Best Dumbbells Reviewed & Rated for Quality

As we have mentioned in a couple of previous articles, the importance of working out and staying fit and healthy can impact an individual’s performance on the golf course greatly. With that, it is important to perform different exercises and stretches to ensure that your muscles are ready for the perfect swing. Alongside this, the muscle can aid in your performance, carrying a golf bag, and swinging effortlessly, especially if you happen to use heavier clubs. With this in mind, we want to share with our audience the importance of gaining muscle.

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Bowflex SelecTech 552
  • Bowflex SelecTech 552
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dial System
  • Price: See Here
  • AmazonBasics
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Neoprene Cover
  • Price: See Here
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Storage Case
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Now, gaining muscle is a blend of protein, working out, and strength training. Have the right protein, doing the right stretches, and having the proper equipment can aid in muscle growth, which also enhances your quality of the course. With this in mind, whether you are looking to gain muscle or simply want to warm yourself up with a couple of bicep curls, having the right dumbbells are perfect at home addition.

With that, having at home dumbbells can also help when there is a rainy day. Say you want to get to the gym but it is raining or you simply rather workout at home. Well, leave the cans of corn in the pantry and do proper bicep curls with a quality dumbbell. Whether you get a set, want individual sizes, or want fully adjustable dumbbells, we are eager to share with our audience the top ten best quality dumbbells for you. These are made for quality and designed for all individuals. Let’s begin with product number one.


10 Best Dumbbells


1. Bowflex SelecTech 552

1. Bowflex SelecTech 552
As the first dumbbell on the list, everyone knows that this brand has created some of the most unique and innovative products in the industry. With that, we want to share an adjustable dumbbell that allows for individuals to not have to collect a bunch of different weights. It comes in a simple all in one design that is easy to use. Let’s talk about the Bowflex SelecTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells and what individuals can expect of this product.
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The Dial System

Essentially, this product happens to be one of the most modern in the workout industry when it comes to dumbbells. This particular system removes the need for multiple different weights with a simple dial. The way it works is that there is a dial system that an individual turn to select the particular weight. With increments up to 25lbs, there are different dial weights to choose that allow for a fully customizable workout.

Connect System

This particular product comes with the Bowflex App, which is an easy-to-follow, free downloadable app that individuals can download on their phone that allows for individuals to build custom workouts and also follow along with the trainer. With this, individuals can enhance their workout routine and get fit in no time.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share that this brand happens to be one of the highest qualities in the industry. With a masterful innovative design and a simple to use system, this particular product comes in a pair of two. Now, the innovative adjustable design is highly beneficial, and it allows for individuals to only use a pair of dumbbells. With that, we highly suggest this product if you want a great and functional space saving design. The price, however, is costly!

Quality pair of adjustable dumbbells.

Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells.

Two-year warranty.

Space saving design.

Quality and durable dial system.

Over 4k reviews close to five stars.



2. AmazonBasics

2. AmazonBasics
This brand has essentially created a wide variety of products ranging from home to now workouts. If you want a simple weight system that allows for you to stretch, get a bit of strength for the golf course and workout at home to get the blood flowing and the muscles moving, this is the product to get. The AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells are high quality and simple to use.
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Neoprene Cover

The cover of this particular product is made of Neoprene. This material is known for its masterful grip and high-quality design features. With that, individuals can expect a secure hold when using this product. The easy-grip system is high quality, easy to use, and allows for individuals to use the product effortlessly without fear of it slipping because of sweat.

Hexagon Shape

“Bye bye dumbbells.” This is a common though with rounded dumbbells. Have you ever dropped a dumbbell and it started to just roll away? Well, that is not a worry with this product. This hexagon dumbbell is high quality, simple to use, and easy for individuals that want a quality dumbbell.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price, it is important to note that this product comes in a variety of different weights ranging from 1 pound to 32 pounds. With that, individuals can buy it in a set of two or even with a stand. Alongside this, this product is highly durable, high quality, and beneficial for individuals that want to workout at home. With that, we recommend it if you don’t care too much to have the newest and greatest design and want a simple dumbbell design.

Quality set of two dumbbells.

Hexagon shape so they do not roll away.

Color-coded for quick identification.

Any different sizes to choose from.

Limited warranty included.

Printed weight number to easily identify.


Can add up if you want to buy all of them.

The grip on the large ones is quite large for small hands.


This next dumbbell set is what the traditional dumbbell looks like. This quality set is a 40lbs set for individuals that want to gain muscle, workout at home, and have an easy to use and store a dumbbell system. With comfort handles and many more features, we want to talk about the CAP Barbell RSWT-50TP dumbbell and what individuals can expect from this product design.
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Storage Case

This product is very high quality and individuals can expect it to be easy to store. In fact, the brand has included a high-quality storage case for individuals that want an easy to store product. With this, the case has molded opening and ridges for individuals to easily be able to store the product. The case also comes with a secure lock system and it is very high quality.

Rust and Maintenance-Free

This item happens to be made with some of the highest quality materials to date. In fact, this item is made with a durable cast iron plate design and a semi-gloss finish that is anti-rust. With that in mind, it happens to be maintenance free and the product is very high quality. With this individuals can rest assured that the item will last the test of time.

Cost and Value

As far as price, it is important to note that you are getting a quality two handle system that is easy to use that adds up to 40lbs. With this, it allows for various weight adjustments. Alongside this, it is highly durable, easy to use and maintenance free. For the price, individuals can expect that it is worth it. As a bonus, it comes with a quality carrying case.

Carrying case included.

Rust and maintenance-free.

Durable cast iron plate and semi-gloss finish.

Everything included.

Priced well.


The chrome handles are poorly coated.

The inside of the case stinks like metal.

4. SPRI Deluxe

4. SPRI Deluxe
This next product is a simple dumbbell system that is easy to carry, high quality and made for durability. We want to share the variety of the SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells and what individuals can expect from this product. With such a great variety to choose from, they are all color coated and great for walking, light workouts, or muscle gaining. Here are two features to consider.
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Custom Resistance

This product has such a large variety of products that individuals can create their own custom resistance formula to using this product. In fact, there are different weights ranging from one pound to 20 pounds. With this, individuals are guaranteed a quality product that will last a long time.


This product has one quality benefit that is universal among premium brands. This product is made to be non-slip, so individuals can easily use it and trust that it will not slip out of the hands. The coating is a high-quality vinyl coating that ensures it will not slip out of the hands even if an individual sweats a lot.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price, it is important for individuals to recognize that the price will vary on the weight. With this, it comes in a set of two for the price. Overall, considering the durability, alongside the vinyl coating, individuals can expect the product to be high quality and well worth it.

High quality vinyl coating.

Easy on the floors.

Perfect addition to an at home gym.

Affordable and quality selection to choose from.

Different vibrant color choices.

Quality reviews.


Big grip on the 20lbs.

Can indent wood floors.

Smells strong at first.

5. Yes4All

5. Yes4All
As the next product on our list, we want to share a simple adjustable dumbbell system that individuals will appreciate. The Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells are easy to use, fully adjustable, and individuals can expect the product to be space saving compared to buying a bunch of different dumbbell weights. With that, here are two features to consider this product.
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Cast Iron

This product happens to be one of the most durable as far as design and benefits. This item is a cast iron weight that is plated with a black paint that allows for corrosion free and for lifetime use. With this, individuals can expect the product to be safe to use and be able to withstand the test of time.

Diamond Chrome Handle

This product happens to have a particular contoured texture chrome handle that allows for individuals to have maximum grip and control when using the product. With that, the textured handle is diamond knurled so individuals do not experience hand fatigue or certain effects that occur when using weights.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, individuals can expect that this brand has a wide variety of different weights to choose from ranging from 40lbs to 200lbs, all customizable. With that, the product is durable, high quality, coated for lifetime use, and ensured to last. The price, however, is a bit expensive due to the innovation, adjustable settings, and coated durability.

High quality and durable.

Coated for corrosion free use.

Plenty of different weight sizes to choose from.

Diamond knurled for no hand fatigue or pain.

Plenty of positive reviews.


May have a heavy smell at first.

Not as high quality as gym weights.

6. CAP Hex

6. CAP Hex
This next product is the traditional dumbbell look and design. Whether you want a single dumbbell or a pair, this is a high-quality cast iron product that is made to be durable and high quality. With that in mind, this item is designed with a preventative rolling feature and it is perfect for individuals that want to workout at home. Here are two features of the Cap Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell.
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Hexagon Design

This product is designed with a hexagon shape that is known to prevent any rolling. In the case that it falls on the floor, it will not roll, and it will fall flat. With that in mind, this product is also coated to make it easy to use and also non-slip.

Cast Iron

This item is made for cast iron, which makes it incredibly high quality and easy to use. With this in mind, we want to share that individuals will appreciate the particular weight of this item and the wide variety of weights to choose from when it comes to this brand.

Cost and Value

There is not much to say about this product other than it is simple and tradition in design, it is easy to store, there is a wide variety of weights to choose from and individuals can pick between a pair or single weights. With that, the price is affordable and worth it for the simple design.

Durable cast iron build.

Traditional design.

Hexagon shape to not roll.

Can be bought individually.

Many different weights to choose from.


Not color coated.

The finish may chip off after a long time of use.

7. BalanceFrom GoFit

7. BalanceFrom GoFit
This next product may be the perfect set for individuals that want to work out at home and build their own workout routine. This system is known as the BalanceFrom Go Fit All-Purpose Dumbbells and they even come with a stand. However, individuals can also pick them separately if they rather have certain dumbbells. Here are two features to consider this product.
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Indoor and Outdoor Use

This item happens to have a high-quality coating made of neoprene. With that, the material coating is a cast iron coating that is great for indoor and outdoor workouts. If you want a high-quality cast iron weight that is coated for durability, we recommend this quality set.

2-Year Warranty

To only enhance the quality and dedication of this brand, we want to share that this product comes with a two-year warranty that covers any chips, scratches, or tears on this product. With this, this item is highly durable, and individuals can expect it to be able to withstand the test of time effortlessly.

Cost and Value

To discuss price for this item, we want to share that it happens to be made for quality benefits. This great product is highly durable, easy to assemble, and it comes in a variety of different options to choose from. With that, individuals can expect this item to also be convenient and easy to store in any place due to the simple form and compact size.

Compact design that comes with a stand.

Easy to assemble.

Weight stand included for some sets.

Can be bought individually.

Color coated.

Non-roll hexagon design.


The stand may fall over from time to time.

8. Power Block

8. Power Block
This next quality set is known as the power block personal trainer set and it happens to be one of the highest quality products in the industry if you want to train like professional. If your goal is to gain muscle like a pro, you want to try the Power Block Personal Trainer Set, which is quality guaranteed for effortless use. Here are two features to consider this product.
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The System

This product comes with a fully adjustable 5 to 50-pound pin system that allows for individuals to change the weight easily. With that, the 2.5-pound increments allow for individuals to have maximum versatility and use this product like a professional.

Compact and Comfortable

This product is designed with a compact stackable system that allows individuals to easily store it together. With that, this system is a high-quality product that is durable, easy to use, and highly effective. Alongside this, this item comes with a padded handle that allows for maximum wrist protection against any pains or aches.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price and the benefits, this item is highly durable, high quality, and happens to have a fully customizable design. With this, individuals are buying a high-end system that allows for multiple weight management and design. With a quality, cost-effective design, there is a wide variety of benefits to using this product.

Durable workout system.

Comfortable handle and grip.

Selector pin and all parts are durable.

2.5 increments for fully customizable experience.


Arrives in two boxes.

The metal may warp in the heat.

9. RitFit

9. RitFit
We have already talked about the value of products such as this one and we are eager to share with our audience the high-quality benefits of this product. Designed to last, we want to share the RitFit Set of Two Neoprene Dumbbells and what individuals can expect of this product.
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The Coating

As we have said before, this particular neoprene is one of the highest qualities in the industry. This item is made from a gentle and high-quality neoprene material that is durable and great on the hands. With that, it is very effective against slips and it also is gentle on the skin. Also, it happens to be textured for easy to grip.

Different Sizes

One of the best benefits of this brand is that this product comes in a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from. With that, the sizes range from two pounds to twenty pounds, allowing individuals to customize their workout experience. With this in mind, this item is durable, easy to use, and high quality.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price for this item, we see this as a high-quality addition to any at home workout routine. With that, the price varies depending on the weight that an individual chooses. Alongside this, they are durable, compact, and come in a no-roll design.

Non-roll design.

Compact and easy to use.

Gentle grip design.

Coated for quality.

Different weights to choose from.


No weight above twenty pounds.

10. Fitness Republic

10. Fitness Republic
This next brand and product is a high-quality product for individuals that want an easy to use combo set. If you want to buy a variety of dumbbells in a quality pair made for durability and at home workouts, this is the set to get. Here are two benefits of the Fitness Republic Dumbbell Combo Set and what individuals can expect.
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Neoprene Dumbbell

Neoprene is the most common material when it comes to the coating of a dumbbell. With that, this item is designed for effective and quality use, alongside a variety of great benefits. The neoprene is exterior is durable, non-slip, and great for working out at home.

Different Sets

This brand comes with a quality set of dumbbells. Individuals can pick between a three-set, five-set, of eight set. With that, the sets come with different sized dumbbells that make it easy for individuals to use at home. Alongside this, they are all color coated so they are easy to identify and use.

Cost and Value

As far as price, the biggest benefit of this item is that you get quality dumbbells for one all-together price. Although the price may seem costly, if you consider how much they cost individually, it eventually adds up to the total price of the product. With that, we highly recommend them for their quality benefits and longevity design.

Different sets to choose from.

Great for at home gym.

Neoprene coating is durable.

Non-slip design.

Will not chip easily.

Twelve-month warranty.


The handles are thick.

The grip may slip a bit.

Now that we have shared the top ten best dumbbells, which of these is going to be your go-to dumbbell? Whether you want the high-quality adjustable dumbbell or you rather go with a simple dumbbell made for individuals that want to work out a home, these come in handy. With that, it is always important to stretch and warm up your muscles before any major workout or going on the course. If you have used dumbbells or happen to workout often and also golf, what major differences have you noticed have blurred into your golf game and strategy? We want to hear from our audience how working out, using dumbbells, or yoga has helped their golf game!

With that, it is time to share with our audience the criteria for selecting and choosing the best quality dumbbells for you. Whether you want simple weights to use for daily exercises or quality weights for a heavy at home workout, we want to share our selection process on how we select the top brands in the industry. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Dumbbells

As the criteria to evaluate the best dumbbells, there are many different dumbbells in the industry and in fact, most of them are designed the same way. To be honest, there is not much difference to weights other than the brand and the way they are presented, so we think, right? Well, there are many different weights and dumbbells to consider and the designs of them to vary. Although the groundwork for which dumbbells are designed is the same, the overall quality of the product can range. With that, we want to share with our audience the first criteria for ensuring the best ten products.

Quality / Reviews

As far as the first criteria, we wanted to ensure that all of the products we shared were of the best quality and since there is such a wide variety of dumbbells in the industry, our primary concern was to share products that were above four stars throughout. With that, a four-star rating or more became our basis for selecting the best dumbbells. To add to this, most brands tend to have a close to five-star rating due to the quality of the product.

As a second aspect of the criteria, we also evaluate the reviews of individuals in different aspects to ensure that the product was of value, came as described and that the customer service of the brand was great quality.

Material (interior and exterior)

This criterion is the basis on which the product will function. The reason being is that material is the most important facet of a dumbbell. Why? Well, the material is what gives it the weight, which is the reason an individual buy this product in the first place. With that, the material quality of a dumbbell is, all the same, cast iron. However, it is the exterior material quality that is very different.

The exterior of a dumbbell is normally coated. With that, quality dumbbells are either coated with a neoprene exterior, which gives it a cushioned grip feeling or they are coated with a lacquer gloss-like material that is see-through but also gives the product a quality grip. With this in mind, the exterior material is one of the most import design details of a dumbbell. Here are three reasons the exterior material is important in the design of a dumbbell.

  1. The exterior material allows for a quality grip.
  2. The exterior material is designed to be anti-scratch and anti-chip.
  3. The exterior material is often designed to be a different color, which is designed to show the difference between the different weight sizes.

As the second criteria, the material quality becomes an important factor as well as a safety factor. There is nothing worse than dropping a weight on yourself because the product does not have a quality weight.

The Design

Speaking of dropping a weight on your foot, have you ever dropped a weight and all of a sudden it started to roll? Well, that is normally what happens when it comes to old fashion weights. However, all of the weights we have shared are designed to be anti-roll. How do they do this? Well, the weigh ends are designed with a hexagon shape which ensures that the product does not roll if they are exactly dropped on the floor. This common theme is done primarily for safety purposes.

As a second design element, the odor is an important factor to consider. Most weights, due to the cast iron material and the overall neoprene coating or gloss grip coating will have a strong chemical smell. If this is so, then it is important to let the product sit in an airy area overnight for the smell to go away. However, the smell may cause your hands to smell like cast iron after a workout due to the strong metal chemical compound.


As the last aspect to consider, durability is an important factor for various reasons. The durability of a dumbbell not only lies in the construction quality but also in the coating. With that said, most dumbbells are designed to be anti-scratch, anti-chip, and rust-resistant. As far as durability, the main concern of an individual that buys a weight is if the product will rust or not. With that, it is important to never have your weight exposed to water or even left out in the sun for a long period at a time. Like most workout products, if an item is left in the sun for a long period at a time, it will rust and it will fade.

The Packaging

As the last criteria that we add for various purposes, the overall packaging of the product is an aspect we took into consideration. Now, by packaging, we not only mean the way it is packaged but also the overall product as far as what comes with the packaging. With that, an individual can purchase a set of two or buy them singularly. However, some brands even include an instruction booklet with different workout tips or even a dumbbell stand that allows for individuals to easily place the weight on a stand and not on the floor.

With all of these factors taken into consideration, the reality is is that choosing the best weight for you depends on your strength training journey. With that, we highly suggest weights for golfers who want to stay fit, gain muscle, and perform better on the golf course. Now, let’s move onto the frequently asked questions when it comes to dumbbells.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you clean dumbbells?

A: As the primary asked question and a concern because of the possibility of rust, individuals tend to ask how to clean dumbbells. With that, the best way to clean dumbbells is by using a wet rag and wiping down the handle of the product where you hold it the most. Alongside this, always make sure the product is completely dry once you are done.

Q: What is the material under the neoprene cover?

A: The most common material under the neoprene cover of a weight is either a very strong steel or cast iron. With that, steel is the most common material of smaller dumbbells and cast iron is the common material of larger weights. With this, most all brands have a cover to ensure anti-grip properties as well as anti-rust and anti-scratch.

Q: Will these weights harm hardwood floors?

A: When it comes to the dumbbell itself, the heavier dumbbells may damage laminate flooring simply by the weight of the product. With this in mind, hardwood flooring tends to be harder so it can withstand the weights being placed on the floor gently. However, any heavyweight will crack or damage the floor if they are accidentally dropped.

Q: How do I remove the scent?

A: Removing the scent of a dumbbell is somewhat difficult if the product has a heavy odor. To remove the scent, it is best to wipe down the product with a wet cloth and then let it sit in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight for a couple of days.


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