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The most iconic Adidas trainers, the Adidas Originals Superstar, is the model that has been managing to outlive its competition for, believe it or not, more than fifty years. The most popular Adidas sneakers that you can currently buy, that feature urban street fashion, are the ones that were born even before your parents were born. Even though they were originally designed as the first basketball shoes, and intended for the basketball court, their popularity quickly surpassed their limited basketball use and they got on the street.

Just like all the items that are designed for the Originals series, the Superstar shoe boasts extreme popularity among people of all ages, men, and women. The fact that Adidas is featuring their premium designs over and over again speaks about the company’s intention to respond to people’s demands, and this sneaker has been part of the never-ending demand. 

This response to buyers is nothing new when it comes to Adidas, as the company was created and functioned to listen to and answer to athletes’ needs. Even though it has had several ups and downs, it has always acted as Phoenix rising from the ashes, the moment something went wrong. As a result, the company has changed multiple strategies, has invented multiple designs and has created specific-sport-oriented designs so that it was able to do the best it can-listen to buyers and answer to their needs.

Among its strategies, the company has invested in engaging celebrities to promote their “ all in” campaign that promotes a complete inclusion of their offer of apparel and footwear for every sport, every style, and every fashion. The year 2011 brought fashion and sports together, the campaign that promoted inclusion with ever segment of athletes’ lives into the existence of the brand. Featured by many celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Ketty Perry, David Beckham, and Derric Rose, the “all-in” campaign resulted in a drastic increase in the company’s sales and extreme popularity of the features Originals series, among which the Adidas Originals Superstar that has had 20 special editions so far. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Rubber cup sole, very comfortable midsole, and leather upper

Rubber toe shell for maximum protection and durability

Minimalistic style with three stripes on the sides

Increased airflow thanks to the lateral perforations

Extra leather padding on the inside ankle area

One of the most comfortable models on the market


According to buyers, they run larger

General Description

The Adidas Originals Superstar is an iconic cultural model that has survived generation after generation, proudly being called the king of all sneakers. They have been the most marketed and the most influential sneakers ever made and they are responsible for the rise of the popularity of the urban sneaker culture. The latest, 20th edition comes in four segmented ranges, men’s, women’s, kids’ and Adidas trainers. This edition is focusing on delivering ultimate comfort, enhanced with the use of the company’s cushion technology to relive the modern-day sneakers for all-around use.


This model was the first model that saw the day of the basketball court, made particularly for basketball players. The Superstar was the first original leather basketball shoe with the iconic durable leather shell toe. This design immediately caught the attention of many NBA basketball players who realized the advantage of this design.

However, it wasn’t only the basketball players who were able to see the potential of these sneakers, but it was the public as well, who were hoping that the sneakers would soon transit to the streets. Eventually, they did, the major credit can be given to the hip hop group Run DMC who was performing with their Adidas Originals Superstar, and which was the first band to sign an endorsement agreement from sports multinational company. The popularity and the sale of this model spiked and contributed to the historical success that can’t be rivaled.

And, alongside basketball, athletes from different sports have given them a try, including golfers as well. And many of them still do. Even though this is the shoe that is now expected to be part of many people’s casual styling, you can see them worn on the golf courses here and there by those Adidas enthusiasts giving them full trust that they can perform equally well on the golf course.


Almost fifty years after their market release, the Adidas Originals Superstar looks almost the same, at least if you don’t focus on details. However, at a closer look, you will notice some changes, of course, many of them can’t even be seen since they refer to the sole and the insole design, and the technologies utilized in their production.

Aesthetics-wise, they seem to be unchanged, with some added details such as the Adidas Superstar branding seen laterally on the shoe. The three stripes design which has been the company’s logo is applied with a contrasting color, and between the stripes, there are ventilation holes that allow the feet to breathe. This is a very important feature since the whole upper has been made from leather which isn’t very thin, and therefore, it needs an extra air-flow boost. There are the white flat laces that have been here since the first model.

What comes as a refreshment compared to the previous Superstar models is the gold color utilized on the tongue for the Trefoil logo, and the Adidas branding. It does look royal trendy, very stylish, and modern.

On the toe, we can still see the sturdy rubber shell which has been the trademark of the Adidas Originals Superstar. It is a very hard shell, and it is extra protective and durable. It is designed at its finest, and it is what people associate this model with. At the back of the sneaker, you’ll see an additional leather patch which is in the same contrastive color as the three stripes, and which has the Trefoil sign and the company’s branding.


Comfort is the other name of this model since it features extra padding and cushioning technology that allows nice feet landing on the insole, creating the effect of walking on clouds. The low-cut structure has supporting inner leather padding as well which delivers extra comfort around the ankle and more balance. The traditional lace-up closure allows you to adjust the fit to match your comfort level without feeling too tight or too loose.


The main reason people buy these sneakers is to complement their style, which is usually urban classy and traditional with street fashion elements and sports appeal. It is a type of shoe that has a versatile use, so from casual walks to the park to a night out, the model can simply fit in. It is a unisex model, so the men’s models don’t differ considerably from women’s models except in the color choices of the stripes and the back leather patch.

So, if think more about the fuss they created and their unexplainable popularity that persists for about fifty years now, it could be the minimalistic style they feature and the possibility to wear them on multiple occasions that helped them cut through generations without ever being forgotten or disliked. The times have changed, models have changed, technologies have changed too, however, the Adidas Originals Superstar is here to stay and challenge new designs.

Sole Design

Remember that we said that the original purpose of this model was to enhance the game of the basketball players, and to help them have a proper grip on the rather slippery basketball court? Therefore, the outer sole has been made from rubber which features an expressive herringbone pattern to deliver excellent grip and traction and to prevent sliding. So, if you’ve been asking yourself how come golfers wear them on the course, now you realize that, even though they aren’t proper golf shoes, they do deliver certain traction that prevents golfers from slipping on the turf.

The sole resembles the cup sole of your foot and it provides increased stability and balance. On the outer side, between the sole and the midsole, you’ll notice peculiar stitching which is unique for this design and which adds to the style. The cushioning of the midsole and the insole are very smooth, comfortable and they create the feeling of stepping on pillows.

Size and Fit

Here we have a point to make, as many reviewers point out to a discrepancy to the standard sizing and the Adidas Originals Superstar. According to buyers, these run about a half a size to a size larger, so many buyers recommend getting at least half a size smaller number. When it comes to the width they are more or less within the normal value, again, a bit more on the wide side, but at least that’s manageable thanks to the adjustable laces.


Being up on the market for fifty years means that not only are these shoes popular and loved by people all age groups and generations, but they have also been a subject of tests and trials in the harshest conditions. and by the strangest circumstances, performed by the strictest reviewers-the actual buyers! It is one thing when the manufacturer tells you what is the product like, but it is completely the opposite when everything has been carefully scrutinized...and proven correct!

Indeed, the Adidas Originals Superstar has passed the durability test with the highest scores, confirming the exceptional quality design that these shoe features. Many reviewers claim that they have been through a lot, without showing any visible signs of wear and tear. However, that doesn’t mean that the sneakers will last forever if you don’t care properly about them.

Cost and Value

The price point of a certain product is a considerable factor when deciding whether you can and will afford to buy it, so it is often worth considering. This is especially true when many similar models feature similar properties, and it is usually the price point that has the final say among the costumers.

The Adidas Originals Superstar is unique in many segments, from one point of view, but from another point of view, there are thousands of leather sports shoes with similar features as well. So what keeps the buyer always pick Adidas instead of the other offers on the market? Besides the iconic design and the highest quality full-grain leather upper and the minimalistic and superior style, it is the affordable price point that is purposely set to create an irresistible offer of a full package.

Key Features

The appreciation of the past victories is brought into the present by respecting and caring for the heritage that was left a long time ago. The Originals series that were once extremely popular and which signified performance and quality, are still the same models, with improved materials and design, but faithful to the original looks, that dictate the urban street fashion and modern trends. As amazing as it sounds, after fifty years of its existence, the Adidas Originals Superstar is still the same looking model made from leather upper, the three stripes, on the sides, the perforations for better airflow, the Trefoil logo on the tongue and the heel patches.

Extremely comfortable and easy to walk with, this shoe model has probably the most versatile use than all other Adidas models. From the golf course to your night out, the shoe can fit various types of outfit and perfectly blend in. Plus, they are very durable and very lightweight.

Key Features

  • The upper is made from full-grain leather

  • Rubber cup sole, and very comfortable midsole

  • Rubber toe shell for maximum protection and durability

  • Minimalistic style with three stripes on the sides

  • Increased airflow thanks to the lateral perforations

  • The branding and the Trefoil logo on the tongue and the back of the heel

  • Extra leather padding on the inside ankle area

  • One of the most comfortable models on the market

Bottom Line

Regardless of the occasion, the Addidas Originals Superstar is the model that will always make a fashion statement and it is the shoe model that you can’t simply go wrong with it. It is the model that has been here for half a century to stay with us for many years to come. Featured by celebrities and trendsetters, used by ordinary people like you and me, proper for every situation, this is the model that everyone should have at home.