Best FootJoy Socks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

As we have talked about before, having the right gear and the right products on the course ensure maximum success and comfort. Have you ever been playing golf and thought to yourself, “Oh man, I really need the right footwear”? Maybe, you came home drenched in sweat from not wearing the right undergarment or proper shirt with moisture wicking and breathable features and designs.

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  • ProDry Sport
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Breathable
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ProDry Low Cut
  • ProDry Low Cut
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • DrySof
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  • Comfort Sof Roll-Top
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  • Acrylic Material
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Well, there is a brand that ensures the maximum quality golf products, so individuals can be comfortable all day long. That brand is FootJoy! FootJoy has long provided some of the best quality products in the golfing industry and today we want to share their top ten best socks.


10 Best FootJoy Socks



1. ProDry Sport

1. ProDry Sport
As the first quality socks from this brand on this list, we want to share socks that are made for comfort and also quality. They offer some of the best features an individual can expect from a quality sock design. Here are two features of the Men’s Footjoy ProDry Sport Socks and what to consider if you are thinking on getting this quality pair.
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Breathable Design

This product allows for a more breathable and comfortable design quality. The item is made to lift moisture and vapor from the feet and skin to allow for a more relieving and comfortable wearable experience. With that, the product allows for the feet to dry quicker and effortlessly.

The Comfort

The comfort of this product is unprecedented. This brand offers toe to heel comfort when it comes to these socks, allowing for an all-day quality experience. Therefore, whether individuals are primarily walking on their feet or walking on their heel, they are receiving a quality experience throughout. Alongside this, these socks allow for an all-day wear with feeling any discomfort.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the cost and value of this product. First, the size of this item ranges from 7-12, making them a one size fits all design. They are made of cotton and have a stretchy material blend that makes them quite comfortable. With that, they are great quality and are easily machine washable. If you want comfort that lasts, these are worthy of your consideration.

Quality experience when wearing these socks.

Comfortable design that lasts.

Toe to heel comfort.

One size fits all

Breathable and moisture wicking.

Ankle support available.


Individuals have mentioned the elastic top stretched out.

2. ProDry Low Cut

2. ProDry Low Cut
These next socks are much like the last on the list but they are designed with a low cut design that makes them great for sneakers. There are many features of this product that make it worth considering, but we want to share two of them. Let’s talk about the design of the FootJoy ProDry Men’s Low Cut socks and what individuals can expect.
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Many brands in the sportswear industry have their own version of moisture wicking technology. This brand has designed this product with DrySof, a unique vapor lifting and moisture lifting technology that ensures a drier more comfortable experience for the individual. With this, individuals are guaranteed to sweat less.

The Material Quality

The material quality of this product happens to be one of the most durable. For instance, the material quality of this item is a Lycra and Spandex blend that is highly durable and ensures a better superior fit. With that, it is also highly stretchy and allows for better recovery when the sock is taken off. With that, this material blend ensures the product lasts a long time.

Cost and Value

To determine the cost and value of these socks, we want to share that the material blend is what really enhances the performance of the product. With that, the material blend is also machine washable and allows for a better and more comfortable feeling when being worn all day. Also, the material has better cushioning in different high traction and abrasion areas of the sock. For a two pair, they are worth it for the price.

Two-pair pack is well priced.

Reinforces the heel with a double-layer design.

Better arch support and heel support.

Toe cushioning and comfort.

Material is very durable.

Material is very stretchy.

DrySoft for moisture wicking benefits.


Individuals have mentioned the cut is lower than expected.

3. Comfort Sof Roll-Top

3.  Comfort Sof Roll-Top
This next sock is completely white and designed for comfort. With different cushioned areas and an overall roll top design that makes them easy to put on, these are well worth it if you want great socks for sneakers. Here are two unique features of the FootJoy Comfort Sof Men’s Roll-Top Socks and what individuals can expect.
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Acrylic Material

This product is made of acrylic, which happens to be highly durable and holds the color well without staining easily or losing tone. Overall, the design is excellent and has great shape retention as well. With that, the acrylic fibers are very soft to the touch and feel well on the skin. A last feature of the material is that it also has good moisture management and is comfortable to wear.

Reinforced Heel

This product actually comes with a reinforced heel design. The reinforced heel ensures a better quality experience and allows individuals to wear the socks all day and not feel the pain that less comfortable socks cause. With that, the reinforced heel also allows for better abrasion management, causing the product to last longer.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about cost and value for these socks. They actually come three in a pair and for the size, they are actually slightly less than two for a pair. Sort of a better deal if you buy three rather than two. With that, they are still a bit more expensive than standard socks but that is because these are not standard and they are made by a high-quality brand.

Lycra and spandex provides a better fit and stretch.

Acrylic is soft and very comfortable.

Good moisture management throughout.

Reinforced heel and toe area.

Better cushioning.

Supportive high abrasion areas.

Advanced comfort design.


Individuals have mentioned they shrink.

May fit tight and small.

Considered cheaper than other socks by this brand.

4. Improved 2018 ProDry

4. Improved 2018 ProDry
These next socks are the improved version that has made the ProDry series one of the best. The FootJoy New and Improved 2018 ProDry are made for comfort and different design qualities have helped them climb to the top of many golfers wish list. Here are two features to consider if you like this design.
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Comfort Seam

This brand has their own version of the best comfort and reinforced design in the industry. The Comfort Seam design ensures an exclusive and enclosure toe seam that allows for superior fit and overall better comfort and quality. This level of quality is only matched by many premium brands in the industry.

Secure Fit

Part of the quality design of this brand is the secure fit design that reinforced a comfortable fit. Overall, the double-layering heel design ensures a better-quality fit as well as support and cushioning. With that, the cushioning is also better enhanced on high abrasion areas to ensure a comfortable feeling and design quality.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the price and the quality of this item. If you want a comfortable design that ensures all-day golfing comfort on the course, this is it. Also, if you want a design that ensures comfortable supportive cushioning while walking, we recommend these. With that, this new design also comes in a variety of color choices and design ranging from heel designs to low-cut designs.

Moisture control fiber.

Helps lift moisture and ensures less vapor on the skin.

Breathable material quality.

Secure and comfortable fit.

Reinforced double layer design.

Superior construction.

Spandex and lycra blend is comfortable.


May shrink slightly in the wash.

5. ComfortSof Quarter

5. ComfortSof Quarter
These next socks offer tremendous comfort and value for the quality design. The FootJoy Comfort Sof Quarter Socks are quarter high and have the many benefits of this brand’s signature moisture-wicking design. With that, they come three to a pair and are well worth it. Here are two features to consider this product.
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Cotton and Spandex

The material blend of this product happens to be one of the best. The reason being is that the material blend ensures overall value and performance. With that, we can say that we trust the design of this product above many other designs. The cotton is durable, and the spandex is breathable, making it a great blend when it comes to comfort.

Stretchy But Good Recovery

This item, because of the spandex material, is ensured to offer high-quality benefits such as stretchiness and other benefits. Now, these benefits are of high quality because they ensure that the product hugs the foot without tightening it and also does not overstretch to the point of no return. Meaning, the material allows the socks to have a great recovery when they are worn for long periods at a time.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about cost and value for this particular design. They come three in a pack and with that, they are well worth the design and the overall benefits. The only real major difference between these and other socks is that these are higher as far as design and do not sit so close to the ankle. For the overall price and value, we highly recommend them.

Breathable comfortable sock.

Moisture wicking design.

Does not stain easily.

Has great recovery design.

Can be worn all day.

Does not soak odors.

Lasts a long time.

Comfortable to wear.

Cushioned traction areas.


May run kind of small.

6. 2018 ProDry

6. 2018 ProDry
This next pair of socks happen to be the new edition from the ProDry series and they are made for expert quality. Let’s talk about the 2018 Footjoy ProDry Men’s Socks and two quality features individuals can expect if they want this awesome and unique sock. Here are two features to consider when it comes to the design.
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The Blend

The blend of this product happens to be a highly durable composition of materials. This blend includes polyester for durability, acrylic for long-lasting benefits, nylon for strength, and spandex for stretchiness. With that, it offers an excellent fit design that is comfortable, breathable and allows for all-day comfort when wearing them.

Toe Seam

The design of this product happens to be an exclusive enclosed to toe seam design that offers a new and advanced fitting comfort. With that, this particular style and technology ensure a more comfortable and overall form-fitting design as well as better durability. For that alone, this is a great product to use for better cushion on the golf course.

Cost and Value

To take cost and value into consideration for this product, it is important to note that it happens to be one of the more costly socks on this list for various reasons. First, this product is made to last longer than most and it also is one of the most durable. With that, it is the newer style and has improved designs to ensure better comfort and stretch.

Quality form fitting comfort.

Superior stretch and recovery design.

Reinforcred heel designed as a double-layer for better support.

Better cushioning overall.

Enclosed toe seam design for more comfort.


Individuals have mentioned that they can be very tight.

7. ComfortSof Sport

7. ComfortSof Sport
This next pack of golf socks comes in a three pack and they are expertly designed for value and quality. The FootJoy Men’s ComfortSof Sport Golf Socks are comfortable, very well designed, and have a white and clean-cut design with no marks or design streaks. With simple quality, it has plenty of benefits. Here are two features to consider.
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Designed To Be Comfortable

The particular design of these socks is designed to be comfortable. In fact, the brand has reinforced them in the areas that matter most and ensure a more comfortable and overall traction experience. With that, the ComfortSof technology is made to be durable and last the test of time.

Durable Fit

The design quality of this product is made to be durable. With a spandex and cotton blend, individuals can expect the item to last the test of time, be very comfortable, and offer an endless amount of great features. Alongside this, these socks are breathable due to the spandex stretchiness that they offer.

Cost and Value

To talk about cost and value for these socks, we first have to say that they are high quality and made for comfort. Overall, individuals will appreciate the great and simple design alongside the price range for a pack of three. If you want comfort and durability, we recommend these socks.

Best quality product design.

Reasonable price and for a pack of three.

Overall high-quality design.

Very clean cut minimal look.

Easy to wash.

Does not stain easily.


Little information online.

8. Tour Compression

These next socks, on the appearance alone, are one of the highest quality socks in the industry. In fact, these are the #1 sock in the golf and sports industry that are used by PGA Tour Professionals. With that, they are extremely durable and designed for functionality. Let’s talk about the New FootJoy Tour Compression Socks and what individuals can expect from this item.
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Comfortable Design

The comfortable design is a feature that makes them highly touted and well known, The comfortable seam to toe design enclosure provides a smooth and comfortable fit. Alongside this, the design includes a comfortable mesh ventilation area that is designed for better air circulation through the product. With that, the mesh is snag-resistant and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Support In Specific Areas

This product has a targeted compression design that has targeted support in specific areas of the product to ensure less foot fatigue. For example, the arch of the product has a better-quality support and overall design that ensure an individual’s foot feels less stress when walking for long periods at a time. Alongside this, the DrySof technology is designed to wick away moisture and vapor from the skin.

Cost and Value

As we discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share that the overall design is a quality design that makes it comfortable and reduces fatigue as well as moisture inside of the sock. For that alone, individuals can expect a highly comfortable experience. Now, it is important to note that the price of this item is actually one of the most expensive in the industry overall.

Quality design intended to withstand the test of time.

Premium tour grade compression design.

Contoured fit in specific areas.

Breathable mesh for better ventilation.

Toe enclosure for better support.

Arch support.


Pricey design.

9. TechSof Tour

9. TechSof Tour
These next socks are designed with quality in mind for individuals that want performance and comfort in one specific design. With that, they are also very trendy as far as the design and offer a cool and comfortable feeling. Here are two features of the FootJoy TechSof Tour Men’s Sport Sock and what individuals can expect from this item today.
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Cool Design

The design of these socks makes it one of the most distinctive designs in the industry. It has a technology designed soft feeling with a very cool design that includes different shades of grey and different lines in specific areas. With that, this is actually a new design we have not seen before and now has taken us by surprise.


Part of the designer of this product is a soft quality feel and overall production value. The item is soft to the touch by very durable, with a quality composition of materials that make it ideal for everyday wear. With that, we believe that this item is designed for comfort and ensures long days of support on the course.

Cost and Value

Before we share the price, we have to say that this item is designed very well. However, it does not have much information online. With that, it has close to five stars in reviews, making it a quality item. With that, the price makes them at the premium level of sock craftmanship for only one pair of socks. For the price, we recommend them if you want premium comfort with a cool and sporty design.

Quality design by great brand.

Designed to last the test of time.

Five star reviews.

Sport sock technology.

Breathable and comfortable.

Supportive design in specific areas.


No information online


10. ProDry Roll Tab

10. ProDry Roll Tab
Now that we have shared a large variety of different socks, we want to share a specific set designed for women. The only reason they are designed for women is that they are designed for the shape of women’s feet and the size. With that, the FootJoy Women’s ProDry Roll Tab Golf Socks are comfortable as far as design and made to last the test of time. Here are two features to consider if you want this quality item.
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Moisture Control

The design of this product is a quality moisture control system that ensures better moisture management as well as faster evaporation on specific areas. With that, the moisture control allows for comfortable all day use and makes the item very breathable.

Double Layer

Part of the design of these socks is a double-layer technology that is made for durability. This technology ensures a better quality fit alongside more durability. With that, the double layer is made to reinforce the heel and give it a more cushioned feeling than before. The same design is also part of the comfort seam toe design which we have talked about before and is included in the design of these socks.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to note that the design of this item is very high quality and it is made to last. With that, the socks are highly durable and fit comfortable and come in two different color choices. However, for a pack of two, they are pricey and are considered one of the priciest socks this brand offers.

Pull tab design to easily put them on.

DrySof moisture control technology.

Spandex blend is very comfortable.

Superior stretch and recovery.

Comfort seam toe enclosure.

Designed for quality.

Two color choices to choose form.


No reviews online.

Made for a women’s foot size, not men.

Expensive quality.

Now that we have covered the top ten best socks for today by this brand, we are eager to hear your thoughts. Have you ever worn a product from this brand? If so, let us know below. With that, we can ensure that all of these socks are made for quality and individuals are guaranteed maximum durability from the different quality benefits of these products.

With that, the best thing to accompany a golf sock with is a golf footwear by the same brand. If you are a fan of FootJoy, then you know that their designs and comfort levels supersede any other brand we have ever shared before. Moving forward, it is time to share with our audience the criteria to evaluate the top ten best golf socks from this brand. This criterion serves as general guidelines to help us identify the best products from this maker. With that, we are eager to share our criteria with our audience. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best FootJoy Socks

As our specialized criteria for this specific brand, we want to share the different guidelines that we set forth to ensure the best quality products were chosen to develop this list. With that, this is our criteria to evaluate the best FootJoy socks. Let’s begin!

The Material Quality

As the first criteria to consider, when it comes to garments, whether a shirt, pants, or even socks, the first criteria is always the material quality. The reason being is that the material blend of the product will really determine the overall value of the item and how well it will perform. With that, this brand has an exceptional blend of material qualities to ensure maximum quality performance and comfort. The material composition of many of their products is below.

  • Cotton – This brand uses cotton in specific points and areas of their products to ensure better cushioning and overall value. Cotton is also known among one of the most comfortable materials as well as one of the most durable in the industry. Cotton is also easy to wash and individuals can ensure quality and longevity from this material.
  • Polyester – This brand uses polyester as their primary material composition. The reason being is that polyester is very durable and is easily one of the best materials for any sport.
  • Spandex / Elastane – This material is commonly known in the sports community as one of the most common for many different reasons. This material is highly adjustable, very durable, easy to clean, and offers some of the best benefits and features, which we will cover in the next criteria.

With all of this in mind, these are the many different material compositions that this brand utilizes. Now, onto our second criteria.

Features and Benefits

As the second criteria to consider from this brand, we wanted to focus our attention on features and benefits. The reason being is that when it comes to a specialty sock, there are numerous reasons that an individual buys such a quality product. With that, during our research, we found that there are many benefits to purchasing this product and many different features that allow those benefits to exist. So, as far as FootJoy socks, here are the most common features and benefits.

  • Breathability – This feature is one of the most common when it comes to sportswear products. The reason being is that as the body releases heat and vapor, a breathable item such as a shirt or a sock allows for the vapor to exit easily and not be trapped in the garment. With that, this is possible because of spandex and polyester, which happens to be a highly breathable blend. Also, this brand has designed certain aspects of the socks with a mesh weave design that ensures better breathability all around.
  • Moisture Wicking – As another quality feature, socks that are designed for moisture wicking benefits are beneficial because they allow for the individual to sweat and not be walking in a pool of their own sweat. Moisture-wicking products are highly breathable and allow for the sweat to be wicked away from the skin, keeping an individual dry longer.
  • Sole Cushioning – One of the biggest features of these specific socks is that they have sole cushioning. Sole cushioning allows for more comfort and overall better walking benefits. With this specific double layer weave design in the sole, individuals can expect the product to allow for all-day comfort and cushion.
  • Toe and Arch Cushion – Another feature that this brand utilizes when developing their products is a toe inseam and arch cushion design that ensures that every aspect of the foot is secure. Other than being breathable, it is also a sturdy design that supports different traction points of the foot.
  • Pull Tab – This particular feature the brand has only designed in specific areas. With that, the pull tab feature is common among socks that are low to the ankle area and they allow for individuals to easily pull the tab up.

Variety / Design

As the last criteria to consider, we found that variety and design were important because we wanted to ensure a different variety of consumer appealing products. With that, not every individual wants a pull tab ankle sock, so we wanted to share a wide variety of socks. As a simple criterion, it allowed for the mixed blend of socks that are on this list.

Other Factors to Consider

Now, if you do not know the importance of the best and proper sock, here are a couple of effects that individuals can encounter if they do not purchase the right sock for the game of golf.

  • Daily discomfort.
  • No grip or traction.
  • Pain because of no arch support.
  • The sock may ride down during golf.
  • The sock may cause a lot of sweating.
  • The sock may cause bad odor bacteria.
  • The socks are not breathable.
  • The socks might wear quickly.

All of these elements may occur, by wearing the same bad quality sock all day long on the field. However, there are only a couple of benefits when it comes to wearing the right sock when golfing!

  • Better comfort and more toe and arch support.
  • Breathability and moisture wicking benefits.
  • Elasticity for better foot placement and walking.
  • More cushion in the many different areas that matter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the sock moisture wicking?

A: As the first primary criteria to consider, we found that moisture wicking socks are one of the most asked about features. With that, it is important to note that brands that have a blend of polyester and elastane are also moisture wicking because of the overall composition of all of their products.

Q: How do I know what size to choose?

A: Each particular size is categorized by the number size of the foot. With that, many products online have a sizing chart, so individuals can better design their ideal size. In any case, this brand also has a return policy on any product that may not fit.

Q: How do I wash the socks?

A: This depends on the material composition of the product. With that said, if you want to wash your socks, it is important to take into consideration the specific washing instruction that the brand may have for that particular item. Most commonly, washing on cold does the trick. With that, each product on this list is machine washable.

Q: What is a double-layer weave?

A: This particular design is commonly known as the most comfortable design that this brand offers. In many of the products above an individual will notice that the cushion has a double layer weave design in the heel or the toe region. With that said, this design is intended to offer better quality cushioning overall. It also makes the product more durable and more high quality, allowing it to withstand the test of time more easily.

Q: What is DrySof?

A: As the last most common question, DrySof is this brands version of creating a moisture wicking product design with breathable benefits. With that, it is a new technology that is a quality blend of materials alongside sporty benefits to ensure the best quality comfort all day long.


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