Best Exercise Bands Reviewed & Rated for Quality

In many sports, what highly successful and trained individuals realize is that all sports and forms of exercise benefit each other. For instance, yoga helps gymnasts while running helps football players. With this, even the smallest of exercises such as using dumbbells or running on a treadmill helps golfers. The reason being is that golf, although it looks simple, is a complex sport and we give credit and praise to the many golfers out there that have made it their livelihood. In fact, if you speak to most golfers they will say that they also exercise daily in different ways to enhance their performance.

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Fit Simplify
  • Fit Simplify
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Superior Quality
  • Price: See Here
Black Mountain Products
  • Black Mountain Products
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 75 lbs Resistance
  • Price: See Here
  • Limm
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Price: See Here

How does exercise enhance performance? To start, exercising causes individuals to develop more endurance, better flexibility, and overall better breathing patterns which aid in the sport of golf. Yoga and other calming exercises can cause the mind to focus clearly and create a better-balanced mood when on the golf course. With this in mind, we want to share with our audience a simple product that can enhance your golf skills by building muscle, enhancing your endurance, testing your flexibility, and also your balance and posture. We want to share with our audience the top ten best exercise bands.

Now, individuals will notice that there are two types of exercise bands on this list, loop and tube bands that are intended to be attached to a handle or used alongside a machine or door. With this in mind, if you are wondering what an exercise band is, we have a simple definition for you. They are known as stretch bands that are also resistant weight that causes individuals to test their strength and endurance. The weight also gradually increases depending on the band that an individual use and you can use them interchangeably to add more weight. This allows for muscle stimulus, muscle growth, and endurance training. Now, we want to talk about the first product on the list.


10 Best Exercise Bands


1. Fit Simplify

1. Fit Simplify
An exercise band is a quality product that is guaranteed to help individuals build muscle, warm up their body and also cause strength training. However, you want a product that will work and not break easily. Therefore, we want to share the first band on our list, this is the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Band. Here are two features to consider this product.
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Superior Quality

An exercise band has to be made from the best quality material to ensure that it can withstand the amount of resistance it has to go through. With that, this item is ensured to last the test of time and it is highly durable. This exercise band is a worry-free band that is designed to withstand much wear and tear.

Lifetime Warranty

This product comes with a lifetime guarantee from the brand. In fact, if any of the bands break the brand will refund the money right away. With that, this builds trust between the consumer and the brand to ensure a quality experience and better customer service.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, these bands are made from a durable stretch material that is designed to last. Alongside this, this brand has designed them with the highest quality resistant design to ensure that they are durable. With the purchase, an individual will gain a 41 page eBook alongside five colorful bands that are designed to last and even a carry bag as a bonus. With 7k online reviews, individuals tout the quality of this brand.

Comes with only eBook to learn to use the product.

Durable and quality material.

Made to last.

100% natural latex durability.

High end exercise product.

Trusted brand.

Plenty of positive reviews.


They do not stay in place.

They tend to roll.

2. Black Mountain Products

2. Black Mountain Products
This next product happens to be of the highest quality and highest level of flexibility. These exercise bands are designed to withstand the test of time and happen to be a quality product for both working out your legs and also your arms. With a long enough stretch to do maximum workouts, we want to share the Black Mountain Products Resistance Band.
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75lbs Resistance

If you want maximum resistance from a resistance band, this is the one to get. This product can withstand up to 75LBS of weight and is resistant enough to cause plenty of stretch to your muscles. With that, this item is very efficiency in working out the arms and the legs.

Metal Clip Design

This product has a quality clip system that is designed so individuals can easily clip it onto an ankle strap or soft handles. The clip is metal, high quality, and designed so individuals can customize their experience when using this product. With that, this item comes with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.

Cost and Value

When it comes to value and price, we want to share that this product is very different from the first band on our list. With that in mind, it allows for a more customizable experience than the first product. For the price, individuals will receive a set of ankle straps, hand straps, and five different colored stretch bands alongside a small carrying case.

Quality workout bands.

Ankle straps and hand straps included.

Carrying bag included.

Different colors included.

Quality made and designed.

Durable rubber material.

Comfortable handles.


The booklet has few exercises.

3. Limm

3. Limm
These next quality bands are made to be durable, easy to use, and offer plenty of quality benefits. Designed to last, the Limm Resistance Bands come in a variety of colors and individuals find them to be easy to use and effective. Here are two features of the Limm Resistance Bands.
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One of the best benefits of this product is the fact that they are extremely lightweight. With this and a carry bag to match, individuals can easily take this product anywhere. Whether our take it with you in your purse or your briefcase, they come in handy due to the lightweight design.

The Material

One of the many benefits of this product is the material. The material of this band is a latex material that is high quality, TPE free and happens to also be odor free. With that, that material is designed to be effective, durable, and ensure that it will not break easily. This material is designed to increase the intensity as you stretch the product, allowing for the tonight of certain muscles and areas of the body.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share that it happens to be made of the highest quality material alongside a durable build and stitch that ensures it will not break. With that, the brand includes five bands in different colors with a stretch guide and online videos. Also, it comes with a lightweight and easy to carry bag that is high quality and durable.

High quality and durable product.

Made to last.

Odor free.

Quality stitching.

Different colors to choose from.

Plenty of positive reviews.


Not extremely resistant.

Not as high quality as others.

4. Tribe

4. Tribe
This next product is a great quality set of bands that individuals will appreciate. Made to be highly durable and high quality, individuals can expect a wide range of use from these band cables and their level of intensity. We want to share the Tribe 11PC Premium Resistant Band Set and what individuals can expect when it comes to this excellent set.
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Combine Strength

This product is virtually designed for both beginners and amateurs. The way this product works is that each band is individually designed with different resistance levels. Alongside this, individuals are guaranteed that each product is durable and will be able to withstand maximum stretch levels. The highest amount is 105lbs, which is specifically designed for professionals that want a quality stretch.

Plenty of Features

What makes this product even higher quality is the fact that it comes with plenty of features. This product comes with clips for easy arm workouts and even ankle bands for easy leg workouts. With that, all of the aspects of this product are extremely high quality and designed for maximum durability and benefits.

Cost and Value

With every element included, this brand has over 2k reviews and plenty of positive benefits. Alongside this, individuals can expect the product to be able to withstand the test of time and be very durable. The product is made for both professionals and amateurs and comes with plenty of positive bonus elements to consider from a quality item.

Durable and high-quality product.

Combine intensity levels.

Different intensity level bands.

Come with ankle and arm clip and strap.

High quality material.

Satisfaction guarantee 100%.


The clasps are not as high quality.

5. BodyLastics

5. BodyLastics
These next resistance bands are made for quality and happen to be some of the best designs when it comes to durability in the industry. The BodyLastics Stackable 12 Piece Resistance Bands are durable, made to last, and offer plenty of positive benefits. Here are two features to consider from this specific product.
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Pick Your Weight

Unlike certain brands that happen to have a preset weight limit to their elastic bands, this brand allows for individuals to pick their ideal weight band limit. Individuals can pick from a twelve-piece max of 96lbs, a 14 piece max of 142 or even go as high as a 31 piece band of 404lbs. With this, individuals can max train, gain muscle, and flex their body with these bands.

Use Them Together

Individuals can actually use these bands together if they wish alongside a max tension neoprene strap that is designed to be anchored to a door for easy use. With that, individuals can max train and enjoy the benefits from at home training techniques for weight gain and more.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the cost of this product. It is important to note that the price will vary depending on the amount that an individual chooses. With this in mind, there are plenty of positive benefits to this product and the price makes them well worth it if you are a professional looking for maximum strength training benefits.

Comes with everything needed to succeed and use right away.

Plenty of choices to choose from.

Colorful design.

Five stars with over 2k reviews.

Max tension straps.

Very durable and high quality.


Band replacements at an extra charge after 90 days.

Costly for the set.

6. Fitness Insanity

6. Fitness Insanity
This next quality band set is designed for expert use and comes with everything an individual will need to get started right away. With plenty of adjustable weights and a 100% lifetime use guarantee, individuals are guaranteed a quality product that is expertly designed. With a waterproof carrying case, the Fitness Insanity Resistant Band Set is a quality set for individuals.
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Five Color Coded Bands

This product has some of the best bands in the industry when it comes to quality. For instance, this product is expertly designed with five color-coded bands that have a maximum equivalent of 150lbs when used together. Alongside this, individuals can use the bands together or separately with a clip that is durable, high quality and made for durability.

The Set Includes

One of the many benefits of this product is what the set includes. The set for this product is a yellow band, blue band, green, black, red band, with two cushioned handles so individuals have maximum comfort. Alongside this, it also comes with two ankle straps, a door anchor, a waterproof case, and many other benefits. With this in mind, the brand also has a lifetime quality guarantee.

Cost and Value

For this product, we can highly suggest that it is a durable and high-quality product made for durability. Alongside this, individuals will appreciate the overall design of the product alongside the many benefits. With an eBook that is delivered via email for better workout routines, individuals can expect a high-quality product.

High quality bands.

Five different colors to consider.

100% lifetime guarantee.

Your own personal gym at home.

Resistance bands are durable.

Trusted brand with five-star reviews.

Two cushioned handles.

Everything included.


The straps are not as high quality as other aspects of the product.

6. Upowex

6. Upowex
This product is another quality set that is designed for endurance and performance. With five-star reviews touting the excellency of this product, we want to share the Upowex Resistance Band Set that is expertly designed for durability and excellent craftsmanship. Here are two features to consider this product.
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Anti-Snap Technology

This product is made from some of the highest quality materials in the industry. This item has an eco-friendly natural latex band design that is durable and made for quality resistance. With that, each tube band is double layered for maximum resistance and durability. Alongside this, the bands are color coated and when together have a maximum equivalence of 150lbs.

Everything Included

Much like the last brand on this list, this item comes with everything included for a quality at home workout experience. This set comes with ankle straps, arm straps, a carry bag, and even a workout bonus eBook to help aid when practicing with this item. With that, each item of this set is made for quality and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we find this to be a durable item that is made for quality. With this in mind, individuals can expect the bands to be durable, high endurance, and offer plenty of benefits. There may be some of a learning curve if you are new to the working out with this product. However, individuals can expect a quality item made for durability and performance. For the price and quality, they deserve their five-star rating!

High endurance bands.

Double layered construction.

Extremely durable.

Bonus Ebook.

Aids in fitness training.


The cushioned straps may cause chafing.

8. Insonder

8. Insonder
These next resistance bands are made with the highest quality latex in the industry. These bands are built to last and have plenty of positive reviews. They are designed as a circular band, not the traditional bands with the clip, so these are for specific exercises. With that, we want to share one of the highest quality bands in the industry for the quality. Here are two features to consider of the Insonder Resistance Bands and what individuals can expect from this product.
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Premium Loop Bands

These bands are designed to be 12” long and 2” thick. With that, they are a high-quality loop band with five color-coded stretch levels that ensure maximum resistance. With an extra light to extra heavy firmness, individuals have plenty of bands to kickstart their workout journey. With this, these eco-friendly bands are durable, elastic, and feel great to use.

Great For Full Body

This product is not only made for maximum endurance, it is primarily made for full body workouts. With this said, individuals are guaranteed a quality item that is designed to withstand the highest levels of resistance. With that, the brand has also included a quality free eBook that individuals can use to mix up their routine and learn new workout techniques with their bands. Alongside this, it aids in tonight your body and enhancing your strength.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this product, we want to share that this is a high-quality item made for durability. Alongside this, this resistance band is great for fitness individuals that want to lose weight, tone their body, and get results quickly. Alongside this, this product is made to last and made for durability. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, individuals are guaranteed a product that will last.

Durable product made to last.

Chemical-free latex material.

Odorless bands.

High quality design.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Comes with an eBook.


The resistance is too light.

9. Mpow

9. Mpow
This next set of quality resistance bands is made for gym resistance and durability. These bands are high quality, durable and made to last. With this in mind, we want to share the Mpow 150 LBS Resistance Bands Set and two features that individuals can expect from this quality product.
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Easy To Carry

This quality band set is high quality and easy to carry. The thirteen-piece set is a quality set with handles, door anchor, a detailed user manual, and plenty of accessories. With this in mind, individuals are guaranteed a quality set that is durable, long lasting and high quality. Alongside this, this set is also made to be snap resistant and also maintains elasticity for a long time.


This item comes with a stackable design and a high quality cushioned grip with a durable material quality that guarantees maximum support and quality function. Alongside this, individuals can expect this product to be able to withstand the test of time and give individuals a durable and quality stretch system.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to share that individuals will appreciate the plenty of added benefits to using this item. Alongside this, there are plenty of extras that this brand has included from a workout eBook to a quality cushioned hand strap. With that, the portable zippered bag and band guard is durable, easy to use and made for quality. With five stars and plenty of reviews, this brand is highly recommended by many individuals and at the average price as many other brands.

Quality and durable.

Made to last design.

Offers gym resistance and durability.

Quality door ankle and band handles.

Snap resistant.

Everything included.


The handles are considered somewhat small.

10. Leekey

10. Leekey
This next quality product is a high-end band set that is designed for leading experts and professional individuals that want a quality product that lasts. This brand set is made from durable latex and double layered. With a one-year warranty guarantee, this item is a set of five products and made to last. With a high-quality design and an eco-friendly construction, we want to share the Leekey Resistance Band Set.
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100% Quality Guarantee

This product is designed with a 100% quality guarantee. Individuals can expect a high-quality product that is durable, easy to use, and ensures maximum quality. With that, if an individual finds the product to be unsatisfactory, the brand allows for an immediate refund. With this, individuals have touted their customer service to being of the highest quality.

Personalized Training

One of the best benefits of this product is that it comes with five different weight bands. The weight of these bands together totals about 150lbs and individuals are guaranteed a quality product that is made to last and for durability. With this, the brand has included ankle straps and other bonuses with these bands.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this brand, we want to say that this brand excels when it comes to quality performance and benefits. With this, the ankle straps and body stretching straps are made for durability and resistance training. Alongside this, this eleven-piece exercise product is made to last and very durable. For the price, individuals can expect only eleven pieces, which is a bit less than other brands, but the product is still as effective.

High quality product made for performance.

Five color-coded resistance band set.

Wide application product.

Exercise anytime of the day.

100% quality assurance guarantee.


Not as many pieces as other brands.

Not as high quality as other brands.

Have you ever used a resistance exercise band before? If you have, what effects and benefits have you noticed? With this, we hope that our audience find this list useful and have found a quality benefit to introducing this product into their daily routine for better golf practice. Now, when it comes to choosing the best exercise bands, it is important to take into consideration a couple of different aspects. For instance, are you wanting a specific weight from the band? Are you wanting a loop band or a stretch band with handles? All of this and more, we can uncover and discuss in the criteria portion of our article.

With that in mind, we share the criteria to evaluate the best exercise bands with our audience below for individuals that want to conduct their own research and find the best band. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Exercise Bands

As the criteria to evaluate the best exercise bands, it was our primary intention to share the best products that also had a lot of value and plenty of benefits. With the health and workout industry having such a wide supply of the same product, we wanted to review each product independently and evaluate how durable and high quality the item is. With that said, we want to share with our audience the first criteria to consider when it comes to a quality exercise band.

Material / Durability

As the first criteria to consider, the material of an exercise band tends to be the same across the board. The most common material of a band is latex. With that, latex is also known as one of the most durable materials in the industry and allows for the best longevity of the product. Now, the weight and resistance of the band are determined by the latex composition. For instance, there are bands that have a resistance of 5lbs while there are bands that have a resistance of 25lbs.

With that, this is primarily due to the design, composition, thickness, and overall design of the band. However, we can say that latex is virtually snap-proof. Although it can snap, the chances of it happening because an individual pulled too hard on the latex band are practically impossible. As far as latex, it is a material that should be cleaned from time to time with a moist rag and never left in the sun for too long because it will crack and lose its resistance.

Variety / Brands

As the next criteria that were important when selecting the best bands, we found that variety was an important factor in sharing out top ten best products. The reason being is that the design and the overall material quality tends to be the same. Therefore, we wanted to share a variety of brands to consider and designs for individuals. For instance, there are two primary designs for resistance bands, a loop design, and a tube design.

The loop design is used primarily for stretches and starter resistance, while the tube design allows for individuals to have more variety from their workout. As far as tube bands, they also come with handles and clips, which allows individuals to use the bands together or use them alongside a handle, door, or connect it to a steady item to have more variety from their workouts.

What Is Included / Cost and Value

As another criterion that we found to be important when conducting our research, we found the overall package and set to be an important factor. For instance, we took into consideration all the pieces in an average set and evaluated the cost and value ration of each set to ensure that each quality piece was of the best value. In an average set, here are the most common pieces that individuals can expect.

  • The bands. (ranging in weight and resistance)
  • Mesh carry bag.
  • Handles (for tube bands)
  • Multi-clip system.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • Downloadable Ebook.

With this in mind, most brands tend to have the same items included in a set of bands. However, loop bands do not require certain items that tube bands do. With this in mind, it is important to consider which product is the right one for you.

Lastly, we took into consideration the cost and value ration and found that most products of this type happen to be around the same price. The only difference is that the more gear a brand includes in the set, the price increases. Overall, individuals can expect a quality set to range from $20-$40, depending on which style you go for.

Now, that we have shared with our audience the different factors to look into, it is time to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to the best exercise bands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are the tube bands?

A: This is a great question for anyone looking to buy the tube bands. The length of the tube bands will determine many of the exercises that an individual will be able to perform with this product as well as how comfortable depending on the height of the individual. With this in mind, the length of tube bands, on average, is about six feet, three feet when folding. This allows individuals to perform a wide variety of exercises easily and effortlessly.

Q: Can I clean the bands?

A: As one will notice, when using the bands they will get dirty from time to time. Especially if you perform exercises that require you to step on the band or have the band on the floor. With that, the most simple way to clean this product is by wiping it down with a wet towel and then wiping it dry. With this in mind, most bands can easily be wiped down due to the latex material. However, by no circumstances should it be placed in a dishwasher or a washing machine.

Q: Can the band be left in the sun?

A: As a key question to consider, any band left in the sun for a long period of time will lose color and also loos it’s stretchiness. The latex material will wither and lose its ability to stretch. With that, a band left in the sun for long periods at a time will start to wear and tear easily and possibly crack, which is dangerous considering the item can snap back and impact you. With this in mind, we never recommend placing this item outside for long periods at a time as it can get damaged.

Q:  Do the bands smell or have an odor?

A: This is a great question considering that latex or rubber may have an odd odor from time to time. Unlike yoga mats or other sports equipment that may have a heavy odor at first, sweat bands do not have such a heavy odor compared to these products. With that, the only product that may have an odor is the mesh bag. If you notice that your bands have a heavy odor, then it is recommended to have the band sitting out in a dry cool place until the odor is no longer present, which is only a couple of hours.

Q: Can you adjust the length?

A: The only way to adjust the length of a band is to actually fold it in half. However, this is most common with tube bands as loop bands are non-adjustable.


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