Best Electric Muscle Simulators Reviewed & Rated for Quality

What is a muscle stimulator and how can it help an individual? This is a loaded question! If you are new to TEMS machines, it stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Essentially, it is a machine that sends electrical signals through electrode pads to different areas where it is placed to aid in muscle recovery and any pain. With that said, this happens to be one of the best quality tools for a golfer when it comes to body recovery and any pain.

Featured Recommendations

  • Healthmateforever
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to Use
  • Price: See Here
Roscoe Medical
  • Roscoe Medical
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Prescription Pain Relief
  • Price: See Here
  • Kedsum
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 16 Modes
  • Price: See Here

Therefore, we are eager to share the top ten best TENS machines in the industry that an individual can buy. Do not let the design of them or the idea of the electrical impulse stimulation deter you from considering one. In fact, doctors and lifestyle experts all over the world suggest getting an at home machine due to the quality of the machine and how it enhances an individuals lifestyle.

With that in mind, we are eager to share the top ten best electrical muscle stimulator machines with our audience. Let’s begin!


10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators


1. Healthmateforever

1. Healthmateforever
An electronic muscle stimulator is one of the best devices for relaxation and muscle tension. With this, golfers that tend to get sore early on or are a novice to the game and need to relax their body for better performance, this first muscle stimulator may help. This machine is designed with special features geared towards helping sore muscles and has many features. Here are two things to consider about the FDA Cleared Healthmate Forever.
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Easy to Use

One would think a system like this may be hard to use or difficult at first, but it actually happens to be one of the easiest systems to use. It happens to be relatively self-explanatory. For instance, this machine is clearly labeled with different buttons ranging from “Neck” to “Elbow” and other important areas of the body that need stimulation.

Auto Stimulation Programs

If you are confused at first as to how to use this machine, one may benefit from using the auto-stimulation programs. These programs are quite simple to use and they work automatically at a certain level of strength and area of the body. Just place the stimulator points in that specific area.

Cost and Value

For a product such as this, it is important to note the value that it will have on the body. This machine comes with a quality easy to use remote that has an LCD screen and nine custom modes. With that, it also comes with everything needed to get started right away such as the pads and even the batteries. For the very low price, we are impressed that it has 7k reviews and close to five stars.

Quality machine designed to relax the muscles.

Includes everything needed.

Simple and easy to use.

Very safe with twenty levels of intensity.

Quality and durable remote.

Sticky pads with great adhesive.

Quality design.

Six therapeutic methods resembling massage therapy.

Nine custom designed modes.


The intensity is not consistent.

It may hurt at first.

2. Roscoe Medical

2. Roscoe Medical
Designed to be a prescription pain relief system, this quality FDA cleared body massage electro machine is made for quality by one of the industries leading brands. Designed for quality, clinical strength relief, and with plenty of positive happy customers, we want to share the Tens 7000 2nd Edition Digital Tens Unite. This product is made for quality and designed really well. Here are two features to consider.
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Prescription Pain Relief

Nothing is worse than not being able to be on the golf course because of back pain, muscle aches, or shoulder pain. Well, this product offers prescription strength pain relief. With that, this product is used by industry professionals and by many individuals that are avid sports enthusiasts. The reason being is that it offers pain relief without taking any medicines or drugs.

What Is Included

In the packaging for this item, individuals can expect a quality muscle stimulator machine alongside everything needed to get started right away. For instance, it comes with two pairs of lead wires, reusable electrodes made of premium body adhesive, a battery, a start guide, and even a hard carry case so an individual can take it anywhere.

Cost and Value

This particular electro machine is quality made and designed to offer some of the best pain relief. As far as the features in the remote, individuals can expect different therapy modes from pulse to burst and strength-duration, for a fully customizable experience. Overall, for the price, we highly recommend it if you want a good starter electro machine.

FDA cleared pain relief system.

Ten years in the business.

Great for body aches and pains.

Hard carry case is very durable.

Comes with a warrany.

Everything included.

Easy to read buttons, manual, and screen.


The batteries may wear out quickly.

3. Kedsum

3. Kedsum
As the next electro pulse machine on our list, this product is designed with more modern innovations than the last two and it happens to have a simple to use design. With this, individuals will appreciate the overall silver and modern design alongside the easy to use buttons and LCD screen. Here are two features of the Kedsum Rechargeable 16 Mode Tens Unite.
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16 Massage Modes

One of the benefits of this product is that it has some of the highest quality massage modes. This product is preprogrammed with sixteen different massage modes ranging from knocking to acupuncture to cupping and even tapping. With this, individuals can heighten their intensity from one to ten. With that, each mode has between two to four different massage methods that range in pressure to style.

Backlit Screen

One of the highest benefits of this product may be the backlit LCD display. The display is an easy to use LCD screen that not only is easy to read but looks very modern. With that, the product is rechargeable, and the screen and battery can last up to ten hours of continuous use. Overall, this is one of the most modern systems available today.

Cost and Value

We are very surprised by the cost of this particular product. Not only is it a high-quality item that is effective and easy to use, but it happens to be made of the best quality durability and technology. Overall, the best benefits are the fact that it is rechargeable, so you never have to spend money on batteries again, and the quality screen alongside many variations. For the low price, this is the one to get!

Sixteen different pain relief modes.

Easy to use system.

Completely rechargeable.

Includes everything needed to begin

Eight different pads included.

Quality bag included.

Operating manual is easy to read.


The pads may not stick on at first.

4. TechCare Massager

4. TechCare Massager
We would have thought that the last unit could be beaten as far as quality and design? This next more modern electro unite is high quality and offers even more massage modes than the last one so golfers can relax, enjoy, and heal sore muscles quicker. We want to share the two different design qualities of the TechCare Massage Tens Unit.
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This product comes with a lifetime warranty and a thirty-day money back guarantee. This not only assures the consumer that they will be getting their money back in the case something is glitchy about the product, but if any piece breaks beyond the thirty days, they will replace it. With that, individuals can rest assured that this product will work well and function as designed.

Twenty-Four Modes

Who would have thought that there could be more modes? This product comes with 24 different modes that stimulate virtually every area of the body from the neck to the shoulders, legs, feet, and back. With this, individuals can expect the modes to also have different degrees of styles and intensity levels.

Cost and Value

Considering the fact that this product has more modes than the ones we have talked about, individuals can expect that it will be a bit pricier. With that, it also comes with a quality screen that is easy to read and a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to twenty hours. With that, you can charge it with a wall unit or USB port. Overall, this product is designed to be a bit higher quality than most and the price reflects that.

Higher quality than other ones.

Many different massage modes.

Physical therapists recommended.

Prescribed by doctors for forty years.

FDA cleared.

Quality screen with different modes.

Easy to read and understand.

Long lasting battery.


Not as strong as a current as other systems.

5. Ohuhu Tens Unit

5. Ohuhu Tens Unit
Much like the last couple of units we have shared, this one has different levels of performance in a simple and easy to use design. Skip all of the buttons and enjoy the benefits of a simple to read screen and a multi-functional design. Here are two features of the nicely designed, durable, and very affordable Ohuhu Tens Unite.
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The Battery

Unlike the cheaper electro units in the industry, this one comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. This means that you will never have to spend money again on buying batteries, which can over time cost the same price as the unit itself. Secondly, an individual can take it on the go easily because it is portable, and you can recharge it anywhere.

LDC Display

This product, like the last two we have shared has a quality LCD display. The display is an easy to read display that shows everything from the massage time to the different massages and modes, the battery, and the strength. Alongside this, the four-button bottom design is easy to use and ensures that individuals will have a simple time using this product.

Cost and Value

As far as price and value, this item is high quality and very simple to use. With twelve adhesive conductive pads, individuals can reuse them and expect their adhesive to last a while. The pack includes four small pads and six large pads so individuals can massage different areas simultaneously. Overall, the price is a bit lower than other units that have more modes, but it is still of the highest quality.

Quality system that is easy to use.

Different modes and pressures.

Everything included.

Safe to use.

Portable design with carry case.

Rechargeable quality battery.

FDA cleared.

Adjustable timing time included.


Individuals have stated that it has come missing pieces.

The instructions are very minimal.

6. Tec Bean

6. Tec Bean
This next electro machine is everything we love about all of the ones we have shared with more modern innovations. At this point, we have shared many different features of products such as this, now we want to share two specific features we have not talked about yet. Here is the Tec Bean Tens Unit.
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The Pads

When it comes to tens unit, one of the most important aspects of the unit are the pads. With that, the pads of this product are designed from the best quality and individuals can even enhance them and make them last longer by dipping them in water and cleaning them out. With that, the pads are made from a high-quality design and guaranteed to last a long time.


This product happens to be one of the smaller designs on this list, it fits in one hand and it happens to be convenient to carry. Therefore, if you suffer from beck and shoulder pain while on a vacation, you can easily take it with you and use it anytime. With that, it does not weigh a lot, making it even easier to use. For golfers who travel, you cannot forget to pack your tens machine.

Cost and Value

This price for this product is what we have come to know from this so far. The more modern design, the modes, and the quality rechargeable battery make it a high-quality product and also very great to take with you. This mini massager is perfect for individuals that need a massage on the go, or a relaxing shoulder massage after a day on the golf course.

High quality design.

Great for body aches and pains.

Helps sooth sore muscles

Very simple to use with a quality LCD screen.

16 pre-programmed modes and timer.

Pads are high quality.


The control box can be very fragile.

Instructions are minimal.

7. Therapeutix

7. Therapeutix
Now that we have talked about different tens units, we want to talk about a more exclusive unit that is considered a bit higher quality when it comes to design, durability, and benefits. The Therapeutix Tens EMS Unit is high quality, simple to use, and offers a more quality build than others. Here are two aspects to consider when it comes to this product.
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The Battery

The battery of this product happens to be a rechargeable battery, which we have come to know is a common theme among higher quality tens machines. With that, the battery can last a long time and individuals can expect it to be very durable. However, in the case anything goes wrong, this brand includes a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

Portable Design

The design of this product happens to be one of the most portable and high quality. What makes this product a bit higher end compared to others is the build quality. This product uses great materials that are durable and designed to last. Overall, it is also very modern and innovative when it comes to technology and overall design benefits. Take it on the go anytime!

Cost and Value

For the price, we recommend this product if you want durability and quality benefits. Now, it does not boast any special features compared to cheaper products other than the modes happen to resemble more precise massage modes. Overall, for the price, we highly recommend it if you want a higher end machine.

Made to be more durable.

Quality high end design.

Built with safety in mind.

FDA cleared.

Reliable battery.

Precise modes with adjustment settings.

Lifetime warranty.

Quality reviews.


Cords may frail after a while if not taken care of.

8. Compex Edge

8. Compex Edge
This next machine happens to be quite different than many of the ones that we have talked about for various reasons. This product happens to be an active stimulator kit that is specifically designed for sports enthusiasts and active individuals. In fact, golfers will highly benefit from this quality product for the overall benefits and design. Here are two things to consider if you want the premium Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator Kit.
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Recover Faster

This machine is design to help individuals recover faster from tense muscles and pain. For instance, this machine allows for 600% faster blood flow to reduce lactic acid which is what causes soreness. With this, this machine is expertly crafted with muscle healing modes, so individuals can recover from a tough day on the golf course much quicker than before.

The Pads

The pads of this particular machine happen to be higher quality than of cheaper machines. The pads allow for more stick and cover more surface areas of the body. With that, the device is great for individuals that have an active lifestyle and need a quick recovery method without taking medicine. With that, individuals can expect the machine to work efficiently.

Cost and Value

The price for this product is drastically different compared to the last machines. The reason being is that this machine happens to be expertly designed for athletes and individuals that are highly active. With that said, the product has three programs to choose from, a quality control console, four easy snap electrode wires, and different size electrodes. With that, each mode is specifically designed with quality technique and benefits that heal the body.

Quality and durable console machine.

Four easy to snap electrode wires.

Everything included.

Easily heals the body.

Quality programs for body benefits.




Cables get in the way.

9. Med-Fit Premiere Plus

9. Med-Fit Premiere Plus
This next muscle stimulator is designed with many of the premium benefits we have come to know alongside a quality design that makes it easy to use and very compact. This product is a bit higher than the regular TENS machines for a couple of reasons. However, it is well worth it. Here are two aspects to consider of the Med-Fit Premiere Plus Rechargeable Tens Machine.
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The Device

Some devices tend to be somewhat of a learning curve. This one is very self-explanatory. Although it is not as modern as far as design, it is the perfect device for anyone that wants clear buttons and a simple to use system. The LCD display is high quality and the buttons are user-friendly, making it the perfect device for an older individual.

The Programs

This product comes with twenty-four clinically proven to be effective and of value programs that are both offer muscle stimulation and pain relief. With this in mind, the programs are high quality and are designed to offer relaxing benefits. With that, individuals never have to worry about the product running out of battery. The item is rechargeable and can be recharged over 1000 times.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, this item is great quality and happens to be made for individuals that want a clear to read machine that is very simple and easy to use. With this said, this product is fully digital and reliable and for the price, a great gift for any elder golfer that needs an at home muscle relaxer machine.

Quality and easy to use system.

Big buttons and large display.

Twenty-four programs.

Clinically proven to be effective and easy to use.

Recharged over 1000 times.

Replacement batteries not required.

Everything included.

Virtually no negative reviews.


Costlier than most.

10. 1 By One

10. 1 By One
Unlike the last one on the list, this next TENS machine happens to be less old friendly and more for the modern athlete or individual that wants a modern and innovative machine. This is the 1 By One Bluetooth TENS Muscle Stimulator and individuals will be able to tell by the name alone that it is filled with modern technology benefits. Here are two aspects to consider of this product.
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Connect To Your Phone

This product, unlike other TENS machines, happens to work directly with your phone. This product comes with a free to download app that connects via Bluetooth to the machine and offers all of the features, programs, and effects directly from your phone. Alongside this, this product has 100 intensity levels, so you can adjust to the exact level of strength that you desire.

Multiple Control Methods

This product comes with two control methods. Individuals can either use their phone as intended or use the included control unit that snaps easily to the system. With that in mind, using the phone ensures better options and more customization compared to using the included unit.

Cost and Value

As far as the price for this item, it is currently half the price, making it a great investment. At full price, it is considered pricey, but it is the fact that it happens to be made with the modern benefits that we have come to know, which is using our phone for virtually everything. With that, this system is effective, easy to use, and comes with a high-quality program and a downloadable app.

Connect to your phone easily.

Easy to use display.

Comes with included remote unit.

Plenty of features and options.

Automatic phone updates.

Quality pads.

No negative reviews.


The remote has minimal options.

Now that you have gotten to know some of the highest quality muscle stimulators in the industry, we hope that you have found a bit more insight as to the benefits of having one. For our golfer friends reading this, a TENS machine can help increase blood flow to the areas that you feel the sorest, can enhance your body flexibility, remove any body aches or pains that may occur from golfing all day, especially if you are a new golfer getting used to swinging, foot placement, etc.

With this said, we want to mention that there are a wide variety of different machines out there much like these. However, we found these to be in the top ten when it comes to benefits, design, ease of use, and quality. We do this through our select set of guidelines, which help us identify and select the best products. So, if you are looking for your own electrical muscle stimulator machine, we are eager to share with you the criteria to pick the best ones in the industry. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Electric Muscle Stimulators

As our criteria, it was our primary concern to only share the best products. The reason being is that there is a wide variety of different brands in the industry designing products such as this and we wanted to weed out the good from the bad. With that, we want to get right into it and talk about the most important aspects to consider when it comes to selecting the best machine for you. Let’s begin with criteria number one.

The Use / Functions

The primary reason an individual buys an electrical muscle stimulator machine is that of the functions of the product. Therefore, as the first criteria, we evaluated the details of how the product works and what the functions are. We found that most EMS machines use a universal set of functions that are preprogrammed for individuals. These functions and options are known as different massage therapy techniques that act through the pads that an individual place in a specific area. Here are a couple of techniques individuals can expect from a machine.

  • Cupping
  • Kneading
  • Acupuncture
  • Tapping

Now, these are only a few of the massage techniques that the machines are preprogrammed with. However, there are different presets ranging from sixteen presets to twenty-four presets. With that in mind, the degree of strength of the massage can also be raised or lower to fit the comfort needs of the individual. Through our process, we also wanted to evaluate the different areas that an individual can place one of these pads. The areas are as follows:

  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Calf
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Abs
  • Neck

These are only a few of the main areas. As the primary criteria, we wanted to ensure that each product was safe to use and had plenty of universal functions that allowed individuals to customize their experience.

The Remote / The Pads

The Remote – For the second criteria, we took into consideration the design of the remote and the pads. With this, we wanted to evaluate the ten best units while also sharing a wide variety of units. We discovered that there are many different remotes when it comes to a product such as this, most with different features. Therefore, we shared three varieties of remotes.

  1. Units with easy to read and press buttons. (for elders)
  2. Units with touch buttons and LED or LCD screens.
  3. One unit controlled by your cell phone.

The benefits of each one are pretty evident, with the easier to read button units being for individuals that may have a hard time reading a screen or consider using a phone operated machine a bit of a learning curve. With that, other elements of the remote we took into consideration is the battery. In this process, we learned that there are two types of remotes, battery operated and rechargeable. With that, rechargeable tends to be more expensive but they are also, in the long run, a better value because you do not have to keep spending money on batteries.

The Pads

As the next aspect that we took into consideration, we found the pads of an electrical muscle stimulator to be the second most important aspect. With that, we found that these products have the best design when it comes to the wiring, the adhesive, and the snaps and pad design. With that, a proper machine should have a minimum of at least four pads included in the packaging and most will even have a maximum of eight pads.

The Packaging

As the last criteria that we took into consideration, we wanted to ensure that all of the products that we shared include everything needed to get started right away. What we discovered is that everything comes in the packaging, even batteries. With that, this is what to look out for if you are considering buying your own electrical muscle stimulator.

  • The primary remote unit.
  • The pads with electrical wiring.
  • Carry box or packaging box.
  • Instructional manual.
  • Warranty.
  • Batteries (if not rechargeable)
  • Charging cable and plug if rechargeable.

To finish our criteria, we want to share a couple of the many benefits of an electrical muscle stimulator.

Benefits of an EMS

An electrical muscle stimulator has many different benefits. With that, we want to share some of the most common below.

  • An EMS machine is designed for physical rehabilitation and can aid in helping a muscle heal.
  • EMS can prevent muscle atrophy which can occur over time.
  • Osteoarthritis can also be aided with EMS.
  • EMS removes sole muscle and can aid after a workout.
  • EMS can also block pain from specific areas and cause that area to heal quicker.
  • EMS mimics massage therapy technique which can aid in many different areas.

With this in mind, it is time to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to a product such as this.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a TENS machine or an EMS machine?

A: This is one of the most common questions and one of the most asked. With that, a TENS machine and an EMS machine are different. However, they can work in conjunction with each other. A TENS machine is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine and an EMS is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Tens tend to be more controversial because it is not 100% for certain if it is beneficial. However, it has been proven to remove chronic pain. With that, EMS has more supportive facts about it being used for athletic reasons and such.

Q: What are the batteries an EMS machine needs?

A: Unless it is rechargeable, an electrical muscle stimulator machine will need batteries. With that, the most common batteries are either AA or AAA.

Q: Do you have to purchase a gel for this device?

A: This is a great question, as it is common for any electrical body devices to require a gel. However, the adhesive is primarily on the pad itself. Therefore, individuals do not need or require any specific gel to use the product.

Q: What if my pads have worn out?

A: One of the benefits of an EMS TENS machine is that all pads are universal. With that, an individual can actually purchase separate EMS pads or a pad kit in the case their pads have gotten worn out.

Q: How long do the pods last for?

A: The pads tend to last a while if you take care of them properly. With that, cleaning them with drops of water and covering them with the plastic thin cover will cause them to last longer. With that, most pads can last between ten to thirty different segments.


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