Best Adidas Golf Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Quality

When you think of the brand Adidas, what do you think of? We think of quality craftsmanship, well-designed, and versatile shoes, alongside expert design elements and of course, the signature Adidas three stripe design. With that in mind, we went on our a search to share with our audience the top ten best Adidas golf shoes that golfers, such as your self can buy today. The truth is, we know what it’s like and the effects of a poorly-designed golf shoe. With this brand, you know that any putt or drive will be successful. So, if you are a fan of Adidas and you want to get a glimpse into the many different shoes that they offer, stay tuned.

Featured Recommendations

Tech Response 4.0WDimg
  • Tech Response 4.0WD
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cleats
  • Price: See Here
Tour 360 Boost
  • Tour 360 Boost
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather Upper
  • Price: See Here
Powerband BOA Boostimg
  • Powerband BOA Boost
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Climaproof Leather
  • Price: See Here

Before we begin, we want to say that to develop this quality list we went about extensive research to ensure that we only shared the top ten best quality items. You can’t possibly participate in a game of golf with uncomfortable or unfashionable shoes, can you? Part of this process was narrowed down by coming up with a set of guidelines to follow. This set of guidelines became our Criteria, which individuals can review later in the article. In the search for the best shoes we sought to highlight different styles, colors, and designs and with that, we feature two elements of the particular product as highlights of why they should be taken into consideration. With that said, let’s start with shoe number one!


10 Best Adidas Golf Shoes


1. Tech Response 4.0WD

1. Tech Response 4.0WD
As the first shoe from this brand, we are eager to talk about the Adidas Men’s tech response 4.0WD Golf Cleated shoe. This item happens to be designed for quality and ensured to offer some of the best support while out on the course. With plenty of benefits, it is a shame we can only cover two. Here are the best two features of this product.
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Cleated Bottom

Part of what makes this particular product one of the best is the fact that it comes with a cleated bottom. It goes without saying that cleated shoes are detrimental for anyone in the sportswear industry that has to play in the grass. With that, these particular shoes are for golfers and ensure a traction bottom design where an individual can feel the trust between the grass and the shoe.

Textile and Synthetic

Although this product is made from a synthetic and textile material, it is designed for quality. Individuals, with this shoe, are guaranteed a great experience when they wear the product and are ensured to be comfortable all day long. With that, the textile top is designed with a mesh fabric so the individual receives a level of enhanced durability.

Cost and Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this item, we can say that this is one of the best-designed shoes in the industry for the price. Not only is it a quality item by a trusted brand, it is appealing and offers plenty of support. This particular footwear is actually more sporty than most and boasts the trademark three strip design that this brand is known for. Choose between five different color choices and enjoy a day of relaxing on the course.

Well designed with cleated bottom.

Three stripe design.

Heel and back foot support.

Easy slip on design.

Easy to clean.



Narrow fit.

2. Tour 360 Boost

2. Tour 360 Boost
This particular item is designed from expert leading materials and it is in fact, one of the most modern shoes this brand offers. We want to share two quality features from the Adidas Golf Men’s Tour 360 Boost Spiked Shoe.
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Plenty of Modern Choices

So, this particular item can be said that it looks like nothing an individual has seen before from this brand. They are distinctively more modern than any other product they’ve designed and with that, they are for a select audience. They resemble basketball shoes that you would expect from brands such as Nike, but they are designed with a cleated bottom design for traction on the course. With that in mind, there are plenty of different color choices to choose from, all with the trademark three stripe design.

Leather Upper

Part of what makes this product one of the most unique that we have shared is that it actually comes with a leather upper. Yes, this particular item is designed with a leather upper material that is rather stiff and offers a beautiful look. However, due to the leather, it minimizes the amount of breathability and airflow that reaches the interior part of the footwear.

Cost and Value

Considering that this is one of their most modern designs, it also happens to be on of their most expensive. This particular shoe can run for hundreds of dollars, but it is for a clear reason, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs in the industry. With that in mind, this product is well constructed for quality and ensured to offer plenty of benefits.

Aesthetically pleasing design that is well constructed.

Created for quality appearance.

Three stripe design.

Plenty of color choices.

Quality upper material.

Cleated bottom for traction.


Not flexible.

Not breathable.

3. Pure 360 Gripmore

3. Pure 360 Gripmore
This next particular golf shoe has a modern design alongside a simple and cool bottom look with comforts of an ultralight shoe. With four color choices, let’s talk about two pleasing aesthetic design elements of the Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Gripmore Sport Golf Shoe. Here are two features of this product.
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What is 360-Wrap Stability? It is a specially formulated design by this brand that ensures the most traction and comfort all around the product. With that, this item is spikeless but still offers plenty of traction for on the course playing. Part of the 360-wrap design is to make it as lightweight as possible, so individuals are guaranteed to have a lightweight quality experience when it comes to this item.

ClimaProof Weather Protection

As part of the overall quality of this product, individuals are guaranteed a great experience when it comes to daily comfort. This brand has mastered this product to have a weather protective exterior while also being quite breathable. The ClimaProof Weather Protection ensures coverage against rain, dust, and cold weather, while in the hot weather, keeping the feet cool and the interior of the product breathable.

Cost and Value

So, what is the price of this item? We can say that it is well below the last shoe on the list. With that, it is made from a fabric material, rubber sole, and features a couple of quality and durable features that make it a great experience shoe for any golfer. If you want quality and a simple style, this is the shoe to get. For the price, we can see why it has close to five stars from many consumers.

Quality design.

Fabric material is easy to clean.

Lightweight cushioned bottom design.

ClimeProof is weather resistant.

Spikeless design.

Four color choices.


Can be difficult to break in.

4. Adipower Boost

4. Adipower Boost
This next item from this brand is part of their ‘Adipower Boost’ collection, which happens to be a lateral support shoe with additional comfort benefits for individuals that suffer from foot pain. We want to talk about the Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost Golf Shoe and why it is a quality shoe if you are a golfer and want better grip and daily support.
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The Midsole

It goes without saying that one of the most important aspects of a shoe is the insole and the midsole. With that, we believe that this happens to be one of the best construction qualities of this item because it has an EVA midsole with a boost foam that ensures better support and functionality. With that, every step gives the individuals an added jolt of cushion and energy which is shock absorbent for better daily walking and going about the day.

Fully Waterproof

This particular brand has touted that this item is actually waterproof. With that said, we can confirm this fact by saying that it is highly weather and waterproof and extremely durable. Now, what is even better is that the brand has added a two-year waterproof weather warranty in the case that the product gets damaged in the two years of an individual having the product.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we can say that this is one of the best-designed products in the industry for the price. Not only is it weatherproof, it has a cushioned midsole, a traction bottom, and strategically placed outsole for comfort and shock, and it is highly durable. With that, the price is well worth the quality of the item.

Different color choices available.

Molded EVA tongue to make it easy to wear.

Stability and support control design.

Strategically placed traction design.

Cushioned for shock absorbency.


The heel can wear and tear easily.

Cannot be worn with thick socks.

5. Pure TRX

5. Pure TRX
If you happen to be a fan of the all black stealthy design, this is the footwear for you. Let’s talk about the Adidas Men’s Pure TRX Golf Shoe and why individuals highly tout this product for its overall quality and benefits. Here are two features of this particular item that individuals can expect.
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Low-Profile Cleats

Unlike certain items from this brand, this one is not designed for sporty comfort per say, it is more for stealthy appearance and quality design benefits. With that, this item boasts a low profile design that is simple and appealing alongside a simple cleat configuration so individuals can wear it on the golf course all day long.

CloudFoam Insert

Although there are no real specific and definitive qualities of this item, it does boast the brands traditional CloudFoam Insert. This insole is a specifically designed insole to offer better cushioning and comfort all day long when wearing the product. With that, it is a simple design and comfortable for golfers that want an appealing shoe design.

Cost and Value

As we discuss cost and value for this product, we can say that it is well worth the price if you are looking for more of an aesthetic and appealing shoe then primary comforts. With that, it is comfortable to wear for a couple of hours but not to go jogging all day. With four different color choices, many individuals enjoy the overall design of this item.

Rubber outsole design that is durable.

Three stripe designs.

Stealthy and simple looking.

Low profile cleats.

Traction bottom and lightweight design.

Cushioned interior.


Not comfortable for all day running or walking.


Hard to break into.

6. Powerband BOA Boost

6. Powerband BOA Boost
Now that we have passed the halfway point of this list, we want to share another quality product that is designed much different than most. This shoe is stealthy, modern, clean cut and one of the coolest designs of a shoe we have seen. Let’s talk about the Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe and what individuals can expect from this particular product today.
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Climaproof Leather

So, if you are new to this brand, then we first want to say that their level of innovation is unprecedented. Leather is known as one of the most durable, yet heavy materials in the industry. However, they have designed this product with the brand’s signature ClimaProof technology and quality microfiber leather which offers excellent durability and lightweight comfort. With that, it not only makes it an item that is highly durable, it is touted for its level of quality and expertise.

Boost Midsole

Part of what makes this item one of the best is the boost midsole design. What is boost? Boost is this brands way of including a cushioned and shock-absorbent midsole that gives energy return and extra comfort when walking, making it a high-quality shoe for anyone in the industry that wants a great design.

Cost and Value

As we talk about cost and value, we can say that this item is well designed and expertly crafted with quality materials and aesthetically pleasing elements. Alongside this, this item happens to come in a variety of color choices making them a great choice for anyone looking for quality and style. Overall, we highly recommend this product to any individual looking for quality appearance and daily comfort.

Quality shoe design.


Different than most.

Shock absorbent midsole technology.

Many colors to choose from.

Energy return midsole.


Hard to break into.

Particular style, not for everyone.

7. Powerband 4.0

7. Powerband 4.0
This particular golf shoe may be one of the coolest designs alongside trendiest sporty aesthetics. Let’s talk about the Adidas Men’s Powerband 4.0 Golf Shoe and what individuals can expect from this particular product today. Here are two unique features.
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This particular product is quite different compared to most because it boasts the brand’s signature FitFoam technology, which we don’t see often due to the CloudFoam takeover. With that said, the FitFoam technology is a well-designed insole that ensures a better and more comfortable feeling when wearing the shoe. With that said, the level of expert quality and support from this product ensures better back support and daily walking support.

2-Year Waterproof Warranty

This brand’s dedication to quality is ensured by a 2-year waterproof warranty. Yes, this item is waterproof, making it a quality shoe for individuals that want to golf all year round, even during rainy weather. With that in mind, we can say that the warranty ensures rain and wear and tear.

Cost and Value

For the overall value of this item, we were pleasantly shocked by the price tag, which is rather budget friendly. With that, it only comes in one color choice and specific sizes. So, if you can get it in your size, we highly recommend it. With quality materials and better comfort, we highly suggest this shoe when it comes to quality design and benefits.

Leather and synthetic material composition is durable.

Weather proof and waterproof.

Manmade sole that is cushioned.

Leather upper.

Quality construction.

Traction bottom.

Sporty design.


Only one color choice.

Fits narrow.

8. Adipower S Boost 3 Onix

8. Adipower S Boost 3 Onix
This next item happens to be specifically formulated for the golf course. If you want a quality golf shoe that is expertly crafted with style and quality, this is the one for you. Let’s talk about what makes the Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe a quality shoe to consider. Here are two unique points of this item.
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ClimaProof Stretch and Mesh

Part of the material composition of this item is a blend of stretch microfiber leather alongside a mesh top that ensures better breathability and daily comfort. Alongside this, the overall durability of this item is superb. It is lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, and offers a wealth of benefits when it comes to support and comfort.

Welded Energy Sling

So, we are pretty much sure that you have never heard of welded energy sling because neither did we until we started to research this shoe. Essentially, it has a directly designed technology that ensures that there is perfect energy transfer from heel to toe while preventing any power leaks or lack of shock absorbency. With that, this is high-quality comfort.

Cost and Value

So, what can you expect when it comes to this particular item? You can expect a world of quality materials that are ensured for longevity and comfort. Alongside this, this brand is highly touted and trusted among sportswear individuals. If you want a quality constructed item designed to withstand the test of time. This is the shoe for you.

Different color choices to choose from.

Well designed and comfortable.

Molded EVA tongue to deliver a comfortable fit.

Fits well.

Mesh top for more breathability.

Secondary lugs for proven grip.

Climaproof stretch for better lightweight purpose.


Run smalls.

Spikes can wear and tear easily.

9. Adipure TP 2.0

9. Adipure TP 2.0
This next product happens to be one of the best in the industry when it comes to quality and style. Although it is quite modern and simple, the Adidas Men’s Adipure TP 2.0 Golf Shoe is perfect for the golfer that wants quality and style in one simple shoe design. Here are two features to consider.
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Leather ThinSOF Upper

Phew, we feel that with every shoe we just keep sharing new levels of information. This particular item is actually made with Leather ThinSOF technology, which is a specially formulated and highly durable shoe material that ensures better durability and overall quality. Alongside this, it is very elegant and offers the foot enhanced protection.

Revolutionary Pure Motion Midsole

Part of the quality construction of this item is that it comes with a revolutionary midsole design known as “Pure Motion.” This design ensures more comfort and overall durability when it comes to wearing this product all day long. Alongside this, the midsole is shock absorbent to deliver a better quality energy return when walking for long periods at a time.

Cost and Value

So, what can one expect to pay for such a unique design and revolutionary material? Well, we will say that this happens to be the second most expensive shoe on this list. With that alone, the design is not for everyone, but it is well designed for daily comfort and traction. Overall, this is one quality an unique shoe that is made for the golfer in all of us.

Quality leather construction.

Glass Fiber Torsion System design is durable.

Carbon fiber finish for better traction control.

Pure motion midsole for more comfort.

Beautiful and modern design.

No bad reviews.

Five star only reviews.


Expensive shoe.

Only two-color choices.

10. Crossknit 2.0

10. Crossknit 2.0
This next golf shoe may look like something you would wear in the Star Trek Enterprise, but the modern design paves the way for one of the most comfortable shoes in the industry. The Adidas Men’s Crossknit 2.0 Golf Shoe is a well-designed item intended for daily comfort and golfing. With that, here are two features of the last shoe on our list.
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Elastic Closure Design

So, the first thing to notice about this item is that it does not have laces. With that said, individuals can expect that the overall design of this item is well made. Part of the quality design is that it has an elastic closure design band that is enhanced for convenience and overall style.

Pure Motion Outsole

This brand has brought the Pure Motion design into the overall scheme of this product. With pure motion, individuals are guaranteed a level of quality craftsmanship that is unparalleled to most brands. The pure motion outsole ensures better traction on the course, a more balanced step, energy return, and better grip. Alongside this, it is also one of the most comfortable aspects of this shoe.

Cost and Value

As we talk about cost and value, we believe that this happens to be one of the best items if you want comfort and a unique style. Yes, the design is highly different than most, but you cannot beat that it is one well-constructed product. Overall, we can see why individuals give this product 4+ stars. It is comfortable, stylish, and very cool looking.

Quality shoe with shock absorbency.

Comfortable from day one.

Cool colors to choose from.

Cool design.

Traction bottom.

Comfortable midsole.


May run small.

Now that you have reviewed our top ten Adidas shoes, you want to collect them all don’t you? If you take into consideration the many different design elements of each product, individuals will notice that each item actually has universal qualities that make them all very much alike. Whether the brand has designed the shoe with FitFoam technology or CloudFoam technology, they are still highly comfortable for an all-day wearable experience. With that in mind, we can say that all of the products we have shared are durable and are designed for excellent comfort.

To move forward, we want to talk about the criteria to evaluate the top ten best Adidas shoes so individuals can get to know a bit of our process when it comes to this brand and their quality products. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Adidas Shoes

As the criteria to evaluate the best Adidas shoes, we found that this brand uses universal craftmanship qualities when it comes to each product. Now, why do we develop a set of guidelines before conducting our research? This is our method of ensuring that we are sharing the top quality products in this category. Since Adidas has a long track record of products, we wanted to ensure we were getting the best of the best.

What is Adidas known for? This may be a fun fact, but Adidas happens to be the largest sportswear supplier in Europe and their quality products transcend countries and have been widely recognized by industry professionals. With that, we can say that all of the items we have shared are expertly crafted for quality and selected with a strict set of guidelines in place. Now, what are our guidelines?

Our guidelines are different characteristics that we take into consideration when comparing products. Since these shoes are primarily for golf, we wanted to ensure many different criteria that would personalize them as ideally for golfers. With that, we want to begin with criteria number one!

The Quality / Reviews

The first criteria when developing our set of guidelines happen to be the overall quality and reviews of the product. Before we look at the details of the individual item, our primary concern is to ensure that the item is of the best quality and has positive reviews. With that in mind, we can say that all of the products we have shared pass the four-star and uprating test and have been reviewed by industry leaders as well as consumers who are passionate about the brand, but more passionate about daily foot comfort.

With that in mind, the overall quality of the product is primarily defined by how well the item is constructed alongside how comfortable it is, which are both different aspects that we made into guidelines to look into. With that, let’s move to another quality guideline that is crucial for the overall success of the product.

The Construction Quality / Durability

As one of the key criteria that we consider, we found that the construction quality of an item is crucial to the overall success of the product. With that, we discovered that this brand focuses on specific material qualities to ensure the best quality construction. When it comes to all of the shoes we have shared that made it onto our list, we found that the most common construction materials ranging from fabric to leather. With that, we want to dive into a bit of the benefit of both.

Synthetic Textile – This material composition is a blend of many different materials and tends to be a bit more comfortable for the purpose of breathability and lightweight design. With that, a textile material an also be designed to be less stiff and more durable than most.

Leather – This specific material composition is actually one of the most common for this brand. With that, they design their products from two forms of leather, synthetic and one leather called ClimaProof, which is known as a highly durable leather.

With this in mind, these two materials compositions are of the best quality. When it comes to the construction quality, another important aspect that this brand takes into consideration is the overall outsole and upper of the product, which we noticed was of the highest grade of durability. Overall, all of the particular shoes that we have shared are expertly designed with many different benefits. We can say that they are all expertly crafted for quality and are ensured to withstand the test of time.

Unique Quality Features

As the third and primary criteria that we took into consideration when it comes to the evaluating our top ten Adidas shoes, we found that this brand focuses much of their material quality on unique features. With that, this quickly became one of the most important factors to consider because we wanted to ensure that we shared both the most comfortable shoes, alongside the best-designed shoes for golfers. So, two of the most unique features are:

Foam Insoles – This brand touts their FitFoam technology or their CloudFoam technology, which are both two extremely supportive and beneficial insoles that are designed for shock absorption, energy return, and other different factors. With that, this level of expert quality ensures that the product is well designed and will be comfortable all day long.

Waterproof – Another unique quality element that many of the shoes above have is that the brand touts them to be waterproof. With that, this manufacturer even includes a two-year waterproof warranty for individuals that buy their products. Part of this quality is due to the construction quality of the product alongside the overall material composition.

Now that we have talked about three different criteria that we took into consideration to picking out our top ten best Adidas shoes, we want to move forward and answer a couple of the most common questions that individuals are asking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the shoe waterproof or water-resistant?

A: This brand actually touts many of their products as being waterproof or water resistant. With that in mind, they even have included a two-year warranty with the purchase of any item to ensure the consumer that they are water resistant. What we can say is that each product boasts water-resistant features, making it ideal for a day on the golf course.

Q: What is the outsole bottom?

A: So, since these are golf shoes, it is important to note that the outsole bottom of the shoes has a cleated bottom design to ensure maximum traction when on the golf course. With that said, we can say that all of the shoes we have shared are expertly designed for quality traction and grip and each one, individually, boasts a different level of quality grip and traction.

Q: Is the shoe breathable?

A: As the next question that individuals are asking, we can say that most shoes on this list are breathable, while some are not. It is important to note that the items on this list that are not breathable tend to get really hot. Therefore, individuals should be aware that the most common leather items are not as breathable as synthetic material shoes.

Q: Is the insole removable?

A: As the last most common question that individuals are asking, we can say that the insole of some of the shoes we have shared are removable. However, it is important to note and keep in mind that this rule will vary depending on the shoe type. With that, we highly recommend taking not a consideration of the particular design of each shoe an insole if you want a particular interior comfort benefit.

Q: Is the shoe machine washable?

A: As the last most commonly asked question, we do not recommend placing any of these shoes in the wash because they may get ruined. With that, leather shoes are not recommended by any means to be placed inside the wash.


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