Best Creatine Supplements Reviewed & Rated for Quality

MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Monohydrate PowderAs part of our nutrition segment here on Golfoid, we want to share different supplements and if we are to review one, we want to review and share all. With that in mind, golfers are as equally active as other individuals. Reason being is not only because it is highly beneficial for the sport, but it also enhances the way an individual moves on the golf course, their swing, and the strength for which they swing. With that, whoever says that golf is easy has never played the sport. Therefore, it is our dedication to not only share quality products that will aid individuals during their journey but will also enhance their livelihood and endurance.

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Optimum Nutrition
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Build Bulk Muscle
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MET-Rx 4200
  • MET-Rx 4200
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Scientifically Proven
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  • Dymatize
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • 100% Pure
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Now, in this article, we want to share with our audience one of the most widely used supplements that are also one of the most controversial, creatine. Creatine has long been known as one of the most controversial supplements in the sports industry for its side effects and for the fact that it is not FDA approved. However, brands have excelled in creating different creatine formulas that are highly valuable and very healthy. With this, we went on a hunt to find the top ten best creatine supplements for our audience. It is important to keep in mind that an individual should seek expert medical advice before taking such a supplement due to the side effects.

Also, stay tuned for our criteria portion of our article, where we share with our audience the many different guidelines when choosing the best creatine as well as the different benefits and cautions to take when consuming such a product. Without further wait, let’s talk about the best creatine supplements for golfers.


10 Best Creatine Supplements


1. Optimum Nutrition

1. Optimum Nutrition
This supplement is known as one of the most controversial. However, for the golfer that wants maximum strength on the golf course, having the right creatine supplement is crucial. If you want maximum energy and for a high-performance golf game, we recommend the Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, a quality supplement for all individuals. Here are two features to consider!
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Build Bulk and Play

This product is designed for individuals that want to size up and play. If you are seeking to get more strength and more muscle while also performing on the golf course, this may be one of the best products to buy because of the size variety. You can buy 150 to 2,000 grams. With that, we recommend it for individuals that want to bulk up on the golf course.

Improved Performance

If you discover that you are getting more sluggish on the golf course, then this may be the right product for you before going on the course. This supplement is intended to offer increased energy levels and speed up your recovery rate, which in turn, makes the individual less sore after a full game on the course. With that, you will be able to tell an increased alertness as well while golfing.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we first want to share that it is a high-quality product. It is made from some of the leading experts in the supplement industry and this brand is highly touted for their quality and expert products that work effectively. With this, the cost is on par with many other brands. However, the price will vary depending on the bottle size an individual chose. In any case, an individual will notice increased energy levels as well as performance on the course.

Increases energy levels.

Made with pure creatine at maximum dosage.

Results in a healthy diet.

Improves performance and recovery rate.

Enhances muscle growth.

Designed for minimal protein breakdown.

Positive reviews.

Quality for a fraction of the cost.


The container makes it hard to get the last bit out.

Container lid is tight and hard to take out correct amount.

Flavor is not pleasant.

2. MET-Rx 4200

2. MET-Rx 4200
If you prefer to take a creatine supplement in compressed form rather than in powder form, then this may be the product for you. The MET-Rx Creatine 4200 is a five-star product with plenty of benefits for individuals wanting to enhance their performance and their energy levels. With plenty of positive reviews, we want to uncover why this product is designed for quality.
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Scientifically Research and Tested

When it comes to a brand and product such as this, they conduct the most professional level of research when it comes to ensuring a product is properly designed. With this, this product is scientifically researched and tested with a pure creatine formula that ensures the best and highest percentage of pure creation per weight. With this, it easily becomes one of the healthiest formulas your body can consume.


Have you ever played a game of golf and found yourself to be extremely tired and sore after your game? Well, this item has one of the best post-workout recovery formulas. Whether you are working out to enhance your performance on the course or are playing multiple rounds in one day, this item is great to ensure you do not get any pain when working out.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share that this product is priced really well and rather cheap compared to other brands. With this, individuals can select many different count sizes as well as strengths of the product. Alongside this, individuals can expect a powerful formula that is designed to last.

Quality and healthy formula.

Plenty of positive reviews.

Accelerates in power and recovery mode.

Boost your muscle stamina.

Helps increase strength and muscle for better swings.

Great for pre or post workout.


Lacks concentration.

Taking six a day can be a hassle.

3. BSN

3. BSN
This next item has above 6k reviews online and it is touted as one of the highest quality powders an individual can buy today. Designed to dissolve quickly in water or any smoothie, individuals will appreciate this product. With different flavors available and different sizes as well, the BSN Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder is a quality item. Here are two features!
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The Formula

The formula of this product is designed for excellence and quality. This formula is designed to support strength, power and build a lean body. With this, individuals will enjoy using this product because of the overall results that it is designed to conduct. The formula is also great testing and designed to not have any odd side effects like other brands.

Strength and Power

For individuals that want quality results from their product, this item produces a healthy dose of strength and power. If you are an individual that wants the most strength on the course and off the course, we highly recommend this powder. With this, individuals are guaranteed to have a masterful swing that results in a winning game.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the price for this specific powder. It is priced at the standard level that most people are aware of. With that, it is a high-quality product that is designed to boost your endurance and performance on the course. Alongside this, the overall quality of this item ensures more energy and strength as well as performance. If you want a creatine powder that tastes great and has great results, we recommend this high-quality item.

Quality formula and taste great.

Supports lean muscle mass.

Supports strength and power.

Supports performance and training.

Industry standard.

Plenty of positive reviews.

Dissolves quickly.


May taste artificial.

May cause itchiness.

4. MuscleTech Platinum

4. MuscleTech Platinum
This next product is strategically designed and formulated to have 143% higher strength and performance. There is a reason that individuals call it the “Platinum Formula.” We want to share the MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Monohydrate Powder, which is quality designed for more strength, increased stamina, and also lean muscle growth while you work out, golf, and more. Here are two unique features to consider.
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Increases Cell Volumization

This product is designed for individuals that want to bulk up. With that, it is important to workout often and play active sports. If you want to create a more active lifestyle with a product that can combat protein breakdown and enhance the size of your cellular growth, this is it. Alongside this, this product is designed to stimulate protein synthesis, which results in better and more cell growth.

Approved In All Sports

This product, alongside the supplement known as creatine is actually approved in all sports. With this, it is tested for athletes that want to build muscle and strength. With that, individuals can have this and go work out, play some soccer, or get on the golf course. If you are an avid golfer and you want to build muscle and strength, we recommend this quality product.

Cost and Value

The price for this particular supplement is quite low compared to many on the market. However, it does not detour individuals from trusting the formula. In fact, this product has close to five stars and 1.1k reviews from individuals that have noticed massive

Quality creatine powder.

100% platinum recipe with no added sugars.

No fillers.

Build strength and more muscle.

Helps increase muscle performance.

Will aid in recovery.


May encounter some side effects.

May cause stomach pain.

5. MusclePharm Creatine

5. MusclePharm Creatine
This next product may be one of the healthiest when it comes to creatine powder. If you are weary from trying out supplements because of negative side effects or are new to the supplement industry, this product is designed for quality and for health benefits. The MusclePharm Creatine is an ultra-pure 100% formula that aids in muscle growth and recovery. Here are two features of this great item.
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Absorbs Quickly

The formula for this product is a highly fine formula that is pure and can be easily blended with water or a smoothie. Alongside this, the formula easily absorbs into the body, making muscle growth a quick and easy process without side effects. With that, individuals will notice results within weeks of using this product, but most importantly, will notice increased levels of energy on the course.

No Flavor

This product is quite unique compared to the competition because it is unflavored. Although it does have somewhat of a sandy texture feeling, it actually is not flavored. With this, individuals are guaranteed that it will be easy to drink. Therefore, you can also easily mix it into a glass of water and drink it in no time.

Cost and Value

If you are hesitant to try any supplements such as creatine, this may be the best one to start off with. Whether you get the sixty serving or the one-hundred and twenty serving, individuals will appreciate the no taste formula alongside the easily absorbent qualities of this item. With that said, the formula is very potent, and individuals will notice drastic results in their energy levels and overall stamina.

Quality formula designed for performance.

Will increase your energy levels.

Rapidly absorbs into the body.

Easy to mix and blend.

Pharmaceutical quality formula.

Will gain mass in no time.


May cause some stomach pain.

6. Six Star Pro Nutrition X3

6. Six Star Pro Nutrition X3
If you are seeking more strength and quick muscle gain while on the course, we want to share the Six Star Pro Nutrition Creatine X3 Powder. It is important to note that this product is for an individual that has an active workout routine alongside playing golf. To gain weight, have more strength, and better performance on the golf course, we want to share two features of this supplement.
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Gain Strength

This product is designed to offer quality strength to the individual. In fact, during the testing of this product, tests subjects gained about 18.6% more strength when it comes to this item. So, if you notice that you get tired quickly on the course or want to gain muscle for better swings and want more strength at the gym, this is the supplement to get.

Better Recovery

The reason individual feels sore after a workout or golf game is because that muscle has not been worked out often and build up acid is being released. Therefore, this is the perfect product for individuals that feel sore often after a workout or golf game. This item aids in the recovery of muscle after a long game of golf or a workout aiding in muscle growth more effectively than other products.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and value for this powder, we want to say that it is slightly above the price compared to many other powders. With this, it is very high quality and even comes in a tasty flavor. The fruit punch flavor is great to mix with water because it also absorbs easily. Alongside this, individuals can expect enhanced performance and a kick of energy right after taking this item.

Quality design and effective aid in recovery.

Great formula for strength training.

Kick of energy before a golf game.

Will enhance performance and strength.

Will enhance clear mindedness.


May upset stomach.

Fruit punch taste a bit medicinal.

7. Now Sports

7. Now Sports
This brand happens to be one of the most trusted because their overall view and construction quality of different formulas and supplements. Now Sports has long been known as one of the healthiest brands when it comes to supplements and we want to share two reasons why individuals should trust and consider this creatine product. Here are two features of this powder.
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Free of Everything

This product is virtually free of every harmful product and ingredient that is often found in many creatine powders. For instance, this product is free from any yeast, wheat, corn, additives, and soy. Alongside this, this item is 100% pure powder and with that, it is designed as a lean mass muscle gainer with plenty of positive benefits to enjoy.


This item is known as one of the healthiest because it is completely vegetarian. With that, it is a quality formula that dissolves really well and has no taste. With that, creatine is originally designed to not have a taste, therefore, this product is known as one of the most organic in the industry because it has no added sugars or ingredients that alter the natural formula.

Cost and Value

It is commonly known that products that are more organic and natural tend to cost more. Therefore, individuals can expect that this powder is going to be more costly than other ones in the industry. Alongside this, it is also better quality because it does not contain many of the harmful ingredients that cause nausea and stomach pain.

100% pure powder designed for energy.

Enhanced strength and performance.

Free of yeast, wheat, and other harmful ingredients.

Quality brand with years of ingredients.

Less stomach pain than most brands.


More granule than powder.

Hard to mix.

Outsourced to China. No longer made in the USA.

8. Nutricost

8. Nutricost
We want to share another quality product that has 500 grams per bottle and five grams per serving. This next product is made to be of the best quality and also is made in the USA. With that, it is a high-quality product designed to offer the best effects and strength benefits. This is the Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate Powder. Here are two features!
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This item is made to be of the healthiest formula. This item is highly tested, and quality ensured for effective benefits. With that, individuals will be pleased to know that it is completely non-GMO and also is gluten-free. With that, this item is pure and has no added fake flavors which can cause it to smell or taste odd.

Improve Performance

One of the best benefits of this product is the pure formula. This item is made to improve performance and muscle mass. With this, individuals are guaranteed a quality game of golf with more energy and enhanced performance when it comes to their swings and clarity. With that, it also aids in the recovery of sore muscles, so individuals are less sore after a day on the course.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this powder, we want to share that it is slightly more expensive than most, but it is because of the natural and pure formula. With that, this brand is highly touted and offers some of the most trusted products and supplements available today. For the price, we recommend it if you want more muscle growth, effective use, and an unflavored formula. Alongside this, it is also gluten-free.

Quality formula design.

Build more muscle effectively.

Paleo and vegan friendly.

Provides premium quality performance.

No fillers or enhances.

No questionable ingredients.

Easy to blend and mix.


May not dissolve fully.

Has an odd aftertaste.

9. Dymatize

9. Dymatize
We are coming to the end of our list and we want to share product number nine. The Dymatize Micronized Creatine powder is 500 grams of creatine and designed to increase cell hydration and performance. Here are two features to consider if you want a trusted brand that is focused on pure supplements.
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100% Pure

This particular powder happens to be 100% pure. Essentially, this product does not have any of the harmful ingredients that are common in other brands. For instance, this creatine powder has no fillers, is 100% pure, and does not have other harmful ingredients. Also, it happens to be gluten-free and unflavored, so it does not have any additives or false tasting ingredients.

Improves Muscle Strength and Performance

As the second feature, individuals on the course will notice that their muscles are performing better than ever after taking this formula. The reason being is that this item is made to improve muscle performance as well as elasticity and strength. With this, it increases cell hydration, so individuals feel less tired and more alert after a golf game.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss the price for this specific powder. It is right around the same price as other standard brands. However, it is important to note that it does not have the same amount of powder as other brands. With that, the value of this item is found in the fact that it does not have any fake ingredients or additives that enhance the flavor, making it purer than most.

Supports increased muscle size and growth.

100% HPLC certified due to its pure content.

Made for pre-workouts or active sports.

Increases endurance and performance.

Gluten free design.



Slightly expensive for the size.

Does not dissolve well.

10. Cellucor

10. Cellucor
We are eager to share product number ten on this list and although we are mentioning it last, it is still worth individual’s consideration. The price is slightly cheaper than most, but it is still worth considering if you want a quality powder with plenty of servings, 72 to be exact. Here are two features of the Cellucor Micronized Creatine.
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Increased Strength

This item is made to enhance the strength of an individual will on the course or during a workout. The item is made to harness the natural power of your muscles and give it a boost of energy, so individuals get tired less than before. With that, it also supports muscle growth, so individuals can reach their ideal fitness goals.

Money Back Guarantee

This is one of the best benefits of this brand. They tout that all of their products are designed for success. With that, they have included a money back guarantee up to thirty days for any individual that buys this product.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share that this item is slightly cheaper than most. However, it is still high quality and comes unflavored with no added flavorings that may taste bad. Alongside this, it is not as pure as other brands, but still worth it if you want a cheap alternative to other brands.

Increased performance and strength.

Money back guarantee.

Easy to mix and easy to drink.

No flavor.


May cause headache.

Not as high quality as other brands.

If you are a golfer, then you know the importance of staying fit and alert on the golf course. This sport not only requires a lot of an individual mentally but also physically and emotionally. Reason being is that your mind has to be alert and centered and your body has to be ready and full of energy for the day ahead. This is where creatine can aid the individual. However, to choose the best creatine for you, it is vital to take into consideration many different factors, the factors we share below.

If you are seeking to conduct your own research on the best creatine powder for you, then our criteria to evaluate the best creatine powders may help you. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Creatine Supplements

As the criteria when evaluating the best creatine powders, we first had to conduct the proper research in ensuring that it would be beneficial for golfers specifically. We know that creatine is vital for many sports enthusiasts and athletes. However, with a goal of golfers, we wanted to ensure that it would be beneficial. With this in mind, the first criteria on our list are all about benefits of using this supplement and we wanted to ensure that all of the brands we shared share the same values and were highly beneficial to the individual consuming the product. With this, here are the many benefits we encountered during our research and picking out our products.

Benefits and Value

As the first criteria, benefits and value were detrimental. Below is a list of the many benefits of using a supplement such as this.

  • Increased Energy

Now, how can golfers benefit from increased energy? Well, overall the sport of golf requires a lot of an individual. Therefore, it was crucial that the products we shared increase energy and aid in preventing fatigue or tiredness on the course.

  • Improves Brain Function

Phosphocreatine and ATP are not only for energy and muscle growth, they improve the overall functions of the brain. With this, these two compounds increase dopamine levels which improve brain memory, intelligence, cognitive functions, and over alertness.

  • Lowers Blood Sugar

Another quality benefit of using this product is that it lowers blood sugar and the proper amount of sugar is absorbed into the muscles and by the body. With this, it combats different diseases such as diabetes.

  • Muscle Growth

This supplement is primarily used for muscle growth. Therefore, it is one of the most touted benefits for individuals that want to bulk up. For golfers, it tightens the muscles, firms them, and allows them to be more productive while on the course.

The Ingredients

When it comes to a supplement such as creatine, the ingredients are crucial to the right formula. However, as we all know, the healthier a product is or the more organic it is the more costly it is as well. With this in mind, the ingredients quickly became the second factor that we took into consideration when ensuring the top ten best creatine powders. We do want to share, however, that many different brands have many different ingredient profiles and some will use harmful ingredients or ingredients that are not of the highest quality. This is common among products such as this because the ingredient does support an important element of the product. With this, we want to share with our audience the many different ingredients to look out for when it comes to creatine. These ingredients below are to be taken into consideration when selecting the best supplement. We can say that we have shared mostly products that have none or only a few of the ingredients below. With this in mind, the most important ingredients that should not be in your creatine powder are:

  • GMO
  • Artificial colors or sugars.
  • Artificial sweeteners or additives.

These are the most important to take into consideration. With that, some creatine powders will use fillers such as soy or wheat. With that, we want to share other ingredients to take into consideration when selecting the best product for you.

  • Soy
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Metal-free (lead, mercury, arsenic).

Now, all of these ingredients together and the power of creatine may cause side effects, which became the last criteria and guideline we took into consideration.

Side Effects

As the next criteria that we took into consideration, we found the side effects to be by far one of the most important factors. This is where reviews, dosage, and powder quality came to mind when conducting our research. The reason being is that we first wanted to ensure that individuals were noticing results from their supplement as well as not experiencing any harmful side effects.

Alongside this, the dosage as well as the quality of the supplement effect how an individual responds. With this in mind, it was our primary attention and detail to ensure that each product was designed to be of the healthiest value and no side effects. However, the most common side effect of taking a product such as this is nausea. With that in mind, we want to share with our audience the effects of taking an unhealthy protein powder, unlike the ten we have shared above.

  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Muscle injury.

With side effects such as this, it is crucial for individuals to take a supplement that is of the highest value, this means pure creatine with no fillers, additives, that is also NON-GMO and dairy, gluten, and soy free.

With this in mind, we want to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to a product such as creatine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is creatine vegan?

A: As the first most common question, creatine can be vegan if derived from synthetic elements. The reason being is that creatine is found in animal meat. Therefore, if individuals are not eating any animal meat, they will not be getting the needed intake of creatine for the body.

Q: Does creatine have carbs?

A: Most creatines have none or a small number of carbs in it due to the ingredient profile. When in doubt, it is important to read the label for that particular product.

Q: When is the best time to take creatine?

A: This question has many different factors to it. The simple answer is to take creatine depending on the instructions of the manufacturer. Reason being is that there are specific creatine powders that should be taken post workout or pre-workout. With that said, it all depends on the content of the product as well as the dosage.

Q: Is creatine sugar-free?

A: When it comes to creatine most are not sugar-free. Most brands have some form of sugar whether it is in the form of artificial sweeteners or flavors. However, the sugar content should not be too high. Consider, Creatine DNA, it only has two grams of sucralose.


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