Best Fish Oils Reviewed & Rated for Quality

As part of our nutrition and lifestyle section, it is our guarantee to share the best products when it comes to nutrition and of course, products that enhance your daily life. With that, we have shared different supplements here at Golfoid. From Vitamin D to whey protein, we have shared different supplements that are to enhance your lifestyle, performance, and overall daily energy and body. With this in mind, we want to share a product with our audience that we have not yet talked about.

Featured Recommendations

Dr. Tobias
  • Dr. Tobias
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No Fish Aftertaste
  • Price: See Here
Kirkland Signature
  • Kirkland Signature
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Healthy Complex
  • Price: See Here
Arazo Nutrition
  • Arazo Nutrition
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pure and Refined
  • Price: See Here

This may be the first original supplement alongside Vitamin D tablets and until today is a common household supplement on any drawer or cabinet. With properties that ensure healthy hair, healthy skin, more energy, and overall an improved mood, we share this with our golfer friends in hopes to get you on the golf course longer and more motivated. We are talking about fish oil!

Fish oil has long been known as that supplement that not a lot of people know exactly what it is about, what the benefits are, and why they should consume it, but they know the trend has been high for years and everyone is doing it. Therefore, we want to share with our audience the top ten best fish oil supplements that one can take today. Not only are they designed for quality in mind and have plenty of benefits, these tend brands are well touted and have a history of excellent value and quality.

With over four stars overall, each brand is a quality brand that uses the most expert of care when creating and extracting the fish oil complex. With this in mind, take into consideration the benefits and pros of each brand as well as the con’s and what to consider. Also, keep in mind that there are specific mg’s to take depending on your age. For instance, the common number is 1600 mg for adults. So this may be an aspect to consider. Some fish oils are designed to be low potency while some fish oils are designed to supply a high amount of benefits and nutrients.

Now, without further wait, let’s talk about product number one. However, stay for the last part of our article, where we examine what to look out for when it comes to fish oil and the best brands. Let’s begin!


10 Best Fish Oils


1. Dr. Tobias

1. Dr. Tobias
When it comes to brands that have been known for their quality and specific benefits, this is one of them. Dr. Tobias has long been known for producing some of the highest quality products in the health industry with a reputation that includes five-star reviews and thousands of customers. In fact, this product alone has over 11k reviews online and close to five stars. One thing is agreed, this deserves the number one spot when it comes to fish oils. This is the Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength Supplement.
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No Fishy Aftertaste

If you are not keen on consuming fish oil because you are worried about the aftertaste, then there is no need to be concerned when it comes to this product. This item is designed with a high-quality pill coating known as, “enteric coating” that helps the consumer increase their absorption levels, which leads to better health and faster energy. With that, it also avoids the fishy aftertaste and no burps that may be caused by other brands. So, you never have to taste a fishy pill again.

Pure Quality

When it comes to brands that excel in purity and excellence, this is one them. This product is designed with molecular distillation which is a specifically formulated process that ensures that individuals are consuming one of the healthiest and most pure products in the industry.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, it is important to note that this item is made with the highest quality ingredients and design in the industry. If you want heart health, joint health, and plenty more benefits and are looking for a product that ensures maximum health support, this is it. This fish oil is designed to be high quality, easy to consume, and for the price, an individual gets 180 tablets. With that, the price is a bit high, but considering the many benefits, it is well worth it.

No burping or after taste.

Healthy molecular design.

Healthy fish oil complex.


Third party tested.

Triple strength fish oil.

Easy to swallow.


May not notice benefits to start.

Sticky pills in the bottle.

2. Kirkland Signature

2. Kirkland Signature
This next fish oil is very different than the first one on the list. Although it comes from a notable brand that is known for their benefits and quality, this fish oil is simpler and more complex than other brands. This product is designed to provide healthy omega-3 acids and it is 1000 mg. We want to discuss and share with our audience two benefits of the Kirkland Signature Fish Oil Concentrate.
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Healthy Complex

This product is designed to be very healthy and the formula does not include any artificial colors, flavors, yeast, starch, or even gluten. With that in mind, it does contain fish and soy, which is a less favorable product. However, if you enjoy this brand and their quality products, this is an item to consider from this brand.

Supports Healthy Heart

Fish oil is commonly known as one of the best supplements for the heart. With this, if you want a quality product that is designed for heart health, we recommend this quality fish oil supplement. With that, it comes with 300mh of Omega-3 fatty acids in the 1000mg of fish oil.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, it is somewhat of a balancing scale. If you do not like the idea of consuming soy, then this may not be the product for you. However, for the price, individuals can expect a healthy formula, but most importantly, 400 soft gels for the price. That is close to 3x’s the size of the first product on our list for half the price.

400 soft gels for the price.

Healthy heart supplement.

No artificial flavors or colors.

No years or gluten.

No added chemicals.

Trusted brand.


May have an after taste.

Has soy as an ingredient.

3. Arazo Nutrition

3. Arazo Nutrition
It is time to talk about a brand that excels when it comes to quality and purity. If you want a healthy dose of fish oil that happens to be a triple strength formula that is high purity, we recommend this product. We want to share the dietary supplement that is Arazo Nutrition Omega 3 Fish oil. This item has 1200 MG EPA alongside 900mg DHA. Here are two features to consider!
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Pure and Refined

When it comes to fish, individuals should always be very careful and read the ingredient profile. With that, this item is of the highest purity and quality with an ultra-pure and refined formula that is designed from molecular distillation. Essentially, this brand uses the highest quality of extraction from their wild caught fish to remove all heavy metals, mercury, toxins, and PCB’s from their products. This ensures individuals are consuming a heart-healthy and pure fish oil.

100% Wild Caught

This brand uses 100% wild caught fish and the healthiest extraction method to ensure the highest volume of EPA and DHA. With this, individuals that want organic and healthy fish oil can expect this to be of the best value. Alongside this, the pills are designed to have a slight lemon zing to them to prevent any burping or fishy flavoring.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, it is slightly cheaper than the first one on the list but not by a lot. With that, individuals can expect 120 soft gels for the price. It is important to keep in mind that the healthiest of extraction methods and distillation were used to ensure that the contents were of the best value. With that, we highly recommend this product to individuals that want the highest quality fish oil.

High quality fish oil.

Pure molecular distillation.

Special extracting method.

100% wild caught fish.

Ultra-pure and refined.

Lemon zing with no after taste.


The pills are large.

May be difficult to swallow.

4. Viva Naturals

4. Viva Naturals
We have talked about this brand before in a couple of our reviews and it is because they are primarily known for their quality products and healthy all-natural methods. With that, we want to share the Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules, a highly concentrated fish oil that ensures plenty of benefits. Not only are they designed for better absorption, but they are clinically proven to be easier to consume. Here are two benefits.
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Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s has long been known as one of the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body. With that, this product has a healthy dose of 2,200mg of fish oil per capsule and 1,400 mg of EPA and 480 mg of DHA. With this, the benefits include brain health, eye health, skin health and much more. Overall, this product is designed to support metabolism and help adults and elders maintain daily energy levels.

No After Taste

This product is designed with the healthiest of methods and extraction methods. This product is designed to strip away any toxins or unhealthy heavy metals. With that, it has no aftertaste and it is designed to give a pure and clean tasting pill that is easy to swallow.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss the cost and value of this product! It happens to be one of the healthiest supplement brands in the industry. However, the price reflects the value of the brand and their all natural non-GMO approach to products. With that, this is so far the costliest on the list for a pack of 180 capsules. However, it is well worth it if you want health benefits and superior quality.

Heart healthy and plenty of benefits.

Non-gmo and organic formula.

Healthy extraction methods.

No after taste and removed from any heavy metals or mercury.

Trusted brand.


Costly for 180 tablets.

Not burpless.

5. Nordic Naturals Ultimate

5. Nordic Naturals Ultimate
This may just be the healthiest brand on our list and also, the costliest. Their products are 100% organic and they use the highest quality extraction methods and it is evident in the quality of their products. As product number five, we want to talk about the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Omega SoftGels and two features to consider of this product.
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Lemon Taste

This product is designed with a specifically designed lemon coating and taste, so individuals do not taste the fish. With this, it is designed with the highest molecular distillation quality to ensure no aftertaste. However, the strength of the fish oil may at times come back up. With that, the taste is a lemon zing taste that ensures that it is easier to swallow.

Oxygen-Free Manufacturing

Now, this is a new feature that we have not come across yet when it comes to supplements. This brand uses a specific style and quality of manufacturing their products that happen to be oxygen-free. With that, this level of manufacturing ensures the best quality delivery of the product as well as the product not going bad or melting together in the bottle.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, individuals should not be surprised by the price tag of this product. Reason being is that this item is one of the healthiest and the highest quality in the industry. These fish oil tablets are designed for quality and expertly concentrated for the highest yield of benefits. There are four sizes to consider, with a 180CT being the most expensive, double the price of many brands on this list.

Quality fish oil capsule.

Healthy extraction design.

Best quality packaging.

Ultimate formula.

Trusted brand.

Lemon zing taste.

Molecular distillation.


Strong fishy smell.

May stick together.

6. New Chapter

6. New Chapter
As the next brand on this list, these are simpler supplements to consider if you want a quality fish oil that is designed for a healthy brain, eye, and joint function. With vital Omega 3’s the New Chapter Fish Oil supplement is worthy of consideration if you want a clean and simple fish oil capsule to consume every day. Here are two benefits.
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100% Wild Caught Certified

This product is designed to be 100% wild caught and certified salmon. With that, it is completely certified from Alaska and it happens to not have any GMO, artificial flavors, sugars or sweeteners. With this, individuals can expect a clean-cut wild caught and 100% organic product that is healthy to consume.

100% Salmon

This product is designed to have 100% salmon. Krill and anchovies have now been known to produce Omega-3 fatty acids and have been a popular substitute for an all salmon formula. With that, this brand stays true to the health benefits of salmon by not including any of these substitutes inside the formula of this product.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this product, we want to share that it happens to be very high quality, a great formula, and great tasting. With that, the price is costly for a 120 count and can be considered a bit pricey. Overall, it is a quality formula that is easy to swallow, has many benefits, and it is 100% salmon with no added ingredients or other fishes.

4 in one benefit.

Reduces heart disease.

Whole mega fish oil with omega-3 complex.

No added fish or ingredients.

Extra-virgin and wild caught.

Alaskan caught quality salmon.


Fishy smell.

Will taste like fish.

7. Nature Made

7. Nature Made
As the next brand on our list, this brand is often recognized for their quality products and well-designed supplements. With the best care and highest quality content, Nature Made has become one of the highest trusting supplement brands to date. Here are two features of the fish oil supplement that they provide.
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Very Healthy Formula

The formula for this product happens to be one of the healthiest in the industry. For instance, this product comes with a high-quality formula that ensures no yeast, starch, preservatives, or any color added. With that, this product is made to be EPA and DHA filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

No Mercury

Fish, especially salmon is commonly known for having mercury. With that, this product uses the highest quality filtration to ensure no mercury is found in any of their products. With this in mind, we can guarantee the highest quality product in the industry if you want value and benefits.

Cost and Value

Overall, this product happens to be one of the most trusted and well designed in the industry. This fish oil is not anything special from other brands and it is one of the simpler properties. Overall, we recommend this product if you trust this brand and want a quality fish oil for better health.

Quality fish oil for better health.

Well designed and no artificial flavors.

No years or starch or any additives.

No color added.


No reviews.

Not as high quality.

8. Nature’s Bounty

8. Nature’s Bounty
This brand is known in the community for their well designed and many healthy products. With that in mind, individuals can expect a healthy formula that is clean and ensures 1200mg of fish oil. Overall, we recommend this product to individuals that want quality and health benefits and an easy to swallow tablet. Here are two features of the Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Brand.
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Supportive Health

This product is designed with the highest quality of supportive health content. With that, this item is designed to help maintain and support triglyceride levels already within the normal range so individuals can maintain healthy functions and heart health. Alongside this, it is filled with other benefits that are common from omega-3.

No Mercury

As one would expect from a quality brand, this product is designed to not have any mercury. With that, salmon is known to have mercury. Therefore, this brand uses the best purification methods, so individuals can have the best and healthiest supplement to consume. Overall, it is a great addition to any diet and ensures the healthiest of benefits.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, individuals can expect a healthy supplement that is filled with omega-2’s and the purest fish oil. With that, this brand includes 200 rapid release softgels that are designed to be easy to swallow and absorb easily into the body. Alongside this, this product is priced very well for 200 capsules and we are impressed by the quality and the affordable price.

Healthy Omega-3 capsules.

Filled with positive benefits.

Maintains body health and proper body function.

Quality tested.

Easy to swallow and consume capsules.

Cardiovascular health.


Large capsules.

9. Sports Research

9. Sports Research
This next quality fish oil happens to be one of the best designed in the industry for the price. This is a quality Alaskan fish oil that is filled with plenty of benefits and healthy elements. Providing healthy fatty acids that ensure brain, hair, and skin health, we recommend this to anyone. This is the Sorts research Omega-3 Fish Oil.
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Pure Formula

The formula for this fish oil happens to be one of the purest in the industry. The formula is a quality formula of omega-2 concentrates that enhance freshness and has no toxins. With this, it is a pure formula with the highest yield of benefits and minimal fish taste.

90-day Refund

This brand focuses much of their value and designs on customer satisfaction. Therefore, with this product they allow for a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and individuals will receive a refund within 90 days if they do not like or notice results from the product. However, with five stars, unlike any brand on this list, returns are not common.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this quality product, individuals are guaranteed a high-quality formula that is designed with the best benefits in the industry. With that, it has 1250mg of fish oil and about 180 softgels for the price. The price is the most common price we have seen, and individuals can expect it to be a triple strength value deal.

Quality formula.

Trusted brand.

Brain, hair, and skin support.

Quality softgels.

90-day satisfaction guarantee.


Very strong fish taste.

Strong fish smell.

10. Optimum Nutrition

10. Optimum Nutrition
As we have come to expect from this brand, their products are excellent when it comes to quality and benefits. With that, we want to share the last fish oil on our list, the Optimum Nutrition Brain Supportive Fish Oil with 300mg and 200 soft gels. With this in mind, here are a couple of benefits to consider if you want a quality fish oil supplement.
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Low Dose

One of the best aspects of this item is that it comes with a low dose of fish oil. So, if you are new to taking fish oils and you want a dose that is not as strong as other brands or you may have a weak stomach to such products, a low dose is the perfect way to start. With that, individuals can still expect a quality fish oil supplement that is designed with some of the best long-chain EPA oils that ensure plenty of benefits.

Easy To Swallow

Considering that this is a lower dose of fish oil, the tablets are much smaller than other brands. Therefore, the tablets are easy to swallow and coated to easily be absorbed. The soft gels also have no fishy taste and the low dose ensure individuals will not be tasting the salmon.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we want to say that it happens to be a great quality low dose supplement if you want an easy to swallow capsule. Although it is not as high quality as other brands, the design is still worth it if you want to start introducing your body to supplements and low dose fish oils.

Low dose fish oil.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Plenty of heart benefits.

Long chain fatty acid benefits.

Special coating to make it easy to swallow.


Not as high quality as other brands.

May not notice much of a change.

Do you know exactly what the best benefits of fish oil are? Neither did we until we started conducting our research! Well, in this process we found that this supplement has a wide variety of features and benefits. Individuals that take fish oil can enjoy the follow benefits.

  • Fish oil is known to boost heart health and reduce heart disease due to omega-3.
  • Fish oils are great for weight loss due to the omega-3 fatty acids.
  • This product improves your immune system which prevents a cough, flu, and other sicknesses.
  • This supplement is known to reduce inflammation in blood and tissues.
  • This supplement also treats arthritis easily and has reported turning backs the effects of joint pain and discomfort.
  • Fish oil has emotional supportive elements that boost the mood and relieves anxiety.
  • This supplement is great for eye care, skin care, hair care, and the nails.
  • This supplement cures acne and other skin ailments.

These are only a few of the most common symptoms. As one can see, the variety of benefits is endless. Therefore, it becomes a perfect addition to your daily routine whether you are a novice to the

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Fish Oils

As the criteria to evaluate the best fish oil supplements, we want to share with our audience what to look out for when it comes to fish oil. Since fish is one of the most concerning foods in the industry due to the exposure of different metals and minerals, it is important to take into consideration these aspects when picking our your ideal supplement. With this in mind, we want to share with our audience what we consider the most important aspects to consider when picking our your best fish oil supplement.

Quality / Reviews

The first indicator of whether a product is well trusted and worth your investment is the quality and the reviews. Therefore, as the first criteria on our list, we took into consideration what people thought or had to say about the particular supplement. With this in mind, we can say that all of the supplements and brands we share are of the highest quality. First, we primarily focused on brands that had four stars and above and plenty of positive reviews. Take the first brand on our list, Dr. Tobias, they have over 11k reviews online, which ensures us that this is a quality brand that is worth considering. With this in mind, it is important to consider how individuals react to the supplement as it may have different side effects for each individual. Overall, when buying an important product such as this, the reviews and quality play a role. Now, we want to share criteria number two.

The Potency

As criteria number two on our list, we found the potency plays a crucial role on which product to buy. The reason being is that there is a wide variety of brands in the industry with different potencies ranging from 800mg to above 2k mg. With this in mind, if you are new to the supplement industry and new to taking fish oils, it may be best to consider a lower potency to see how your stomach and body react to the product. With that, fish oil is not common to have any side effects as iron or other minerals have.

Taste / Flavor

As the third aspect that we took into consideration, the taste and flavor of a product play an important role in the overall effect it will have on an individual. Sadly, fish oil is known for having a very odd flavor and taste in individuals. With this in mind, this particular product is not for individuals that fear the taste of fish. Many brands tout that their fish oil does not have a fishy aftertaste by using the words “burpless”. However, all brands according to reviews may have the potentiality of a little bit of aftertaste that may be a bit fishy. Therefore, our primary concern was to ensure that each brand had the highest quality and clean fish oil when it comes to taste. Some brands even mask the fish oil with flavors such as orange or lemon.

The Ingredients

This may be the most important aspect to consider when it comes to supplements. Reason being is that the ingredients of a product really will determine the overall value of the item. Fish oil is one of those products. When it comes to supplements, ingredients are crucial because you want to ensure the cleanest possible formula. However, not always is this the case. Therefore, as the supplement police, it was our concern to only share the best possible formulas with a healthy ingredient list. We discovered the top ingredients to be wary of, here they are! Make sure your fish oil and other supplements have none of the ingredients below.

  • GMO
  • Sugar
  • Artificial Flavors.
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Additives
  • Chemicals
  • Lead
  • Mercury

With that, we want to place an emphasis on the last two ingredients. Fish, especially salmon is known for having levels of mercury in it. Therefore, it is our primary concern to inform our audience that this is an aspect to consider when selecting supplements that have fish as the primary ingredient.

Cost Per Value

As the last criteria that we took into consideration, we found that the cost per value was an important element to consider. With this, we want to share with our audience that there is a wide variety of brands out there. Therefore, it is important to consider what is most important to you as the consumer. Keep in mind that the healthier a product is the more costly it will be. With that, we found that the average price for a 180 count of fish oil capsules is between $25-$35 with more organic products being slightly more expensive and the less quality products being very cheap.

Now that we have shared with our audience the criteria to evaluate the best fish oil supplements, we want to move forward and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until I notice results?

A: When it comes to fish oil, individuals typically notice results within seven days of use to one month of use. However, it all primarily depends on your body type, the dose, and the quality of the oil.

Q: What is the shelf life for this supplement?

A: As far as guaranteeing the quality of your fish oil supplement, all brands will determine how long they will last on the shelf. However, the most common term is twelve months of shelf life.

Q: Is the fish oil mercury free?

A: Fish oil does contain mercury in it. However, quality molecular fish oil that has been properly distilled will be free of any mercury, which is crucial for consumption. Do not take any fish oil or supplements that may contain mercury at any time.

Q: How many should I consume a day?

A: The common theme with fish oil is to consume one capsule a day.


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