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If you just compare modern golf shoes with the ones that were popular even about a decade ago, you are likely to notice huge differences in the way they are designed in all their sections. Even the comparison among Adidas golf shoes will have the same effect since the company is among those sports brands that have been dictating and reshaping the designs of golf shoes. All these design changes work towards providing golfers with better performance features in addition to adding style in the way they present themselves on the course. Design-wise, the Adidas Powerband Boa Boost is the model that has taken a completely new turn and it clearly looks much more different compared to many other Adidas golf models

The Powerband franchise has been rolling since 2007, and for the tenth anniversary, they released a strikingly different Powerband design and introduced the BOA closure with it. The BOA closure had already been introduced in other brands, and depending on the contract with BOA, the position of the dial-up is determined. Here, we see it positioned on the top which for many golfers is the right place to be. 

 The main principle that the Powerband is based on is still valid, so this model is intended to deliver maximized comfort and performance. You need to get to the 18th hole at least once to understand the importance and the need for comfortable shoes. However, golfers nowadays look for a blend of comfort, style, and grip, particularly younger golfers who sometimes feel that they need to break through the traditional style and have their own mark. 

We’re not saying that the Adidas Powerband Boa Boost is particularly youth intended model, as we have seen many tour players treading the course with it, but it is most certainly unconventional and it has parted with the traditional strings. It is a new generation branding model, popular among golfers, so we got eager to analyze it and bring it closer to our readers. Everything you’d possibly care to know about this model is provided below. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

A 100% leather upper

BOA closure makes them attractive and unconventional

Powercage Saddle design for maximum stability.

The heel section features Boost midsole for optimum energy return

TPU molded outsole with the low profile ThinTech EXP cleats

Boost insole and moisture-wicking lining for a comfortable and dry feeling

Climaproof technology makes these golf shoes suitable for harsh weather conditions


A narrow midfoot section which can be a cause for discomfort


The design of the Adidas Powerband is the most striking feature of this model, and, as we have mentioned in the introduction, it represents a new generation of Adidas Powerband golf shoes. For an untrained eye, it might slightly resemble the Adidas Tour360 Boost model, but there are many differences between the two models which put them into two different categories.

One of the most striking differences is the BOA closure which replaces the traditional laces and which tightens the shoes by simply turning the dial which is positioned on the top. The Powercage chassis is what brings this model closer to the Tour360 Boost, however, unlike the 360-degree wrap-around saddle found in the Tour360 Boost, the Adidas Powerband Boa Boost features the Powercage from the midsole to both ends of the closure.

The upper is made from 100% premium quality leather material which is long-lasting and makes the golf shoes weatherproof. There are six color choices that you can select with a subtly contrasting color in the BOA strings and the outsole for more striking fashion detail.

As the name of the model implies, this is a Boost model, which means the midsole features the proprietary Boost, TPU-based material which we are going to discuss in detail further below.
Regarding the outsole and the gripping properties, you’ll find six removable cleats that ensure maximized stability and grip on different turf conditions.

The Upper Design

At first glance, this model looks robust as the sturdy upper design gives the impression of a molded shoe. However, the upper is made from 100% super-soft and comfortable leather, one of the finest materials used on an Adidas shoe model. Unlike any other Adidas model, this is on the wider side and it is a real pleasure for many golfers who have wider feet since Adidas has always been on the stingy side when it comes to the width of their shoes.

The two sides of the upper are joined together with a BOA closure that features steel strings that are tightened or loosened by turning the dial. The position of the dial is a matter of exclusivity deals between the company and BOA, and this model has it positioned on the upper section of the tongue. This is the L6 BOA version and it is a direct replacement of the traditional laces, however, a bit less effective since top positioning of the dial means less ability to draw the wires from the bottom position. This is a minor issue, and should not be taken as a deal-breaker by any means since it still does its job and looks awesome.

When looked from above, the forefoot looks a bit rounded and wider, but the width is reserved just for this part of the foot. This said you will still need to refer to the size chart and with dimensions since the back of the shoe is still the same as other Adidas models. The back od the shoes has the classic Adidas branding and the Ahilies section is a bit protruded and enhanced so that they prevent blisters.

Climaproof Technology

The Adidas Climaproof technology is one of the most authentic company technologies that have been used in a wide range of Adidas products, such as Adidas jackets, shirts, vests, hoodies, footwear and so on. The sole purpose of this technology is to protect golfers (athletes) from harsh weather conditions and still enable them to carry on with the game.

Regarding this model, it is the upper material that has been processed with this technology so that it delivers an outstanding performance outside. The upper is waterproof so it can protect your feet from wet turf conditions, even heavy rain or snow. The principle of its functioning is to optimize the temperature of your feet and shield them from any elements they come in contact with. The shell features a protective barrier that prevents penetration of any possible weather elements, but on the other hand, it helps the moisture get drawn on the outer surface so that it can easily evaporate. This breathability will ensure that your feet warm and dry no matter how long you have been playing on the course.

Boost Midsole

When Adidas launched its first Boost running shoe, it was clear that it was the Holy Grail that they were searching for, as it has become what Air has been for Nike. Boost midsole consists of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) in the form of elliptical compressed pallets which are highly elastic and feature sponge-like properties. What this midsole does is energy saving, i.e., with less energy you will have greater results. This is advertised as ‘energy-return properties’ when in reality what it does is creating more bounce and it prevents energy loss.

The Boost midsole is featured in the heel section down to the midfoot whereas the forefoot section has a different type of Bounce foam so that it works together in synchronization with the Boost midsole and the insole. The effect is pretty much straightforward, i.e., golfers claim that these are comfortable and bouncy, so there’s no question that the Boost foam is working.

Grip and Traction

Adidas advertises this model as the one that has been based on biomechanical and scientific research and testing which has mostly been focused on the previously discussed Boost midsole and the outsole design. The outsole features 6-spikes construction that has strategically positioned secondary lugs for exceptional tour-proven grip, balance, and stability. The Thintech EXP spikes are positioned on the molded sole with integrated channels that follow the length of the middle of the sole for added grip. Designed like this, they will most certainly deliver optimal traction, even though other Adidas models boast more grip and traction.


Many of us determine the feel that shoes deliver when we try them on, and it is the shoe insole that usually gives us the first impression. The quality of the insole is as important as the rest of the shoe, and when it comes to golf shoes is the key factor that ensures comfort and stability. The insole also features Boost foam which works perfectly well with the midsole. It provides extra cushioning and support, while the liner is made from moisture-wicking material that doesn’t retain moisture, so your feet are never soaking wet. You can also remove the insole for better cleaning, drying or replacement when it gets worn out.

Size and Fit

The design of the Adidas Powerband Boa Boost is different from the rest of the Adidas golf shoes in many terms. The forefront is rather wide unlike the rest of Adidas models which usually come much more narrower in their standard offer. The midfoot section, however, is very narrow, and the narrow design continues towards the heel area. This is where most of the negative reviews come from, and if this model has any cons, then they gravitate around the narrow midfoot section.

Therefore, it is crucial for buyers to carefully consider the sizing chart since, despite being wide and comfortable in the front section, you will need a suitable width in the mid and back areas that matches your size. On the positive side, there are multiple sizes and width options to choose from, just make sure they match with the dimensions of your feet.

Cost and Value

We can’t say that this model is the most recent Adidas release, however, it is fairly new and it is still a hot topic among golfers. There’s no doubt that the model is made from high-quality materials such as the premium leather which is very soft and comfortable, the Boost foam midsole and the TPU molded outsole with the low profile ThinTech EXP cleats, all of which are on the high-end. Plus, the integrated Climaproof and Boost technologies are a guarantee for exceptional performance, durability, and comfort which translates into a premium offer by all means. This means that they are priced more expensively than most of the Adidas golf shoes, but, taken everything together, you get what you pay for, so they are a good value for the money.

Key Features

While considering the construction of the Adidas Powerband Boa Boost, especially when considering its outstanding design, it is kind of understandable why golfers have opted for this model. Firstly, it is the premium, 100% leather upper made with Climaproof technology that makes it resistant to different and often harsh weather conditions.

Secondly, the Powercage Saddle design that is connected to the 360 Loop BOA system, wraps the foot ensuring maximized stability and balance as you swing. What makes this model incredibly comfortable, bouncy and responsive is the Boost foam midsole that is made from very responsive TPU foam that has been considered the game-changer and the most featured patented Adidas technology. The function of this midsole is to save your energy, while at the same time, you get better results and walk more distances.

Finally, the grip is and the stability of the shoe is ensured with the molded TPU outsole that features 6 removable low profile ThinTech EXP cleats that are comfortable on any turf condition.

Key Features

  • The upper is made from premium 100% leather

  • The unique upper design and the BOA closure make them attractive and modern

  • Powercage Saddle design ensures stability of your feet

  • The heel section features Boost midsole for optimum energy return

  • TPU moulded outsole with the low profile ThinTech EXP cleats

  • Boost insole and moisture-wicking lining for a comfortable and dry feeling

  • Climaproof technology makes these golf shoes suitable for harsh weather conditions

Bottom Line

The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost is a golf shoe model that features innovative, untraditional design and modern appeal. The BOA closure and the choice of colors make it exceptionally trendy and unstandardized. The wide forefoot section and the high-quality Climaproof upper deliver optimal protection from weather elements and optimize comfort. The Boost midsole heel section provides energy return and enhances the coziness on the course, while the six removable spikes ensure optimal grip and stability in any turf conditions.