Best Golf Ball Display Cases Reviewed & Rated for Quality

If you have ever golfed before, then you know how good it feels to achieve the goal that you want or be able to play like the professionals. With that said, it takes practice, patience, and dedication to the sport to achieve the results that you want to achieve. But, once you achieve the perfect score, there is a feeling like no other. With that, you always want to remember that feeling and be able to display it.

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BCW Square
  • BCW Square
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Impact Materials
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DisplayGifts 49
  • DisplayGifts 49
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Indentation Interior
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PGA Golf
  • PGA Golf
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • UV Protected Glass
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This is where a golf ball display case comes into play. If you have ever had a hole in one, then you know exactly the feeling of success, accomplishment, and pride that we are talking about. With that in mind, we are dedicated to helping you keep that feeling. So, we want to share the top ten best golf ball display cases on our list.


10 Best Golf Ball Display Cases


1. BCW Square

1. BCW Square
Should you be considering a product like this, we want to share the BCW Golf Ball Square. This product comes as a set of six cubes and individuals can easily present their quality golf balls with this product. The cubes are durable, can be separated or placed together, and this product has five stars.
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High Impact Material

This product comes in a high impact material design. The material is polystyrene, and it happens to be a 2-piece design. With that, the material is made of a high impact and resistant material construction that allows for the design to excel and the overall value of the product to last a long time. With that said, the design is very clear and also scratch resistant.

Show Off

This product allows individuals to show off their favorite quality golf balls easily and effortlessly. With that, an individual can easily place them together or place them separately. Overall, the fact that you get six for the value, individuals can expect this product to be well worth it.

Cost and Value

Let's take a minute and look at the price tag and its value. To start, this item is priced under ten dollars for six cubes. The design is simple, it comes as a two-piece, it is resistant towards wear and tear and allows for you to show off your golf balls easily. Overall, the packaging is presentable, and the brand is trusted with plenty of positive reviews. Great for a shelf or a desk, especially if you have premium quality golf balls to showcase.

Quality product and made to last.

Hold a regulation sized golf ball.

Six cubes in one package.

Quality 2-piece construction.

Durable material.

Easy to clean.


Interior measurements can be off.

May be smaller than expected.

2. DisplayGifts 49

2. DisplayGifts 49
This next item is very different from the last one on our list. This product is a full cabinet that an individual can place on their wall. With a wall rack holder and everything, the 49 Golf Ball Display Case from DisplayGifts is a quality product that is built to last and offers endless features. Here's some important information when considering this item.
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The Material

This particular product happens to be constructed from premium beechwood, which happens to be high quality and highly durable. Now, what is even better is that the acrylic door of this product happens to be UV protected for indoor use. With that, the golf balls will not fade and will stay in premium and pristine condition for a long time.

Indentation Interior

Our favorite aspect of this product is the fact that it has indentations in the inside. This product comes with quality indentations on the interior of the shelf to allow for perfect stillness and no rolling. Therefore, individuals are guaranteed a quality product that is designed to last and stay durable and high quality. To add to this, the design of this product is assembled with high-quality materials.

Cost and Value

This product is priced very well considering it can hold 49 different balls. The fact that it is made with no assembly required and it comes in one piece ready to set up, is value on its own. With that, we recommend this item if you want a quality design and appearance. What is even better is that it can be chosen in three different color choices, whether you want modern or more natural and traditional.

Quality black finish.

Wall mountable.

Designed to last.

No assembly needed.

Three color choices to choose from.

Handcrafted from beechwood.

Acrylic door and lockable.

Five-star reviews.


Can be a bit pricey.

3. PGA Golf

3. PGA Golf
This next display case from Perfect Cases is the one for you if you have a rare, autographed, and premium golf ball. This item is a tabletop display case that is high quality, durable, and designed to last. Overall, individuals can expect the material design of this product to be very premium.
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UV Protected Glass

This product comes with UV Protected Glass, therefore the golf ball never fades. With this, the exterior is designed to be durable, scratch resistant, and will never get the yellow tint that is common with glass products when they have been exposed to the sun too long.

Real Wood

The wood of this product is a real wood and handcrafted molded base. The base has a mirror inside the glass casing to display the overall memorabilia in the best light and also reflect light. With that, this product is highly durable and will display any golf ball proudly.

Cost and Value

This product is meant to be used on tabletops that reflects light on the ball really well without fading it. It offers UV protection and the case is highly durable. Now, our favorite part about this product is that it's made in the United States of America. With that, this product is fully functional, high quality, and very stylish.

Great gift for golfers.

Tabletop display case is very durable.

Real wood.

UV protected glass.

Quality durable glass.

Made in the USA.

Three wood color choices.


Individuals have mentioned it is a bit cheap.

The glass detaches way too easily.

4. Golf Gifts and Gallery

4. Golf Gifts and Gallery
This next item resembles much like product number two on our list, but it happens to allow for 25 golf balls. This item is the Golf Gifts and Gallery Mahogany Cabinet. This display cabinet is made to be durable, it is very beautiful, and happens to have an elegant and durable style that can be trusted. Here are two design elements of this item.
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Mahogany Finish

This item has a full authentic mahogany finish design. The mahogany finish is a wood constructed design that is high quality and very stylish. To add to this, the display case is structurally appealing and comes in one piece and fully assembled so it is easy to install.

Green Felt

This product is designed with a green felt background for added contrast and protection. The green felt background resembles the overall design of the product and contrasts against white balls very well. With that, the interior even has indents, so individuals can trust the golf ball will not roll.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price and benefits for this product, this brand excels in the aspect of quality gifts. With this, this product is designed with a beautiful mahogany wood that is high-quality quality and overall, will display up to 25 golf balls beautifully. As a display case, it is perfect for any golfer.

Elegant golf ball cabinet design.

High quality wood.

Green felt background.

Mounts on wall easily.

Hold 25 golf balls at once.

90-day warranty.


Does not hold as many as other cases.

The mahogany may scratch.

5. 80 Novelty Souvenier

5. 80 Novelty Souvenier
This next product is a golfer's dream due to the premium design, the quality appearance, and the overall value. Perfect for the golf course, individuals will find the 80 Novelty Souvenir Golf Ball Case from Null to be quie impressive. This item will look perfect in any library or living room. Here are two features.
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Acrylic Door

This item has a high-quality acrylic door design with quality and durable hinges that are rust resistant. The benefits of this allow individuals to have a quality display that also prevents dust and protects the golf balls from wear and tear and UV rays.

Solid Wood

This product has a solid wood construction with a mahogany finish. With this, individuals can expect it to come with no assembly needed and it comes in one piece. With that, it is a bit heavier than other display cases considering that it has the ability to display about 80 golf balls.

Cost and Value

If you want to display this many golf balls, this is the case for you. This particular product has a quality design that is durable, high quality, and fully functional. More so and to add to this, the case is a mahogany finish that is very stylish and glossy. Overall, we recommend this item to individuals that want to display their winning golf balls proudly.

Quality finish and built to last.

Durable display case.

Prevents dust and fading of the golf balls.

UV protection.

Felt interior background.

No assembly required.


Can be quite heavy.

The hinges are not as durable as other brands.


If you want a premium finish display case that holds the largest selection of golf balls, this is it. As fellow golfers, we are excited to showcase the SFDISPLAY Case and numerous features of this expert product. If you want the flexibility to choose how many you want to display and the finish, this is the item to get.
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HandCrafted Beechwood

This item comes with a handcrafted beechwood design that is highly durable and even has an elegant finish. With that, the beechwood is made to be durable, high quality, and very solid. To add to this, individuals can expect it to be rust-resistant and wear and tear resistant, while also durable enough to handle all the weight of the golf balls.

Choose your Size and Style

The biggest benefit of this product is that it allows individuals to choose their ideal size and style. Alongside this, individuals can select from 30 golf ball size to a 108. There are also four different finishes and colors to choose from ranging from cherry to oak. With all of this said, this product is designed to last.

Cost and Value

As the sixth display case, this item is made from a high-quality material and, for that, the price reflects this. With that in mind, this item has a luxurious finish and overall elegant design that looks great on any wall of your house. For the price, we recommend it if you do not mind paying a bit more for luxury.

Pure solid furniture grade hardwood

Elegant and beautiful finish.

Different styles and sizes to choose from.

UV protected design.

Unique crown molding.

Fully assembled.

Quality design.

Door lock with hinge.


Can be extremely heavy.

7. FantasyJocks Clear

7. FantasyJocks Clear
As the next item on our list, we want to share the quality FantasyJocks Clear Acrylic Golfball Display Case and the quality of this product. This display case is much like the single cases we have shared on this list already. However, there is one unique and different factor that makes this case high-quality. Here are two features of this excellent product.
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Free Engraving

This product actually comes with free engraving. Therefore, individuals can easily customize it directly with Amazon and engrave their name and other information. Alongside this, the free engraving allows individuals to remember a special time they had with a specific golf ball, creating a beautiful and quality design that can be remembered for years.

Acrylic Case

The case this product happens to be a fully acrylic case with a quality base that is designed to showcase a special golf ball. With that, the acrylic case is durable, scratch resistant, and UV resistant. The base has an indentation, so individuals can easily display their ball without any sliding.

Cost and Value

Let's chat about the price tag, value, and benefits. It's evident that this product is very high quality. Individuals are guaranteed an impressive design that can withstand the test of time. With that, this product is intended for quality use and the free engraving is what adds to the overall price. To finish, it has five stars and golfers have named it a leader in the industry

Quality golf ball display case.

Comes with free laser engraving.

Durable and quality design.


Easy to take care of.

Five-star reviews.


May be kind of small.

8. MCS 11X14

8. MCS 11X14
This next display case on our list is a quality display case that is built to last. The MCS 11x14 is made for individuals that want a modern case that is very high quality and highly functional. This item is made from impressive materials and has different features that add to its five-star rating. Here are two features of this excellent product.
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Hinged Magnetic Glass Door

This product has magnetic glass doors available for this design, which are well-known by consumers and fellow manufacturers. With that, the magnet is very high quality and the glass allows for easy to clean and safekeeping. To add to the value of this product, individuals can expect the hinge of the glass door to be high-quality, effective, and useful.

Displays 20 Balls

This item is designed to display twenty balls. What makes it even more unique is that individuals can remove the grid shape and have only horizontal lines for the interior framework of the design. With that, the all-black design is very high quality and allows for individuals to easily and effortlessly be able to create their ideal set up.

Cost and Value

With price and value in mind, the design of this display case is high-quality and individuals can also expect it to be very durable. To add to this, everything from the display case to the interior is far more superior than many other competitors. Overall, it is durable, high quality, fully functional, and even shelf adjustable. For the price, it does not hold as many as other brands, but it is very high quality.

Quality display case.

Removable grid.

Hinged magnetic door.

Quality glass door.

Quality black finish.


Does not hold as many as other brands.

9. 15 Golf Ball

9. 15 Golf Ball
As the next display case, this product happens to be quite prestigious and a great representation of high-quality. This item is from DisplayGifts and it is ideal for the golfer that has a hole in one shot. This is the 15 Golf Ball Display Case Holder Wall Cabinet and it is specialized and designed with top-notch material value. Here are two features.
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The Display Frame

The frame of this product happens to be a highly durable and high-quality solid wood frame that is durable and very traditional looking. The frame has three different finishes to choose from ranging from cherry to oak and walnut. Individuals will find the product to be great in value and also designed to last.

Felt Interior

This product is designed with a felt interior that is very high quality and very soft. With that in mind, the interior is comfortable and designed to last while the overall value of the product is in the construction of the frame and glass door. It happens to be quality designed and individuals can expect it to be able to withstand the test of time and also be easy to clean.

Cost and Value

The benefits of this item is that is that it is customizable so it has a Hole-In-One plate. However, you can remove it and place a golf ball in its place instead. Overall, the design is very high quality and allows individuals to memorize their perfect and most memorablegolf days. With that, for the price, it is a bit on the higher end but designed very well.

Hole-in-one plack is very high quality.

Indentation on the shelf.

Felt interior background.

No assembly required.

Comes in one piece.

Solid wooden frame.

Three different finishes to consider.


Costly design.

Only hold few balls.

10. Better Display Cases

10. Better Display Cases
The next case we are going to share with our audience is a quality case for individuals that want a quality design and a very simple set up, while also being somewhat humorous. This is the Better Display cases Deluxe Clear Case. It is quality design, made from acrylic, and designed to last the test of time. We want to share with our audience two features of this expert product.
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Cleaning Cloth Included

This is very unique because it is the first brand on our list that includes a cleaning cloth. Yes, this brand has designed and included a cleaning cloth with the design of this product. With that, individuals will find that this item is very high quality, simple, and the also very easy to clean due to the two-part design.

Three Options Available

This brand has designed this product with three options available. This product is designed with three different options in mind. Individuals can select between a single, double, or triple golf display case. So, if you have more than one golf ball you want to display, you can. It also comes with a fake turf green bottom and an acrylic tee for easy display.

Cost and Value

The price of this item is a bit costly considering it is only for one golf ball. It also goes up in price depending on how many you want to display. It's important to consider that that it allows for easy adjustability of the scorecard on the bottom and the overall quality design of the glass. It is easy to clean, easy to adjust and even comes with a free cloth for the price.

Simple two piece design.

Magnetic removable design.

Easy golf ball display.

Different choices to choose from.

Quality reviews.



A display case may come in all different sizes, finishes, and quality features to guarantee the individual a quality product that is built to last. With that in mind, we have shared a wide variety of display cases ranging from one-ball cases to multi-ball cases all with important design elements, mechanisms, and features. With that, here are a couple of things to keep in mind when searching for your own quality display case.

  • How many balls do you want to display?
  • What room is it going to go in?
  • Do you want it to sit on the desk or display it on the wall?
  • Is there a specific finish you are looking for?

Now, we would like to know what are your thoughts? Which case is for you? If you want a quality product that is durable, we highly recommend diving down into our criteria below because it will explain the many features, finishes, and design elements to consider when selecting a display case. As we said in the intro, there is a wide variety of cases and it is important to know exactly which is the best fit for you. Maybe, it’s the all natural quality wood case or maybe it’s more modern all-black case that is designed with a boxy shape and design?

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Golf Ball Display Cases

We can all agree that there is a very large selection of different cases. With that, we went through the task of selecting the best ones by creating and prioritizing criteria list that they would become the overall framework for building this list. With this in mind, should you be considering a quality product, we recommend following the steps below and truly consider the different features and important elements to consider when selecting the best case.

The Quantity

When picking out a display case, it is important to ask yourself how many golf balls you plan on displaying? From this, you can already weed out a large selection of display cases that are designed for single-ball use. With that in mind, there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from and it is important to consider which is the best size for your specific goal. For instance, some individuals want to only display their best and lucky shot golf balls. While some individuals want to be able to display rare and premium balls. With that, it is important to ask yourself what size you desire. There is a wide variety of sizes ranging from 12 balls to as high as 108 balls. With that, the brand also determines the design and how many balls a case can hold.

The Brand

There are many brands in the industry that tout that their product is the best. Therefore, it is important to weed out the worst and weed in the best.  All the brands we have shared are constructing their products from the most notable materials and quality design. Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge the brand’s history, such as if they have a history of creating quality display cases. In fact, many of the brands we have shared have a history in designing display cases for every event, scenario, sport, and more. This is a simple criterion, but very effective in finding out the best brands and products to consider.

The Material Design

As the next criteria on our list, we want to discuss with our audience the material design. This is an important criterion to consider, especially should you be looking for a specific material. With this, we want to share the most common materials an individual can expect when it comes to a display case.

  • Wood

Wood is most definitely the most common material of choice. With that, some brands use beach wood and some brands use real wood. However, most brands will actually dye their wood with different color choices to resemble oak, mahogany, cherry, and more. When selecting a wood case, always considering what type of wood it actually is.

  • Acrylic

All of the cases we have shared are designed with acrylic as the “glass”. This design allows for the appearance of glass with the safety that it will not shatter and be highly durable. With that, many of the acrylic cases we have shared are designed to be UV resistant and also designed to be scratch resistant and very easy to clean.

  • Felt

This is another quality and aesthetically pleasing design factor of a quality case. Many of the cases we have shared are designed with a felt backing or bottom to give off an extremely luxurious feel and design. With that, the felt makes the product look even more genuine and easy to use.

  • Steel / Stainless Steel / Metal

This is a simple material commonly used in designing products that are placed on walls. Some of the hinges tend to be made of metal or steel while the backing hanging design is made of the same material for durability purposes.

Features and Benefits

As the last criteria that we want to share with our audience, we want to talk about the features and benefits of this product. Our goal is to make it very easy to read and so we will be creating bullet points of the features to consider. These are the many features to consider when selecting a quality display case for the golf course. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the case scratch resistant?
  • Is the case UV resistant?
  • Does it come with a lock or is it magnetic?
  • Does it come with a felt backing?
  • Can it be both a hanging case and desk case?
  • Is the case easy to clean?
  • Is the case polished or matte?
  • Is the wood real wood?

With that said, we want to share a couple of benefits of having a quality display case.

  • Allows for you to protect your rare golf gear.
  • Displays your winning or lucky balls.
  • Keeps dirt away.
  • Looks great on the wall.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does acrylic crack?

A: Actually, acrylic is incredibly durable. With that in mind, acrylic happens to be resistant towards wear and tear and actually be easier and less expensive to replace than glass. Now, acrylic can break and crack. However, not as easily as glass can.

Q: Is the case scratch resistant?

A: It truly depends on the case. Some cases are designed to be scratch resistant while some cases are not. With that, the wood on the case is not scratch resistant so individuals should be careful when setting it up to not get any scratches the wood.

Q: Does it come with instructions?

A: The cases that require set up do come with quality instructions for individuals to use. With that said, the instructions tend to be easy to read and understand. Alongside this, all of the cases come with the added gear to make them easy to place on the wall.

Q: Can there be both wall and desk cases?

A: Yes, most of the cases that I have shared that are designed to be hung up happen to be desk cases as well. With this, individuals can easily attach the case to the wall or place it on their desk if they desire.

Q: Do the golf balls roll on the shelf?

A: This is actually a great question. No, the golf balls do not roll on the shelf because they are designed with indentations that make it easy for an individual to be able to place the golf ball on the shelf without worry it will roll.