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Modern golf imposes up-to-date equipment and gear, but along with it, it is also crucial for golfers to wear high quality and performance-enhancing footwear and apparel. Golf is a game that requires a great amount of focus and concentration, so it is understandable why the clothes and the shoes you wear are so important for any golfer who is dedicated to improving his/her swings and lowering the scores. Adidas has been the brand of choice of many seasoned, tour, or amateur golfers thanks to its outstanding dedication to perfecting their designs. Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost is one of those Adidas golf shoes that have been favorite among golfers since the moment they were released and there are many reasons which we are going to go through. 

Golf shoes have gone a long way to reach this level of advancement as we see them today and the Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost is the model that boasts ultimate sophistication in terms of design, stability, comfort, and grip. These are the four key features that determine the success of a particular golf shoe model and dictate its market sale. The fact that many tour players have been seen wearing the Tour360 Boost model on multiple tournaments implies that this is the model to be trusted. 

The main feature that seems to be unsurpassed so far is their ability to deliver maximum grip and comfort. If you are an Adidas fan, then you already know that about ten years ago the company introduced their Boost line that featured EVA foam sole which was the game-changer for the company. The same Boost technology is integrated within the design of the Tour360 Boost, with the Boost midsole stretching along the feet offering optimal comfort, and energy return. 

Regarding the grip, almost anyone who has been playing with this model claims that these golf shoes have no competition and offer the best grip that you could possibly hope for in any weather conditions, including extreme wet turf. This is of course far from saying it all, so we’ll cut the intro and proceed with the detailed description of the most important features that this model offers. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Made from premium 100% leather upper

Unique S-shaped heel with perforation for better airflow

Tour360 Saddle design

Boost midsole for enhanced comfort and optimum energy return

Exceptional CenTrexion sole with ten replaceable spikes for ultimate grip

Super comfortable, removable insole anti-moisture lining

Climaproof technology for harsh weather conditions


Expensive model


Any golf shoe designer knows that the look of a particular model is what sells it, so even though the technologies integrated within the models are the key for ultimate performance, it is the looks that we’ll make them irresistible and favorite among buyers. We have already said that this model is very attractive among golfers of all skills and levels, and one of the reasons behind this popularity, it is their versatile design, compact, and slightly robust look.

Unlike many other golf shoe models, these boast an extreme versatility in terms of color selection, totaling 14 different color varieties. The 360Wrap Saddle design that rounds the feet has turned out to be a very functional feet stabilizer. In addition to its practical role, the Saddle integrates the three stripes that lead up to the laces look very stylish and give a special flair to the whole model. Under the saddle, there is a gap between the sole and the upper which allows you to see the laces around your foot and delivers plenty of room for people with wider feet. It is a feature that is characteristic for all Tour360 models, and it has turned out to be very feet-supportive, even though it is the place where most of the debris is gathered, and it can be very hard to clean. This should not be certainly a deal-breaker, particularly when you know its practical purpose.

The Upper Design

The Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost is a premium shoe model that looks and behaves top-notch. The technologies utilized in its making, and the choice of the materials is a guarantee that these shoes will help you feel comfortable on the course, with a particularly unique style and certainty that you’ve marked your presence on the course.

The upper is constructed to attract attention, and it won’t let anyone indifferent. There are six choices of colors, but fourteen different color combinations that range from traditional to contemporary. The whole upper is made from a premium leather material that is soft, very durable and comfortable. The material features Climaproof technology that makes it resistant to weather elements. The pointed design and the robust look make the upper design look sharp while the 360Wrap Saddle positioned on the midsection holds your feet in a 360-degree shape and adds more cushioning. The lower part of the saddle is detached from the sole which allows more flexibility for the specific range of movements when swinging. The 3 stripes are positioned within the 360Wrap Saddle and lead to the laces.

The whole Achile back section features perforations that allow enhanced airflow and enhance the breathability of the model. It has a lip-like design and it is a bit protruded so that it prevents blistering and cushions the heel well. The tongue is on the shorter and a bit on the thinner side with stitching in the middle that allows better positioning of the laces.

Climaproof Technology

Adidas Climaproof technology is found in different types of Adidas apparel and footwear, and its purpose is to protect you from harsh weather conditions. The Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost golf shoes are made with the use of this technology so that they can be worn even when the weather is exceptionally cold, rainy or snowy. It functions towards the optimization of the feet temperature and enables shielding from all the elements the show is in contact with. The protective barrier on the shell prevents water and cold from penetrating inside, but at the same time, it is very breathable and allows moisture from sweating to be drawn outside the shoe and easily evaporate.

Boost Midsole

Boost is the most features Adidas technology, and it has been so effective that it is becoming associated with Adidas as Air is associated with Nike. Shortly said, the Boost midsole is a highly elastic thermoplastic urethane (TPU) that is formed in elliptical-shaped pallets which when they are compressed and put together, deliver ultra-soft, and super springy properties. Some compare it to the Holy Grail of the midsole, as its ultimate function is to return energy and provide cushioning beyond thinkable. This basically means that when you wear these Boost shoes, your energy loss will be drastically reduced, which practically means the same run or walk with less effort.

In addition to being ultra-responsive and comfortable, the Boost midsole looks authentic and it is easy to recognize. The molded pallets are clearly visible and they ensure you that your walk on the course will make a difference when wearing these spiked shoes.

Grip and Traction

In addition to being stylish, attractive, and comfortable, the Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost is officially named the gripes golf shoe model not only made by Adidas but overall. These are an obviously spiked model, offers outstanding stability and balance on any turf condition, even when the weather is far from favorable and dry. The molded “CenTraXion’ sole with the advanced dual-density PureMotion TPU outsole features ten ThinTech cleats that have been the Adidas thing for quite a while. In addition to the exceptionally stable sole which allows full foot rotation and walking on every turf condition, the Torsion Tunnel between the sole and the upper allows independent control and flexibility between the forefoot and the heel.

Designed like this it is no wonder why they are the grippiest golf shoes on the market that offer maximum arch support and stability. Plus, the spikes are replaceable and you can easily upgrade your Tour360 Boost golf shoes once you feel that the spikes have lost their initial function.


The insole is equally important as the rest of the shoe sections, and often golfers pay close attention to the insole design and its ability to enhance the responsive feel and comfort while walking on the course. The insole comes in a striking red color and it is impressively smooth and soft and easily reduces friction that becomes an issue after several hours of intensive walking. The ECT lining and the waterproof outer work together to keep your feet dry even if you start sweating or when the weather is rainy and wet. The insole is removable which allows you to clean it better or to replace it when there’s a need for that.

Size and Fit

Getting the right size is a guarantee that your enjoyment in the game will be optimized and you’ll reap the benefits of all the technologies integrated into the Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost. Most of the reviewers claim that they fit as expected and even though Adidas models run a bit narrow, the wide option yields enough width for any foot size. Talking about sizes, there is a wide range that starts from size 7 to size 15 with half a size difference between them, including the wide option.

Cost and Value

The Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost is a premium shoe model that features literary everything that golfers need to have improved performance in various and challenging turf conditions. The selection of materials such as the premium quality leather upper, the Boost midsole, and TPU sole with the exceptional traction system together with the ten cleats offer stability and grip that you can’t beat. All of them hugely impact the price tag. This means the price is on the higher-end, but for the performance you get and the durability they boast, you get an excellent value for the money.

Key Features

While going through the design of the Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost, it is more than understandable why golfers choose this model as the one they can rely on in any weather conditions. Thanks to the premium leather upper, and the special shell treatment, you can wear them in the harshest weather conditions.

The exceptional robust upper with the Tour360 Saddle design that wraps the foot around, ensuring that the stability will never be an issue. For optimal comfort and maximum playability, the midsole features the company’s proprietary Boost midsole which is made from super responsive TPU foam which is the game changer when it comes to Adidas midsoles. It is advertised as energy return midsole which actually means that for less energy you have extra bounce and effect and this is what golfers love the most.

The grip is the real star of this model as it is super praised by everyone who has worn them. The CenTrexion sole with ten replaceable spikes is a guarantee that you will have exceptional stability and balance even in the most slippery turf conditions without any risks from sliding.

Key Features

  • Premium 100% leather upper

  • Unique S-shaped heel with perforation for better airflow

  • Tour360 Saddle design with integrated three stripes with the laces

  • Boost midsole for enhanced comfort and optimum energy return

  • Exceptional CenTrexion sole with ten replaceable spikes for ultimate grip

  • Super comfortable, removable insole anti-moisture lining

  • Climaproof technology for harsh weather conditions

Bottom Line

For a few years, golfers have been selecting the Adidas Golf Tour360 Boost as the most reliable golf shoe model which provides an unbeatable grip for exceptional stability and balance. The high-end design, multiple technologies, and premium materials that are used in their production are a guarantee that golfers will enjoy a superior performance on the course. This model is highly recommended, and even though highly-priced, it is an excellent value for the money.