Best BCAA Supplements Reviewed & Rated for Quality

In the world of supplements, there is a large variety of different products to consider that range from electrolyte tablets to super powders that are designed to give you a full spectrum of health benefits. Now, if you are a golfer, then you clearly know that golf is not only about the sport and how you perform, it’s all about your mental attitude and your overall health and endurance in the sport. Swinging clubs all day long is not for the faint of heart, we say. With that in mind, you can get very sore and, when the body is sore, you don’t perform as normal.

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Scivation Xtendimg
  • Scivation Xtend
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Packed with Electrolytes
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Optimum Nutrition Instantized
  • Optimum Nutrition Instantized
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Fast Recovery Time
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  • BulkSupplements
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • 100% Pure
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Soreness can be a part of working out or swinging too many clubs. Have you ever had shoulder pain or even elbow pain after a full day on the course? Well, this is why we want to introduce a list of the best-branched chain amino acids. BCAAs are what the body needs to build muscle, combat soreness and fatigue, and ensure proper photosynthesis production in the body. Not only are they very healthy for you, but they are detrimental when it comes to being a healthy individual on and off the golf course. So, we want to discuss with our readers the top ten best BCAA supplements and what golfers can anticipate when taking one of these.

10 Best BCAA Supplements

1. Scivation Xtend

1. Scivation Xtend
A BCAA Powder is crucial for the growth of muscle and strength. With that, brands have noticed the demand for better working and better tasting BCAA powders. Therefore, if you want a quality supplement that you can take before a workout or after that is designed to help your muscles heal quickly and effectively, this may be it. This is the Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder.
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With Electrolytes

This is a great product for a pre-workout drink. Mix it with water and you have a quality drink that not only heals muscle and enhances your strength, it also is effectively created to nourish cells in the body. How does it do this? Well, it actually is a quality product that is filled with electrolytes for hydration.

Protein Synthetic

This product has all of the needed amino acids that an individual will need for protein synthesis. If you know much about working out, then you know that protein synthesis is crucial for the health of the attainment of muscle, which can only increase with protein. Well, this product has the needed grams of L-Glutamine and leucine for protein synthesis.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and value, individuals are guaranteed a product that is effective, works well and is very healthy. With this, it comes with no added calories, carbs, or added sugars. The flavors range from blue raspberry to blood orange and individuals can select multiple sizes to choose from. It is priced very well, and the user will find it to be of value. It does have four stars and plenty of positive reviews as well.

Quality BCAA powder.

Designed for post workout drinks or pre-workout drinks.

Filled with electrolytes.

Taste delicious.

Has no sugar or carbs added.


May taste a bit tart or too citrusy.

Flavor is very strong.

2. Optimum Nutrition Instantized

2. Optimum Nutrition Instantized
We have touted this brand for a very long time due to their expert quality products. In fact, they have close to five stars because their products truly work. Well, as the second BCAA on the list, it is time to discuss with our readers the Optimum Nutrition Instantized powder. This product is designed to work well, comes in a capsule form, and can be consumed easily.
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Easy To Swallow

The fact that this product comes in a capsule makes it very easy to consume. Individuals do not have to worry about stirring, shaking, or taking a full drink just to get the needed BCAA into the body. Overall, the capsule is not too large, it is easy to swallow, and supports a healthy immune system and protein synthesis for the body.

Active Lifestyle

This item is made for individuals that have a very active lifestyle and need muscle strength, energy, and to minimize muscle soreness. The 2:1:1 ration from leucine, isoleucine, and valine make it an excellent ration that ensures recovery is quick and effective. You can take your workouts to the next level with this quality product.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and the price, we see this brand and as a leading brand in the community for their excellent products and great formulas. With that, individuals tout them for their customer service and their great prices. The fact that this comes in capsule form makes it easy to consume and easy to take with you. We recommend this product if you care about efficiency and convenience over taste.

Quality ration of BCAAs.

Makes recovery time faster and better for training.

Easy to consume and easy to take with you on the go.

Easy to swallow capsules.

Available in different sizes bottles.


Taking too many a day can cause nausea.

They do not last very long.

3. BulkSupplements

3. BulkSupplements
To put it into perspective, this product has close to five stars and over 7k reviews, which is about six times the size as the last one. What does that say about the brand? Well, it says that this may be one of the best brands in the industry to buy your products from. BulkSupplements has long been known for a leading provider in the workout industry of excellent quality products that are designed to work. We want to share their BCAA powder and two reasons why it works.
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100% Pure

This particular powder happens to be a 100% pure pre-workout or post-workout booster powder that promotes the healthy circulation and chemical reaction that is protein synthesis. With that, it minimizes the damage of muscle tissue and intensifies the magnificent way in which protein synthesis works in the human body by enhancing the process with needed amino acids.


This product, before it hits the shelf, goes through intense and rigorous testing to ensure that it is a quality supplement designed to be effective and of the best value. With that in mind, it is a quality product that is efficient and tested for maximum results. The quality of the product is pure, has no added sugars or fake ingredients.

Cost and Value

What are you willing to pay for purity is the real question? This product is of the best value for the fact that it is a pure amino acid booster that is designed to enhance the way you feel after a workout and minimize the soreness that you feel. With that, there are various sizes to choose from and overall, it is an effective way to get all of your amino acids in one easy drink. Just stir and sip!

Boosts muscle growth in the body.

Increases energy levels.

Reduces the feeling of fatigued muscles.

Burns fat.

No added sugars or harmful ingredients.


The taste is not the best.

4. Met-Rx

4. Met-Rx
This next product is another great and quality supplement designed to boost muscle growth and minimize any muscle fatigue or pain. The Met-Rx BCAA Supplement comes in various sizes, t is easy to consume and includes the needed daily percentage of amino acids that an individual will need to boost their workout out and speed up their recovery time. Here is the first benefit.
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Potent Blend

So, this particular product happens to be a very potent blend of branched-amino acids. Essentially, it has three of the most needed amino acids in the body. With this, it is expertly designed to provide muscle nitrogen support and supports energy production in the body. To add to this, individuals will like the fact that it comes in an easy to consume pill form.

Designed For Athletes

This expert quality product is specifically designed for athletes and bodybuilders. The brand has designed this product to be an easy to consume product that can either be taken before a workout or after. With that, the design is effective, and individuals will notice results very quickly.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and the cost for this great product, individuals can expect one simple capsule count for one flat price. The price itself makes it the lowest priced item on this list. Do not let that sway you, however, it actually has over 1.6k reviews and close to 4.5 stars. Overall, it is a quality and easy to consume capsule that works well. Here are the pros to consider.

Build protein easily and effectively.

A very powerful blend.

Supplies muscle nitrogen.

Fuels pre-workouts.

Quality product with the needed BCAAs.

Makes recovery easy.


Does not work well by itself.

5. Cellulor Alpha

5. Cellulor Alpha
As the next performance enhancer, this product works very well at ensuring that you are always ready for your next workout or that your recovery from your heavy golf game. This is the cellular Alpha Amino Acids dietary supplement and it comes in various flavors. Whether you want fruit punch, grape, or some other great flavor, this product works well.
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The Needed Ratio

This product has the needed daily portion of BCAAs that an individual needs to recover easily from a workout. With that, it has an additional 11 essential amino acids that make recovery a breeze. The ration of 2:1:1 is a great ration and well-studied and tested to provide the needed chemical reaction for better body recovery.

Easy To Mix

This product is a powder-based product. It is very easy to mix, shake and all you have to do is sip. The powder is fine and it does mix well, and the flavors are designed to taste great and not be too sugary. With that, individuals can select between thirty servings of fifty servings. Overall, it is a great addition to any workout if you are seeking for better recovery.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and value for this product, it is an excellent powder for anyone that wants an easy recovery amino acid reaction. Overall, it fights muscle fatigue and breakdown during the recovery process. The price does range depending on the flavor but not by a lot. Overall, it is a great addition to your workout routine. Even if you golf a lot and you need to recover from sore muscles, this is worth considering.

Excellent product with electrolytes.

Includes well studied ratio.

Has different flavors available.

Comes in various servings.


May take a bit to notice effects.

6. Sheer Strength Labs

6. Sheer Strength Labs
As the sixth product we are eager to share, the Sheer Strength Labs BCAA supplement is an extra strength product with a heightened level of potency when it comes to their amino acids. We want to discuss with our audience what makes this product an enhanced product worth considering. Here are two features that you may want to consider.
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Recover Faster

This product is designed to help individuals recover faster. We all know by know that BCAAs are intended to help you recover. However, the double-fast formula that is this product is designed to help the muscle directly and aid during the recovery process. With that, individuals can expect faster results in half the time.

Burn Fat Easily

This item is intended for individuals that also want to burn fat. The Formula is a great formula that is designed to help you get lean muscle and recover faster. Individuals have noticed faster results and have touted that it is very easy to consume, and notice results quickly.

Cost and Value

As far as the price, individuals are guaranteed that this product will work well. It has 90 capsules, which is the equivalent of a thirty-day supply. Overall, we recommend this product if you want an expert supplement that will burn fat, build lean muscle, and help during the recovery process. With that, it is also priced very budget-friendly and the brand touts that they do not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, and ingredients.

Build muscle fast and effectively.

Notice faster results.

Reduces muscle fatigue and pain.

Increases speed.

Rebuild muscle easily.

Potent formula.


You may not notice any results.

7. BPI Sports

7. BPI Sports
We are close to the end of our list but we could not forget this specific product. Many BCAAs that tend to also be thermogenic actually end up burning fat with the use of caffeine. The great aspect of this particular product is the fact that it is designed completely to be caffeine free. We are eager to share with our audience the BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Formula, a quality product made for individuals that want to lose weight and gain muscle mass.
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Burns Fat Easily

This specific product is designed to burn fat easily from the body. The way it does this is by burning fat for energy to support an individual’s weight loss. To add to this, it reduces the breakdown of protein, so an individual can easily get lean and gain muscle structure without the fatigue. With that, you can feel more confident and expect the product to work efficiently and effectively.

Optimized Recovery

This product is designed for optimized recovery. The advanced formula is a peptide-bonded branched amino acid formula that provides optimal absorption and utilization, so an individual can expect this product to aid in the process of recovery.

Cost and Value

To add to the cost and value of this product, we want to share with our audience that this is a quality formula that individuals can expect to work very well. Now, it does come in different flavors, some bolder than others and it does have a bit of sugar and flavorings to make it more easy to consume. With that in mind, there are three sizes to choose from and individuals can expect the product to work at losing fat and gaining lean mass.

Promotes lean muscle mass.

Burns fat and turns it into energy.

Caffeine free formula.

Helps burn stored body fat.

Improves blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Faster absorption and recovery.


May be too sweet.

May have a gritty texture.

8. Evlution Nutrition

8. Evlution Nutrition
This product is a high performance and energizing amino acid supplement that is designed for muscle growth and recovery. It is time to discuss the Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy supplement and two specific features of this excellent quality product that individuals can benefit from today. This product is high quality, easy to consume, and comes in two sizes. Here are two body benefits for individuals that are seeking to get lean and recover faster.
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Designed For Muscle Repair

This product is designed so an individual has a faster recovery time when it comes to their muscle. The formula is an energizing formula that is made to be easy to consume and aid in the process of photosynthesis in the body. To add to this, it comes with 50 grams of BCAA which are intended to aid in the process of muscle repair and more. With this in mind, all you have to do is stir it in a glass of water and it becomes very easy to drink.

Healthy Formula

The formula of this product is an easy to consume formula that it is very healthy and works effectively. The formula is a zero calorie, no carbs, and gluten-free formula that may be one of the healthiest in the industry. To add to this, individuals can expect the formula to work very well. With the addition of a bit of sugar to make it easy to drink and taste great, individuals will appreciate the quality formula and design of this product.

Cost and Value

To add to the value and price of this product, individuals will discover that this is a great product for post workouts, especially if you are seeking to reduce a lot of the fatigue that comes from working out. With that, 2-3 servings a day can last about a month, but there are various sizes to choose from. For the price, this product has close to five stars and plenty of positive reviews backing up the product and the brand.

No calories, carbs, and it is gluten free.

Tastes great.

Has different servings available.

Great price.

Many different flavors to choose from.


Has sugar.

May be too sweet.

9. Crazy Muscle

9. Crazy Muscle
This next product is the perfect ratio for individuals that are seeking an ideal BCAA blend. This is the Crazy Muscle BCAA Pills with a ration of 2:1:1 of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. With that in mind, it is made for individuals that want a pre-workout energy and training supplement that is high quality, easy to consume, and made for muscle recovery. Here are two benefits of this BCAA supplement.
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Build More Muscle

This product helps an individual build more muscle faster with the help of maximizing protein synthesis in your body. Grow bigger and stronger muscle mass quicker and you can minimize much of the pain and discomfort from working out for hours. With that, individuals will feel energized because it is designed to increase your stamina and energy levels when working out.

On-The-Go Convenience

One aspect that makes this product an excellent supplement is that it is designed for on-the-go convenience. It is a convenient way for an individual to comfortable and easily be able to consume the needed BCAA that their body needs without causing a big mess or hauling around a big tub of powder. With that in mind, individuals will enjoy and benefit from this in more ways than one.

Cost and Value

This product is an easy to carry bottle where all you have to do is place it inside of your golf bag or duffel bag and head to the gym or the golf course. For a 120-count, an individual can expect to pay a very good price and the product itself has plenty of positive reviews. With that in mind, it aids in the construction of muscle and helps an individual easily burn fat.

Aids in the construction of muscle.

Helps burn body fat.

Quality BCAA ratio.

Easy to consume.

Convenience on the go design.


May be difficult to swallow at one time.

10. Labrada Nutrition

10. Labrada Nutrition
This next product is a post workout powder that is excellent for individuals that want a quality product. As the last supplement, the Labrada Nutrition BCAA Power BCAA powder is a quality product that has the perfect ration and a great taste that makes it very easy to consume. This product is a high-quality product with 7g from BCAA’s and 3g of glutamine. Here are two benefits for your body if you consider this product.
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Vegan Friendly

This product happens to be vegan-friendly, which means it is not made from any dairy. With that, the powder is derived from healthy sources and intended to be of the best value for your body, especially if you want enhanced energy and muscle recovery. With that in mind, it is a quality product with fermented BCAA amino acids and many more benefits.

Comes With Electrolytes

This powder actually comes with electrolytes, making it a quality formula that hydrates the body as well. To add to this, individuals will discover that this formula is excellent if you want a pre-workout supplement that will enhance your workout. Overall, the powder is easy to consume and overall, will enhance the way that you feel and the way you perform on and off the golf course or gym.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and the value for this product, individuals will discover that this is an excellent value for the price if you want a great tasting powder with electrolytes and the needed daily ratio of BCAAs. There are different flavors available and individuals will also benefit from the quality powder and the overall easy to consume texture and taste.

Easy to consume powder.

Great taste.

Makes muscle growth easy.

Different flavors.

Quality ratio.

Hydrates and energizes.


May be very sweet.

May have an add aftertaste.

Now, can you see how they are extremely beneficial for an individual? A BCAA supplement ensures the proper structure of the body’s muscles and ensures that an individual can produce proper protein synthesis that combats muscle fatigue and more. With this in mind, as one can tell by our list, there are many different brands that tout that they have the best powder. With that, there is a wide variety to choose from and the powder even comes in capsule form, making it easier to take compared to a stir powder. So, we want to move forward and discuss with our audience the criteria that we used during the product selection process. Shall we begin?

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best BCAA Supplements

Powder or Capsules

As the first factor, we want to consider whether individuals were more interested in powders or capsules. To break it down, we want to share the different descriptions and benefits of each, so you can pick which one is the best for you.

  • Powder

When it comes to powders, there is a wide variety in the industry to choose from. Individuals can select from powders that are flavorful and easy to mix, or powders that don’t taste like much and you can add it into a smoothie or any drink. With that in mind, powders tend to last longer than capsules and individuals can expect them to be easy to consume. However, depending on the flavor, some powders may tend to be sweeter than others.

  • Capsules

As the next most common BCAA, many of them also come in pill form. In capsule form, supplements are easy to consume. The biggest benefit is that they are convenient because you can take them while at the gym, while traveling or consume them easily. Unlike powders, you don’t have to worry about setting time to mix it, you can just take it and go. With that in mind, in pill forms, the product tends to last much less than in powder form.


Now, this may be one of the most important elements when selecting a quality supplement, which is the ratio. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein in the body and they also aid in the support of preventing fatigue and soreness or breakdown of muscle groups in the body. With that, there is a specific ratio of amino acids that every individual needs to ensure that their supplement has. The most common ratio is 2:1:1 serving of the three most common amino acids.

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

With that in mind, this ratio is what ensures that the product you are consuming is of the best quality and design benefit. Now, it is important to consider that the supplement may have extras added into the mix, which brings us to the next aspect to consider.

Extra Ingredients

As part of the last criteria we consider, we want to discuss with our audience the many different ingredients that are part of the supplement process and what may be included inside of your product. With this, there are healthy ingredients and unhealthy ingredients, so we are going to break it down into two categories and touch more on it.

  • Extra Ingredients That Are Healthy

For instance, many BCAA supplements will include the addition of other amino acids that are needed for the human body alongside the addition of electrolytes to ensure that you are hydrated properly.

  • Unhealthy Ingredients

There are many unhealthy ingredients as part of the supplement process. For instance, some ingredients are actually added sweeteners or even soy. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you supplement is of the best health benefit and it is designed for maximum body health, you want to make sure that it does not have GMO, sweeteners, added sugars, soy, dairy, or sometimes gluten, depending on your body tolerance.

Other Factors to Consider

  • The Price

The price will vary depending on the flavor, quality, and size that you purchase. Keep in mind, when it comes to healthy products, many of them tend to be costlier according to how healthy it is.

  • Pre-Workout or Post

Many supplements are made for either pre-workouts or post. Therefore, you may want to consider which one is the best for your specific workout routine.

  • Potency

As the last aspect, the potency depends on the product and the brand. There are BCAA powders with as little as 7g per serving and high as 50g per serving. Therefore, consider which amount is best for you and your needs. Now, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I stir it with water or a smoothie?

A: Most amino acid powders you can stir easily with water or a smoothie. Keep in mind, most powders tend to be flavored with tropical flavors such as citrus or blueberry because they are primarily intended to be blended or mixed with water.

Q: What are the benefits of BCAA?

A: This is one of the most common questions because many individuals are unaware as to how BCAA works in the body. Essentially, the primary benefit is the fact that it removes that uncomfortable feeling of soreness that many individuals have after the workout.

Q: Can I take it with other powders?

A: It depends on what you blend with it, but most commonly, individuals blend their BCAA supplement with whey protein powders or mass gainers before a workout so they get the most out of their workout and get an early start on the feeling of soreness that working out produces.

Q: How does it benefit a golfer?

A: Essentially, you are minimizing the soreness that you feel after golfing for long periods at a time and you also prevent the muscle breakdown that may occur in the process.