Best At-Home Gyms Reviewed & Rated for Quality

We have discussed numerous times the importance of being healthy, consuming healthy foods, and stretching before a day on the course. If you are often times sore, need more stretching and want to get a good workout in before a day golfing, but cannot make it to a gym, then maybe an at-home gym is a great solution for you. An at-home gym gives individuals the ability to fully workout, exercise, and stretch before the day ahead. Not only that, but it gives the user the convenience of working out from the comfort of their own home.

Featured Recommendations

Weider Ultimate Body Works
  • Weider Ultimate Body Works
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Price: See Here
Total Gym XLS
  • Total Gym XLS
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Weight Capacities
  • Price: See Here
Body Solid Light
  • Body Solid Light
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • DuraFirm Pads
  • Price: See Here

So, if you are looking to enhance your physique, enhance your livelihood, and become more fit so you can excel like the professionals, we have some products to share with you. Before we start, we want to mention that the design depends on what you are looking for exactly. Upon research, we discovered that there are many different types of gyms ranging from products for upper body and lower body to full-service workout machines. There are also smaller machines designed for simple leg or arm workouts, it all depends on your desires and what you are looking for.


10 Best At-Home Gyms


1. Weider Ultimate Body Works

1. Weider Ultimate Body Works
Part of the sport of golf is ensuring that your body is in peak performance, so you can perform better on the course. With that, we want to share and discuss the first at home gym system an individual can buy today. This is the Weider Ultimate Body Works machine and it is a high-quality machine with everything an individual will need for a full body workout.
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The Bench

This product comes with a cushioned bench that is designed to limit anybody strain and an individual may have. The bench is an adjustable incline bench that is on wheels with a pulley included. With this, it allows an individual to easily adjust and increase the amount of weight resistance experience.

Space Saver

This product is designed as a space saver. The overall design is intended for individuals that want an at home body shaping machine that does not take up a lot of space. You can effortlessly put it together or take it apart and store it in an empty area of the room. With this, it is a bit heavy so an individual may need help to roll it or move it from spot to spot.

Cost and Value

As far as the price for this machine, it is only sold by individual sellers. To add to this, the overall design is a quality design that is intended to be easy to use and offers plenty of value to the user. With this, if you want a machine that is high quality and durable, this is it. It has close to five stars and over 1.2k reviews all touting the product.

Adjustable incline bench design.

Pulley system on each side.

Resistance bands that provide an increase weight resistance.

Cable and pulley system for greater versatility.

Exercise chart included.

Space saver design.


The upper arm and leg bar is not adjustable.

May be wobbly.

2. Total Gym XLS

2. Total Gym XLS
This next machine is a quality machine for individuals that want a quality at-home gym. If you are seeking a quality machine with plenty of benefits, this may be it. The Total Gym XLS Universal Home Gym has numerous benefits that make it a great contender. Here are two benefits.
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What Is Included

You are not only getting a quality machine with this purchase, but you are also getting a value pack. The value pack for this product includes a wing attachment, a leg-pull accessory system, a training deck, and even a nutritional meal planning guide. With that, the overall system is designed to offer years of strength training for the individual that wants to work out at home.

The Machine Design

The machine is designed to fit a weight capacity of 400lb. With this, it allows for an individual to perform over 80 exercises to work for all major muscle groups. You can do cardio, strength training, stretching and much more with this great machine. To add to this, an individual will enjoy plenty of positive benefits for using a product such as this one.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price and value, an individual is guaranteed a quality product when it comes to this machine. It is expertly designed to last a long time, requires no assembly, and it has a universal design that fits very well into your lifestyle and schedule. It does only have a 6-month warranty on parts, but it does have a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Quality machine that is easy to set up.

Plenty of exercises.

•High weight capacity.

Workout DVDS included.

Easy storage design.


Some plastic pieces are cheap and may break easily.

Only a 6-month warranty on parts.

3. Body Solid Light

3. Body Solid Light
It is time to talk about what may be one of the best gyms on our list. If you are seeking a commercial style workout machine, this is the system for you. It is time to discuss the Body Solid Light Commercial Gym and a couple of special features an individual can expect from this particular gym system. Here are two benefits of this excellent machine and product.
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DuraFirm Pads

This particular machine is a commercial grade construction system. Therefore, not only is it durable, it has the most convenient benefits that many individuals have come to know from gyms like Planet Fitness. For instance, this product comes with DuraFirm pads, which are specifically designed pads that are contoured with lumbar support. To add to this, the construction is enhanced for durability.

Multi-Function Press Arm Station

This particular system has everything an individual will need to succeed at the gym. If you are seeking stronger arms, then this is the system for you. This product comes with a multi-functional press arm station that provides bench press, incline press, and even shoulder press. With that, it provides much more such as deep muscle penetration.

Cost and Value

To add to the design of this product, an individual is guaranteed a quality machine with plenty of benefits. Overall, it is designed to last and it happens to be a great workout machine. Now, it is intended as a full commercial grade gym system so the price reflects the fact that it is made for commercial business. However, if you bring this product home, you are guaranteed a full gym workout.

Quality at home gym with impressive strength training benefits.

Multi-functional use.

Commercial grade build and quality.

Thick and durable construction.

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


Directions are very bad.

Difficult to assemble.

4. Bowflex Blaze

4. Bowflex Blaze
This next machine on our list is an excellent machine for any individual wanting a quality at home gym system. Bowflex has long been known for being a large provider in the workout industry of many different products and this is one of them. This is the Blaze Home Gym and we want to discuss two great benefits.
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Over 60 Exercises

Whether you want to work out your back, legs, arms, or another part of your body, this machine allows you a quality 60 exercise experience for you to work out different parts of your body. With this, individuals can expect a full body workout when using this machine. It also allows for an up to 410lb powered resistance.

Multiple Cable System

This machine comes with a multiple cable system, which makes it easy for you to get the workout that you want. With that, the cable and pulley system is designed to enable custom workouts and provides plenty of health benefits to the individual by allowing you to stretch to your body. So, if you are seeking to get a quality stretch in before the golf course, this is it.

Cost and Value

As far as the cost and value, this machine is currently discounted, which is a great value for the product. To add to this, the brand has a free scheduled delivery feature with this product, so individuals can expect great customer service. Overall, it is high quality and intended to last. With 4.5 stars and over 300 reviews, individuals can expect this machine to be of the best value.

60+ exercises for a full body workout.

Different weight with power rod resistance.

Bowflex provides a seven free trainer regime.

Multiple cable and pulley system.

Last bar and squat bar included.

Folding bench included.


Upper body station is not the best.

Cable may rub your arm during bench press.

5. Marcy 150-LB

5. Marcy 150-LB
This next product is the Marcy 150-LB multifunctional home gym and it happens to be a quality at home gym machine that is intended for strength training and exercise. Designed to be very sleek, of the best value, and intended for individuals that want a quality at home system, this machine provides plenty of value to the user. Here are two benefits.
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Luxury System

This particular machine has many different luxury systems that an individual will enjoy that is common among many commercial gyms. For instance, this machine has a weight stack lock that is designed for easy selection of weights. With that, it also has a leg developer system so individuals can comfortable workout their legs.

Dual Action Press Arms

To add to the value of this machine, this product comes with a dual action press arm system and an upper pulley design. With that, it is high quality, durable, and very convenient to use, especially if you are seeking to work out your arms. To add to this, the seating area of the system itself is padded for added comfort and value.

Cost and Value

As far as the value and cost for this product, this is a premium steel construction machine that is made with very heavy-duty construction for quality workouts. With that in mind, individuals will enjoy and benefit from the construction of this machine and the fact that it is also designed to be a space saver system. For the price, it is very affordable and well worth it.

Quality premium construction.

Weight stack lock design.

Dual action press arms.

Removable curl pad.

Ergonomically designed seats.

Reduces tension on impact.


Lack of adjustments.

Has a lot of flaws.

6. Body Solid Strength Tech

6. Body Solid Strength Tech
This next machine is a great commercial grade at home gym design that is very high quality, has a durable frame, and it is conveniently designed to be easy to use. Here are two features and benefits of the Body Solid Strength Tech Machine.
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Heavy Duty

This machine may be considered one of the heaviest machines due to the construction. The construction of this machine is a heavy-duty steel construction that is of the best quality and design. With that in mind, individuals can expect the machine to function very well, be very durable, and be a solid investment. It also does come with a lifetime warranty on everything.

Popular Product

This machine happens to be Consumer Magazine’s Best Buy Home Gym. This machine has been rated one of the leading machines that an individual can buy today due to the quality of the machine and the overall design. To add to this, it is conveniently designed with no cable changes and a tough finish that is resistant to wear and tear.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and value, individuals can expect this machine to offer what an individual needs to get ahead of their workout routine. With that, it is a high-value machine intended for long-term quality use. Individuals can expect the product to last the test of time and the pieces do not rust easily. In the case you need replacement parts, it comes with a lifetime warranty. For the price, it is a great consideration.

Quality at home machine.

Designed to last.

Consumer Magazine favorite.

Heavy duty steel and rust resistant.

Designed for full body workouts.


Only an upper body machine.

Does not support leg exercises.

7. XMark Functional Trainer

7. XMark Functional Trainer
If you are seeking an at home body trainer that is particular to cables, this is the machine for you. The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is excellent at home body workout machine that is intended for quality use and offers individuals a quality experience. We want to discuss two expert features individuals will benefit from.
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Versatile Machine

This particular is a highly versatile machine that is intended for quality use. Individuals can expect the machine to be easy to use whether you want a light workout or a heavy workout. To add to this, the overall machine is easy to install. However, once installed it is not as easy to move as other machines in the industry.

Muscle Targeting

This machine allows individuals to receive muscle targeting strategic features. An individual can easily target muscle structures and enjoy the benefits of a variety of options for muscle targeting such as pull up bars or split grip pull-ups. Individuals can target biceps, triceps and much more.

Cost and Value

As far as the value and the cost, this product is priced like a commercial grade gym. Although it is intended for upper body strength and exercises, it has a lot of value. Just keep in mind, you may not be able to do much as far as leg exercises with this product. Overall, it is a great machine with plenty of positive reviews if you are seeking an expert workout machine.

Quality commercial grade machine.

Larger weight stacks.

Plenty of variety upper body exercises.

Quality machine.

Easy to assemble and use.


Moving the pully carriages up and down is not smooth.

8. BodyCraft Galena Pro

8. BodyCraft Galena Pro
As the next compact home gym, this product allows for an individual to receive a full body experience without ever stepping foot outside of his or her home. If you want a quality machine with a dual-function design that allows for leg workouts and arm workouts, this is it. There are numerous reasons to make the BodyCraft Galena Pro your next home gym and here are two of them.
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Plenty of Resistance

This machine allows individuals to receive plenty of resistance when using it. The machine itself allows for up to 300 pounds of resistance with foot plate adjustments that fit any user. With that, the machine allows for leg adjustments and seat adjustments, so an individual can work out comfortably.

Comfortable Design

As we said above, the seats are fully adjustable. However, one of the best benefits is that it also is designed for a high-density foam that contours for lumbar support. To add to this, individuals will benefit from the quality design that allows for years of use and durability. With the ability to workout every major muscle group, an individual can rest assured the machine will last for years to come.

Cost and Value

To add to the value of this machine, individuals can expect that this product is designed for expert use. To add to this, the overall design is a quality machine that is efficient, easy to use, and easy to set up. Although it allows for more use than other machines, it is very pricey and individuals can expect to pay a commercial grade price for this expert product.

Efficient machine and easy to use.

Compact home gym design.

Leg extension design.

Low pulley station.

150 lb. weight stack included.

Maximum comfort design.

Foot and arm adjustments.



9. XtremepowerUS Multifunctional

9. XtremepowerUS Multifunctional
This next at home machine may be one of the simplest weights lifting machines that an individual can buy. The set-up is simple, the design is high quality, and it allows for individuals to work out areas of their arm that they need. Here are two features of the Xtremepower US Multifunctional Home Gym and what individuals can expect from this expert machine.
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The Design

The design of this product is for arm exercise. Therefore, individuals can easily do pull-up exercises, pullovers and even have a couple of leg workouts as well. With that in mind, individuals will benefit from the easy set-up design that allows for multi-use and even easy arrangement of the machine. With a simple station design, it allows for effective workouts.

Quality Durability

This machine is made to be very durable, with an anti-rust design and a steel construction that ensures it will withstand the test of time. The seat and back padding are intended to be comfortable, while also providing the level of durability that an individual need. Overall, it is a supportive machine that allows for an individual to receive a quality at home work-out.

Cost and Value

As far as the design of the value of this machine, the value is found in the fact that it is easy to set up and easy to use. With that in mind, the price is very budget friendly and nowhere as costly as other machines in the industry. If you are considering a quality machine for your at home workouts, this is it. It does only have a 100lbs weigh maximum, but it is perfect for beginners.

Quality at home gym.

Simple design.

Easy for arm workouts.

Provides leg workouts.

Features bicep pad.


Minimal reviews online.

100lbs weigh maximum.

10. PRx Performance Rack Pro

10. PRx Performance Rack Pro
This last at-home gym is a very simple rack machine that is designed for full body workouts. However, it is designed for an individual to use their body as the weights. With that in mind, it is a quality machine that is heavy duty and allows for a full body workout with plenty of arm exercises. Here are two features of this expert machine.
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Quality Bar

This machine is designed as a full-body bar machine. The overall design allows for muscle-ups and toes-to-bar exercises so individuals can comfortably and easily be able to work on their arms and upper body. To add to this, the overall design of this machine is a quality machine that allows individuals to comfortably work out in their own space at home.

Popular Product

This machine is a very popular machine. The reason being is that it was made popular because of Shark Tank. With that in mind, this product has close to five stars and positive reviews from many individuals. One of the cool aspects is that it actually comes in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Cost and Value

As far as the cost and value for this machine, individuals can expect this particular product to be of the best value and bang for your buck deal. To add to this, the machine itself is a quality product intended for upper body strength training workouts. We recommend this machine if you want a quality at-home system.

Easily transforms your room into a gym.

As seen on Shark Tank.

Muscle ups and toes-to-bar design.

Different sizes to choose from.

Different colors to choose from.


Few reviews online

Costly for only being a bar.

As far as at-home gyms, our intention was to share products that were designed from the best materials and for quality use. With that, we want to move forward and discuss criteria we utilized in choosing these top 10 fitness machines. Now, it is important to first ask yourself what you are looking for. There are at-home fitness machines for all levels, from beginners to professionals. Therefore, it is important to recognize and understand which one is the best one for you and for your specific needs, such as arms, legs, or all of the above. We will cover this and a bit more in the coming section.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best At-Home Gyms

Safety Measures

Our first measure of concern when picking out the best product was taking into consideration that each product was designed with top of the line safety features. With that, we can confidently say that all of the products we shared are of the best quality and designed for the best possible value. Many of the items that we shared with our audience are actually designed to be really safe to use, and most importantly safe to assembly.

Now, different concerns when it comes to safety was ensuring that all parts were durable and designed to last. The last thing we want is a heavy cord holding a 100-pound weight to crack and break or snap. So,  we ensured that each product was made with durable features, demonstrating masterful craftsmanship and quality.

As part of safety features, one aspect we wanted to consider was the warranty. Each machine does come with a warranty. However, the most common warranty happens to be a limited parts warranty, or a frame warranty. So, it is important to look into all of these fine details.

The Set-Up Process

It goes without saying that all of the machines that we have shared will come in thousands of little pieces. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge that many of the brands and products we have shared will have instructions, as far as the set-up process. One concern of ours was to ensure that all of the pieces came in-tact and that the set-up process would be simple.

Most individuals have touted these brands as having clear and quality instructions. With that in mind, it is important to recognize that many of the products that we have shared will come in different pieces and may come in different boxes as well. Golfers can anticipate and should expect to take their time when constructing their at-home fitness machines. This helps to ensure that everything is constructed properly and that you have all the needed tools and pieces.

The Material Quality

It is important to recognize that depending on the fitness machine you are selecting, they will be made of different materials. However, our concern was the durability of the material. Therefore, it is important to note that the most common materials are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and rubber or foam. Now, rubber or foam is the most common material when it comes to the cushioning of different areas of the machine such as the seat or the grip of handlebars.

With that, we wanted to evaluate the durability of all factors of the materials and pieces such as the weights, the cords, the handlebars, the seat, and even the screws. It is important to recognize that most brands use steel or aluminum, which can be heavy. However, at times many of their products are actually coated with a film that allows for anti-rust against water damage or humidity. As far as material quality, it is important to look at the reviews of what individuals say is the best machine for durability and long-lasting purpose.


As another factor that we wanted to share, the variety was important to us because we wanted to make sure that we shared different workout machines. With this, individuals will discover that there are three workouts machines in the industry, we wanted to cover these three and share our insight on what we know about them.

  • Upper Body

As far as at-home fitness machines, there are upper body machines. Most of these are really easy to set up, come with a bench, weights, pull-up bar, etc. However, they only have limited exercise abilities to the top half of your body. With that in mind, they are also priced very affordable and individuals can pick between machines that are simple and only have a couple of weights to machines that are designed for multiple upper-body workouts.

  • Lower Body

The second machines that are the most common are lower body workout machines. These lower body workout machines are intended for individuals that want to work out their legs or abs. These fitness machines are intended to be easy to set up and allow the individual a separated but intentional experience for the bottom half of the body.

  • Full-Body

There are also machines for a full-body experience. However, these are widely known as the most costly at-home gyms and they happen to be most commonly known as commercial service at-home gyms. With that in mind, these are designed for individuals that want to get really buff or want a full-service experience when walking into their guest room or garage.

With all of this in mind, we want to cover a couple of other different aspects to keep in mind when selecting a quality at-home gym.

  • Budget

Make sure you budget which one is the right one for you. However, sometimes when an individual wants a lower body workout fitness machine, it is a better option to buy a home-cycling system or for the upper body a rowing machine.

  • Space

It is also important to keep in mind how much space you have. If you do not have a lot of space, make sure you measure your fitness machine to ensure that it fits.

  • Ask For Help

If you are buying a full at-home gym machine, you may need some extra hands to set it all up. Therefore, keep in mind that you may need some help when setting up your at-home gym. With that in mind, professional installation is available at a fee if you choose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the machine weigh?

A: This all depends on the particular machine that you purchase. However, most of them can weigh a couple of hundred pounds. However, most of them come in individual packages and separate boxes so it is easy to carry them into the room you are going to be placing it in.

Q: How do I clean the machine?

A: If you want to clean the machines well, a simple damp rag will do. However, there are fitness machine cleaners that you can purchase for a particular machine.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: This all depends on the brand. Most commonly there is a warranty for two years or more.

Q: Is the warranty an extra cost?

A: No. The warranty comes with the price of the machine that you select. However, you can purchase an added warranty if you wish.