Best Green Teas Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Whether you like it cold or you like it hot, green tea has long been known for having some of the best antioxidant properties in the world. In fact, green tea is among one of the healthiest types of teas an individual can consume. Having a cup of green tea a day can ensure a long healthy life alongside a healthy body. With that, you may ask yourself how green tea is beneficial for a golfer? Well, other than being high in health benefits, it leads to a more alert mind, relaxed muscles, and overall body wellness.

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Twining’s of London
  • Twining’s of London
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fresh Flavors
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  • Bigelow
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 40-Count
  • Price: See Here
  • Lipton
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • 100% Natural
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There has long been an association between tea and relaxation. Tea is known to relax the body. However, a green tea can also bring mental alertness and plenty of health benefits to the individual consuming the product. With this, as part of our nutrition section here at Golfoid, we want to share with our audience the top ten best green teas that an individual can buy today. We also want to mention that below our products is our criteria portion of our article, which we share how to select the best green teas in the industry and what makes green tea one of the healthiest drinks to have today. Without further wait, let’s begin with product number one.


10 Best Green Teas


1. Twining’s of London

1. Twining’s of London
Green tea has long been known for having some of the healthiest properties when it comes to energy an antioxidant. With this said, we want to share the first green tea on this list that is designed for easy use and made with the highest quality green tea leaves. Twining’s has long been known for their expert products and the Twining’s of London Green tea K-Cup packet is perfect for individuals that have a Keurig.
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Fresh Flavor

This product is packaged really well. If you are familiar with K-cups, they have an easy to puncture filter on the inside that also keeps the green tea very fresh. With this, there are 24 counts of K-cups for the price. Although it is much less than buying green tea packets, it is the ease of use that makes it a fan favorite.

Hand Selected Leaves

When it comes to selecting the best green tea leaves, this brand excels in cultivating some of the highest quality green tea leaves in the industry. With expert quality leaves, individuals can expect that the leaves will offer a distinctive quality flavor that is also potent.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share that this brand is one of the highest qualities within the tea industry. With this, they offer a large selection of teas. When it comes to green tea in K-cups, individuals can select a 24 count or 12-count of K-cups per pack. For the price, they are a bit overpriced, but it is the ease-of-use that raises the price.

Delicious tasting green tea.

Flavorful and potent.

Full of rich antioxidants.

Easy to use K-cup design.

Easy to store.

Trusted brand.



2. Bigelow

2. Bigelow
Everybody knows the Bigelow brand. They have developed one of the largest tea industries in the world and they happen to be in almost every grocery store. With that, individuals love the taste of this particular green tea because of it’s natural and healthy flavor and benefits. Here are two features of the particular green tea from this brand.
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40 Count

This pack of Bigelow green tea has forty individually packed green tea packets that can be used with a tea infuser or simply placed in a hot water mug. With this, it is important to note that the packets are high quality and cannot be easily broken, which is often a worry or concern of many individuals.

Foil Pouch

Another quality benefit of this brand is how they package their products. This product, in particular, comes with a specialized foil pouch over each packet that traps in the aroma, so the tea never loses flavor. With that in mind, we can say that this brand packages their products really well, ensuring each packet is individually taken care of with quality and care.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss the cost of this product. Often, green tea boxes come sold individually. However, online it can often be found in a pack of six. With that, for a pack of six, each box comes to around $3, which is an unbelievable price. If you are a fan of buying in bulk, we recommend buying green tea.

Great deal if bought in bulk.

Taste delicious.

Trusted brand.

Plenty of positive reviews.

No harsh taste.

Subtle bitterness.


Cannot be bought individually unless in a store.

Not as potent as other brands.

3. Yogi

3. Yogi
This next brand we want to share with our audience is actually often compared to the last two on the list. However, this product happens to be made from premium quality green tea leaves and in turn, it happens to be much more potent than other brands. If you are seeking a strong green tea filled with antioxidant properties, we recommend Yogi.
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Grapeseed Amla Extracts

So, this particular product happens to be made from highly potent green tea. However, the flavors are more enhances than most because this brand also uses grapeseed and amla extracts to supply and create a potent antioxidant blend of green tea that helps reduce and fight free radicals in the human body.

Lemongrass Flavor

This product happens to be full green tea with lemongrass flavor. With this, individuals can expect a light note of citrus alongside a jasmine blend taste that is sweet and very tasty. With that said, it reduces the bitterness of the highly strong and overwhelming green tea leaves.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we first want to share that this product comes with various flavors other than lemongrass. In fact, you can select flavors ranging from blueberry to blackberry and even organic green tea. With that, the flavor is very strong. For the price, individuals can expect a pack of six with a total of 96 tea bags overall, which is less than other brands and more pricey.

Potent and strong green tea flavor.

Taste great.

Made to be healthy.

Antioxidant properties.

Super antioxidant.

Contains caffeine for energy boost.

Plenty of different flavors available.


Potency may cause acid reflux.

More costly than others.

4. Lipton

4. Lipton
We know the Lipton brand for offering some of the highest quality products in the industry. With that, we are eager to share the GreenTea packer from this brand. This is 100% pure green tea, made with quality ingredients and designed to last. Here are two features of this excellent product.
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100% Natural

This particular product happens to be one of the healthiest in the industry. In fact, this product is actually 100% natural and has no additives, colorings, or even preservatives. For golfers that want a quality green tea that ensures better health and immunity boost, we recommend this one.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

This product is rainforest alliance certified, meaning it meets the highest level of quality when harvesting. With this, individuals can expect that they are buying from a brand that does not harvest in an unethical or harming way towards our environment.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to recognize that this brand may be the most famous name in the teat community. With that, their products are also high-quality and taste very delicious due to the highest-level standards of care. The pouches are designed to be of quality and the tea bags are easy to steep and quite flavorful. For the price, you never go wrong with this brand.

All-natural tasting green tea.

Rainforest alliance certified.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Flavorful and tasty.

Quality tea.


The package may break easily.

The bag string may break easily.

5. Uncle Lee’s

5. Uncle Lee’s
We are often familiar with the packaging of this quality brand. If you ever stumble across the adorable panda eating a bamboo leaf, then you know it is Uncle Lee’s. Not only that, but their green tea happens to be all organic and made from some of the highest quality tea leaves in the industry. Here are two benefits of this brand.
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This product is 100% organic, which makes it even more healthy than other brands. With this, individuals can expect that it is going to taste delicious and even more potent because of the overall quality of the tea leaves. Being 100% organic also ensures easier consumption, better benefits, and more potency and strength as far as flavor.

The Method In Which It Is Grown

When buying from this brand, individuals can expect the method for which the green tea leaves are grown and cultivated is of the healthiest and most quality care. For instance, this brand only uses organic and natural fertilizer. With that, they do not use any harmful chemicals such as pesticides or any sprays that may harm or alter the taste.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to note that this happens to be one of the highest quality brands in the industry when it comes to teas. With that, it is a bit costlier than most other green tea manufacturers but it is due to the organic quality of the product. Overall, we recommend it if you want value and quality.

Great tasting green tea.


Organic cultivation.

No pesticides.

Delicious taste.

Trusted brand.



6. Stash Tea Premium

6. Stash Tea Premium
As the next premium green tea brand on our list, this brand is known for their quality flavors and delicious teas. Stash Tea Premium Green Tea is a delicious and fragrant green tea that is harvested in quality ways that ensure maximum potency and flavor from each leaf. Here are two features of this excellent product.
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100 Count Box

The box happens to be a highly stylish and simple cardboard box that is enhanced by the amount of tea inside. In fact, the count is about 100 tea bags overall. With this, this product is either a great gift or even a personal box for one-third of the year.


This green tea happens to have a very subtle texture that is smooth and tastes delicious. Overall, the potency is flavorful, and the green tea is high quality. If you want quality alongside plenty of health benefits, we recommend this delicious green tea brand.

Cost and Value

To determine cost and value, it is important to note that this product comes with one hundred different packets. With that said, the flavor is of the highest quality and each packet is even stashed in a durable pouch that holds the aroma in very well. With that, we highly recommend this product if you want one hundred packets in one box.

Delicious and flavorful green tea.

Durable box and packet.

High quality green tea.

100% natural green tea.

Japanese green tea.

Premium benefits.


Not as strong as other brands.

7. Prince of Peace

7. Prince of Peace
As the next brand on the list, we want to share a quality green tea brand that is 100% organic and high quality. With a delicious taste and close to five stars in reviews, this may be one of the best deals when it comes to quality and delicious taste. This is the Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea. Here are two features to consider.
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USDA Organic

This product is 100% organic and it happens to also be USDA certified. With this, individuals can expect that they are not buying into any harmful chemicals or fake tasting green tea. It comes with 100 tea packets that are made to be durable and made to be easy to steep.

Delicious Tasting

This product has a very delicious tasting profile and overall is made of the best quality in the industry. With this in mind, we believe that individuals will appreciate the overall palate of the item alongside the health benefits. If you want a quality taste, we recommend this product.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss cost and value for this brand. Overall, this product is of the best quality and individuals can expect it to be great tasting. With that, for a 100-count it actually is even cheaper than most brands and packaged really well. The bags are designed to not break easily and overall, individuals can expect the product to be well designed.

Great tasting green tea.

Individually wrapped for quality.

100 count tea bags.

100% organic green tea.

USDA certified.

Price well.


Not as strong as other brands.

8. Vahdam

8. Vahdam
This next green tea is a high-quality tea that is designed for a 14-day detox and it is one of the highest qualities. This loose-leaf tea is made with the highest quality concentration and with the purest of methods. It is 100% pure and designed to ensure the healthiest of benefits alongside masterful and strong taste.
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All Natural

This product happens to be 100% natural and made with the highest quality craftsmanship. In the process, there are no harmful ingredients or chemicals to harvest this product and individuals can expect to taste it delicious and be highly strong. Harvested from the Himalayas, this product is made from high-quality tea leaves.

Vacuum Packaged

This product is individually packaged with a two-layer packaging that ensures the best quality design. With this, individuals can expect that the aroma will stay in the product and that it will not lose taste or aroma with time. This product is designed to stay fresh and delicious.

Cost and Value

When talking about cost and value, it is important to note that this item is designed from the highest quality tea leaves in the industry alongside a vacuum sealed design that is aluminum lined and zippered. With that, it is all organic, pure, deliciously tasting, and a beautiful gift to any individual.

Great tasting tea.

High quality benefits.

Extra zipper bag included.

Vacuum packaged for freshness.

Made for quality.

Organic and energizing.

Great gift.


Expensive for small pack.

9. Tazo

9. Tazo
We have gotten to know the Tazo brand for their quality products and delicious flavors. With that, we want to share this green tea for its value, all-natural taste and delicious, harmonious blend of lemongrass and spearmint. Here are two elements to consider this product.
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Has Caffeine

If you need a daily boost of caffeine but do not want it from coffee, we highly recommend this product. This particular green tea is designed with an intermediate level of caffeine, so individuals can gain a daily boost of energy. With that, it tastes delicious due to the floral and tasty notes of the lemongrass and spearmint.

Trusted Brand

When Tazo hit the scene it easily became one of the highest quality brands and most trusted when it comes to flavorful products. With this in mind, we want to say that this product is high quality, tasty and delicious as far as consistent flavor.

Cost and Value

When talking about cost and value, this product is high quality and designed for a great and tasty effect. With that, this product comes in a two pack which is slightly more expensive overall compared to buying it in the store. Overall, we highly recommend it when it comes to the taste and the brand.

Trusted brand.

Deliciously tasty.

Harmonious blend.

Great flavors.

Has caffeine.


Expensive price online.

10. Kirkland Signature

10. Kirkland Signature
This next particular green tea is of high quality and a great blend of green tea with matcha. If you love matcha and appreciate the strength of the flavor, this may be a quality green tea to get. Let’s talk about the Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend Green Tea.
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Authentic Japanese Tea

This is as authentic as it gets. This particular product is a high-quality tea from Japan’s lush tea plantations that have perfected the green tea cultivation process. With that, this product is high quality and great tasting overall.

Great Taste

This product has a delicious taste that is only enhanced by the matcha flavor. Alongside this, the aroma is beautiful and the leaves are of the highest quality. When it comes to taste, individuals can expect a potent and strong flavor that is only enhanced by the matcha blend.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to note that this brand produces their leaves from Japan and uses the healthiest of measures. With that, individuals can expect a deliciously tasting product that is potent and high quality. Alongside this, there are different package sizes to choose from and the price only reflects the quality of the item.

Priced really well.

Tasting flavor.

Great tasting.

Made in Japan.

High quality flavor.


Very bitter.

The real question is, are you a fan of green tea? if so, have you tried any of these brands? We are more than certain that many of these brands are well known among our audience. Take Lipton or Yogi, for instance, they have long been known for producing some of the best products available today. With this, which of these brands have you tried and you recommend?

Now, as with any product, there are many different brands in the industry trying to produce the same product or a product similar to it. With this, we want to share with our audience the criteria to select the best green teas in the case you want to conduct your own research. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Green Tea

One may ask, “there is a whole criterion just for green tea?” The answer is yes! Reason being is that there are many cheap brands that produce this product but in the worst of ways with unhealthy leaves and harmful chemicals. Therefore, we went on a search to find the best green teas in the industry and we want to share this criterion with our audience. If you are a fan of this kind of tea and you are unfamiliar as to which brands to select, we want to share with our audience the different ways to select the best green tea as well as to what is most important to look out for from a brand, the flavor and more. Without further wait, let’s talk about the many benefits of these green teas and drinking this drink on a daily basis.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has long been known for having some of the healthiest benefits as a consumable. It is important to note that golfers can benefit drastically from drinking green tea which may, in turn, help on the golf course and create a healthier lifestyle overall as far as eating, drinking, and workout out.

  1. Green tea is high on antioxidants. This means that once in your body, it becomes alkaline and it detoxifies the body of any harmful chemicals or bacteria.
  2. This tea can act as a relaxing agent for the muscles and body organs when it does not have any caffeine, allowing the body to fully relax and not hold any negative emotion or stress.
  3. Green tea is known to increase the body’s natural metabolism which can lead to weight loss.
  4. Green tea can drastically help regulate glucose levels which can prevent diabetes and prevents insulin spikes.
  5. This tea aids by eliminating the potential for heart disease and the formation of clots.
  6. This tea reduces blood pressure and relaxes the body naturally.
  7. Green tea is known to clean out the skin and remove bacteria as well as acne.
  8. This tea helps individuals regulate there eating habits, sometimes acting as a hunger suppressant.

These are only a few of the common benefits of green tea, there are plenty more. With this in mind, all of these benefits help a golfer on the course by eliminating stress, removing tension, increasing energy levels, relaxing the body, and causing mental clarity. Now, when selecting the best green teas, what should you look out for? Let’s begin with the first criteria on our list!

Quality of the Leaves

As the first criteria that we took into consideration when sharing the top best green teas, we first wanted to focus on the quality of the leaves. Now, we are not masters in the green tea field. However, we are masters when it comes to collecting and research information and we want to share the many different guidelines when it comes to the quality of the leaves of green tea.

  • Potency

As the first most important fact to consider when it comes to the quality of green tea leaves, the potency is the most important factor. The reason being is that potency will eventually lead to the strength of the flavor and how flavorful it is overall. With that in mind, there are other factors, which we share below that determine the potency and the flavor of the green tea.

  • Organic or Non-Organic

Now, this factor not only effects the overall flavor and potency but also how healthy the product is. As the second guideline when determining the quality of the leaves, organic and non-organic play a large role in different factors of green tea leaves. For instance, organic leaves are picked from the best quality leaves in the industry and cultivated in organic and healthy methods. With that in mind, many brands that are organic will say so on their product description or will have a USDA Organic seal. With that, non-organic is not harmful or bad, however, it is lower in price and lowers in flavor than organic.

  • Loose Leaf or in Sachet

As another factor in determining the quality of the leaves, loose leaf teas tend to taste much stronger then teas n a sachet. Loose leaves tend to be much more potent and healthy in nature then sachets for many different reasons, which we will discuss later on. With that, loose leaf is considered higher quality than in a sachet and therefore is also costlier.

With these three factors in mind, when taking into consideration the best brands of green tea, we focused primarily on the quality of the leaves because we wanted to ensure that the product was of the best value. Now, as far as criteria, we want to share criteria number two.

The Leaf Packaging

As the second criteria to consider, we wanted to enhance on the idea of the loose leaf and sachet green teas because the sachet plays a vital role in how flavorful and distinguished the tea leaves will be. With that in mind, we want to share why the packaging of loose leaf tea is crucial.

  • Loose Leaf

Loose leaf tea is packaged without a sachet. With that in mind, there are different factors to consider when it comes to loose leaf tea such as the overall quality of the product, the flavor, the packaging, and if it will be able to hold it’s delicious aroma. We discovered in our process that brands tend to package loose leaf in double sealed containers, aluminum bags, or jars that are specifically designed to insulate the aroma of the tea. With this, the loose leaf tea is known as more luxurious and quality than sachet teas. How do sachet teas compare?

  • Sachets

As far as teas in a sachet, they can still be made of great quality but there are different factors to consider. For a quality sachet of green tea to taste delicious and have plenty of flavors, it should first be made from an unbleached sachet. With this, only most premium brands have this feature. It is not uncommon for many brands to use bleached sachets to package their green tea. However, more importantly, many brands will have a second packaging over the green tea bag either made of paper or quality aluminum to trap the aroma of the tea inside the seal. With this, individuals are guaranteed a quality sachet with plenty of flavors. Therefore, this is an important factor to consider when selecting the best green tea for you.

Cost and Value

As the last criteria that we took into consideration, we found the cost and value for the brand to be one of the most important factors for numerous reasons. The first reason is that we wanted to ensure that individuals were getting a quality deal for their product. Now, what we discovered is that many brands sell green tea boxes in bulk or in packs online. Therefore, buying a singular pack may be more effective in the store. However, if you know you love the Tazo green tea, why not buy it online in bulk so you never have to run out.

The second reason is that we wanted to ensure that each tea was made with the highest quality products to ensure the best yield. With this, we can determine that individuals will enjoy the many brands that we shared above and they will find the value with each sip. With this, we want to end our article by answer some of the many questions individuals have when it comes to this product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many cups does one sachet yield?

A: When it comes to the flavor one can get from one sachet, it is important to note that will range depending on the brand. However, as a safe bet, most non-organic brands can yield around half a cup of green tea compared to organic brands. Organic green tea tends to be strong enough with a full cup of water. With this, it also depends on whether the tea is flavored with other elements such as lemongrass or mint.

Q: Can you put honey in your green tea?

A: Although many individuals do this, there is a common idea that honey may cause the antioxidant properties of green tea to lower. This could not be farther from the truth! In fact, the best blend to create with green tea is the tea itself with lemon and honey. This not only is extremely healthy, it can cause weight loss, enhance your mood, and be an immune booster.

Q: What is better honey or sugar?

A: As another one of the most common questions, when it comes to sweetening your green tea, the best sugar to use, if any, is organic cane sugar. However, honey is always the best alternative.

Q: What is stronger loose leaf or sachets?

A: As another common question, loose leaf tends to be the strongest due to the potency of the leaves. However, it also depends on how much you steep and the temperature of the water. Sachets are equally strong if steeped properly.

Q: Does green tea have caffeine?

A: Some green teas do have caffeine, and some do not. It all primarily depends on the cultivation process. With that, many brands will label in the packaging whether the product has caffeine or not.


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