Best Energy Supplements Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Are you feeling a bit in a slump before the golf course? Maybe you are motivated to go but you just don’t have the energy? Well, perhaps you need a mental and physical boost that will help you out of your funk and ready to get on the course. An energy supplement can really aid an individual if they need more focus, mental creativity, and overall mood enhancement. Maybe you have been training too hard and you are physically and mentally tired or, maybe you just need a mental boost that will help you get back to playing like a pro.

Featured Recommendations

NutraChamps Korenimg
  • NutraChamps Koren
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Traditional Ginseng
  • Price: See Here
  • Genius
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Thermogenic Properties
  • Price: See Here
Olly Dailyimg
  • Olly Daily
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Ingredient Choices
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Therefore, we went on the hunt to help our golfer friends find the best product. If you are considering an energy tablet or capsule for the golf course, we want to share with our audience the top ten best and the different features and aspects to consider each one. Let’s begin!


10 Best Energy Supplements


1. NutraChamps Koren

1. NutraChamps Koren
If you are seeking a healthy way to get all of the energy that you need for the golf course, this may be it. As the first supplement that is designed to give you energy, we want to share this quality product that comes with a superfood known as “ginseng.” This is a high-quality focus and performance energy booster that will aid for all-day energy.
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Traditional Ginseng

This product is made from all natural and traditional Korean ginseng. In fact, the roots of this product are grown in a region of Kore that has been known to grow organic and healthy herbs for years. With that, each root has been hand selected and matured for the purpose of containing a minimum of 5% ginsenosides to ensure a rich and potent product that you will feel works wonders for the body.

Healthy Formula

This may be one of the highest quality and potent formulas in the marketplace because it is not constructed with harmful chemicals of strains of less-quality ingredients. For instance, this product is completely non-GMO, vegan, all natural and it has no unnecessary fillers or preservatives. To add to this, it has no binders or harmful chemicals that go into the supplement.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and benefits, individuals will notice a quality product that works very well. To add to this, it has a 100% lifetime guarantee and a backed by this brands satisfaction guarantee. Overall, it has thousands of positive reviews from individuals and it has 4.5 stars to consider. To add to this, individuals will appreciate the overall quality and the fact that you get 120 capsules for one great and low price. The price itself is very budget friendly.

Quality product that enhances your energy levels.

Rev up your quality of life.

Traditional Korean formula.

Designed for long lasting effects.

Enhances your energy levels and stamina.

Enhances your performance and vigor.

100% non-GMO and vegan formula.

Trusted products with plenty of positive reviews.


May cause slight headaches.

You may have to take low doses to start to get used to it.

2. Genius

2. Genius
This next energy supplement happens to be of the highest quality and ingredient design. This product is an energy pill that is designed with ultra-pure and trademarked caffeine that is designed for sustained release. The formula itself is of the best quality and individuals will be pleased with the overall potency. This product is designed to sustain energy levels for all periods of the day and all functions. This is the Genius Caffeine Extended Release and here are two beneficial benefits for the body.
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Burn More and Loose More

This caffeine boosted pill is designed for individuals that would like to burn more calories and also support weight loss. The way it does this is by stimulating thermogenesis and accelerating the rate in which the body burns calories. With that, it also is designed to suppress the natural appetite of the body for an extended period of time so you eat a bit less and burn more.

All-Natural Formula

This product is crated from high-quality veggie capsules. The capsules are designed to not contain any fillers, dyes or any other unnecessary additives that many other brands include. To add to this, it increases muscle performance and endurance. It also adds blood flow without using any added stimulants in the body, so individuals feel more vigor.

Cost and Value

The overall high-quality design of this product is an all-natural formula that is beneficial and designed to burn calories. With that, it does not lead to energy fluctuations and overall it is a pure powder. The price is fair for 100 capsules and consumers tout it with over 4.5 stars. Online they have about 1.1k reviews and plenty of happy customers. If you consider this product you can also subscribe and save.

Designed with smart energy in mind.

No crash afterword’s.

Extended and sustained energy levels.

Feel more alert and alive.

Allows for better focus and concentration.

Increases your metabolism and aids in fat loss.

Designed from an ultra-pure concentration.

Quality supplement design.

No jitters.


May be a bit pricey.

No major difference at first.

3. Olly Daily

3. Olly Daily
This next supplement for energy is very different than the last. In fact, it happens to be the complete opposite. This item is designed with no caffeine at all. Therefore, individuals get their energy levels from an organic source instead. This is the Olly Daily Energy Gummy Supplement Caffeine Free Formula and it happens to be a flavorful design that enhances your daily energy levels. Let’s talk about the first benefit of this excellent product.
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The Blend

Have you ever heard that B12 is among one of the best vitamins that the body needs? Well, this product has an incredibly powerful dose of B12, that is designed to enhance your cognitive functions and overall energy levels. Well, it also supports renewable energy at a cellular level by producing energy from the bodies organic system. With this, individuals will notice an even bigger boost of energy because of the Goji berry dose that it has as well.


This formula is one of the most all-natural that we have seen in the industry so far. The formula itself is an all-natural formula with no additives and it is lightly sweetened by organic methods only. It also uses plant-sourced phytonutrients adding for an added kick of energy. The antioxidants as well are the only plant-based, adding to this product organic nature and abilities.

Cost and Value

Let us discuss the price, the value, and the overall benefits of this extraordinary product. This item is made for active individuals that want an all-natural product that will also enjoy the delightful taste. Now, the flavor of this item is tropical passion and it happens to be a gummy, not a capsule. So, if you want a quality gummy that is designed from a delicious flavor and vibrant color source, this is it.

Quality blend of B12 vitamins.

Goji berry antioxidant benefits.

Tastes delicious.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Completely caffeine free.

No unhealthy additives.

All-natural sweetener.

Powerful ingredients.


No major changes at first.

Not as powerful as caffeine based.

4. Havasu Nutrition

4. Havasu Nutrition
This product is designed for individuals that want a particular energy supplement that also is designed to support healthy aging. In fact, this brand has created and formulated this supplement alongside state-of-the-art manufacturing practices alongside botanical information and expertise from some of the world’s leading industry professionals in the area of natural solutions. To add to this, this product is designed with quality tested and transparency in mind. We are here to discuss the Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength DHEA 50 MG.
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Balance To DHEA and Hormone Levels

This energy supplement is designed for individuals that want balanced hormone levels and a boost in energy. Alongside this great benefit, it also promotes a positive mood and for men, it will enhance your libido. It helps maintain muscle mass and overall tones your body. This product is not just a supplement, it is an expert energy booster that enhances your well being and way of life.

Earth-Grown Nutrients

This particular product is designed with a combination of vital nutrients and antioxidants that are completely earth-grown. It is designed with a combination of beneficial ingredients such as apple cider vinegar to enhance your body’s state of being. Most importantly, it is completely chemical free, preservative free, and it does not have any harmful ingredients in the profile.

Cost and Value

To enhance the quality of this product, we want to also mention that it is designed to restore your peak DHEA levels. It also is transparent, reliable, and designed to enhance your muscle mass and metabolism. Individuals will appreciate the 60-capsule quantity for the price. It is priced around the average levels as other brands and individuals will appreciate the fact that it also is easy to consume.

Restores your energy levels.

Transparent and reliable brand.

100% money accurate.

No harmful ingredients.

Designed for healthy aging.

Restores your DHEA levels.

No preservatives.

Enhances your immune functions.

Enhanced memory and more energy.


May notice negative experience with DHEA.

5. Zhou Nutrition Green Tea

5. Zhou Nutrition Green Tea
This particular supplement is designed from a brand that has plenty of positive reviews, insight, and one of the highest quality research teams in the industry. We want to bring to our audience the Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract energy supplement and discuss multiple features that make it an excellent product. Made from incredibly potent green tea and designed to be all-natural, individuals will benefit from an increase in energy and metabolic function.
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Brain Function

This supplement not only helps with metabolic and cognitive action is supports daily brain activity and function. Overall, it allows for a user to feel more alert and feel an enhanced mood through their day. The reason being is the combination of L-theanine in the green tea extract alongside other health benefits and ingredients.

Super Antioxidant

One of the quality benefits of this product is that it is designed with super antioxidants and a large plethora of free radical scavenger. In fact, it enhances your immune system and fights any unhealthy cells or chemicals in the body and releases them out of the body. In turn, individuals will have an increased essence of energy and an enhanced quality of life. It also supports healthy fat oxidation and supports healthy cells in your body.

Cost and Value

As far as the cost and the features, this product has a large variety of benefits for the fact that the primary ingredient is incredibly potent green tea extract. However, the best part is the fact that it is completely non-GMO, FDA approved and also lab verified by industry professionals. Overall, you receive 120 veggie capsules for lower than price than many other brands. This is a buck deal worth thinking about!

Quality formula that is designed to last.

Increases metabolic function.

Enhances the way you feel and your overall daily mood.

Lab verified and created by industry professionals.

FDA approved and non-GMO.

Supports metabolic function.

Supports the right against free radicals.

Super antioxidant design.


May cause slight jitters at first.

Do not take with other caffeine sources.

6. Prime Labs

6. Prime Labs
It is time to talk about a quality supplement that is designed to enhance your overall brain function and ability to focus. With a mood-boosting and enhancing formula, this product is designed for mental clarity and overall cognitive abilities. This is known as the Prime Labs and for 60 capsules, an individual receives a quality formula that is designed to enhance your well-being and more.
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Better Than Caffeine Pills

This product is stated to be much more potent and well-tested compared to caffeine pills. The one problem that many individuals may have with caffeine pills is that they may cause jitters and a crash after all day energy. These do not. This product is a powerfully dosed ingredient formula that enhances the way you feel without the jitters that some caffeine pills and products may have.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This product is a great quality product that is a 30 day no money back guarantee with no questions asked refund policy. Alongside this, this supplement is also FDA registered and created in a USA facility. Overall, what individuals tout the most is the fact that this product is designed in the USA and it is well tested and constructed for an enhanced quality lifestyle.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss how this product compares to other quality supplements in the industry. First, it is strictly designed for quality of life and enhanced energy and brain function. However, the price for 60 capsules is a bit overpriced compared to the fact that some brands sell 120 for the same price. In return, an individual does get a healthy and energy boosting dose of L-theanine and much more, which enhances your mental clarity and more.

Quality brain formula with a mental boost.

Enhances your mental focus and clarity.

Unique natural formula that is designed to last.

Ideal for waking up and provides enhanced focus.

Energy boosting capsules.

Satisfaction guaranteed with return policy.


Does contain some caffeine.

May cause slight headache.

7. Evlution Nutrition

7. Evlution Nutrition
This next supplement is very different than the ones we have shared on our list. This particular supplement is designed as an energy powder that has about thirty servings per container. With that in mind, individual’s will love the delicious flavor and the overall quality and consistency of the powder. As far as benefits, it has a wide variety of mood-boosting and enhancing benefits that are also great for energy, muscles, and overall body functions. Let’s discuss the first feature of this product.
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Natural Energy

This product is intended to be completely an all-natural energy source for individuals that want enhancing and cleaner energy all day long. This supplement has all-natural caffeine sources that are designed for antioxidants and a healthy consumable product. In fact, the formula is intended to not cause any jitters or after effects as one would have when taking caffeine sources that are not natural or unhealthy.

Designed For Focus

This product is intended for individuals that not only want an all-natural source of energy but also want to focus. Alongside this, it has a quality formula that enhances the way an individual work’s out by giving the individual more energy return and also causing their metabolic system to be enhanced. The best part is that it aids in muscle repair and recovery. Made for golfers, runners, and all sports lovers.

Cost and Value

This product is very different to compare the price compared to other supplements because it is not a capsule or a pill, it is a powder formula. However, for the average price of this product an individual only gets thirty servings compared to many other brands where an individual gets sixty capsules or more. Now considering that it is a powder, an individual’s tout that they notice the effects much faster. It all depends on what you rather have.

Quality formula blend that enhances the way you feel.

Energy for any time of the day.

Made for endurance and muscle repair.

Zero carbs and zero sugar added.

Delicious flavor.

Great for pre and post workouts.

Gluten free and all-day energy.


The flavor is fake tasting.

May cause slight jitters.

8. Motivation!

8. Motivation!
If you are looking for motivation in your daily life, do we have an awesome product for you! From the Motivational brand, this is the Herbal caffeine Energy Vitamin and it has plenty of benefits in one simple capsule. This product is 200mg of caffeine per serving and it is designed as an energy shot for only a fraction of the cost. This product uses naturally derived caffeine sources to bring you a quality product. Let’s discuss a couple of these sourced.
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Guarana Seed Extract

This vitamin comes from the Guarana seed. In fact, it is extracted and created into a highly potent oil that allows individuals to receive a daily shot of energy. It includes 100% RDA dose of the B-Vitamin complex, which aids in metabolic functioning and maintains your body’s all-natural energy levels. To add to this, it also contains Ginseng and other quality ingredients that enhance the way an individual feels and their overall daily energy levels.

Other Ingredients

As we discuss above, this product also contains ginseng. Now, to no surprise, it also contains green tea extract and Rhodiola, which are two of the most potent, strong and quality ingredients available today. This blend of ingredients creates a highly powerful formula that not only enhances the way an individual feel but their overall well-being a daily behavior. For that alone, we highly recommend this product.

Cost and Value

With a quality guarantee and a refund of the 100% purchase, it actually is very rare that an individual returns this product. In fact, this blend of ingredients has a 4.5-star rating and plenty of positive reviews from a wide variety of individuals that have consumed this product. To add to this, we highly recommend this product if you want a daily dose of energy.

Includes a 200mg of caffeine per serving.

Uses all-natural energy that is herbal-sourced.

100% RDA dose of complete B-vitamin.

Complimentary ingredients.

Easy to consume.

FDA inspected and cGMP certified.

A great pick me up.

Convenient for daily activities.


Not as powerful as other brands.

May take a while to notice effects.

9. Zhou Nutrition Caffeine

9. Zhou Nutrition Caffeine
As supplement number nine on our list, the Zhou Nutrition Caffeine Energy Supplement has been widely known for its quality benefits and enhanced ingredient profile that is designed to increase your focus and overall brain activity. This product allows you to feel focused, alert, active, while also allowing you to feel relaxed without jitters or expected crash.
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No Crash and No Jitters

Have you ever had a coffee to then feel within a couple of hours that you need another cup of coffee? Have you ever felt the same feeling but with a supplement booster? Well, this product is not designed for that. This particular supplement allows individuals to feel the energy all day long without the expected crash or jitters. To add to this, an individual actually may feel an enhanced calmness and relaxation in the body while benefiting from the mental energy boost.

Healthy Alternative

In reality, many individuals are somewhat worried or fearful of taking a product such as this. However, in all honesty, this product is of the highest quality supplement design. Overall, this is a great alternative to other products which may be filled with calories, sugars, and harmful ingredients. With that, it is touted that it enhances your overall state of mind as well.

Cost and Value

To discuss price and benefits, this product is of the best design and value for the overall price. It comes with 60 capsules and the price is a bit above standard price, but that is because it is a healthy formula in a veggie capsule. With this, individuals will benefit from the no crash and no jitters calming effect. If you need to stay on alert on the golf course, we recommend this specific nootropic.

Designed for long lasting benefits.

Focused energy on the mind and body.

Enhanced cognitive functions with no crash.

Quality veggie capsule.

Smooth energy shot.

Works synergistically.


May not work as well as one expects.

May take a couple of days to notice a difference.

10. GNC Mega Men

10. GNC Mega Men
This supplement comes from a brand that is widely known. This supplement is known as the Mega Men from GNC. It is from one of the leading brands and we want to discuss why it is such an excellent product. It is clinically proven and studied to enhance men’s overall energy functions, cognitive abilities, and metabolism. Lett’s discuss benefit number one that men can look forward to.
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Designed For Men’s Health

This particular supplement is designed for men’s health. It is a clinically studied blend of some of the healthiest multivitamins and designed and packed with a plethora of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. To add to the benefits, it will support your immune system and features enhanced key nutrients and an ingredient profile that supports your overall immune health and cognitive abilities.

For Men Who Work Out

One of the many benefits of this product is that it is a quality packed product that is designed to burn calories. This product is packed with thermogenic ingredients that support calorie burning so individuals can enjoy the benefits of getting leaner and toned quicker. Overall, the ingredient profile is also very healthy and support energy functions for all-day adventures with no crash. So, if you need to get to the golf course and need an energy boost, this is a great alternative.

Cost and Value

As far as the price of this excellent supplement, it does come from one of the leading and trusted brands in the industry. It also is a quality design that enhances your metabolism. For the price, an individual will receive 90 caplets which are fair according to other brands as well. It if you want a quality calorie burning system that contains antioxidants and plenty of benefits, we recommend this healthy daily dose.

Clinically studied product.

Gives energy and provides calorie burning benefits.

Contains antioxidants.

Has more antioxidant power than other brands.

Contains quality blend of multivitamins.

Easy to swallow pill.


May make you nauseous at first.

Turns urine bright yellow due to the B2 vitamin.

So, have you considered an energy supplement before? If this is your first time, we want to shed light on the criteria used during the evaluation process. Of course, our primary concern is healthy products, especially since they are consumables. Whether you want a product with caffeine or one that does not have caffeine and has all-natural boosting agents, this is for you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Energy Supplements

Quality / Reviews

When evaluating the best quality products in the industry, the quality and reviews will determine who reigns supreme. Therefore, our concern was to first focus on quality and what brands were the most notable, so we can bring our audience a wide selecting of quality products to consider. With this, our concern was brands that had a four-star rating and above.

As far as reviews, our concern was to ensure that each brand was of the best value and that it had plenty of reviews to go off of. Well, when considering the reviews from a specific brand, here are a couple of important nuggets of advice to keep in mind.

  • Consider how long it takes for the product to work.
  • Consider if there are any side effects.
  • Does it give the individual more than energy? (mood enhancement, etc.)
  • Does it cause any jitters?
  • Is it easy to swallow?

Let’s move onto the next aspect of picking out a quality supplement.

Cost and Value

As the second criteria, the cost and value was a key factor for multiple reasons. Not only did we want to share and ensure that consumers were getting the best bang for their buck deal, but also a quality product that would be worth the price. What we did discover is that the price will vary depending on different factors. So, these are the following factors to consider:

  • Is it a capsule, tablet, or powder?
  • Does it have an added taste?
  • How many tablets per bottle or servings?
  • How organic is the product?

The Ingredient Profile

As the last criteria, we wanted to give ourselves the space to be able to share an in-depth analysis of why the ingredient profile is so important. With that, we separated our criteria into three different sections, so consumers know what to look for when buying an energy supplement. Let’s begin with section one.

  • The Key Ingredient

The key ingredient stands for the primary ingredient that causes the “energy” of the product. With that, there are two types of ingredients, caffeine, and non-caffeine. Therefore, you want to keep in mind whether you want a caffeine-based energy booster or an organic energy booster. What we encountered is the most common ingredients were caffeine-based ingredients alongside extracts such as goji berry, green tea, and other different superfoods that cause a boost of energy.

  • The Length and Side Effects

This next aspect of the ingredient profile is very important because you want to ensure that the product you are buying has positive effects. So, it is always important to become knowledgeable about the specific ingredient profile and what individuals can expect as far as the side effects of the ingredient profile and also how long the effects of the energy supplement will last. Most commonly, mild side effects of caffeine-based supplements are jitters.

  • The Harmful Add-On’s

As the last aspect of the ingredient profile, this may be the most important aspect of all, the harmful “add-ons”. This is those harmful and pesky ingredients that sneak into our daily life. With that, you want to ensure that the energy supplement that you are buying is completely free from the following ingredients; soy, dairy, milk products, nuts, tree nuts, additives, sugars, GMO, fake sweeteners, flavorings, colors, and any other extremely harmful ingredients such as corn or fructose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if the supplement has caffeine?

A: If the supplement has caffeine, then it is important to consider that it may cause slight jitters and crash after an individual takes it. With that, some caffeine is all organic and sourced to not have any crash.

Q: Do I take the energy supplement with food?

A: Most commonly, no. An individual does not need to take it with food. However, this all depends on the individual product, brand and the type of supplement that it is.

Q: How long is does one bottle last for?

A: Some bottles are only a thirty-day or sixty-day quantity. Therefore, it is important to consider how long you want to take it for because you can save more by subscribing to monthly subscriptions.

Q: What is the shelf life?

A: Most commonly, the shelf life for an energy supplement is about six months. Once again, the brand will identify this rule.