Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes Review

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I’m sure that you’d agree that Adidas is one of the greatest players in the sports world and one of the most dominant influencers when it comes to style and fashion. It is equally powerful in golf as well, offering a wide range of golf appropriate apparel and footwear. Their versatility in design, performance, and modernity represents a blend of features that appeal to golfers worldwide. Today, we are reviewing one of the most popular golf shoes that come from Adidas, the Adidas Tech Response, the best selling Adidas golf shoes and the ones that have the highest number of five-star ratings. 

Why do golf shoes need to be the number one priority for any golfer? If you are a seasoned golfer you are already familiar with this fact, however, if you are at the beginning of your golfing career then you will soon find out. Walking on the course takes up much of the game, but even if you aren’t a fan of walking and prefer a cart, you’ll still be spending about four to six hours on the course. This is a very long time and you need to feel comfortable in your shoes. Failure to get yourself a good pair of golf shoes can result in feet ache, blisters, swelling or even developing an athletic foot.  

But it isn’t just the comfort and conditions that impose the need of having a high-quality men's golf shoe. The performance can be influenced by it too. When swinging off the tee, you need a stable shoe that will provide a good balance, stability, and anti-slip effect. The worst-case scenario is to slip your feet during the swing and miss a good shot. Plus, it can prevent you from any related injuries too. So, obviously, there are many reasons why any golfer, regardless of their skills needs reliable golf shoes. 

As this is the introduction of the review of the Adidas Tech Response, we are hinting exactly this, its trustworthy performance and stylish design. Part of their success lies in the company’s dedication to reaching the next level of comfort and style. Their design speaks comfort with the extra cushioning and the choice of materials. We wanted to get the Adidas Tech Response closer to you, so continue reading this review to find out why they have been the most favorite golf shoe model among golfers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The upper is made from 75% microfiber leather and 25% synthetic mesh

Enhanced stability, traction, and grip through the ThinTech removable cleats

Adiwear and Adituff featured rubberized outsole for extra durability

Maximized comfort and stability thanks to the EVA foam insole and midsole

Low-profile design and four color choices

The best selling golf shoe that comes from Adidas


Runs snug and a bit narrow


The Adidas Tech Response is a low-profile Adidas golf shoe model that besides the cleats, nothing gives the impression that they are specialized golf shoes. However, the appearances are deceptive and these shoes are highly-performing on the golf course. Their low-profile design makes them very attractive though and you’ll see that they remind of your everyday Adidas shoes. They come in four color options, black, dark grey, white and light grey. They feature the three-stripe logo on the tongue with the Adidas branding, and the three stripes positioned laterally.

The shoes are very lightweight and very comfortable. Made from a blend of synthetic performance material and mesh ensure maximized comfort and breathability. They integrate several Adidas technologies that optimize their performance on the course, but we are going to discuss them as we elaborate in detail each part of the shoe design. To prevent any form of slipping they feature a 6-spike configuration which maximizes the traction and stability. The fact that the cleats are removable makes them perfect to wear on and off the golf course.

Upper Design

The upper defines the style and the attractiveness of the whole shoe design so it is understandable why it gets so much attention. At first glance, they give the impression of being made from leather with some synthetic mesh, however, the material that looks like leather is actually 75% microfiber leather. This material resembles most of the characteristics of the natural leather, however, thanks to the high-grade polyurethane resin, it has better physical properties such as greater impact and element resistance and greater ability to withstand pressure. It is also tear and abrasion-resistant material, it doesn’t fade easily, it is cold-resistant, acid-proof, and very breathable. The remaining 25% are lightweight mesh with padding for enhanced air-flow and heat regulation.

The tongue is also made from mesh synthetic material but it has soft padding so it lies nicely on your feet. The lace closure allows you to adjust the fit to your own preferences. The back of the heel features the popular ‘lip’ design and this usually occurs when there are some curving inside to better position the foot. This design has helped many golfers to get rid of blisters as it avoids affecting the area that is considered the most prone to blisters. The Achilles area features the Adidas logo and branding as well.

Outsole Design

The outsole is very important because it delivers balance and stability to the feet and it also ensures that the shoe will be durable enough. Adidas has developed several technologies for enhancing the performance features of the sole, among which Adiwear technology and Adituff. The Adiwear technology makes sure that the rubber used to produce the outsole is extremely durable and offers superior abrasion resistance. Used in this model, it guarantees that any wear in the heel landing area and tee-off area is abrasion and wear-resistant and it also prevents sliding. In combination with Adituff technology, the company guarantees that the outsole will be extremely durable and long-lasting.

Traction and Stability

Golf shoes need to feature specific outsole designs (such as the one that we have described), but in addition to this, the shoes need to have additional traction and grip properties. There are two types of golf shoes, spikeless and spiked, both of them claiming maximum stability and anti-slip properties.

The Adidas Tech Response golf shoes are spiked shoes, and this is where golfers find them especially efficient. They feature a six spike configuration designed with the Thintech Cleat technology and Traxion technology to optimize their performance in any turf conditions. The Traxion lugs feature a wide profile grips that enhance the outsole grip, while the Thintech Cleat technology ensures that the cleats are high-performing and extremely stable with a great amount of balance. Plus, they are removable, so any time you feel like you need replacement, you can get your new Adidas ThinTech EXP cleats.

Midsole and Insole Design

The midsole is the part of the shoe that is the most responsible for the cushioning and it is the part that delivers the greatest foot protection and overall construction stability. The type of material used for the midsole usually determines the quality of the and comfort of the shoe, and often shoe manufacturers use a blend of different materials to enhance the midsole properties. The midsole in the Adidas Tech Response is made from EVA foam which is very soft and lightweight and allows the feet to comfortably position itself in the shoe.

The insole is also made from EVA foam and works together with the midsole to deliver superior cushioning and protection. The upper part of the insole is made from a moisture-wicking synthetic material which is soft and very comfortable.

Size and Fit

When buying shoes you need to make sure that they fit your size, otherwise, they can do more harm than good even if they are the most comfortable and the most expensive shoes in the world. This means you need to first try them on or strictly follow the size measurements provided in the sizing chart. There are multiple sizes that range from the lowest size 7 to the largest size 15 and golfers can also choose a wider shoe model. Regarding width there have been many remarks claiming that this shoe runs narrower than expected, so if you have any issues with the width make sure that you get yourself the model with the appropriate width sizing.


Comfort comes first when hitting the golf course for a round of golf, and this feature is dominant for the Adidas Tech Response. The game of golf requires lots of concentration and uninterrupted focus which can get easily disturbed in case your shoes aren’t comfortable enough. The Tech Response will work against blisters, over sweating, achy feet and any type of discomfort to provide you with the confidence that those several hours on the course will be enjoyable and cozy. Thanks to the EVA foam midsole and the insole and the blend of materials, golfers can enjoy wearing the Tech Response anytime they are off the course.

Key Features

From the detailed review of the Adidas Tech Response, it is more than clear why this model has made so much fuss, and why it is the best selling model almost a decade after it was released. The high-quality EVA foam midsole and the EVA foam insole deliver optimal comfort and stability, while the multiple Adidas technologies make sure that this model is performance-enhanced for the golf course. The rubber spikes and the removable cleats ensure maximum grip and traction regardless of the turf conditions.

The low-profile design makes them trendy and casual and they can easily match any outfit. The microfiber leather and the synthetic mesh enhance the breathability and moisture-wicking properties so that golfers can comfortably wear them for many hours on the golf course.

Key Features

  • The upper is made from 75% microfiber leather and 25% synthetic mesh

  • Enhanced stability, traction, and grip through the ThinTech removable cleats

  • Adiwear and Adituff featured rubberized outsole for extra durability

  • Maximized comfort and stability thanks to the EVA foam insole and midsole

  • Low-profile design and four color choices

  • The best selling golf shoe that comes from Adidas

Bottom Line

This Adidas Tech Response is designed to relieve golfers from pain in their feet, the feeling of heaviness in their feet and restlessness. They feature a low-profile, elegant and stylish design which makes them look very casual but at the same time confident too. The lightweight design and the choice of materials enhance the feeling of comfort and confidence that the shoes won’t fail you. The combination of the outsole design that delivers better traction and grip, enhanced with the proprietary Adidas technologies makes sure that you’ll swing with stability and balance. The comfortable and soft EVA foam used for the midsole works together with the flexible EVA insole to ensure that your feet are properly stabilized and cushioned.

Having said all of this and knowing all the features of the Tech Response it is more than clear why this model is the best selling Adidas golf shoe. And, yes, we skipped one very important point. Even though the price range is variable, it ranges from highly affordable to affordable which means a good deal for such a praised model.