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Amazon Elements Iron 18mgAs part of our nutrition section, we want to share as many quality products that we can when it comes to nutrition to ensure that we cover all of the important basics about healthy living, eating, and of course, playing golf. With that, you can never be fully in the game if you feel hungry, tired, or are noticing that you are short of breath. Well, if you encounter any of these signs, then it is important to look into exactly why you are feeling these effects. With this in mind, we want to share a serious health topic and talk about one of the most important minerals in the human body, iron.

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Nature Made
  • Nature Made
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  • Health Benefits
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  • Vitron-C
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Easy to Consume
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Solgar Gentle
  • Solgar Gentle
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  • Completely Vegan
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An iron deficiency is nothing to joke about. It can lead to extreme fatigue, skin illnesses, and body pain and much more. With this said, it is important to always take your daily dose of vitamins and minerals and ensure that you are getting the needed amount of vitamins and minerals for the body. However, the iron can be one of the most difficult minerals to get into the body and this is why quality brands have invented iron supplements. Now, of course, this is nothing new. However, the method for which iron is extracted has become healthier and healthier with a focus on non-GMO and organic methods.

Therefore, we want to share the top ten best iron supplements with our audience. If you want more time on the golf course, more time to be on the green, and more time to feel healthier than ever, than taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals is crucial. Let’s begin with product number one!


10 Best Iron Supplements


1. Nature Made

1. Nature Made
As the first product on our list, we want to share a product from a brand that focuses on quality and products for all individuals. Nature Made has long been known as a brand that supplies some of the best products in the industry. This product is no different. Their capsules iron 65mg capsules are some of the healthiest to date. Here are two benefits.
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Healthy Benefits

This particular capsule is one of the highest qualities in the industry and gives noticeable results to the individual using the product. The capsule is made to be easy to consume and ensures the proper intake of iron daily. With that, the capsules are made to produce red blood cell formation and help in liver health and other organs in the body.

No Artificial Ingredients

This product happens to be one of the healthiest because overall it has a great quality profile of benefits. Alongside this, individuals can expect a clean and healthy iron supplement that it's gluten-free, has no yeast or starch, has no preservatives, and no artificial flavors. With this, individuals can expect a no synthetic dye capsule that is very healthy and easy to consume.

Cost and Value

When it comes to the cost, we want to share that this may be one of the most affordable iron capsules in the industry for the price. Not only is it a quality tablet with plenty of benefits, it is a quality product that is made by a great brand. For 180 tablets it is both affordable and easy to consume. Individuals will enjoy the quality of this product.

Essential for hemoglobin.

No artificial flavors.

No preservatives.

No yeast or starch.

Gluten free.


May cause upset stomach.

2. Vitron-C

2. Vitron-C
This next quality formula is a vitamin C formula that is a blend of iron and vitamin C for individuals that want a bit of both. This quality tablet is also easy on the stomach and easy to consume. We want to share the Vitron-C High Potency Iron Supplement and two features of this quality product. Here are two aspects to consider of this item.
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Easier To Consume

This product has an easy to consume formula that ensures less constipation and overall a better feeling when consuming it. With that, this elemental iron supplement is easy on the stomach and individuals will feel an overall better after effect when having this supplement. With this, this product is designed to give individuals the needed intake of iron.

Boost Energy

This supplement is great for individuals that want an easy on the stomach supplement that is a great quality formula with plenty of benefits. One of these benefits is that it enhances the mood and happens to give individuals a boost of energy. Overall, individuals will feel an enhanced mood alongside better energy and better feeling.

Cost and Value

The overall cost and value of this product is one of the best. Individuals will enjoy the easy on the stomach benefits of this item. With that, this a high potency formula that is very healthy and is an easy to consume tablet. For the price, individuals can expect 60 tablets. It is a bit pricey for only 60 but well worth it.

Close to five stars.

Quality tablet.

Easy to consume.

Small in size.

Boosts energy.

Less constipation.

Easy on the stomach.


May cause constipation.

3. Solgar Gentle

3. Solgar Gentle
This next iron supplement is a low dose of iron for individuals that want an easy to consume formula that is also easy on the stomach. If you know you may have stomach problems or it may be hard to consume iron, you may want to start with this all vegan and healthy formula. Here are two aspects to consider of this product.
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Does Not Contain

This item happens to be by far one of the healthiest on the list. It is designed to be completely vegan and has quality clean standards that ensure easy consumption. This product is salt, starch, yeast, wheat, and soy free. With that, it also has no dairy, preservatives, artificial flavors, or any colors. With that said, we recommend this product to any individual that wants a quality all clean supplement.


This product is designed to be constipation free. Iron is known to sometimes be heavy on the stomach and lead to constipation. However, with this supplement, individuals are guaranteed an easy on the stomach product that is very healthy and high quality. With this in mind, the all-vegan formula is high quality and well worth it.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this supplement, we think it is a high-quality formula that is worth considering. For 180 tablets, it actually is well worth the price and for the clean ingredients and profile, we can see many benefits with this product. Overall, we recommend this supplement if you want a great quality and gentle on the stomach product.

Gentle on the stomach.

Easy to consume.

Quality formula.

No sugar, salt, or starch.

Healthy ingredients.

No preservatives.

No artificial flavors or colors.


Not potent.

Cannot be taken on an empty stomach.

4. Zahlers

4. Zahlers
This next quality complex is known by the brand Advanced Nutrition by Zahler. This product is high quality, very healthy, and is gentle on the stomach. With that, it has quality ingredients and is designed to ensure the most potent but gentle effects when consumed. We want to share two benefits of this quality product.
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High Quality Ingredients

This product is designed with the best quality ingredients that allow for a full spectrum of nutrients and formation of red blood cells. With that, this product is designed for hemoglobin formation and allows for it to be easy to consume, going straight into the blood system.

No Constipation

Iron is normally known to cause constipation to individuals. This product has the perfect blend of potency and also quality ingredients so individuals do not get the nasty side effect of constipation. With a great blend of ingredients, individuals will appreciate the design of this formula.

Cost and Value

When talking about price and value, we want to share that this brand has close to five stars from hundreds of individuals. Alongside this, it is well priced for 100 capsules and individuals can expect a healthy blend of iron benefits. With that, it is not to be consumed with grains, coffee, tea, or dairy. We recommend reading the directions before taking this product.

Very healthy iron complex.

Aids low iron levels.

No symptoms.

Designed to be easy to consume.

Very great deal.


May cause gas.

May take a while before noticing improvements.

5. Garden of Life

5. Garden of Life
We want to share the Garden of Life Iron Complex for individuals that want a quality vegan iron capsule. There are many benefits to this particular product, one considering the fact that it is 100% vegan. With that, if you want a healthy dose of iron that boost the immune system and ensures better heart and eye health, we recommend this product.
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Stomach Friendly

This product happens to be stomach-friendly and very healthy. This immune system booster and reproductive health supplement is very healthy, is full of probiotics, and is easy to consume. With that, there have not been too many reports of stomach pain or constipation with this item and individuals are guaranteed a quality product that ensures the best results.

100% Vegan

This supplement happens to be made of the healthiest value and benefits. This product is 100% vegan and is made from healthy ingredients. It also is completely dairy free, gluten free, and raw. With that, the best benefits is that it is 100% Non-GMO and individuals can expect it to be Kosher friendly as well.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, it happens to be one of the highest quality supplements in the industry considering that it is all organic. With this, individuals can expect a healthy daily iron supplement that is easy to consume and made for quality. As a gentle whole-food iron, we recommend this for the fact that it also comes with B-12 and vitamin C. For the price, an individual only gets thirty capsules, but it is well worth it.

Has vitamin B-12.

Has Vitamin C.

Vegan supplement.

100% organic.

Very healthy.

Kosher and gluten free.


Expensive for only thirty tablets.

6. EZ Melts

6. EZ Melts
This product happens to have one of the best designs in the industry. Not only is it a low dose of iron but it happens to have great qualities that individuals will appreciate. This product is fast acting and happens to ensure general cellular health alongside other benefits for the body. Here are two features to consider of the EZ Melts Iron Supplement.
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This product happens to give individuals instant benefits the moment they take it. Not only does it fight fatigue and ensure better daily energy, this item actually is great tasting and fast melting. With this, the moment an individual consumes this tablet the product will melt quick into the stomach without causing the stomach side effects that most people mention.

Made In The USA

This product happens to be made of the highest quality value. This product is made in the USA and is completely sugar-free, gluten-free and has non-GMO. Also, it has natural flavors, natural sweeteners, and it is 100% vegan. People can expect a healthy dose of iron that ensures no side effects and optimum safety and effects.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price of this product, we see it as a great addition to any individual that wants a quality health supplement that is healthy and effective. With that, this product absorbs easily into the body and is effective for individuals that need more iron in their diet. For ninety tablets it is worth considering and priced very effectively.

Quality iron tablet.

Fast melting supplement.

Optimum safety and effects.

Zesty orange flavor.

Easy to absorb into the body.

Vegan and gluten-free.


May cause stomach pain.

May turn teeth black.

7. Feosol

7. Feosol
This next brand happens to have a quality reputation for their excellent products and great supplement designs. This product is the Feosol Iron Supplement and it has an original and simple formula that is quality and ensures maximum daily iron levels. We want to share two benefits with our readers of this product.
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Potent Tablet

Now, this particular product is not for everyone, but this iron tablet happens to be a high-quality iron tablet that is designed to supply individuals 360% of daily value. The 325mg of ferrous sulfate is designed to give individuals 65mg of iron. With that, it may turn the teeth black and cause stomach pains. Therefore, tread wisely when taking this product.

Pharmacy Recommended

The history of this brand proceeds this product. This item is considered the #1 pharmacy recommended iron supplement for individuals that need a healthy dose of iron. With this, this product is to only be taken by individuals that notice an iron deficiency and could benefit from such a strong dose of the mineral.

Cost and Value

To discuss price, we want to say that for the count and the potency, it is a rather cheaper product. Alongside this, it does not boast the vegan and gluten-free benefits of other brands. With that in mind, we recommend it if you want a quality product and high potency. If you suffer from stomach pains or don’t need the high potency, other iron brands may be better options to consider.

High potency iron tablet.

Has sulfate and quality tested.

Pharmacy recommended.

Above the daily value.


May cause stomach pain.

May be too strong for some individuals.

120 tablets for cheap.

8. Amazon Elements Brand

8. Amazon Elements Brand
This next product comes from the Amazon Elements brand and happens to be a high-quality product with plenty of benefits. We have come to know this brand for providing a high-quality blend of house products to supplements and even clothes. Therefore, we are intrigued to see how high quality this item is. Here are two benefits of the Amazon Elements iron capsules.
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This product happens to have a healthy blend of minerals and ingredients. With that, it is designed to be 100% gluten-free, no chemicals, preservatives, or harmful ingredients. Alongside this, it is a quality tested and made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility. Overall, this brand as a whole is known for their quality products.

The Process

The process of creating his product happens to be one of the cleanest processes in the industry. Overall, this item is quality tested and designed to be easy to consume. With that, the iron is dried and placed inside a small vegetable capsule that is easy to consume melts in the stomach quickly.

Cost and Value

As we discuss the price of this product, it is important to note that this brand has an excellent track record. With that, this is not the highest quality iron supplement. However, it is perfect for individuals that want a small dose of vegan iron. With only 18mg of iron, individuals can expect it to be easy to consume and not have any side effects that are known to be common when taking iron.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Great price for 195 capsules.

Vegetable capsule is easy to consume.

Vegan and gluten-free.

No artificial flavors or colors added.


Odd smell.

Off after taste.

9. Nature’s Bounty

9. Nature’s Bounty
We are coming to the end of our list and we want to share a brand that has a long reputation for quality and health. With the best quality measures taken to create the best products, we want to share this iron supplement. This is the Nature’s Bounty Iron 65 MG supplement and here are two benefits to consider of this product.
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65 MG Tablet

This product is a 65mg tablet that is easy to swallow and consume. With that in mind, it is a compressed tablet of iron compared to a softgel. However, it is important to note to consume this product with the right ingredients at the right time. Alongside this, we capsule is smaller than most. Therefore, it becomes easier to swallow than most brands.

High Dose

Compared to many other brands in the industry. This product happens to be a high dose of iron, which is well above the daily recommended value. However, for individuals that need a strong dose of iron due to an iron deficiency or other effects, we highly recommend this product. With that, the high dose should be consumed carefully and individuals will notice a difference drastically within a couple days of use.

Cost and Value

One aspect to consider about this product is the cost. The price for this item is a well-priced tablet that ensures maximum health benefits alongside a great and quality easy to consume tablet. Although it is compressed and it may affect the stomach differently than smaller doses, it will absorb into the body quickly and effortlessly. With that, the price is very cheap!

Quality high dose tablet.

Easy to swallow.

Plenty of benefits.


Cheap product.

No reviews.

No information online.

10. NutritiPure

10. NutritiPure
This next product is very different than most supplements we have talked about so far. Every supplement we have talked about has been a supplement designed to be swallowed and consumed. This product happens to be a chewable supplement that is high quality, tasty, and very easy to consume. The fact that it is chewable also makes it easy on the stomach. With that, let’s talk about the NutritiPure Chewable Iron Supplement and two benefits of this product.
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Effective Absorption

This product is designed to be easy to consume and easy to swallow. With this said, the effective absorption is due to the blend of quality materials that have minimal side effects. Overall, the quick melting tablet is very tasty and has no bitter aftertaste which is common among supplements. The flavor is an orange flavor that is tasty and even has added Vitamin C for better absorption benefits.

Made In The USA

As the last product, we could not pick a better supplement. This item is made in the USA and it happens to be made with some of the healthiest ingredients. Even better, this product has all natural flavors, no GMO’s, sugars, and no sweeteners. In fact, the product is designed to be easy on the stomach and not cause any unwanted side effects, which is common among iron tablets.

Cost and Value

For the price, this is a great deal! This product has 90 chewable tablets and individuals can expect it to be a great tasting and quality product. Alongside this, the design and benefits include an orange flavor tablet that is easy to consume alongside a healthy dose of iron. For the flavor, the price, and the design, we highly recommend it if you are not a fan of strong iron tablets.

Quality daily iron tablet.

Easy to chew and easy on the stomach.

No bitter or odd after taste.

No artificial sweeteners and 100% real flavors.

Free of sugars.

Non-GMO tablet.

Low dose to be easy to consume.


Not strong enough for already anemic individuals.

What is an iron deficiency?

Now, how do you know if you have an iron deficiency? Well, we want to share the different effects of an iron deficiency with our audience. Here are some below.

  • The first and most obvious sign of iron deficiency is extreme fatigue and exhaustion. This is due because the body is having trouble carrying oxygen to the cells. With that, it means that your hemoglobin may be quite low and you need to replenish your red blood cells
  • Another is frequent infections. If you happen to be more susceptible to body infections it means that you have a low-level immune system.
  • If your hemoglobin is low then you make lighter and paler skin. When red blood cells become low on iron the body shows this by causing the skin to lose the ‘warm’ tone that red blood cells cause.
  • Restless leg syndrome is another effect due to iron deficiency.
  • Another symptom is if you notice that you are starting to lose hair at a massive level and your hair falls out easily.

With all of this in mind, we hope we have conveyed the importance of getting the right amount of iron into your body. Now, if you are not one to eat too many foods with iron in it to get your daily amount, this is where an iron supplement can come into play.

Now that we have shared the top ten best iron supplements that we can share with our audience, what are your thoughts? Many of these brands are very well known among the vitamin and supplement community and have been known to supply some of the best quality supplements in the industry. However, it is always important to discuss with a nutritionist or a professional as to the right amount of supplements for you and what your body needs. With that in mind, if you are going to conduct your own research on the best iron supplement for you, there are different aspects to take into consideration.

These aspects are all narrowed down in our specialized criteria. So, if you are looking for quality guidelines to ensure the best possible supplement, we want to share our criteria with our audience. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Iron Supplements

When taking the best iron supplements into consideration, there are many different aspects of an iron supplement to consider when selecting the best one. The reason being is that iron supplements, depending on the dose can have different effects on an individual and may cause a couple of slight side effects. With this said, we wanted to ensure that we shared the best quality supplements in the industry. So, if you are considering conducting your own research, we want to share with our audience the different aspects to consider when finding the best product.

Quality / Reviews

As the first criteria for consideration, the quality of the product is the most important factor. Now, the best way to do this is to read the reviews and see the average rating for the product. The best way to tell if a product is right for you is to see what individuals have to say about that item. When it comes to a supplement, our guarantee is to always share products that have above four stars and are designed to be of the best quality. Different factors of quality that we consider are listed below.

  1. Potency

As the first aspect to consider, we focus on the potency of the product. Of course, different potencies will have different effects. Therefore, it is important to note which potency is the right one for you. If you are considering taking an iron supplement, you want to ensure that your body can handle that amount of potency. For extremely anemic people that need a high dose, a higher dose will work wonders. However, it does come with a couple of side effects that are common when taking iron.

  1. Negative Side Effects

As the next aspect of quality, we wanted to ensure that the products we shared were of the best value and also came with minimal side effects. Now, when it comes to side effects, the most common side effects of taking an iron supplement is stomach aches and constipation. With this said, the formula of the product is what determines the type of side effects it will have. Of course, individuals will have different levels of side effects depending on the dose. Therefore, if you are considering taking an iron supplement, it is always best to start with a low dose of iron so your body and stomach can get used to it.

  1. Positive Side Effects

When it comes to iron supplements, we wanted to share products that had positive side effects and would work well for individuals. Once again, this is where reviews came into consideration because we wanted to share products that were of the best value and were designed to have positive side effects. Below is a list of the best positive side effects and results from taking an iron supplement.

  • Boosts of energy.
  • Will raise hemoglobin levels.
  • Enhances brain function.
  • Carries oxygen to red blood cells.
  • Lowers headaches
  • Lowers body weakness.
  1. The Formula

As another quality aspect to consider, we wanted to focus on the formula. The formula of an iron supplement is the most important aspect to consider for many reasons. The primary reason is that you do not want any added ingredients to the formula that can be quite harmful. Harmful ingredients in an iron formula can be gluten, dairy, sugar, GMO’s, additives, etc. With this in mind, we wanted to share the cleanest possible formulas with our audience from brands that focused on quality. With that, the best brands to consider are normally vegan or vegetarian free with ethical methods of extraction iron.

  1. The Taste / Absorption

As some individuals will notice, an iron supplement or tablet will actually have somewhat of an orange taste. With that, many brands actually add vitamin c to the supplement for it to taste better and for it to also be easier to absorb. Therefore, individuals will notice at times an additive of vitamin C or organic flavoring and it is designed to make it easier to consume and easier for the body to absorb.

Now, we have shared five important aspects of quality to consider. With that, we want to move forward and share the second most important criteria to look out for when it comes to the best iron supplements.

Cost and Count

When finding the best products, you not only want quality, but you want bang for your buck. Therefore, it seems the common theme is a 90 count of tablets for $15-$25. However, individuals will notice that there are specific brands that tend to be more costly. It is important to note which brands focus on the best and organic methods of extracting their iron as well as the ingredient profile and formula. With that, it is better quality and will be better absorption and results to choose a brand that has the best formula. Of course, the potency will also have an effect on the cost with most brands ranging from 20mg-60mg. Keep in mind, the stronger the potency the heavier it will be on the stomach and can lead to more sensitive side effects.

Now, we want to move forward and discuss the different asked questions when it comes to taking iron.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long before you start noticing results?

A: This primarily depends on the individual taking the product and the potency. However, most individuals start noticing results and increased energy within five to seven days of taking an iron supplement.

Q: Is the supplement gluten free?

A: Through our research, we have discovered that most brands are gluten free and their products are gluten-free. With that, gluten-free supplements tend to be higher quality than other supplements and this is an important aspect to consider when shopping around.

Q: Can you split the tablet in half?

A: Almost all brands will recommend against splitting the tablet in half because an individual will only get about half of the potency and the formula will not be as effects.

Q: Does it stain your teeth?

A: Iron supplements are known to stain the teeth if an individual chews it. Therefore, it is primarily recognized that it is better to swallow the tablet than chew it.

Q: How do I consume the iron supplement?

A: It is commonly recognized to not consume an iron tablet on an empty stomach. However, an individual should also not consume a tablet with specific foods such as dairy or fish. Each brand will have specific consumption instructions to consider.


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