Best Ice Packs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

As part of our nutrition and lifestyle section, it is our goal to share products that we see may enhance our golfer friend’s lifestyle. With that in mind, have you ever been golfing and pulled a back muscle or maybe came home with shoulder pain? Sometimes the pain is so much that a simple meditation or herbal tea will not help. This is where stronger methods can come in, especially if you are a fan of holistic all-natural approaches towards health. The compress is known as one of the best inventions since bread and butter.

Featured Recommendations

  • FlexiKold
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable Quality
  • Price: See Here
NatraCure Universal
  • NatraCure Universal
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Belt System
  • Price: See Here
  • Ohuhu
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waterproof
  • Price: See Here

A compress not only heals an area of potential pain and removes any discomfort, it also allows for more blood flow to that specific area alongside a comfortable feeling and decrease of pain. With that, we want to share with our audience the top ten best ice packs that an individual can buy today.


10 Best Ice Packs


1. FlexiKold

1. FlexiKold
If you have ever golfed for hours or suffered an injury from golfing or any other sport then you know the importance of properly taking care of the sore area. With this, we want to share the first item on our list, a quality gel ice pack that is designed for quality and plenty of benefits. With multiple sizes to choose from, the FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack is comfortable to use, high quality, and well designed. Here are two features to consider.
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Durable Quality

The design of an ice pack happens to be one of the most important factors to consider. The reason being is that the design needs to be made for quality and durability. With that, this item is one of the highest qualities because of the exterior and interior. This item is made from an extra thick nylon exterior that is double sealed and is designed to prevent leaking. With this, individuals can expect to last a long time, be portable and durable.


Even when frozen this product stays highly flexible. The reason being is that his product includes a specific inner gel that conforms to any part of the body, even when frozen. This gel cannot be made to solidify, only to be able to hold cold temperature. With this, there are numerous sizes to choose from that can range from being able to cover a knee to the whole back.

Cost and Value

The price for this item is well priced. This product right now is actually at one of the lowest prices that it has ever been for the standard size, about 60% off. With that, this item also comes in a standard two-pack and other sizes that range in price. Overall, if you want an ice pack that is designed to stay cold, offer the perfect amount of cold, and is highly durable, we recommend this first product.

Four standard sizes to choose from.

Great for the neck, shoulders, back and legs.

Heals any soreness or injury from golfing or workouts.

More flexible interior gel.

Durable exterior that is double lined.

Premium quality construction.

Currently at its best price.


Not super cold as other ice pack.

2. NatraCure Universal

2. NatraCure Universal
This next ice pack is one of the most innovative designs that one can buy. Have you ever been placing an ice pack or gel pack on your shoulder or leg and every couple of minutes it would fall off? Well, that is not a worry with this item. This particular product comes with a wrap design where individuals can wrap it easily around any spot on their body, so it does not fall off. Let’s share two features of the NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap and what individuals can expect from this high-quality product.
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Better Than Bentonite

This product has one of the highest quality interior gels. It happens to actually be different from bentonite and it stays colder for longer. The interior is made from a proprietary clay interior that is pliable even when cold. With this, individuals can lengthen the time that the wrap stays on the area of the body instead of having to take it off every couple of minutes or so. With that, it has an easy wrap system where all you have to do is wrap it around that area and leave it on for longer.

The Belt System

This product comes with a fully customizable belt system that is 24-inches long. With this, the stretchable nylon strap is precise for any area of the body and ensures that it will easily stay on. With that, the stretchy material is comfortable, and it is easy to use, simply wrap it around that specific area and watch it tighten and contour to that spot.

Cost and Value

This item blends innovation with quality use. This product happens to be well priced and is quite less expensive than other gel wraps. With this, individuals can expect this product to come in various sizes and be able to withstand the test of time. If you no longer want to hold onto the gel pack, let the gel pack hold onto itself. For that feature alone, we give this product an A+. In fact, so do 2k other consumers!

Plenty of positive reviews.

Thinner and lighter than other brands.

More flexible and high quality.

Stays pliable even when frozen.

Longer lasting cold due to the clay interior.

The durable nylon strap makes it easy to stay on.

Can be adjusted easily.

Comes in various sizes.


Very thin gel pack.

Will loose cold in about thirty minutes.

3. Ohuhu

3. Ohuhu
When we think of gel packs or ice bags, we think of this particular product. This is one of the most infamous ice packs in the industry, the one that is commonly showcased on the photo of a child with a fever or a cartoon. We want to share the Ice Cold Ohuhu Reusable Ice Bag, a quality product that is designed to be easy to use, effective, and high quality. Let’s share two features of how individuals can benefit from this particular ice pack.
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The Design

The design of this product happens to be much different than a gel pack. Think of this product as a leak-resistant bag with a cap that can be filled with ice cubes or hot water. With that, you simply have to open the leak-resistant cap, fill it with the contents, close it, and then place it on the area. The benefits of this are that you can get instant benefits at the moment instead of having to wait for a pre-designed gel pack to get cold in the freezer.


Now, since it is a bag and it will have liquid in it, it is expected to be waterproof. This product is made to be latex-free and 100% waterproof. With that, the latex-free cotton textile material is durable and traps temperatures inside of the bag very well. With that, individuals can use it with hot water or cold water and expect the temperatures to last very well. Alongside this, the top ring where the content is inserted is made to be corrosion resistant and heat resistant as well.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this ice pack, we see this as a valuable addition to any household for very active individuals. If you are a golfer and you hurt your knee on the golf course, you may want the small ice pack to place on it. If you have a child with a fever and needs some cooling down, you can get the medium bag as well. With that, this product comes in various sizes and it is designed to be highly durable and easy to use. For the price, which varies by size, we recommend it if you appreciate the style of the product.

Three bags in one purchase.

Quality ice bag design.

Can be filled with hot water or cold water.

Durable material that traps temperatures.

Lead resistant cap that is easy to fill.

Secure lock system when closed.

Corrosion and resistant PP ring.

Cotton textile interior that is waterproof.


The tops are made of plastic.

It sweats with cold water or ice.

4. IceWraps Rounds

4. IceWraps Rounds
These next ice packs that we want to share with our audience may be the best when it comes to small areas of pain or compact use. If you want a gel ice pack that is quality, is compact, perfect for small areas on the body, or even designed for tired eyes, we recommend the IceWraps Round Reusable Gel Ice Packs. Not only is it designed to be portable and compact, but it actually comes with a cloth backing that makes it incredibly high quality and easy to use.
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If you are a golfer and hurt your toe, your palm, or your hand and need an ice pack that will help heal that specific area, we recommend this product. Not only this, but this item is a multi-purpose item due to the small size. Women who may be breastfeeding can use it, computer programmers that may suffer from tired eyes can use it, and of course, daily golfers that need a bit of a spa moment. We highly support it!

One-Year Warranty

This products dedication to be of quality and this brand’s purpose to be of use make this product even higher quality and worth it. They clearly show their dedication towards customer satisfaction and service by including a 100% money back guarantee and one-year warranty in the case that the item is defective in any way. With this, individuals can expect this product to be highly durable and high-quality overall.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we recommend this product to individuals that want a compact product that can sit on any area of the body that may be in pain. With that, this product overall has one of the best ratings online and an individual can expect it to be safe, natural, comfortable, and easy to use. Alongside this, for the price, individuals will receive five in a pack. So, if you want a spa night with friends or you and your friend had a tiring golfing day, this product can be shared.

High quality durability.

Comfortable and easy to use.

Great design that is natural and safe.

Cold or hot treatments can last twenty minutes.

Gel stays flexible even when frozen.

Great design and detail quality.

FDA registered product.

Gel is 97% Canadian spring water.


Will break if overheating.

5. Trekproof

5. Trekproof
This next product happens to come in a two-piece pack design and it actually takes what we love of the strap gel pack and makes it even better. This product happens to have the joint strap alongside a removable gel pack. So, individuals can either place the gel pack by itself in a specific area, like over the shoulder or on a leg, or they can use it in tangent with the strap to place on a joint area that needs the strap such as a knee or a shoulder. Let’s talk about the Ice Pack 2-Piece Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Pack, here are two features to consider.
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This product not only comes as a two-piece design, but it also comes as a dual-pack. With this, individuals can keep one quality pack in the freezer while the other one is in use. Other than that, an individual can keep one for emergency purposes or another one in the freezer. With this, it happens to be very durable and designed for quality.

Skin-Safe Fabric

This product comes with an exterior fabric that is very high quality and it is designed to be skin safe and offer endless support. With this, individuals can expect the product to be highly durable and comfortable to use on the body. The product can easily be placed on any sensitive area of the body to relieve pain, swelling, or any sore spots.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, part of the quality of this product is that it comes with a variety of benefits and design elements that are unique to this brand. If you want the benefit of being able to use the gel pack singularly or with a strap, you can do that. Also, it comes with a second gel bag that can be kept frozen while one is in use. For benefits such as these, we highly recommend it for the affordable price.

Comfortable pain relief from multiple areas.

Quality nylon strap that is adjustable and easy to remove and attach.

Hot or cold compress with medical-grade material.

Can be microwaved or freezer to easily rotate between ice and hot.

Quality design that is built to last.

Priced very well.


Very rigid when super cold.

Not as pliable as others.

6. Koo-Case

6. Koo-Case
This next gel pack is perfect for individuals that may have back problems or soreness in large areas of the body. With that, if you are a golfer and you pull your back muscle swinging a bit too hard or pull a shoulder trying to use your new clubs, we recommend the large gel ice pack. From the Koo-Care company, we want to talk about the large flexible gel pack that they provide, made for quality and designed for individuals that want instant relief in large areas of the body.
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Nylon Non-Toxic

This product is designed with durability and also health in mind. In fact, this product is FDA approved and it happens to be designed with a non-toxic gel and exterior that is of the best quality. With this, individuals can trust that the design will be able to serve as a cold compress and a hot compress at the same time. Alongside this, this product stays flexible even when frozen below zero Fahrenheit.

The Fabric Wrap

This product is designed to be of the best value for individuals that tend to work out often, play golf a lot, and may overexert themselves. This ice pack comes with a fabric wrap that is very soft and two elastic bands that make it easy for the item to stay in place. Whether you place it on your back or tighten it around your leg or your shoulder, this product easily stays in place. With this, individuals can expect this item to work very well and be highly durable.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, we overall want to say that this is unlike any other gel pack we have shared. This happens to be the biggest gel pack so far on the list and overall, we recommend it for large areas of the body. Unless you are going to use it on large areas, there are better options out there. With that, for the large size, the price is well priced and worth it.

Quality gel ice pack.

Elastic straps for hot and cold therapy.

Great for pain, sprains, and sore muscles.

Great for covering large areas of the body.

Durable and made to last.

Gel pack, wrap, and extender are included.


Not as flexible as some would have liked.

Stiff when cold.

7. Thrive

7. Thrive
For individuals that want a quality cold compress that is designed to be simple and easy to use, we recommend this brand. For a low price, individuals receive two gel packs that are made to be of high quality and durable value. We want to share the oval Thrive Gel Ice Compress and what individuals can expect from this simple and easy to use product.
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The Design

The design of this item is crafted from a high-quality material that is a blend of nylon and vinyl. This fabric is tear resistant and is designed to last a long time. Overall, it can be both heated and frozen and the fabric will not shrink or expand. With that, it provides soothing therapy to individuals due to the non-toxic interior gel that is pliable even when frozen at the coldest temperatures.

Storage Bag

Now, this is a new feature we have not yet shared. This product comes with a handy storage bag. With this storage bag, individuals can easily and safely store their product and take it on the go. With that, the bag features a drawstring closure that makes it easy to take and easy to store. Overall, this is a great bonus if individuals want to take their gel pack on the golf course or any other adventures.

Cost and Value

Part of the price for this item includes the fact that you are getting two gel packs and a storage bag. With that, it is a great value pack for individuals that want a quality and durable product that will last a long time. It is designed to be wear and tear resistant as well as easy to use and highly durable. With this in mind, we recommend it for individuals that want a quality gel pack that ensures safe use.

Great product that comes in a two pack.

Storage bag included.

Durable exterior that is made to be wear and tear resistant.

Pliable gel even when frozen.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Great for shoulder therapy and leg therapy.

Made to be easy to use.


Not flexible when frozen according to individuals.

8. Perfect Remedy

8. Perfect Remedy
This next product is a highly mailable and highly flexible ice pack with 50% more gel than most packs. With this, it is not bulky but has a great design that allows for individuals to wrap it around large areas that need a bit of heat or cold. Overall, it is a simple design that is well designed and made to be very durable. Here are two features of the Perfect Remedy Gel Ice Packs and what individuals can expect.
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Flexible and Reusable

This product happens to be made from a leak-proof plastic that is highly durable and can easily be reused. With that, the design is intended to remain soft and pliable when very cold and it is designed to offer pain relief to areas of the body ranging from the jaw to the elbow, wrist, neck, and the head. With that, it can be used both hot and cold, for a better range of healing.

One-Year Warranty

There are only a few times that we tend to share that a brand offers a warranty and that is when we are more than certain of the brand’s recognition towards customer satisfaction. This product has close to five stars and plenty of happy customers. With that, the brand allows for a 110% return on any product in the case that it has issues or gets defective. You can either ask for a refund or they will send a replacement.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price, we want to share that this product, much like others is price around the same price range. With that, it comes as a two-pack design and it is highly durable and high quality. With that said, individuals can expect it to function well for the design and offer plenty of relief in areas that are sore or in pain. The gel is high quality, non-toxic and the casing is very durable.

50% more gel than most.

Apply with cold or heat.

Stays colder longer.

Flexible and reusable benefits.

Leak proof plastic.

One-year warranty.


Exterior plastic can cause it to slip from the skin.

May sweat when frozen.

9. IceWraps Reusable

9. IceWraps Reusable
This quality product happens to be of the best quality and design benefit for any individual that wants a quality microwaveable hot pack that is thin, effective, and can be placed in any area of the body. With a quality exterior casing and durable gel that is pliable, we want to share the IceWraps Reusable Hot Cold Packs. Here are two features to consider if you want a quality product.
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The Plastic Exterior

Plastic exteriors tend to be the material that most people are weary about. The reason being is that plastic sweats and it can break. However, this product is made from medical grade plastic, which happens to be the most durable plastic in the industry. With that in mind, the product can easily be microwaved or frozen and still keep its natural quality state.

Natural and Safe

This product happens to have the healthiest content filling interior. This item is made with 97% Canadian spring water, which happens to adhere to the strict and safety regulations of the medical industry. With this, individuals are guaranteed to be using one of the healthiest products available to date if you want quality and durability.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to say that this item is high quality, flexible, durable, and well worth it if you want a two-pack bundle. With that, it currently has a new dropped price and happens to be well designed with plenty of benefits. Now, it is not as large as many individuals would expect, but it is worth it for smaller areas of the body that may be in pain.

Quality exterior durable casing.

Plastic medical grade durability.

Spring water filling is non-toxic.

Great for short term pain relief.

Great for small areas on the body.


They do not heat up evenly.

Thin design causes it too not last long.

10. Therabeads

10. Therabeads
This next product is a high-quality gel wrap that is made with gel beads instead of a full gel body. With this, it is large enough for individuals with leg problems, back pain, or large areas that are sore. The design includes a wrap so individuals can wrap it around easily and it will not fall off. Let’s talk about the Therabeads Hot Cold Gel Large Wrap and two features individuals can expect from this product.
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Flexible Design

This particular product is very handy for individuals that want a hot or cold compress that contours to a specific area of the body. The product is designed to lay flush against the area that needs the most attention and can easily be placed in an area that requires it to contour. With that, it also is folded for compressed healing benefits to a specific area of the body.

Hot and Cold

This product can be used both hot and cold. You can microwave it for a few seconds to instantly start feeling relief and move blood flow to the affected area as well as sooth the discomfort and pain. With that, it is easy to microwave and stays cold for a while before needing to be placed in the freezer again.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we recommend this product to individuals that want a large heating pad or cold compress. The bead interior gel design ensures that the beads will trap more heat and cold temperatures. However, this product does not have many reviews and it is only four stars. With the benefits of the straps and the average price, it is worth a shot if you consider the foldable design a valuable design.

Foldable design that is high quality.

Easy to use back wrap.

Comes with a wrap.

Three sizes to choose from.

Can easily be heated or used cold.

Freezer-safe quality.


Not too many reviews.

Does not last very long.

Do you use a cold compress or a hot compress? If so, then what type do you use? Well, if you want a quality compress that is designed to give individuals the best benefit, we highly recommend any of the ones above. With this said, it is always important to heal any pressure, pain, or discomfort in an area of the body as soon as you feel it. More so, golfers are prone to back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. This is where an ice pack compress comes into play.

Whether you use one cold or you use one hot, a cold or hot compress can aid and be wonderful for individuals that may suffer through muscle or joint pain. Of course, there are many different designs and only the consumer can really tell which design is the best for a specific purpose. With that, if you are seeking to conduct your own research on the best ice pack compresses, we want to share our criteria in the case you want to know what to look for. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Ice Packs

As the criteria to evaluate the best ice packs, we want to share with our audience a couple of the different aspects to look out for when it comes to selecting the best ice pack for you. With that, we hope our criteria makes the process of selecting the best product much easier or when conducting research, much easier. With this, we found that selecting the best ice packs was not a difficult task because most tend to be designed with the same materials or the same designs. Let’s begin!

The Exterior Material

As the first criteria, if you are looking for the best ice pack for you it is important to take the exterior material into consideration. The reason being is that the exterior material of the product will really determine the overall durability of the product. The exterior material is designed to house the contents of the bag, which is what is supposed to get cold in the freezer and hot in the microwave. With this, if the exterior cover is not high quality or durable and the contents break an individual can be seriously harmed. With that, we found that most ice packs are made from three common materials.

  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Nylon

These materials tend to be high quality and durable, with nylon being the strongest and plastic being the weakest. However, the plastic that we encountered is designed to be highly durable and considered medical grade plastics.

The Interior Material

The interior material of an ice pack is the second most important element to consider. The reason being is that the interior material is what is intended to get warm or cold depending on how an individual uses the product. With this, we want to say that most ice packs are made from a high-quality composition of elements that even includes spring water. Now, what causes the product to stay cold or warm for long period at a time is the gel or some brands use clay. With this, it is important to note that the interior material will affect how long the product stays cold or hot for. Therefore, it is important to take this into consideration.

The Size / Design

As the next criteria that we considered, we wanted to share a wide variety of different ice packs. Therefore, we wanted to focus on sharing different sizes. We found that the industry is not short of various sizes when it comes to ice packs and we discovered that the different sizes range from palm size for use on the eyes or small parts of the body to even an extra-large size that can be used on the back. With that, it is important to pick a product based on the size that is most ideal for you.

Secondly, we want to share that some brands have different design elements to the ice pack that make it different than others. Some design elements include a double lining wall that ensures the product will not leak or sweat. Other design elements include attachable straps so it can be wrapped around a specific area.

With all of this said, we found this to be the main three criteria to consider when it comes to this specific product. Overall, we want to say that we highly recommend an ice pack if you feel sore, have pain, or need a bit of relief in a specific area. Now, let’s answer some of the most common questions when it comes to this product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I microwave an ice pack for?

A: Each specific brand will have specific instructions for microwaving the ice pack. However, it tends to be no more than twenty seconds or so.

Q: How long before the contents are completely frozen?

A: Considering that the inside of an ice pack is either a gel or a clay, it can take anywhere from one hour to two hours for the content to get completely frozen.

Q: How long does an ice pack last for?

A: This really depends on the material of the pack with the clay being more long-lasting. With that, it can last anywhere from twenty minutes to forty minutes hot and cold.

Q: Is the strap flexible?

A: Yes, all of the brands we have shared that come with adjustable straps tend to be flexible and adjustable to a specific area of the body.


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