Best Electrolyte Tablets Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Individuals who are athletes, work out, play golf often, or run know the importance of staying properly hydrated. Therefore, whether you bring your own cold water bottle to last you through a couple holes or you bring a water bottle during your runs, staying hydrated is essential for the human body. The reason being is that without proper hydration an individual can suffer through many different diseases and ailments. Headaches, nausea, hot flashes, and other symptoms can be the result of lack of water. However, it is not only drinking the proper amount of water on a daily basis, it’s also having the proper amount of electrolytes in your body.

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  • Nuun
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Design
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Hi Lyte
  • Hi Lyte
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Muscle Recovery
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Elite Sportz Equipment
  • Elite Sportz Equipment
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  • Compact Tablet
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We sweat electrolytes through our pores and the more we sweat, the more we need to replenish them. Electrolytes aid in muscle recovery, hydrations, proper brain function, and many other positive benefits. With this, if you discover that even after drinking a lot of water you still suffer from pains and ailments, you may be lacking electrolytes. For any sports lover, including our golfer friends, having the proper amount of electrolytes is essential. Now, there is one simple and easy way to get your daily boost of electrolytes in and that is, electrolyte tablets!

Electrolyte tablets are small tablets or capsules that an individual can take, chew, or add to their water which enhances the water and fills it with a positive charge for better energy and an overall healthier drinking water. With this, the electrolytes are then directly consumed by body cells and organs. With this, we want to share with our audience the top ten best electrolyte tablets that an individual can consume today. Let’s begin with product number one!


10 Best Electrolyte Tablets


1. Nuun

1. Nuun
In the search for some of the best electrolyte tablets, this brand popped up for their customer satisfaction, quality products, and overall great taste. If you want to stay hydrated, an electrolyte tablet may be the product for you. According to this brand, “if you sweat, you need Nuun” and we would not agree more! Here is the Nuun Hydration Electrolyte Drink Tablet. Here are two features to consider this product.
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The Design

The particular design of this product is to be delicious, great tasting and easy to drink. The fizzy tablet will easily create a delicious tasting water flavor that is fruit and all natural. With that, it easily disintegrates in the water so there is never any powdery residue to the thickness to the water.

Low on Sugar

This product is designed to be low on sugar. With this said, individuals can expect that the product has very clean ingredients and will not be full of sugar or additives as many other over the counter water bottle or sports brands that sell flavored electrolyte water. If you look at the ingredients and overall design of those compared to an electrolyte tablet, the benefits are evident.

Cost and Value

Electrolytes are important for staying healthy and staying hydrated. Therefore, many individuals trust this brand for their overall value and industry-leading products. With this, electrolytes help muscles and the brain work better than ever before and will ensure that your next golf game is a winning game by helping you stay focused. For the price, individuals get four tubes, a total of forty servings for a great price. With that, there are also eleven different flavors to choose from and different sizes of boxes.

Quality product designed to keep you hydrated.

Many different flavors available.

Will last a long time.

Will keep you more alert.

Taste great.

Hydration made simple.

No sugar.

Low on calories.


Artificial sweeteners can cause after taste.

2. Hi Lyte

2. Hi Lyte
In any sport, it is crucial to stay hydrated. If you are not hydrated, there are many different symptoms from lack of brain function to body aches and pains. With this, staying hydrated is crucial alongside having the right amount of electrolytes. With this next brand, rehydration is made simple with a fast-acting electrolyte formula that is great for muscle recovery and staying hydrated all day while on the course. Let’s discuss the Electrolyte Replacement Tablets and two features individuals can expect from this great product.
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The Benefits

This product has many great benefits aside from staying hydrated. Lack of water is one of the biggest symptoms when it comes to heat stress and cramping. With this, individuals can expect better and improved energy as well as muscle recovery and organ function. Alongside this, individuals can be more clear minded for the golf course ahead.

Different Designs

So, when it comes to the purchase of this product, individuals can pick between salt capsules or electrolyte concentrates, each one with its own flavor. Alongside this, when selecting the sizes, you can choose between one bottle or three bottles. Keep in mind, one bottle has about 100 tablets.

Cost and Value

When determining cost and value per bottle, it is important to note that the purer an item is and the more capsules it has the more it will cost. With that, one bottle size costs about the same range as one would expect for one hundred tablets. If you want quality hydration and better muscle recovery, we recommend this product above many others.

Quality daily hydration.

Better boy function.

One hundred tablets per bottle.

Great price.

Better muscle recovery.

Supports muscle growth and enzymatic function.


Has an odd flavor.

3. Elite Sportz Equipment

3. Elite Sportz Equipment
This next electrolyte supplement is for individuals that may suffer from leg cramps. If you are an avid golfer, then you recognize how much walking there is on the golf course. With that, golfing also requires individuals to place their legs, feet, and body in certain ways when swinging. Never let a cramp get in the way between you and the perfect swing. Here are two features to consider of the Elite Sportz Equipment Rapid Rehydr8 capsule.
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Compact Tablet

This particular product is made to be a compact easy to swallow capsule. Many brands create large tablets that taste bad when consumed or alternate the flavor of water. This one is an easy to drink capsule that has no flavor and makes getting your daily electrolyte intake easy.

The Way It Works

The way this tablet works is that it replaces any electrolytes lost during sweating and will improve the stamina and performance of the individual. Alongside this, the formula for this tablet has sodium and potassium which is crucial for proper body function. Alongside this, the main benefit is that it reduces any cramps and spasms from occurring in the body because of not being hydrated.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss cost and value for this bottle! Now, this product actually comes with twenty more capsules compared to the last one on the list. With that, each bottle is actually cheaper. The only aspect to consider is that the formula for this one may be considered less clean than the last. Although it is still very high quality, this formula contains sodium and potassium. For the value, we recommend it and many consumers do too.

Quality product made to prevent leg cramps.

Prevents dehydration.

Easy to swallow capsule design.

Made for golfers and sports enthusiasts.

More per bottle compared to competition.


The capsule may fall apart easily.

May have too much sodium for some individuals.

4. Medique Medi-Lyte

4. Medique Medi-Lyte
This electrolyte replenisher is a great bang for your buck deal with many simple quality benefits. With two different sizes available to choose from, this item is an easy to swallow tablet that makes getting your daily electrolyte intake easy. With close to five stars, here are two aspects to consider of the Medique Products 03033 Medi-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement Tablet box and packers.
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The Ingredient Profile

One of the biggest benefits of this product is the ingredient profile. This product comes with potassium chloride at up to 40mg and calcium phosphate 18mg. Alongside this, individuals can expect this product to also have magnesium in the composition. This not only ensures proper hydration but also minimizes leg cramps and body pains when on the course.

Clean Ingredient Profile

One of the best elements of this item is that it happens to be made with a very clean profile palate. For instance, this product is completely sodium-free, sugar-free, and lactose-free. With that alone, individuals are receiving a very clean formula that ensures maximum daily hydration and body comfort.

Cost and Value

It is important to note, if you are interested in this product, that the price will vary depending on the tablet amount chosen. With this, it happens to be one of the most affordable choices to buy even for the fact that it is also one of the healthiest. For those factors alone, we highly recommend this product.

Quality tablets.

Reliefs stress and fatigue.

Hydrates quick.

Replenishes electrolytes.

No sodium and very clean palate.

Packaged very well.

Great for traveling.


Some individuals have recorded getting a headache.

Not as strong as other brands.

5. Hydralyte Effervescent

5. Hydralyte Effervescent
As the most simple and great hydration for active people, the Hydralyte Effervescent Tablets are made for quality and designed for individuals that sweat a lot while golfing or during any active sport. With that, we want to share two reasons why this is such an excellent and quality product to consider.
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Compact Size

This product happens to be compact and a leader in the industry. The small size makes it easy for individuals to take it anywhere. It comes in a small tablet form in a small packet that is great for travel, easy to put in your luggage or even in your pocket. With that in mind, we recommend this product for individuals that want to take it on the golf course.

Great Tasting

This may be one of the better tasting tablets in the industry. In fact, this product should be mixed with water and it comes in either a berry flavor or an orange flavor. With that, individuals can expect it to be easy to drink and not have any side effects or odd chemical flavorings.

Cost and Value

It is important to note that this product has added flavors and sweeteners. However, it is a quality item made for individuals that want to gain hydration on the go. If you suffer from headaches, nausea or other symptoms due to lack of hydration, this is the tablet to get, especially if you are on the go often. Simply place it inside of your water bottle and drink. For the price, an individual receives twenty tablets, which is the equivalent of many other brands.

Quality product that is compact.

No added chemicals.

Taste great.

Two flavors to choose from.

Priced really well.

Ensures quick hydration benefits.


Low electrolyte count for the price.

Tablet may break easily.

6. Reviver

6. Reviver
It is important to get your daily intake of H2O. However, if you are an avid golfer or sports enthusiasts, water alone is not going to stop a headache or muscle pain from occurring. This is where electrolytes come into place. The Reviver Electrolytes Tablets are designed for individuals that wat maximum hydration after a daily workout or sports game. Let’s talk about two benefits!
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Includes Vitamins

Now, this feature is somewhat rare when it comes to electrolyte tablets. This product actually has plenty of quality vitamins in the composition of the formula. In fact, it has a blend of Vitamin B6, D, and C. With that in mind, individuals are not only getting their daily electrolyte intake, they are getting quality vitamins as well that aid in the recovery period.


One of the best benefits of this product is that it actually comes with no harmful additives or allergens. For instance, this product comes with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Alongside this, it has no gluten, soy, dairy, or even yeast or added caffeine in the composition of the ingredients. For that alone, individuals can expect this to be one of the healthiest tablets to take for hydration.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the price for this quality bottle. It happens to be one of the healthiest, has quality benefits, and it also is plant-based With that in mind, for 120 capsules it happens to be one of the best priced in the industry as far as standards and composition. Also, the benefits are plenty. If you want to recover and revive, we recommend this brand.

Prevents dehydration headaches.

Quality product and formula.

Extremely healthy.

Easy to consume.

Removes heat stress.

Money back guarantee.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Stops muscle spasms.


Not as many reviews as competition.

7. Sunergetic Premium

7. Sunergetic Premium
This next product happens to be an extremely healthy formula and electrolyte supplement capsule that is made for quality and made to hydrate quickly. The Sunergetic Premium Electrolyte Capsules are made for quality, and ensure the highest-level standards when it comes to supplements. Here are two features of this excellent product.
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Enhanced Blend

This product has an enhanced profile blend that ensures the highest-level quality electrolyte composition. Alongside this, this product is actually made with Bioperine which allows for enhanced absorption. With that I mind, the formula is a quality formula that is healthy and made from quality ingredients.

Trusted Brand

This brand is highly trusted, and they have produced many quality products. Alongside this, the premium quality of this item has earned this brand five stars from many individuals. Overall, individuals have noticed different effects and better health ever since taking this supplement. Alongside this, they have a 100-satisfaction guarantee with a money back guarantee.

Cost and Value

This product, although it does not have as many reviews as others in the industry, it is highly effective and ensures proper hydration. For the price, individuals will receive 100 capsules, which makes it a better deal than most. With that, we recommend it for the value, the formula, and the benefits.

Quality hydration capsule.

Easy to consume.

Does not cause side effects.

Premium quality formula.

100% satisfaction.

100% GMP certified.


Low electrolyte composition.

8. GU Energy

8. GU Energy
The next tablets we are to share with our audience are actually much like the first on the list. With four tubes and twelve tablets per tube, this product is compact, easy to consume and taste delicious. In fact, each tube has a different flavor tablet. However, do they hydrate enough and are they worth it? Here are two features of the GY Energy Hydration Electrolyte drink tablets.
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Easily Dissolves

One of the quality benefits of this product is that they easily dissolve. If you are an individual that wants a simple to drink tablet that dissolves in water and also tastes great, this may be the product for you. With that, they do not leave any odd after-taste or have some kind of grainy overall composition.

Caffeine Free

There is a common belief that caffeine removes headaches. Well, it may but what about when the caffeine wears off? Well, this is where this product comes into play. It is designed to remove headaches, body pains, and hydrate properly without the use of caffeine or other chemicals. With this, individuals can expect an all-natural hydration quality product.

Cost and Value

As far as the price per this item, it is important to note that this product comes in a four-count tube. With that, you can choose between four tubes or eight tubes. The price overall is great for. However, an individual is only getting twelve tablets per tube for a total of forty-eight, when many brands include one-hundred tablets for the same price. However, for the taste and value, we highly recommend it.

Quality dissolvable tablet.

Different flavors available.

Caffeine free with only ten calories.

Portable tubes.

Easy to replenish your body.

Prevents muscle cramps.


Price considering you only get 48 tablets.

The flavors can taste somewhat fake.

9. Science in Sport Go

9. Science in Sport Go
We are coming towards the end of our list and we want to share another quality on-the-go tablet tube form electrolyte supplement that is designed to hydrate and energize. The Science In Sport Go Hydro Tablets is a fan favorite for two specific reasons. Let’s begin!
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500ml of Hydration

When it comes to hydrating your body properly, this may be one of the best-designed tablets in the industry. In fact, an individual receives up to 500ml of hydration per tablet when mixed with water. Alongside this, they are very easy to blend with water and they have a simple quality taste.

On The Go Design

As we have said above, the on-the-go design may be one of the most infamous designs of supplements such as these. The reason being is that they make it easy for individuals to take the product on the go. Therefore, if you want enhanced hydration while on the golf course, put one of these in your pocket and take it with you.

Cost and Value

Now that we are discussing cost and value, it is important to note that the price of this item is for a total of twenty tablets, which makes it a bit expensive. Considering that many bottles contain double for the same price, you are also gaining the benefit of on-the-go hydration. Put it in your pocket, take out a tablet anytime, and drink your water.

Hydrate on the go,

Effectively hydrates.

Enhances performance levels.

Stops cramps and headaches.

Powerful formula.


The cola flavor tastes bad.


10. PhysiciansCare ACM

10. PhysiciansCare ACM
This next product comes from a brand that is highly trusted and one of the most common in the medical industry. From PhysiciansCare we want to share the last electrolyte tablets on this list and the benefits of this product. Here are two features to consider.
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The Formula

The formula for this product happens to be one of the most common in the industry. It has about 40mg of potassium chloride and 18 mg calcium phosphate. It also has about 9mg of magnesium which is somewhat low compared to most brands. However, it is designed to be easy to consume and prevent fatigue, muscle cramps, and stress.

Two-Tablet per Pack

This product is a pack of 125 packets, which is a total of about 250 tablets. With that said, the strength of both tablets is about the same strength as other one tablet packs in the industry. Overall, individuals will notice a difference in the way that they feel and their hydration levels.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to say that this product is well underpriced compared to most brands. However, it is not as strong or as high quality. If you want a quick hydration boost, then we recommend it. However, for golfers on the course every day or athletes, there are stronger electrolyte tablets in the industry.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Quality tablet that is easy to consume.

Contains 50mg of potassium.

Contains 18mg of calcium phosphate.

Removes muscle cramping and fatigue.


Not as strong as other brands.

May taste off.

Only few reviews online.

Now that you have gotten to know the top ten best electrolyte tablets, we want to mention that this is one of the healthiest supplements an individual can take. Not only that, but they aid in so many different aspects of the body from muscle recovery, to brain function, and even organ function. With that, electrolyte tablets are quite simple when you think about it. They are a highly compressed and dense form of electrolytes that boosts the body’s cognitive response and gives the body a burst of hydration, which is perfect for the golfer that is out on the course all day.

With this in mind, there are many different brands in the industry creating and supplying their own version of electrolyte tablets. Therefore, it was our primary concern to weed through the best and the worst, and we did this through our specialized criteria.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Electrolyte Tablets

When selecting the ten best products we create a strict form of guidelines to ensure that the best products are chosen. With this in mind, we want to share these guidelines with our audience. If you are in the search for the best electrolyte tablets for you, it is important to consider that there is a large and wide variety of products available in the industry. Therefore, a proper search is essential when finding the best tablets. With this, feel free to use our guidelines as inspiration. Now, let’s begin with the first criterion that we focused on when selecting the top ten best products.

Quality and Reviews

As the first criteria, we found it important to primarily focus on quality and reviews. The reason being is that there is a large number of different brands out there and to distinguish the ones that are worth it from the ones that don’t work, the reviews serve a purpose. With that, we can say that all of the brands we have shared are above four stars and have plenty of positive reviews from individuals. The reviews comment on the fact that the tablets are designed to enhance water with electrolytes and it diminishes the potentiality of many different side effects that come from dehydration. With this, many individuals mention the benefits of electrolyte tablets ranging from health benefits to the removal of headaches and nausea after working out or being in the sun all day. With this, we want to get into more specific criteria’s, let’s move onto the second one.

The Tablet Formula

When it comes to electrolyte tablets, they are enhanced and compressed with a potent amount of electrolytes that are naturally in different elements, vitamins, and minerals. With this, the tablet formula and potency will range depending on the product itself and the brand. However, the ingredient list tends to be the same. The most common ingredients that an individual can expect from their tablet are Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Chloride, Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium. With that, these are the most common ingredients.

Other ingredients may include flavors or different extracts such as beet juice extract, avocado oil, stevia leaf extract as the sweeteners, etc. Now, when it comes to flavorings, it is important to take into consideration how the product is flavored. The reason being is that some brands will use flavor additives and added sugars, which becomes excess calories and can cause the individual to crash.

With this said, we want to mention a couple of the most important elements that should never be in your electrolyte tablets. When shopping around, your tablet should never have any of the following ingredients, unhealthy additives, added sugars (unless all natural), any inorganic compounds, or harmful chemicals. This is pretty standard when searching for a supplement!

The Amount Per Pack / Cost

As the third criteria that we took into consideration, we found it crucial to focus on the number of electrolytes per park and the overall price. There is a wide variety in the industry. Therefore, taking into consideration the number of tablets in a pack help us identify the best bang for your buck deals. When it comes to the number per pack, it is pretty standard price and the number of capsules, normally around the same range.

However, some brands who create portable electrolyte packets that you cant take on the go tend to charge a bit more for fewer tablets considering the fact that they are portable. An individual can easily place them in his or her pocket and take them on the go. With that said, other factors that can cause the price to vary is the flavor of the product. Many brands will have different flavors of electrolyte capsules ranging from berry to citrus.

Does It Work?

As the last criteria, our primary concern was to ensure that the product works. With that, these top ten products have proven to be the most effective in the industry as far as quality and benefits. Individuals can expect full body hydration and of course, a quality tablet that is easily consumable. It is important to note that there are specific instructions for taking a tablet with some brands mentioning taking one every other day or only on days that you work out.

Now that we have shared the top criteria for searching for the best electrolyte tablets, we want to move forward and answer some of the most common questions that individuals may have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the product contain any artificial sweetener?

A: When it comes to the top ten products that we have shared, most do not have any artificial sweetener. With that, the most common sweetener that an individual will find on any electrolyte tablet is stevia. However, some brands do add sugar or artificial flavorings to enhance the product and the flavor. This can easily be found in the ingredients section. The healthiest product will have few to zero grams of sugar in the ingredient profile.

Q: How many tablets come in one pack?

A: This is more of a broad question to answer. However, we have discovered that the best products and brands will have between forty to sixty tablets in one pack. It is important to note that this amount can vary depending on the brand and how many you buy. With that, on-the-go tubes will have between ten to twelve tablets per tube. However, a bottle may have fifty or more.

Q: When should you take an electrolyte tablet?

A: The best time to take an electrolyte tablet is while you are working out or before or after a workout. With this, you are guaranteeing the body the hydration that it requires to stay motivated, full of energy and without any headaches or muscle aches. With that in mind, each brand will individually have specific instructions for taking an electrolyte tablet.

Q: Can you chew the tablet?

A: There are specific chewable electrolyte tablets. However, most tablets are designed to dissolve in water easily. Therefore, it is often recommended to dissolve the tablet in water beforehand. With that in mind, it is better to dissolve the tablet in temperature water then add ice if you want it cold. Otherwise, it will take too long for the tablet to dissolve.

Q: Is the product gluten-free?

A: When it comes to searching for specific gluten free electrolyte tablets, it is important to note that most brands are gluten-free or vegan-friendly. Take Nuun for example. Their products are vegan and gluten-free. However, as a precautionary measure, it is important to always ensure this by reading the product description, label, and ingredients to ensure they are 100% gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Q: Does the product cause acid reflux?

A: This is a common question and most electrolyte tablets are designed to not cause acid reflux. However, it has been mentioned by many consumers that the acid reflux comes from the artificial sweeteners or citrus flavors of the tablet itself.


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