Best Adidas Duffel Bags Reviewed & Rated for Quality

If you are a golfer, you know how many pieces of equipment and gear you have to take with you to the course. With that, a golf stand bag is not enough. Sometimes you also need to bring a duffel bag with you. Whether you want to carry golf equipment, gear, clothes, or other items, this type of product can save the say, especially when you need to travel with it.

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Team Speedimg
  • Team Speed
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Polyester
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Team Issue
  • Team Issue
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Squad IIIimg
  • Squad III
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Roomy & Comfortable
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With that said, we want to share with our audience a brand that excels in the sportswear industry. Adidas has long been known for producing a high-quality selection of products. In fact, they are one of the leading manufacturers in the golf industry. Today, we are about to dive into the best from this brand.

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10 Best Adidas Duffel Bags


1. Team Speed

1. Team Speed
Whether you are looking for a quality product for the golf course or a great carry bag for the gym, we want to share with our audience the first product on this list. This bag is built to last, is highly durable, and it is designed from some of the best material qualities in the industry. We want to share with our audience the Adidas Team Speed and two features to consider this excellent quality product.
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100% Polyester

This bag is designed from 100% reinforced quality polyester. Everything from the stitching to the quality of the bag to the durability is designed for excellence and quality. To add to this, this excels as far as design and the polyester only enhances the quality of the product. For instance, the strap is a polyester strap with quality padding, and even the handle is a quality handle with padding.

The Pockets

So, how many pockets does this particular product have? To start, this bag actually has three exterior pockets that are all designed to be durable and allow access to simple items such as the belt, tools, or even your golf balls. Alongside this, the main inner pocket is a reinforced zip pocket that is huge and allows full access to all of the contents of the bag.

Cost and Value

As far as price, individuals can expect the price of this product to be very simple and high quality. More so, the design of this bag is guaranteed to last and it is durable. It has 4.5 stars and thousands of reviews and purchases that only add to the quality resume of this brand. With that in mind, we can say that this product excels as far as design and quality. Consider it one of the highest durable bags on our list.

•Quality reinforced zipper design.

Three exterior pockets.

Two color choices to choose from.

100% polyester.

Reinforced strap with cushion.

Made to last and made to be easy to carry.

Trusted brand and thousands of reviews.


Does not retain it’s shape.

Not as big as other bags.

2. Team Issue

2. Team Issue
As the next item on our list, we want to share a quality product that actually comes in plenty of different color choices to choose from. Whether you want all pink, blue, or quality black and grey, we can say that this product is designed to be durable, excel as far as comfort, and has plenty of space, making it very easy to carry all of your products and gear. With that, we highly recommend this bag for the golf course.
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Lifetime Warranty

This brand has designed this product with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, individuals can easily expect this product to withstand the test of time. To add to this, this item is made from some of the most though materials in the industry. For instance, this product has nylon In the construction, which is a tactical military grade material. To add to this, they have also designed this product with elastane for stretch and comfort and polyester for luxury and comfortable feel.

Performance Technology

This product has performance technology as part of the design. Essentially, this item is made with hydro shield technology, which is a water-resistant exterior that allows individuals to easily be able to take this anywhere. So, if you want to travel to your next PGA tour, but it is a rainy day on the course, we highly recommend taking along this quality and expertly designed product.

Cost and Value

As far as price, benefits, and value, we can say that this item is built to last and excel. More so this product has a large selection of colors and even comes in various sizes. However, the size and color choice will cause the price to fluctuate and it can get pricey if you choose a specific design from this brand. With that in mind, the choices are stylish and limitless. We recommend this if you want military grade tactical durability.

Extremely high quality.

4 outside pockets.

Mesh pocket for gear organization.

Ventilated side pockets for shoes or dirty items.

Comfortable shoulder strap with pad.

Front zippered pockets with key fob.

Inner zippered pockets.

Different color choices and sizes available.

Quality product and trusted brand.


May be a bit costly.

May wear and tear after a couple of years.

3. Squad III

3. Squad III
This next product on our list is an expertly crafted duffel bag that is built to last. We want to share with our audience the Squad III Duffel. If you want a product that is stylish, highly appealing and looks more like a travel bag than a sporty bag, this is it. We can say that this product has a very quality exterior color design with an inner durability that is built to last. To add to this, it comes in various colors and sizes.
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Different Sizes

As we said, this product actually comes in various sizes. Individuals can pick between a more rectangular design or a more boxy style. With that, it allows individuals to have extra long space for shoes or other gear, or buy the one that has the simple to carry design for smaller items. In any case, the polyester material quality is built to last and the overall design of this item is highly functional.

Roomy and Comfortable

Another quality benefit of this product is that it happens to be very roomy and comfortable. For instance, individuals can expect a roomy main compartment that allows for easy carrying alongside zippered exterior small slip pockets and other small stuff. Alongside this, it has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows for easy carrying every time.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, we can say that this product is designed to succeed. With that, the overall design of this bag is very durable and high quality and individuals can expect it to last. With plenty of color choices and two different sizes, individuals will love and appreciate the overall design aesthetics of this product and the many different comfort pockets that it has. For the price, it is worthwhile but it can get a bit pricey once you start select quality and custom color choices.

Quality polyester fabric.

Made in the USA.

Different color choices to choose form.

Luxury color choices.

Made to last.

Highly comfortable and adjustable strap.

Modern design.

Reinforced straps and reinforced zipper pockets.


The bottom is not as durable as other bags.

4. Defender III

4. Defender III
As the next bag on our list, we want to share with our audience the Defender III, which may be one of the most stylish and sporty product on our list. If you want a modern gym/golf bag that is ideal for any day of the week and also can withstand a bit of rain and wind, this it. This product, however, is primarily built for luxury and design. Overall, we can say that this may be one of the highest quality bags in the industry and individuals will find it to be valuable and well designed. Here are two features!
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The Pocket Space

We think of bags like this like buying a hose, the more space the better! With that, we can say that this item is built for individuals that want a roomy design that can last the test of time. This product has plenty of space for individuals that want to carry different and important items. To start, it has an outside pocket that allows individuals to stash the small stuff and it even has two reinforced zipper pockets for carrying other travel gear. We cannot forget the main compartment pocket which is designed for important items such as shoes, golf clothes, and more.

The Strap

This product comes with a reinforced strap. How reinforced is it? Well, it is designed from 3D ripstop fabric which is designed to withstand lots of wear and tear. In fact, this fabric is most common among different tactical industries. Overall, we can say that if you want masterful durability, alongside all-day comfort, this is it. It also has reinforced zippers, compartment areas, and a reinforced bottom.

Cost and Value

With all of this reinforcement, it is safe to say that this is an excellent travel bag for the individual that wants a quality bag that will last for years. With that, it can easily withstand the test of time. What is even better is the fact that this product comes with an extremely large selection of color choices to choose from. For the price, we can say that it is worth it if you want premium quality design benefits alongside reinforced longevity features.

Reinforced product.

Built to last.

Plenty of features.

Quality straps and zippers.

• Many different compartments.

Valuable compartment.

Stylish color choices to choose from.

Padded removable shoulder strap.

Easy carry sizes.


Squeaky design and makes a lot of noise.

Some areas feel like plastic.

5. Studio

5. Studio
As the fifth duffel bag on our list, we are coming to the middle of our list and we want to share with our audience the quality Adidas Studio Duffel Bag and two features to consider of this excellent product. Designed to last, individuals can expect this item to be reinforced and made for quality. However, it looks more like a beach bag or a large purse compared to a duffel bag. With that, here are two features to consider this luxurious product.
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Great Interior

So, this product is touted as having one of the best quality interior designs in the industry. This is partly due to the overall organization of the bag and the way the interior compartments have been designed. However, the organization does not stop in the interior. This product also has an exterior zippered pocket that keeps shoes and dirty gear separate from everything else, allowing individuals an easy and quality experience when carrying around a bunch of gear.

Easy Open

This item also has a very easy open shape that allows individuals to pack quicker and more effective than ever. With that, the easy open shape acts as a purse because it is one long zipper across the design of the bag. However, the shape is of the best value and allows for better organization. It also has reinforced zippered and water-wicking exterior material.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, we can say that this product excels as far as quality and it is expertly crafted for quality and dynamic design. With that in mind, individuals will find this product to be of the best material composition due to the reinforced design and quality shape. Overall, this product is very effective, and it has 4.5 stars. However, it is nowhere near as roomy as other bags in the industry. For the price, it is costly, but it is modern and luxurious if that is an important factor.

Modern and luxurious duffel bag.

Quality carrying design.

Haul handle for extra-long carrying design.

Exterior zippered pocket.

Great interior organization.

Quality padded pocket.


Not as effective as a regular duffel bag shape.

Not dirt resistant.

6. Santiago

6. Santiago
As the next product on our list, we want to share the high quality and highly durable Santiago bag. This item may be the most traditional duffel bag that we have shared. The reason being is that it is simple, it has a traditional duffel shape, and the brand has designed it with everything that is essential in having a quality bag. With that, we want to talk about the features so individuals can better get to know this authentic and quality product.
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The Material and Design

As we said above, the material and design of this product may be of the best value in this industry. The overall design and product features of this bag make it one of the highest qualities in the industry. To add to this, this item is highly comfortable, and the material is a durable polyester that can moisture-wick a bit of water and rain. Although it is not fully tear proof, it still can hold its end as far as resistance towards the elements and a bit of dirty.

Large Compartments

As we said above, we think that this is as traditional that it is going to get. This product is designed with a highly traditional compartment design. It has a very large compartment and two zippered endcaps that are pockets for easy separation of important items. To add to this, the overall design of this bag ensures masterful quality and design benefits.

Cost and Value

As far as the price and the overall value, individuals will find this item to be of the best value if you are wanting an authentic and genuine duffel bag. On top of that, the design is a quality design that is durable, can withstand the test of time, and is built to last. To add to this, this item comes in five different quality color choices and individuals can expect the overall design to be easy to carry and durable. In fact, the brand even includes a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime warranty.

Extremely high-quality product polyester and nylon fabric.

Built to last.

Adjustable shoulder strap

Five color choices available.

Easy separation.

Priced very well.


Light color choices will get dirty.

Does not hold its shape.

7. Team Wheel

7. Team Wheel
As the next product on our list, this item is not designed for style but it is designed for masterful durability. The Adidas Team Wheel Bag is a quality product that is designed to withstand the test of time and be easy to use. It is a duffel-bag design with the benefits of a luggage carry bag. With that said, if you want a quality product that excels as far as durability, comfort, and design, we want to share this product. Here are two features to consider.
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Has Wheels

This particular duffel bag actually has wheels on the bottom. The design of this bag has quality wheels on the bottom, so individuals can easily haul their important golf items without having to carry the bag. Now, it does have a strap for easy to carry and reinforced areas that ensure the product will be able to withstand a bit of wear and tear wherever you take it. With that, the wheels are reinforced, and the design is a very smooth roll-bag.

The Material Design

The material of this particular product is a high-quality material that is durable and very effective as far as value and design. The polyester is reinforced, built to last, and made to have tactical grade resistance. With this, individuals can expect the compression straps, the compartments, and even the zippered to be reinforced with the best value design so it is easy to carry. Individuals can easily carry whatever their need or desire with this product.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, this item is very pricey because essentially it is designed to be like a travel bag or carry bag. Although it does have duffel qualities, the fact that an individual has the convenience of rolling it allows for the product to act more like a piece of luggage. With that, golfers will enjoy being able to use this expert quality product in the easiest way possible. It does only come in one color choice.

Quality travel luggage duffel bag.

Designed to last.

Compression straps for comfort.

Zippered compartment.

Made in the USA

Polyester material.

Quality wheel design.


Only one-color choice.

Costly design.

8. Amplifier

8. Amplifier
As the eight products on our list, let’s talk about a stylish product that actually looks really stealthy. This particular bag is designed to last, very high quality, and built from modern materials that ensure the best material composition and benefits. This is the Amplifier from Adidas and it happens to offer some of the most convenient features that golfers will appreciate and love. Here are two features of this leading product.
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This product is made for comfort, so there are numerous areas that are designed to be padded. For instance, the bottom of the product is padded to cushion the contents inside of the bag and to also hold the shape of the item together. Alongside this, the carry strap and hand strap are also padded so individuals can expect extra comfort when using the bag.


Now we are cooking! We are eager to talk about this particular design benefit of this product. This item comes with Hydroshield, which is this brands unique and effective technology benefit to make this product moisture wicking and water-resistant. With that, the main zippered compartment has a Hydroshield design so any shoes, travel gear, or products that do get wet the bag does not soak in that moisture which can lead to rust or worse, mold and mildew.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value, we can say that this is one of the most effective and quality bags from this brand. Actually, we think this is stylistically one of the most pleasing in the industry as far as design. With that, it is also durable and all around, it happens to be a very high-quality bag. With that, there are only two color choices to choose from, but the design makes it worth it if you want stealthy luxury.

Lifetime warranty.

Removable drawstring bag.

Padded shoulder strap.

Hydroshield coated design.

Zippered mesh interior pocket.


Can be costly for the size.

Somewhat small.

9. Top Training Team

9.  Top Training Team
As the next bag on our list, we want to share the Top Training Team Bag for individuals that want a large bag that is high quality and simple to use. This item is designed from some of the highest quality material designs and individuals can expect it to be reinforced for masterful durability and comfort. Here are two features of this product.
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100% Cotton

This item is actually made from 100% cotton plain weave. With that, we are somewhat shocked because the most common material is normally polyester. With this, the cotton is actually designed with reinforced qualities to ensure that it is weather element-resistant and also wear and tear resistant. The strap, the design, and the overall quality of the bag guarantee a masterful design quality that is very simple and durable.

Protective Bottom Coating

This product has one of the best qualities that one can expect from a duffel bag. This item has a protective bottom coating design that is ensured to last and allow individuals the benefit of wear and tear resistance. With that, the bottom coating allows individuals to place this duffel bag in even the toughest surfaces such as concrete or other floors and surfaces.

Cost and Value

As far as price and value, this item is very large and designed to fit a lot of important items. To add to this, individuals can expect the design to be simple, high quality, and reinforced for durability and quality. Overall, individuals will find this product to be very simple to use and also very effective in carrying important items. For the price, it only comes in one color but the design is well worth it.

Quality top carry handles.

Detachable shoulder strap

Ventilated design.

• Durable coating on the bottom.

Protective reinforcement features.

Very large size.


Somewhat heavy.

Only one-color choice.

10. Scorer Medium

10. Scorer Medium
This next product on our list has the Adidas three stripe design that we have come to know and love. With that, individuals can expect this quality bag to be very modern, aggressive looking, and highly appealing. To add to this, the design is very simple, while also allowing plenty of organizational space and comfort benefits. This is the Scorer bag and we want to share two features of our last product.
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The Strap

This product comes with a very high-quality strap design. The strap of this item is detachable and fully adjustable. To add to this, the strap is a padded shoulder strap for added comfort and designed to last. With that, individuals have the added benefit of being able to easily remove the strap and adjust the way they carry this particular bag.

The Space

This item has quality space saving technology. It has a zippered main compartment that allows easy access. It also has one side pocket with mesh and additional side pockets for valuables. This allows individuals to easily be able to safely keep their items separate from one another. With that, the interior value of the bag allows for easy carrying of many items.

Cost and Value

As far as price and value, this item currently has no reviews. However, considering the history of the brand we can say that this product is valuable in design and individuals can expect it to be durable and high quality. To add to this, it has plenty of pocket space, comfort features, and different areas to safely and easily keep all important content. For the price, it is worth considering if you like the more all back and lime-yellow aggressive look.

Zippered main compartment.

Easy access to content.

Detachable padded shoulder strap.

• One side pocket.

Mesh pocket design.

Perfect for clothes.

Additional side pockets.


Only one color choice.

If you are a fan of this brand and their products, we highly recommend one of these duffel bags. Not only are they made for quality, but they happen to be expertly created for easy use. With that in mind, we can say that having the right product allows individuals to be able to carry their products freely without worry or restriction. Whether you want a simple bag that is easy to carry or a durable bag that is meant to last, this list has them all. But, do you know how to pick the best bag for you?

This is where our specialized criteria come in. We want to share with our audience the criteria used during the evaluation process.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Adidas Duffel Bags

The Material Design

The material design is one of the most important aspects to consider. The reason being is that there is a wide variety of materials in the industry ranging from cotton to polyester and even nylon. With that, the material will create the overall durability of the product and the features. For instance, polyester has moisture wicking features, while nylon happens to be tactical and tear resistant. Therefore, material quality is one of the most important factors to consider.

So, when looking at the material design of a product, consider the following.

  • The material base of the item.
  • The overall structure of the straps.
  • The interior.
  • The zipper.

Features and Benefits

One of these products has many features and benefits to really think about. Therefore, it is important to evaluate these features as far as which are the most important for you. For instance, some are made for easy travel purpose, so they come with padded straps and even wheels like a luggage bag. Some are made to be easy to carry so they are super lightweight and design of a thin material for easy to use. With that, here are common features to consider when selecting a duffel bag.

  • Reinforced stitching and design.
  • Moisture wicking interior.
  • Water-resistant exterior.
  • Mesh pockets for items with odor.
  • A reinforced bottom that is tear resistant.
  • Quality design and straps.
  • Padded straps and design.

Quality / Mobility

As the last criteria that we really want to share, we want to discuss with our audience this criterion which is all about quality and the product. With that, it is important to acknowledge the design of the product and what specific size you want, which will add the most value to you and your needs. With that, there are various sizes. However, it is important to keep in mind that the bigger it is, the harder it may be to use and carry. Overall, the quality is found in the material and stitching. Considering that they are all from the same brand, we can say that this brand excels when it comes to dynamic quality and features.

Overall, we are glad to have shared this criterion with our audience and we want to share a couple of different other aspects to consider when looking for the best duffel bag.

  • Consider the color choice and if it is dirt resistant.
  • Consider the design and the shape.
  • Can it withstand wear and tear?
  • Consider the shape and value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do they come with a warranty?

A: Actually, this brand has a lifetime warranty on many of their products. With that, the warranty may not cover specific damages. Therefore, it is important to always know exactly what you are covered for.

Q: Are the straps reinforced?

A: As one of the leading brands in the sportswear industry, they often create quality products that are built too last and that includes reinforced straps.

Q: Can the bag get wet?

A: Many bags are designed to be moisture wicking and water resistant, it all depends on the material of the product.

Q: Do they have interior pockets?

A: Some bags do as an added space-saving design and compartment for storage. However, most pockets are at the end.