Best Golf Vests Reviewed & Rated for Quality

On the golf course, it matters how you look. With that in mind, accessorizing and playing with your outfit is a fun way to enjoy the day and look your best while swinging your best game of all time. With that in mind, the classic gentleman is always looking for a new way to look sharp and dress sharp on the golf course. Therefore, we are eager to share with our audience the top ten best golf vests that an individual can buy. However, don’t think that these vests are all those typical diamond style vests that you see during the Christmas seasons.

Featured Recommendations

Columbia Steens Mountainimg
  • Columbia Steens Mountain
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Fabrics
  • Price: See Here
H2h Argyle
  • H2h Argyle
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Price: See Here
Blue Ocean Solid Colorimg
  • Blue Ocean Solid Color
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Numerous Options
  • Price: See Here

Below, you will find a wide selection of modern, durable, high quality, and even products geared towards the rain and windy season of the year. So, let’s grab your favorite golf bag and shoes and venture through today’s buying guide!


10 Best Golf Vests


1. Columbia Steens Mountain

1. Columbia Steens Mountain
On the golf course, from time to time, it can be a competition of who looks the best and what looks the best. However, it is also a classic sport that individuals just love to accessories, dress to the nines, and enjoy a quality product. So, if you are considering a quality sports vest for the golf course, we have a product for you. We want to share with our audience the Columbia Steens Mountain, a quality vest made for comfort. Here are two features of this excellent product.
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Soft Fabric

The fabric of this product makes it very soft. Therefore, individuals can expect that it will feel soft. However, it is designed to also be easy to pack and not very rigid, without losing its form. The fabric is a 100% polyester MTR filament fabric that is very warm and high quality. With that in mind, the fabric is comfortable, easy to wear, but, it does get a bit warm if you sweat a lot or wear it in warmer weather.

Classic Fit

The fit of this item is a classic fit vest that is very high quality. The classic fit is relaxed, but contoured to the body, allowing for all-day comfort. Alongside this, it is stretchy, and the shoulder seams allow for full movement when on the golf course. With that said, individuals can expect the design to be high quality, comfortable, and be able to be very durable due to the masterful stitching.

Cost and Value

As far as price, many garments and clothing items tend to vary in price depending on the size, the color chosen, and the style. This item happens to go from the low end of the spectrum to the high end as far as cost, so be careful as to which one you choose. In any case, it is very worth it considering this is one of the most trusted brands in the industry as far as sportswear and material craftsmanship.

Wide variety of colors to choose from.

Comfortable design and easy to wear.

Handy features with zippered security pockets.

Ultimate comfort fit with a classic mold.

Quality polyester and durable fabric.

Soft fabric to the touch.

Machine washable.


Can get hot when worn.

May run large and long.

2. H2h Argyle

2. H2h Argyle
If you are a fan of patterns and quality designs, we want to share a sweater vest for you. The H2H Argyle V-Neck is a classic gentleman’s item that is well designed and stylish. If you are a fan of the classic diamond pattern alongside the style and comfort of the v-neck shape, then this is the product for you. What makes it even better is that it is designed to be a slim fit, so it contours to the body well.
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100% Acrylic

Now, acrylic is not necessarily the most high-quality fabric. However, to add to the reputation of this product, the brand does have very high reviews and the fabric is very comfortable. If you are not a fan of acrylic, then there is no need to worry because the vest will go over your undershirt. With that, the fabric is comfortable and machine washable as well. Individuals can expect that it also will not snag easily.

Plenty of Styles

There happens to be many different color choices and styles to choose from, so if you are a fan of this product and this brand, have you a wide variety of styles to choose from. For instance, individuals can pick between maroon color blends or all grey color blends with white diamond shapes. With that in mind, there are many stylish color choices to choose from and cute patterns of color.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and value, we can say that the fact that this product is acrylic brings down the price a lot. With that, it is nowhere near as expensive as other vests in the industry and individuals can expect it to be a worthwhile investment. Overall, there are plenty of sizes and the fact that it is styled as a slim-fit makes it appealing to many individuals. With that in mind, we recommend it for the sheer fact that it happens to be very stylish and cheap compared to other brands.

Quality stitching and simple design.

Modern V-Neck shape and sizing.

Wide variety of colors to choose from.


Suitable for different occasions.

Dry-clean only design.


May fit a bit loose.

Large neck area opening.

3. Blue Ocean Solid Color

3. Blue Ocean Solid Color
This brand is known as one of the most affordable, but also very high-quality brands in the industry of clothing. They have simple designs that are high quality, comfortable, very stylish, and look great with any outfit. With that, we want to share a modern and quality sweater vest for individuals that want a solid color design.
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Regular Fit

This item does not fit like the last. This product happens to be a regular fit. Therefore, it will fit quite loose on an individual and it will not be snugged or tapered to the body. With that, individuals can expect the fit to be very lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wash. With that in mind, we recommend individuals to machine wash cold, so it does not shrink.

Plenty of Colors

If you want a large color selection of solid colors, this is it. In fact, this is a pastel lover’s dream. There are purple, orange, yellow, white, blue, green, and so many more colors it is hard to name them all. With that in mind, the best part is that the color is designed not to fade and individuals can easily wash the shirt in the case it gets dirty. As another great bonus, the stitching is well designed as well.

Cost and Value

As far as the cost for this vest, it is not pricey at all. With that, individuals can expect the design to be well designed and stitched. Now, it is acrylic so that does lower the quality of the product a bit less compared to polyester or cotton. However, if you are a fan of pastel and want to collect them all, we greatly support it! This product and the brand as also reputable and have a great customer care system.

Plenty of color choices to choose from.

Well designed and stitched.

Comfortable fit.

Machine washable.

Will not fade and snag resistant.


Can fit quite large.

Acrylic is a cheap material.

4. Adidas Club Wind

4. Adidas Club Wind
As the fourth product on our list, this one is actually a bit different than other vests that we have shared so far. This product is the Adidas Club Wind and it happens to be a particularly designed product for windy days on the golf course. With that, this brand is easily touted as one of the brands in the sportswear industry with the highest reputation of excellence, quality design, and masterful craftsmanship. So, let’s talk two features of this great product and why it should be on everyone’s golf bucket list.
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Water Resistant

Yes, this vest is made to be water resistant. In fact, the exterior layer of this product is common among much high-quality water-resistant and windproof products in the industry. With that, the fabric is also made to be extremely lightweight, comfortable, and designed to withstand heavy winds and rainy days on the course. So, if you want weather coverage while you are golfing, considering this vest is a great choice.

Stretch Mesh

This next feature is also a common feature among many modern golf clothing items. This product is designed with stretch mesh. Stretch mesh is this brands unique and ingenious way of creating a high-quality product with durable features that enhance the comfort. The stretch mesh panel is engineered for motion and breathability, allowing individuals to feel comfortable all day long when wearing this product.

Cost and Value

So, this is a premier brand and this is a premier product. The real question is, “how much does it cost”? Well, we can share with our audience that the price of this product fluctuates depending on color and size. However, it is not as costly as one would think from this premier brand. In fact, it is right in the mid-level range when you consider how high quality this maker is. Overall, we recommend it for the value, the design, and the fact that it is great for rainy days and windy days on the course.

Windproof product.

Quality water resistant design.

Trusted luxury sportswear brands.

Stretch mesh for breathable comfortable.

Plenty of styles to choose from.

100% polyester fabric is comfortable and durable.

Well-designed and excellent customer service.


May fit large.

5. Under Armour Coldgear Reactor

5. Under Armour Coldgear Reactor
Now that we have brought out the big guys in the industry, we had to follow the last brand on the list with another excellent quality maker. Can Adidas keep up to the design of this product? Let’s find out. We want to share the Under Armour Coldgear Reactor Hybrid and what individuals can expect from one of the most seasoned brands in the sportswear industry. In fact, did you know that they created the first official moisture wicking product? Here are two features of this item!
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UA Storm Tech

This item comes with one of the highest quality performance fabrics in the sportswear industry. This fabric is designed for individuals that want a quality and trusted product that can easily repel water and also be breathable. This fabric is known as UA Storm tech, and it is designed to lightweight water resistance and plenty of breathability and comfort. This is the ultimate blend of warmth and breathability.

Trusted Brand

This is not necessarily a feature of this product, but it is a feature of this product and brand as a whole. This item alone has a full set of five stars, making it one of the highest qualities and most trusted products in the industry. With that, this brand excels in the area of quality and their products are designed for quality use and long-lasting wear and tear. Well, this product has these value features and much more to consider.

Cost and Value

To discuss price and value, individuals can expect this product to be well designed and offer excellent value for the price. It is important to note that the price is reflective of the brand’s experience in the sportswear industry, but they have deserved the reputation of being one of the most trusted. Overall, this item excels as far as quality and individuals will be very satisfied with the fit, features, and comfortable design. It also has five color choices available.

100% polyester design.

US Storm Technology that quickly repels water.

Adapts to your activity level.

Breathable and lightweight design.

Performance fabric.

Welded quilting for insulation.

Stretchy panels for mobility.


May fit large.

6. TopTie Business Solid

6. TopTie Business Solid
This next product on our list is one of the most affordable vests we are going to share. However, it should not sway any individual from considering it. This vest is designed from one of the best materials available and individuals can expect the design to be comfortable, high quality and also very stylish. We want to talk about the Solid Color Cotton Casual from TopTie. Here are two great benefits.
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Affordable Quality

As we will discuss a bit in the Price and Value, this product is very affordable and also high quality. However, we wanted to go in depth as to why it is high quality. This vest actually is made of 100% cotton, which is soft and comfortable. With that in mind, individuals can expect the product to be machine washable, snag-resistant, and comfortable to the touch, which compares greatly to acrylic or other cheap materials.

Great Fit

This product is designed with a quality fit and individuals will find it to be very comfortable. The fit is a quality V-neck sweater vest design that is designed with a relaxed fit comfort. With that, it comes with various sizes to choose from and individuals can expect this fabric to not wear and tear. So, it will not shrink, it will not snag, and it will not fade.

Cost and Value

As we said above, this product is very affordable. However, what makes it stand out above the crowd is the fact that the design is a durable design and it is made of 100% cotton. When you consider that other vests are made of acrylic for the same price, it becomes an obvious choice which one is the best in the list. Choose between black, grey, or navy, and we say, “go for it!”

Quality and comfortable design.

100% cotton comfort.

Soft and durable design.

Looks great/visually appealing.


May be a bit long.

Few color choices.

7. Puma 2018 PWR Extreme

7. Puma 2018 PWR Extreme
Alright, guys, it is time to talk about one of the most touted brands in the sportswear industry and this product is only a reflection of their dedication to excellence and premium value. We want to share with our audience the Puma Golf Men’s 2018 PWR Warm Extreme Vest and two features to consider this excellent and high-quality product.
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100% Polyester

This fabric is made of 100% polyester. With that in mind, we can say that the fabric is designed for excellence, comfort, durability, and has some of the highest design features in the industry. To start, the fabric has warmCELL Technology, which is a quality design that ensures individuals will be warm in the most extreme of weather environments. Golf in Siberia and you won’t even feel the cold with this product.

Performance Fit

The fabric of this product is designed with the performance fit design that this brand is known for. For instance, this fabric is designed with PWRWarm Technology, which is designed to enhance the quality comforts of the product alongside the overall durability. Alongside this, the performance fit fabric ensures masterful comfort and also breathability when wearing the product.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, individuals will enjoy the overall quality design of this product. As far as price, this item can be very costly, reaching upwards of one hundred dollars for the vest. The reason being is that this brand has designed this product for individuals that want masterful warmth, comfort, and one of the highest quality vest designs in the industry. Overall, this item is trusted and so is the brand.

100% polyester fabric is comfortable.

warmCell Technology for massive warmth.

Performance fit for durability.

Enhanced zipper and valuable pocket.

Quality craftsmanship from leading brand.

Two color choices to choose from.


Can get very hot.

Not a summer vest.

8. PGA Tour Elements

This next item on this list is by a brand that we all have come to know as one of the highest quality in the clothing industry. They run the game when it comes to golf and individuals have come to trust them for their quality products, dedication to premium fabrics, and of course, their high-quality standards in the golf community. Can you guess the brand? We are talking about PGA Tour and if you are looking for a quality vest, this is the Elements Sleeveless Zip and we are eager to talk about it. Here is feature number one.
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This product has an extremely comfortable fabric design and it happens to be made of 100% polyester. With that in mind, polyester is one of the most comfortable and also fitted fabrics that does not snag or shrink in the industry. With that, the overall design provides warmth and it happens to be very easy to take care of. Designed for durability, individuals can expect this fabric to blend well with any outfit.

Classic Fit

This item has a very high quality and classic fit design. The classic fit design is a fitted sizing design that has room in the waist and the sleeves, so individuals can wear an under shirt comfortable. With this, the classic fit is loose and allows for a full range of motions, especially on the golf course. With that in mind, we can say proudly that this brand has designed this product really well.

Cost and Value

As far as value for the price, we see this product as high quality, durable, and matches with many different outfits. With that said, it is priced relatively low and with two color designs, individuals will find it to be a great addition to any long sleeve shirt or polo shirt, from the same brand of course. Overall, this product is recommended for quality and overall the brand’s recognition to comfort and durability.

100% polyester fabric is durable.

Classic fit is comfortable.

Soft fabric for warmth.

Two side pockets.

Machine washable and snag resistant.


The white is not fully white, its greyer.

9. Jack Nicklaus 19th Hole

9. Jack Nicklaus 19th Hole
As the ninth product on our list, we want to share the quality Jack Nicklaus 19th Hole Sleeveless 1/4th and two excellent features of this quality product. Designed for comfort and of course, durability, this item has a blend of materials that ensure that it will last the test of time and also look high quality. Although it only comes in blue, we can say that it is well designed and worth it if you love the color choice.
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Cotton and Acrylic

This blend of materials happens to ensure the durability features of this product. This item is made of cotton and acrylic. Individuals can expect the cotton to be 60% of the product and the acrylic to be 40%. With this, the design is very comfortable, high quality, and guaranteed to last for individuals that want a well-designed style and comfortable fabric.


This item has a very unique design that is not very common. First, the design is a half zip design that ensures comfort, easy to use, and of course style. However, it is the textured pattern that makes it even more high quality and feel very soft and unique to the touch. With this, the pattern is a big plus for individuals that want a solid color, but with a bit of texture.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we see this product as very high quality, comfortable, and well designed. With that in mind, the overall comfort fabric guarantees durability and a smooth feel. Alongside this, the blue color matches with any outfit. For the price, it is worth considering. However, there are only one-color choices to choose from.

Quality fabric blend.

Machine washable.

Ribbed color for style and texture.

Texture checker pattern for comfort and softness.

Different sizes to choose from.


Only one-color choice available.

10. Fairway and Greene Caves

10. Fairway and Greene Caves
This next product on the list may be one of the most beneficial due to the fabric blend design of the product. The Fairway and Greene Caves Quarter is a stylish vest made for comfort and durability. However, it has a blend of fabrics that guarantee even better features than many of the products on our list. This is the last item on our list and we want to share why it should be taken into consideration.
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The Use of Spandex

This product comes with 90% polyester, which we have come to know as a quality fabric that guarantees comfort and durability. However, the fabric also has a blend of spandex, which guarantees even more features. Spandex is stretchy, which is perfect for the golf course. This item also happens to be wrinkle-resistant, has an amazing shape retention, and is even moisture wicking.

Durable Fabric

The use of spandex and polyester make this product high quality and very comfortable. To add to this, individuals can expect the fabric to also be snag resistant and the overall product to be extremely well stitched. With this, we can guarantee that individuals will be comfortable with this item and also can wear it for days to come.

Cost and Value

As far as price, this brand is very premium feeling and their designs are trusted and durable. To add to this, this product excels as far as value and individuals can expect the fabric to be of the best quality and material value. It comes in three color choices and overall, it is one of the highest quality choices on our list. We hope you consider this product!

High quality fabric with spandex.

Great color choices.

Wrinkle resistant.

Shape retention.


Excellent fabric blend and stitching. Three choices to choose from.


Thick fabric design.

So, can you see the wide variety that there is today? Who knew that a vest can even be windproof or water resistant? Well, now that you know, which one is your favorite? Adding one of these products can help make any man look sharp and feel more confident. Not only are they highly appealing, but they come in handy. If you are looking for your own quality vests, we are eager to share with our audience the criteria used for evaluation. This criterion should be used as a guide in finding the top ten best quality products when it comes to this category. With that, the criteria are below and we are eager to share it with you. Lets’ begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Golf Vests

The Material

This criterion is very common in many of our clothing articles. This is because it focuses on the overall quality and design of the product. Simply stated, the quality design of the item rests on how high quality the material is. With that, the material affects the following areas of a vest.

  • The durability.
  • The elasticity.
  • The comfort.
  • The style.
  • The design.
  • The features.

With this, we can say that the most common materials that vests are commonly made from are cotton and polyester, with a select few quality brands including elastane or spandex. With that, many cheaper brands tend to use acrylic, which is not as high quality or as durable as other materials in the industry.

The Design

The design played a critical role in the evaluation process because we wanted to ensure that the product was designed of the best material value and built to last. Alongside this, our focus was geared toward the value of the design and what individuals can expect. In this process, we discovered that there are two common designs in the industry: those that are designed for stylish use and those that are designed for effective and beneficial use, other than style. Stylish items tend to have unique/fashionable patterns and unique designs while the sporty designs focus on different features. Common features of a quality vest include;

  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Elastic and stretchy.
  • Wind resistant.
  • Focused on warmth and comfort.

With that, many of these features are very common in the golf community among products and clothing items that are intended for the golf course. So, we can say that it is not rare to see.

Other Important Factors

Instead of focusing on these criteria in depth, we want to share with our audience different criteria that were important for us to consider when selecting the top ten best products.

  • The Fit

We obviously wanted to focus on products that fit comfortably. However, there is a wide variety of different fits to consider ranging from slim-fit to casual fit, regular fit, and classic fit.

  • The Comfort

Another important aspect that we wanted to consider was the comfort of the product. The reason being is that we wanted to ensure that each product was designed for quality comfort and can be worn for long periods at a time without any discomfort.

  • Wear and Tear / Machine Washable

Another important factor we wanted to consider was that we wanted to ensure the product was wear and tear resistant and machine washable. With this, individuals can expect the item to be resistant towards rips and elasticity loss.

  • Cost and Value

Another important factor we wanted to consider was cost and value because we wanted to ensure that our audience was getting the best bang for their buck deal. With that, we can say that the value of each item is found in the quality and features.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you machine wash the vest?

A: Many of the products that we shared are machine washable. However, acrylic products should be dry cleaned only or hand washed to ensure no loss of quality.

Q: Can you iron a vest?

A: Only if the vest is made as a dress-vest. Cotton, polyester, or acrylic does not need any ironing.

Q: Is the product water-resistant?

A: If it is designed for the golf course and by polyester or spandex, then it has water-resistance as a feature. However, most commonly you need a particular water-resistant vest.

Q: Does the product have pockets?

A: Most vests are designed with pockets on the outside or inside.