Best Cleveland Golf Clubs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

We often find a brand that we feel is worth our consideration and once we do, we make it our intention to share it with the world. This is definitely one of them. Cleveland Golf is not as commonly known as Callaway or TaylorMade. However, they have long been in the business for producing some of the most affordable, quality, and durable clubs in the industry. With that, we highly appreciate their expertise, quality craftsmanship, and overall value for the cost of their items. As a branch of SRI Industries, Cleveland golf first got their start by producing replicas of classic golf clubs.

Featured Recommendations

Launcher HB Driverimg
  • Launcher HB Driver
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Graphite Shaft
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588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back
  • 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • USGA Compliant
  • Price: See Here
2018 Huntington Beachimg
  • 2018 Huntington Beach
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Over-sized Grip
  • Price: See Here

Founded in 1979, they started to produce tour favorite products ranging from woods to irons. With that in mind, their most played club was their fifth design which was released in 1988, quickly becoming one of the most sold and best-selling golf clubs of all time. Therefore, we are eager to share their expertise and quality products with you today. With that in mind, if you are looking for a quality golf club to get started with, there are many below. With that, this brand also offers some premium quality clubs to look forward to. Let’s begin with product number one!


10 Best Cleveland Golf Clubs


1. Launcher HB Driver

1. Launcher HB Driver
This brand is known for producing a luxury fleet of different golf products and with that, we want to jump right into the first one on the list. This is the Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver and there are two quality features to consider of this product if you are thinking of getting a golf club from this brand.
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Different Variations

One of the great benefits of this brand is that they have a large variety of different products and styles. With that, this particular driver comes in different versions. Individuals can pick between three different flex’s as well as-as three different loft degrees. Now, the shaft is made of graphite, making it a lightweight product to consider if you want a great quality driver.

Designed For Straighter Shorts

The way that the loft of this item is positioned makes it a design that is specifically designed for performance and overall focus. The item is made for simplicity and quality and allows for a higher launch and straighter shot. With that, individuals can expect the overall design to withstand the test of time and be highly durable.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this club, we first have to share that this may be one of the more high-end drivers in the industry. With that, this brand is made for quality and this driver is made for the professional golfer. Let’s just say that no amateur golfer will spend $200 plus dollars on a driver alone. With that, individuals can expect it to be highly durable and high quality.

Quality product with many different versions.

Able to withstand the test of time.

Graphite shaft is high quality.

The loft ranges in degrees.

The crown is high quality.

Made for longer and straighter shots.

Five-star reviews.


Highly expensive.

2. 588 RTX 2.0

2. 588 RTX 2.0
This next product is a bit lower key as far as design and quality but is still a quality product for the amateur golfer that wants quality and endurance. The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 is a quality product made for individuals that want a simple design with quality features. Let’s talk details!
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2-Pass Micro Design

This item is made with an advanced design that this brand has mastered when it comes to their products. This item has a unique milling pattern that provides excellent strategically placed roughness that is somewhat close to the USGA limit. With that, individuals can expect the design to be highly durable and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Deeper Grooves

This item is made with deeper grooves. The deeper grooves allow for an overall roughness that makes the product more durable but allows amateurs to enjoy a quality experience. With that, this club is made primarily for amateurs and comes with a large variety of different available degrees. Overall, one of the best designs is the satin finish, which is incredibly stealthy looking.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we have to say that the overall design of this product is made for performance and quality benefits. Individuals will enjoy the smooth finish, the quality shaft, and the overall benefit of this club. The best part is that this is a full five-star product with no negative reviews. In fact, even seasoned golfers tout this as the club to get.

Different degrees available.

Trusted club design.

Rotex face pattern allows for better surface design.

USGA compliant.

Fine-tuned micro-roughness design.

Quality steel shaft.

Five-star product.


The shaft is considered heavy.

3. 2018 CBX

3. 2018 CBX
This next club is a bit more high quality than the last and comes with a stainless steel finish that is high quality and cannot be easily scratched. With a few varieties to choose from, we want to share the Cleveland Golf 2018 CBX club and what individuals can expect when it comes to the design of this product. Here are two features to consider if you are looking for a quality club.
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V-Shape Design

This product is made with a V-shape design on the sole that is shaped from the front to the back of the product. This allows for exceptional turf interaction and a heel-to-toe quality design that allows for more forgiveness. Overall, it means that an individual can buy quality trust and build a better golfing flow with this product.

Two Shaft Designs

This product comes in a large variety of different loft degrees as well as hand orientations. However, one of the greater benefits is that it comes with a steel or graphite shaft choice. Individuals can pick between an exclusive and durable quality steel shaft or a lightweight graphite shaft made for performance. Overall, the choices are limitless when it comes to customizing this item.

Cost and Value

So, we said that this is an upgrade from the last club and although it does have many of the groove and milling features, it is a new quality club design. Overall, the price is not much more than the last club but it is expertly designed for quality interaction and overall flow. With that, individuals can expect this product to withstand the test of time and offer plenty of performance on the course.

Wide dual v-sole design.

Feel balancing technology for better performance.

Front to back balancing design for more forgiveness.

Quality structure grooves.

Many different sizes to choose from.

Two different shaft materials to choose from.


Heavy bottomed club design.

4. RTX-3 Mid Bounce

4. RTX-3 Mid Bounce
This next club has the black sating and beautiful finish as product number two but has even better features to ensure quality performance and overall value. The Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Mid Bounce is a quality club made with a better impact zone and better durability. With different loft degrees available, here are two reasons to consider this product.
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V-Sole Grinds

One of the benefits of this item is the V-Sole Grind design. This level of design quality and craftsmanship ensures better consistency and control on the course. With that, it has a tour proven feature that enhanced bounce to help the club travel through the turf faster for a better and cleaner impact zone. This also enhances the overall shot and the distance and performance.

Balancing Technology

This item has a unique balancing technology that is currently patent pending. Essentially, the club has much of the mass removed from the hosel and distributed to the wedge head for a better center of gravity. With that, the center of gravity is then closer to the impact zone and allows for a better distance shot.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the cost for this item and what individuals can expect. This quality club boasts a new design that allows for better quality performance. With that, individuals can expect to pay around the same price for this club as they would any other premier products. Overall, for the quality and the design aesthetics, it not only is fun to use, but it is aesthetically pleasing on the course.

Beautiful quality finish overall.

V-sole grinds adds shot consistency.

Rotext face increases overall spin of the product.

Laser milling and optimized performance by the loft.

Plenty of different varieties to choose from.

Quality shaft.

Newest patent pending technology.


Individuals have mentioned the grip is not as high quality as before.

5. Smart Sole 3

5. Smart Sole 3
Time to talk about a product that takes the face for being extremely durable but unique in the design and overall appeal. The Cleveland Golf men’s Smart Sole 3 S is a quality club made for performance and overall quality benefits. This item has a smart sole design with a lower score and a wider sole to improve performance. Here are two features to consider of this item.
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Three-Tiered Sole

This item is made with a three-tired sole design that allows for a unique impact zone. It also allows for better and maximum forgiveness overall. Alongside this, the three distinctive tiers all have unique interactions with the turf and allow for an overall increased performance value.

Optimum Loft

This product is made with one of the best loft designs in the industry. The 58-degree loft is an optimized specification that cannot be chosen otherwise. The reason being is that this specific degree is chosen for critical shots and for better shots around the green, ensuring an individual gets close every time.

Cost and Value

This is by no means a specific golf club for amateurs. Although amateurs can use it, it is made for the seasoned golfer that can enjoy and benefit from the specific loft design. With that said, it is durable, stylish, and made from quality materials. The shaft can be chosen to be steel or graphite and the overall technology to make this product makes it highly durable.

Three-tiered sole design.

Balanced technology for quality benefits.

Optimized club specs and design.

Two different shaft designs to choose from.

Smart sole technology.

Free balancing technology available.

Optimized loft degree.


Can be considered costly.

6. Launcher HB Hybrid

6. Launcher HB Hybrid
This next item on this list is a quality club hybrid design that makes it on the list of premiere products by this brand. With a specific and unique crown, a quality flex design, and an overall durable quality finish, this item is made for durability and performance. Here are two features of the Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HV Hybrid.
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Includes The Headcover

We often like to share a product that includes the headcover and is also marketed by the brand for that quality. This item, as expected because of the price, does include a headcover. The headcover is designed to protect the club head from any wear and tear or potential scratches when in transport.

Adjustable Hosel

This product comes with an adjustable hosel design. The adjustable hosel allows for a better and repositioned low design that ensures a better deep clubhead performance. With that, the center of gravity is then switched to ensure increased launch conditions from the tee.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to say that this product is expertly crafted for value and performance. Although there is minimal information online, it still has five-star reviews and it is designed for premium use. With that, it takes seasoned golfers to truly enjoy and understand the benefits of this club overall.

Different degrees to choose from.

Includes headcover design.

Different flex’s to choose form.

Quality graphite shaft material.

Adjustable hosel.

Decompresses during impact.

Enhances ball speed and flight.


Expensive club design.

7. 588 Tour Action

7. 588 Tour Action
This next club is made with one of the most beautiful designs in the industry and overall has quality benefits to look out for. Much like product number two on this list, this item is made for durability and aesthetics while also boasting quality benefits to consider. Here are two unique features of this item if you are considering it.
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Trusted Sole Design

This item is made with a trusted sole design that ensures better quality performance. With that, every piece of this item is highly durable and made to last. Overall, individuals will appreciate the construction value of this particular club and how it is made to be a great addition to any golf club set.

Different Varieties

Although this particular golf club has many different design elements to look forward to, it has many different loft degrees to consider. With that, the flex is a club flex and the shaft is made of steel, with a quality steelhead with milled grooves made for durability and better forgiveness. Overall, we trust the overall durability and design of this product.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about cost and value for this item, shall we? The design of this product is highly durable and with that, we can ensure a quality experience that individuals will enjoy. With that, we can guarantee quality performance alongside features that make it a great item to consider. The design alone is a plated stainless-steel design that is scratch-resistant and made for durability.

Quality product made for performance.

Trusted sole design.

Different loft degrees available.

Steel shaft material design.

Left and right-hand orientation.

Five star product.


Not much information online.

8. 2135 Satin Elevado

8. 2135 Satin Elevado
It was time to bring in one of the unique big boys in the game! The Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Elevado Putter is a quality putter with a stealthy and unique design that individuals will appreciate. The overall design of this product is made for maximum forgiveness and ensure quality alignment when putting. Here are two features to consider when it comes to this product.
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Alignment Top

The particular design of this putter has an alignment top that is incredibly high quality. Meaning, this item comes with a quality top design that ensures maximum alignment when hitting the ball. How does it do that? Well, the item has a straight white line at the top, above the black coated design to ensure proper eye alignment when the item is in use.

TPU Face Insert

This next design is quite new and different when it comes to certain clubs. This putter has a specialized and different head design. The face of the putter has a TPU insert that is designed for softer feeling and overall putting quality. With that, the soft feeling ensures maximum roll without impacting the ball and over transferring impact energy.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about cost and value when it comes to this putter. Overall, the design is very high quality and individuals will be highly impressed. With that, it is a high-quality putter and very costly if you are starting out in the golfing game. However, as a permanent putter for seasoned golfers, we recommend it if you like the design and also love the quality performance of this brand.

Optimized face milling design with TPU insert.

Eye alignment white line for better shots.

Soft feeling design for impact shots.

Includes a head cover.

Five star product.


Costly for amateurs.

Can be considered heavy.

9. Launcher HB Iron

9. Launcher HB Iron
This next product may be considered a highly mysterious design from this brand due to the lack of information but it happens to be a great quality and durable putter. Here are two features to consider of the Cleveland Launcher HB Individual Iron 2018.
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Hollow Design

This particular iron happens to have a completely hollow design. With that, the brand has touted that this allows for more forgiveness as far as quality distance shots. The hollow design is intended for better stability and overall better-quality shots compared to a back iron.

Stabilizing Ribs

This item comes with an improved feel technology known as stabilizing ribs. Essentially, the overall design is ensured for masterful quality and allows for an enhanced feel and improved sound on impact. This design creates a quality golfing experience unprecedented by many other clubs in the industry.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this club, it is important to note that this product comes with a high-quality design. However, it does not currently have any reviews and lacks information online. Overall, it is a costly iron but if we know anything about this brand is that their products are made for excellent value and quality performance.

Improved feeling club design.

Hollow design for better forgiveness.

Built to last and durable strong points.

Trusted brand.

Graphite shaft is made for lightweight use.


No reviews online.

Little information.

10. 2018 Huntington Beach

10. 2018 Huntington Beach
Straight from the Huntington Beach Collection, we want to share a Quality putter made for excellent performance and quality value. Here are two features to consider of the Cleveland Golf 2018 Huntington Beach Putter if you want performance benefits and A new exclusive design. To show your California roots on any course, we recommend this putter.
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Oversized Grip

The grip from this putter is an oversized quality grip that ensures maximum performance and value. Overall, the design is a quality design that is durable, and the grip is intended to have perfect cushion and traction when in use. With that, this item also includes a headcover with the purchase.

Precision Milled Face

This product comes with a quality milled face design. The face of this item is intended for better performance on shots and allows for better energy exchange between the ball and the club head. With that, for better alignment overall, the club also has two white lines at the top, so individuals can ensure getting the ball in the sweet spot every time.

Cost and Value

For this exclusive precision putter, we want to share that the design is highly durable and the overall club head is a great design with plenty of benefits. Considering that it is a special edition design, the putter is actually not expensive and around the same range as many other putters from this brand. With that, it has five stars.

Oversized grip design.

Tour-proven shape and quality,

Precision milled face design.

Includes a quality head cover.

Quality head shape for better forgiveness.

Oversized grip for better traction.

Three shaft lengths available.


The grip may be too big or bulky for some individuals.

Heavy design.

Now that we have shared the best Cleveland Golf Clubs, we want to hear your thoughts. This brand is relatively unknown to us. Therefore, when we started to research more, we found that they have a large selection of different quality items to consider. With that, they have even been touted by tour players and they even have different partnerships with many of them.

Now, if you are considering a quality Cleveland golf club, we recommend any of the ones above. If you are looking for your own quality Cleveland Golf Club, then we are eager to share our criteria to evaluate the best Cleveland golf clubs. This criterion served as our general guidelines to ensure that we share the best products with our audience. Now, these guidelines reflect what to look out for when it comes to purchasing your own quality golf club and when it comes to this brand, much like another brand in the same tier, the criteria is universal. Without further wait, let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Cleveland Golf Clubs

If you are new to Cleveland golf clubs than welcome to this brand! We ourselves wanted to ensure the best products possible were chosen. Therefore, we focused on a general set of guidelines to look out for to ensure that the brand has designed their items with the best quality performance value. With that, we want to share a couple of benefits from this brand if you like their golf clubs.

  • They have many degree variations so individuals can choose.
  • They have a quality Dual-V Sole design.
  • Their shafts are highly durable.
  • They are priced very well.
  • They use some of the most innovative materials.
  • Cleveland produces both the premiere and amateur golf clubs.

With these few benefits said, we want to share the first criteria that we took into consideration when selecting the top ten best Cleveland golf clubs.

Quality / Reviews

As the first criteria on the list, we found that quality is a crucial factor in picking out the best products. The reason being is that quality is the cornerstone in which every other benefit and pillar stands. Quality is the overall design of the product alongside how it benefits the consumer. With that, for us to better be able to tell and understand quality, we found that reviews came in handy to pick out the top ten. The reviews help to identify which products are made with superior craftsmanship and which products are also a fan favorite among individuals.

With this said, we were often surprised to find that almost every club from this brand has a five-star rating. Yes, many individuals have touted their excellent craftsmanship, superior quality, and overall beneficial designs. Alongside this, their customer satisfaction goes back years, with a client list of thousands of hundreds of golfers that appreciate their products and their quality service. As the first criteria to consider, if you are picking out your own golf club, always read the reviews.


If you are picking out your golf clubs, then variety is important. No individual ever goes with the first product that they buy. Maybe they go back to it, but not the first time around. With that, we wanted to ensure a wide variety of different designs and quality golf clubs when picking out our top ten products. With this, variety became an important factor because it ensured that individuals were getting many different items to choose from, in the case they even want multiple items from this brand. With that, our list includes a wide variety of hybrids and putter.

With that, as far as variety, it extends to the club itself. For instance, the Cleveland CBX has over eight different loft degrees to choose from, they offer it with two hand orientations, and they even offer the club with two shaft materials. This is not only quality service, but it is a trust-building technique where individuals can always trust this brand will supply the demand for different and unique products that are also fully customizable.


As the third criteria, we found the cost to be a universally important pattern when it comes to each individual club. The reason being is that the cost of their clubs can range drastically and since this brand is not as premiere as Callaway or other brands, we wanted to ensure that the cost was the right price for the value. We found that each product on this list is priced perfectly for the value. Considering the fact that each item alone has close to five stars, we believe that each product is also worth the cost.


As the last criteria on our list that we took into consideration, we wanted to focus on technology. Many brands have some of the most technologically advanced clubs in the industry. Although these clubs look traditional in design, they too have different technologies that make them worth the consideration. Some of these technologies include a wide Dual-V Sole, which is designed for more forgiveness and sweet spot. Other technology designs by this brand include shaping the weight of the product and moving it from one end of the club head to another end. They also have specifically milled grooves for better performance and impact shots.

A perfect example of innovative technology is the Cleveland Golf  Smart Sole 3 , where the brand combines traditional design with modern innovation. For instance, this product comes a three-tier technology for better forgiveness, a feel balancing design that improves the feel and the overall quality of every shot. Lastly, this product and many other lofts come with an optimized loft specification degree that ensures a better quality shot every time.

This is only one example of how this brand uses innovation and technology to enhance their products. Now that we have talked about the top ten best golf clubs from this brand, we want to move forward and answer some of the most common questions individuals may be having about this product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is better steel or graphite?

A: As the first major question that individuals are asking, each particular material quality has their own benefits and features. With that, individuals prefer steel or graphite for many different reasons. Steel is a heavier club and individuals feel that it gives them more control. Also, steel can be considered better for chipping. With that, graphite is a more lightweight shaft and it is considered a high-quality shaft designed for distance shots. However, overall it depends on the individual.

Q: What shaft length is better for me?

A: When it comes to the shaft length of a club, individuals can expect the length to determine the overall quality of the product according to your height. With that said, the shaft length that is better for you depends on how tall you are. The rule of thumb is that the taller you are, the longer the shaft length should be to ensure no mishits. With that, if you are shorter, the shorter the shaft length as well.

Q: Does this brand include a cover?

A: As one of the most often asked questions, this brand does not include a cover on specific items. With that, it is important to note that certain clubs do not have a cover. Therefore, individuals should always take into consideration the details of a particular club and ask if it comes with a cover. This also depends on the price. The most common rule is that the more expensive it is, the higher the chances of it coming with a cover.

Q: How do I clean the grooves?

A: As a question that is often asked, individuals can expect that many of these clubs will need regrooving. With that, you clean the grooves of an iron with a quality bristle brush. However, to clean the club overall, you can either use a club washer or clean the club with a wet rag. To clean the shaft, just wipe it down, and then to clean the grip, a rag will do the trick. To regroove, a grooving tool will be needed to ensure the best quality grooving design.

Q: Why does flex matter?

A: The flex of a golf club will determine how an individual performs. With that, it is important to familiarize yourself with the many different flexes there are for different individuals. There are senior flex’s, ladies flexes and much more to consider.


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