews.

Reason being, it’s there that consumers provide some of the most truthful information about an item. These individuals provide personal experiences with the product, both positive and negative. So, always take the time to consult with these reviews and carefully note consistencies in each review. For example, if you are noticing many people complaining about the durability, perhaps there may be a problem with the product’s durability.

The Price Tag & Value

When it comes to purchasing any product or good, it’s really important to look at the price tag and its value. Now, most consumers will look at the price tag in means to compare it to their budget or elasticity. However, what we encourage our readers to do is take it one step further. Rather than looking at the price as for whether or not you can afford it – look at these numbers and compare them to what other brands are offering.

  • Is one product priced higher than another?
  • Are they priced similarly?
  • What value does the product offer the consumer?
  • Does one product offer more value than another brand or product?
  • How does the price compare with a product that has more value?

Through taking the time to really answer these questions, it could shine a bright light on the best brands and products. This is exactly what we did to ensure that our golfer friends get the best possible kettlebell for their performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should you clean a kettlebell? If so, how?

A: Yes! You always want to take the time to disinfect the gear, if possible, after each use. Reason being, bacteria can build-up on these, resulting in future problems down the line. Now, there are different ways that you can go about cleaning these. The easiest, and more affordable, is simply using a towel with warm water and soap. If you are wanting something stronger, you can always purchase different weight cleaners, which can be found online.

Q: Should you use the same weight for a kettlebell that you would with a dumbbell?

A: No. Dumbbells are a bit different than kettlebells and, the way that you workout with them is different as well. Think about it this way. When you go to a gym and use a machine that works out your abs -you are not going to use the same weight on another machine – unless you are fairly confident that you can handle the weight class. We highly advise all golfers to start with a lighter weight in the beginning. This can help you practice and develop the endurance and stamina needed to progress up the weight ladder. Additionally, you would not want to purchase a heavier product and, after one swing with it, it does more damage to your golf swing than you thought.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of kettlebells for golfers?

A: If we can be honest, the biggest benefit of using a kettlebell is that it can significantly improve your golf swing and also prevent any major injuries in the back, elbow, or even shoulder region. These workouts are really designed to help condition golfers and develop more strength, both of which can help with swinging, driving, and even putting.


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