Best Grooming Kits for Men Reviewed & Rated for Quality

In the game of golf, there is a lot of preparation and hard work that goes into mastering the sport. For instance, if you are new to the sport, a lot of preparation involves learning the rules, learning each club, learning techniques, and mastering your style. With that, a lot of preparation and practice goes into going from a novice to a professional.

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Philips Norelco Multiimg
  • Philips Norelco Multi
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 13 Pieces
  • Price: See Here
Remington PG6171
  • Remington PG6171
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Price: See Here
Jtrim Bodyimg
  • Jtrim Body
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Battery Life
  • Price: See Here

However, we want to share with our audience another form of preparation, your style, and your hygiene. It goes without saying that for the game of golf you have to dress up. That is why we have a large selection of different types of articles ranging from golf trousers to even the best Lacoste shirts, which is one of the leading premium clothing brands in the industry.

On top of dressing with class, you also need to look it: this is where grooming comes into the picture. If you are seeking to get your beard in order and want to look like a winner on the golf course before you even step foot on the course, you want a quality grooming kit, which is a great gift for any golfer.


10 Best Grooming Kits for Men


1. Philips Norelco Multi

1. Philips Norelco Multi
It is time to share the very first grooming kit on our list for men and this product does not disappoint. We want to share the Philips Norelco Multi Groomer and two features to consider this expertly built product. Our audience will find this kit high quality, effective, and also durable alongside the fact that it has a lot of pieces to consider.
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Thirteen Pieces

This product has thirteen pieces all in one simple kit that includes a carry pouch and everything needed. It has the main primary control system, the many different sized trimmers and even has an edger and a nose hair clipper. So, if you are looking for a quality product to groom yourself before the golf course, this is it.

DualCut Technology

This product is designed with a DualCut Technology design. Essentially, it has 2x the self-sharpening blades that are steel blades for quality sharpening and more. With this, individuals will find the overall design to be of the best quality and they will remain sharp for years to come. In fact, individuals tout this product lasting for years.

Cost and Value

With a premium battery that lasts up to 60 minutes, individuals find this product to be of high quality, effective, and easy to use. To add to this, the design of this product is of the best value and quality and the brand is also touted as one of the best in the grooming industry. Overall, this item comes with the basics needed to start your grooming journey. For the price, it is a great and affordable product.

Quality grooming kit.

Comes with everything needed.

13-piece design.

Comes with nose and beard trimmer.

Quality shape and easy to hold.

60-minute run time.


Not good for long beards.

Does not have stubble guards.

2. Remington PG6171

2. Remington PG6171
This next product comes from a brand that has been in the beauty industry for years. With that, they produce a large selection of products that are built to last. For instance, this product is one of the highest quality trimmers that we can mention on our list. We want to share the Remington PG6171 and what individuals can expect as far as quality and design.
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100% Waterproof

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a trimmer that cannot properly shave a wet beard. With that in mind, this product is designed to be 100% waterproof, so individuals can actually use it and trim in the shower. The overall design makes it easy to clean and does not pull your hair like many other trimmers in the industry.

Extended Neck Design

This product has an extended neck design. The extended neck design easily navigates every is of the face and neck very well without ever getting to close or getting uncomfortable. With that, it allows individuals to be more careful and comfortable when using the product. Alongside this, it also has a three-hour runtime that makes it a high functioning product that is easy to use and effective.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and benefits, this is one of the highest quality men’s grooming sets we can share. The reason is that this brand does not only focus on design, they also focus on quality and ease of use. Alongside this, their products, especially this one is very durable and the casing, the metal clipper, the charger, and the trimmers are all of the best value and design.

Quality and effective product.

Easy to use and durable.

Comes with everything included.

3-hour tun time.

11-piece kit.

Five-minute quick charge.

Full sized trimmer.


Not for long cuts.

Hair gets stuck easily.

3. Jtrim Body

3. Jtrim Body
As the next trimmer on the list that we want to share, we want to discuss with our audience the Body Groomer by JTrim. This product may be one of the highest quality designed trimmers in the industry for the price and the design. This product is a turbo booster trimmer that effectively will trim all areas of the body including face so golfers can look tip-top shape for the golf course.
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The Battery

This product comes with a very high-quality 2-hour use time battery that is durable and designed for convenient use. With that, the lithium battery is very durable, designed well, and designed to last. With this, individuals can expect this product to come designed for individuals that want an ergonomic and quality product that does not pull hair.

2 in 1

This product is designed to be a 2 in 1 trimmer. It comes with everything needed for an individual to effectively trim their beard, body, and face. With that, it comes with specific clippers, comb, and other important items. The body of the clipper is actually a flex and pivot design that is effective and high quality.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this trimmer, we can say that this brand excels as far as quality and design and this product has five stars. With this, individuals can expect the design to be effective, high quality, and intended for quality use. Overall, this product is a quality trimmer that is easy to use, effective in the design and very durable.

Quality design and appearance.

Use in wet and dry conditions.

Quiet and no vibration on the handle.

Turbo booster feature and design.

Increased speed by 30%.

30 days free trial period.

Easy charge battery.


Few reviews.

Few add on features.

4. Liberty Trimmer

4. Liberty Trimmer
As the next product, this happens to be a full trimmer set for men. With that, we want to share the Liberty Trimmer Set for men. This item is intended as a facial hair trimmer, a man's face and body shaver and a grooming item that is very high quality. Here are two features if you are considering this excellent quality product.
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Easy To Clean

Have you ever used a trimmer that was very difficult to clean? Well, this product is quite the opposite. This set happens to be an easy to clean trimmer that makes all aspects of the cleaner easy to remove and individuals do not need to have any fear of rust with the shaver or the beard trimmer. With that, the set is very high quality and durable as well.

Plenty of Attachments

As we said in the intro, this product happens to be a full set item. Meaning, this set has plenty of attachments that are of the best quality design. The attachments include the fact that it comes with a facial hair shaver, a full body trimmer, a nose hair trimmer, a main trimmer and more. This product also comes with a mustache detailer and other important elements to consider.

Cost and Value

With all of this in mind, the price is actually one of the most affordable for a full set. With that, this product is a high-quality trimmer that is durable, functional, and designed to be effective. The only downfall is the plastic pieces of the trimmer have been mentioned to be a bit less high quality than other aspects of the trimmer.

Quality trimmer that is built to last.

Easy to clean and effective.

Durable design and comes with lots of extras.

Great clippers for kids.

Single charger is high quality.

Allows for seven-nine shaved per charge.



The attachments are not very durable.

A small plastic piece may break easily if not careful.

5. Gillete Fusion ProGlide

5. Gillete Fusion ProGlide
As the next product on our list, we want to talk about a razor and groomer product that is widely known. The Gillete brand has long been known as one of the top of the line male grooming brands in the industry. With that in mind, this product is very high quality and the design is ergonomic and easy to use. We wat to share the Braun engineered technology that is the Fusion ProGlide Styler. Here are two features to consider.
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Advanced Blades

This product is designed with Gillette’s most advanced blades. The incredible comfort and closeness of the blade allow individuals to receive a close and quality finish and shave. With that, the ProGlide design glides across the face easily with scratching or causing any discomfort to the individual when wearing the product.

What You Get

With the full set of this product, individuals can expect this item to contain everything an individual will need to use it from the get-go. This set comes with the trimmer, the ProGlide cartridge, the combs, and the battery. With that, it also comes with an organizer, high-quality design and very compact, so it never takes up a lot of space on your counter or closet.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, this item is very affordable and individuals can expect it to be of the best value and design. The overall design of this product is durable and of course, it is made by one of the leading brands in the grooming industry. In fact, this product has close to four thousand reviews alone and an average rating of four stars. For that, it is one of the most trusted in the industry.

Trim with Braun engineering.

Slim and easy to hold design.

Incredible closeness and facial comfort.

Edging blade and precision detailing.

Quality grip handle that is non-slip.

Comes with organizer and three combs.


Not a body trim.

May pull on longer hairs.

6. Xikezan

6. Xikezan
We are eager to share one of the highest rated and quality kits for men. This particular kit has everything an individual will need to enjoy a quality shave and transform their facial beard and grooming method. With that, this product has a 100% natural ingredient complex in the balm and oil and happens to have all of the tools necessary for the modern bearded man. Here are two features of the Xikezan Grooming Kit.
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100% Natural

As we touched upon a bit in the intro, this product happens to be 100% natural. Yes, this product comes with a 100% natural complex of items ranging from a beard balm that is designed to moisturize your beard and keep it healthy, alongside an all-all-natural beard oil that is designed to provide rich texture and luster to your beard.

Genuine Boar Bristles

This product has some of the most authentic, genuine, and quality designed add-ons in the industry. This brand has created this product to be 100% genuine and made from quality ingredients. Some of the ingredients include a snag free and anti-static wooden comb and even genuine boar bristle brush that is designed to cause no pulling, ripping, or snagging of your facial hair.

Cost and Value

For the price, individuals are opting into a quality product that is made to last and happens to be of the best design style and modern qualities. To add to this, this product even comes with a free e-book that shares individuals’ tips and tricks on how to trim and shave their beard. With that, this product is of the best design value and quality. Also, it makes an excellent gift!

Perfect gift for men.

Luxury premium gift packaging.

Quality organic products.

Beard care oil and balm included.

Wood palm brush included.


The oil leaks a bit.

The balm is very small.

7. Rechidy Hair

7. Rechidy Hair
This next kit is a full men’s and women’s set with everything an individual will need to succeed. The kit itself includes five interchangeable heads, a full-size hair trimmer, a beard foil shaver, and nose hair trimmers. To add to this, this product has plenty of other add-ons that make it a quality kit to consider. We want to share the Rechidy Hair and what individuals can expect as far as quality and design.
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Rechargeable Design

This product comes with everything an individual will need to succeed on the golf course. This item comes with a storage and charging design that is a two-hour charge that can support hairstyle shaping and design. With that, it is convenient for travel because of the long battery life and the short time charge design.


This may be one of the biggest benefits of this particular product. If you have ever bought an item such as this, then you know that having a warranty is beneficial and often times crucial. Well, this brand has a one-year warranty and three-month free replacement or refund in the case it does not work properly. With that, the overall design is very exclusive, and it has plenty of positive reviews.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we can say that this is a very simple, yet quality set that comes with many benefits and quality items to consider. It has five different techniques and styles that are great for the grooming of the face and body and the overall set comes with everything an individual may need. With that, it has great reviews and the light blue color choice is appealing to many. For the price, it is a great set to consider.

Five in one grooming set.

Quality stainless-steel design.

Rechargeable battery with long life span.

One-year warranty.

Comes with charging base and storage container.


May pull long hair slightly.

8. Sminiker Five In One

8. Sminiker Five In One
The next set that we want to share on our list is a quality and durable set that is built for individuals that want a waterproof kit. This kit comes with everything an individual will need including a personal nail clipper set. We want to talk about the Sminiker Professional Five In One Set and what individuals can expect as far as the design of this product.
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The Trimmer Itself

The trimmer itself is a very sturdy and quality designed trimmer. It is made of a plastic base and the overall design is standard. However, it comes with an LED display light and a very easy to hold design. Included is also a charging station and base, alongside plenty of add-ons and extras that are easy to use.

What Is Included

Included in this particular set is a beard and mustache comb, a full-size trimmer, a nose trimmer and much more. To add to this, this product has different clips, precision trimmer, and other different important detail items that allow for facial hair design. With that, it happens to be waterproof so no hair gets stuck even when the face is wet.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share with our audience that it is a very simple and modern trimmer with all of the basics an individual will need. To add to this, the overall design is durable and comes with plenty of important add-ons. Now, it does not have any reviews but it could be because it is new to the industry. For the price, you can either get this one or a more common and popular brand.

Quality design.

Comes with everything needed.

Includes mustache comb, trimmer, precision trimmer, and more.

Comes with easy to charge design.

Includes charging cable.


The casing is not the best quality.

9. Tweezerman G.E.A.R.

9. Tweezerman G.E.A.R.
We are coming towards the end of our list and we are eager to share a very simple quality grooming kit for men. This next product focuses more on the details of nails and facial grooming. We want to share the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Essentials and two features of this quality kit and what individuals can expect as far as what is included.
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Essentials Set

This product has an essential grooming kit that is very high quality. The kit includes an ingrown hair tool alongside scissors for facial hair, nail clippers and more. To add to this, the overall design includes a curved blade, which helps when trimming nails for the most accurate trim.

The Packaging

The particular kit comes with a high-quality packaging design. The packaging includes a faux leather pouch that is easy to clean and makes it easy for individuals to carry everything included in the set. With this, the overall product and design is very high quality, including all of the stainless-steel pieces.

Cost and Value

To add to the price of this item, individuals can expect the design of this product to be well designed and very durable. To add to this, this product has four stars and is priced very affordable currently. When not on sale, it can be considered a bit of expensive. However, the overall design is of the best value and quality.

Quality essential grooming kit.

Quality scissors and detail tool.

Durable and easy to clean.

Quality faux pouch.

Multi-use tools.


The case is not the best design.

Not travel friendly.

10. Gentlemen’s Hardware

10. Gentlemen’s Hardware
As the last product on our list, we want to share a quality item that has a durable case and happens to be a great gift for golfers. This is the Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Kit with a case. Let's explore two impressive features of this product.
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Five Tools

This product has five essential tools that come in the design and structure of the product. The tools include a handy canvas case, a quality stainless steel manicure tool and a quality overall design that is durable and easy to carry. To add to this, it comes with tweezers, scissors and more.

Quality Case

This product comes with a very high quality and effective case. The casing is a waxed canvas case with a vegan leather trim. With that, the overall design is a quality design that is easy to carry and stays in place. Individuals can pack this set easily into their luggage bag or carry on and expect it to be easy to carry without fear of it all falling out.

Cost and Value

This product is a great men’s tweezing and grooming set. It is known as the gentleman’s hardware set and for good reason. It is a quality set that is built to last and overall, it is made of a quality material that is durable and well designed. With that, the vegan leather and overall quality design of this product ensure masterful design benefits and more.

Five essential tools included.

Handy canvas case.

Designed to last.

Quality constructed case.

Trusted brand.

Heavy duty clippers.

No negative reviews.


May be a bit costly for what is included.

Whether you are looking for a quality set for your head or your face, it is important to consider the many different brands, styles, and quality designs. With that in mind, the ten kits we shared happen to be among some of the best in the industry. In fact, many of them are also designed to be gifted for the golfer or gentleman. Now, we want to move forward and talk about the criteria used during the evaluation process. This criterion is designed to help individuals identify the strong points of each product and what to look out for.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Grooming Kits

The Kit Itself

As the first criteria, the first aspect that we want to share is the kit itself. What is a kit? A kit is a collection of different items that make up the whole. Therefore, it is important to evaluate each individual item and what comes as part of the whole. So, we wanted to make sure that we did not share kits that were designed with only two different items or designed with only a couple of extra tools. We wanted kits that were full of important items to consider. In a quality kit, here are the following that may be included.

  • The Trimmer.
  • The charger.
  • Trimmer combs.
  • Precision blades.
  • Detailing blades.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Manicure tools.
  • Nail filer.
  • Tweezers
  • Multi-purpose scissors.
  • Carry case.

These are only some of the few quality aspects that are included inside of a full kit.

The Durability

Another criteria that we want to discuss is the durability. The reason being is because all of us want products that are designed to last for a long time, right? I mean, who wants a kit that only lasts for a few months? Now, the best way to see whether or not a product is durable is through studying the materials. The most common materials are plastic and stainless steel or steel for the trimmer edges or shaver. With that in mind, here are different aspects of durability to consider.

  • The quality of the trimmer.
  • The quality of the blade.
  • The durability of the add-on tools.
  • The fragility of the cord or the strength of the charger and power adapter.
  • The quality of the carry case.

With that in mind, it is important to consider if the product can travel, if it is designed for easy carry, or if the case is even durable enough to handle wear and tear. Another important aspect to consider when it comes to durability is listed below.

  • Long or Short Hair?

When it comes to durability, it is important to consider if the product is designed for long or short hair. The reason being is that the short hair or long hair will cause the product to either function well or get stuck with long hair. So, always pick a product that has the best design for a specific purpose. There are specific trimmers for long hair and there are specific trimmers for short hair.

Cost Per Kit

As another quality element, you want to make sure that the price is worth the kit. There are many kits that are underpriced, and the reason is that it happens to be really cheap. If the product is going to break in a couple of months anyway, do you really want that kit? With that in mind, you want to take into consideration the cost per kit and if it is worth it. Now, you may encounter kits that are designed with leather cases and quality stainless steel materials, these kits are important to consider because they are designed from better materials. Overall, an average kit will run from $20 – $50.

Return Policy / Warranty

When you are dealing with electronics, it is always important to consider the return policy and the warranty. The reason being is because you want to ensure that each product is backed by a return warranty or policy in the case something happens in six months or so. Some brands have a lifetime warranty while some brands have a year-long warranty, it is important to consider which is the best for you. With that in mind, to finish this criterion we want to share other small aspects that are important to consider when picking out a kit.

  • Reviews

When picking out a kit, read the reviews! You want to ensure that the product is of the best design value and has plenty of great reviews by individuals. With this, you want to evaluate what individuals have to say about the durability, the design, how it works, how long the battery lasts for, and if everything was included.

  • Instruction Manual

For a kit such as this, an instruction manual is important to consider because it helps individuals get familiar with the particular product and how to use it. With that said, most kits do come with a manual that helps identify all of the important pieces.

  • The Design and Color

The design and the color of the kit are also important. Most importantly, is the design of the trimmer itself. With that, it is important to evaluate the trimmer grip, and how ergonomic the handle is. The reason being is because you do not want to buy a trimmer that will easily fall out of your hand.

  • Charge Time

As the last tiny extra aspect that we want to share with our audience, the charge time of the specific kit is also an important valuable aspect to consider because it is important to evaluate how high quality the overall charger and length of the product is. Most commonly, most rechargeable trimmers can last up to an hour or more and will charge in about two hours. However, this is just a rough estimate.

Now, let’s talk about the frequently asked questions that individuals are having.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the trimmer require batteries or is it rechargeable?

A: This really all depends on the trimmer itself. Most trimmers happen to be rechargeable, but they cost more. With that, the trimmers that happen to be battery designed take double a battery, it all matters on which one is most important to you.

Q: How do you clean the trimmer?

A: This is a great question, to actually clean the trimmer, you can use the tiny brush that is almost always included with the kit. The tiny brush helps individuals get into the tiny areas where hair may hide. With that in mind, individuals can also wash the add-ons and different clips that the kit may come with.

Q: How many clips does it come with?

A: This is all determined by the specific kit. Most commonly, it will come with a variety of three to eight clips that vary in size and purpose. For instance, some clips are for fades and some are for cutting long hair, it all depends on what you desire.

Q: What if the Clippers go dull?

A: Unfortunately, if the Clippers go dull, it may time to get new clippers. With that in mind, most kits have clippers designed for steel and happen to be very high quality and last a long time.