Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes Review

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The three-stripe design has been with us for so long, that there’s no sports event without seeing at least one athlete proudly wearing the Adidas logo. It is one of those most iconic sports brands that have never had their leading position shattered, and it seems that whatever Adidas launches on the market, it is immediately greeted with exhilaration and euphoria. Especially within the last two decades, Adidas is not only a sports brand, but it is the creator and promoter of the urban fashion style. This even further motivated the company’s designers to create designs that will be not only comfortable and performance-enhancing, but at the same time, they are going to create and establish a new fashion line that will leave a mark on its own. Such a model is the Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes golf pants, which have been often selected as some of the most fashionable golf pants on the course.

Of course, these golf pants are not the first model that has been so widely accepted by golfers who pay special attention to their style, and who prefer clothes that integrate practicality with modernity. Adidas has been actively and officially involved in the world of golf since 1997, and since then, the company has been creating models that follow the body movements of golfers and that meet golfers’ needs. They have created many golf lines of apparel and sports gear, and their designs are a matter of constant evolvement, redesign, and perfection thanks to the innovative approach and multiple performance technologies that the company has developed.  

It wasn’t hard for the company to overcome the golf apparel area thanks to the long-term reputation it has had, therefore, it wasn’t difficult for the company to attract many Tour players to promote their products on the most crucial tournaments. But, it wasn’t the name of the brand itself that attracted Tour golfers attention, golfers such as Jessica Korda, Dustin Johnson, but it is the exceptional quality and reliability that made these golfers remain faithful to Adidas. 

And, the reason why we’re reviewing the Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes today, comes directly from the quality design and ultra-modern construction of the model, that positions them among the best golf pants. Therefore, we encourage you to continue reading this review to find out more about them.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made from 90% polyester and 10% cotton

Climalite Technology for dry and fresh comfort

Moisture-wicking property that keeps you dry

PureMotion technology makes the fabric flexible and stretches for unhindered performance

Simple and elegant design with the 3-stripes logo above the pocket

Slim fit design and tapered legs

UPF 50+ UV protection and water-resistant


They run smaller for their size and fit tight


We all know that the comfort, style, and design of clothes are directly related to the choice of the material. The material matters because it provides the intrinsic features of the fibers and through these features, manufacturers are able to manipulate them and enhance or weaken some of their properties.

Adidas Climalite pants are made from 90% polyester and 10% cotton. Polyester is one of the most commonly used materials in recent performance-fabric production, a material that is characterized by a very lightweight structure, but at the same time, it is incredibly tough and durable thanks to the unbreakable chain of its fibers. In addition to being tough material, it is also resistant to most chemicals, it doesn’t stretch or shrink, it is resistant to wrinkling, abrasion, and mildew. As it is resistant to chemicals, it is also partially water-resistant, which means it doesn’t easily get soaked but even if it does, it has the capacity to dry in a very short period of time. Because of this feature, it is often used for insulation layers by producing hollow fibers which will prevent moisture or heat from penetrating inside the garments you wear.

But it is not just the quality of the fibers in terms of resistance that makes polyester performance material, it is the ability to retain its shape that is so attractive. Given its property to stretch and regain its initial shaping, it is understandable why it is particularly appropriate for golf clothes.

When it comes to cotton, we are all aware that it is the most pleasant and comfortable natural material and we all enjoy wearing it. However, cotton has a very high moisture-absorbing feature, and therefore, it is not considered a good sports material. It is hard to dry and it can keep you wet and uncomfortable for a longer time. Yet, used in a small percentage, it helps you add more comfort and a better and more pleasant feeling.

Adidas Climalite Technology

Adidas wouldn't be as dominant on the market as it is if it wasn’t for its sophisticated technologies that are created to bring forth, and maximize the properties of the materials or add some features that the material doesn’t naturally possess.

Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes golf pants utilize the company’s proprietary technology Climalite that makes the fabric, in this case, polyester, more golf appropriate, and attribute features that enhance golfers’ performance in warm weather conditions.

And, since golf is mostly enjoyed during warmer weather conditions, the chances are that you’ll sweat, and if the clothes you are wearing aren’t designed to properly deal with the excessive moisture that your body produces, then your performance might suffer as your focus will be on your sensations instead of your performance.

The innovative construction of the Climalite fibers is seen in their ability to quickly wick the moisture away from the skin’s surface, and transfer it to the surface of the material. Within this process, thanks to the integral properties of the material and the technology it has been processed, it cools you down so that you feel that your skin breathes and is refreshed. The common problem of sweaty clothes will be history as these pants do not retain moisture and dry very quickly.

Odor Protection

In addition to keeping you dry and fresh, the material has the capacity to keep you protected from bad odor. You know that bad odor often occurs when we sweat, but it isn’t the sweat itself that causes the bad odor, but it is the odor creating bacteria that are usually inhabited around the sweat glands and are fed from the moist. In order to minimize the chances of this bacteria to thrive on the skin, the material features an anti-bacterial coating that has the capacity to kill these bacteria and therefore keeps you keep feeling fresh and comfortable. Feeling confident that you’ll stay fresh while your game is on can boost your self-confidence and increase the chances of lowering your score.

Adidas PureMotion Technology

Self-confidence is the key to success, but the self-confidence can be undermined by either feeling bad about yourself or by being hindered to do what you know doing the best. And, believe it or not, your clothes can directly influence the way you move around and hinder or enhance your performance. This is particularly true for golf clothes since a full-blown swing requires a complete stretch of your upper-body arms and shoulder, so it is understandable why golf clothes need to be flexible.

In order to provide maximum playability and unhindered performance, Adidas designers utilized the PureMotion stretch technology which provides four-way flexible movement for full-blown swings. This technology makes sure that the pants you are wearing are not going to stop you in any way from feeling comfortable and well and that whatever movements or positions you take, you will always feel confident that your pants won’t be an obstacle to better performance.


Despite the fact that there are two color options to choose from, the black and the white, they are very stylish and modern Adidas pants that simply can’t go unnoticed. Part of the name refers to the three stripes that are subtly positioned above the back right pocket in a contrasting color. The pants feature a flat front with a hook and button front closure, and they have a loop waist for belt use. The inner side of the waist has a silicone tape for keeping the shirt tucked in and more neat looks.

There are two side pockets for keeping small things at the reach of the hand, but many golfers say that they are not deep enough for keeping your phone, keys or money, so make sure you get a place for them somewhere else. There’s also a back welt pocket, more to add to the design variety rather than keeping things inside. The extra stretch in the waistband and the crotch allow easy movement, while the tapered legs make them look modern and trendy.

Additional Features

Not only are Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes modern, flexible, and golf-appropriate, but they also feature additional protective characteristics that make them stand out from many other similar models.

One of the most striking features is the UPF50+ UV protection which is maximum fabric protection from the harmful sun rays. Knowing that during hot summer days we need utmost protection from the harmful UV radiation, and that the clothes we wear are not capable of providing decent protection if we are exposed to the sun for a longer period of time, Adidas made sure that their golf apparel will deliver maximum sun-shielding as long as you are exposed to the sun. This additionally boosts your confidence and ensures that you’ll be playing golf in complete certainty that the sun is not going to harm your skin in any possible way.

Another important additional feature is the water-resistant finish which doesn’t completely protect you from moisture or heavy rain, but at least provides sufficient water resistance from drizzle or liquid spills.

Key Features

Despite the huge offer of golf pants of different styles, designs, and brands, there aren’t many that can live up the quality and the complete performance compactness that Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes offer. These have been called the number one golf pants as they have been on the market for quite some time, and the number of five-star ratings is overwhelming.

The fact that they are a flexible and four-way stretch, make them particularly golf-appropriate, and one of the most basic golf apparel. Golfers love the comfort they provide and the lightweight construction so that you don’t even feel that you have them on. The technologies utilized to provide moisture-wicking properties and extra stretch features have proven to be extremely functional and match the description provided by the manufacturer. What golfers also love is the fact that the material keeps the bad odor at bay which is another feature that works to enhance your confidence.

Finally, the water-resistant property and UV protection make them a complete full game-enhancing piece of clothing that will be part of your golf apparel for a long time.

Key Features

  • Made from 90% polyester and 10% cotton

  • Climalite Technology that ensures that you’ll keep dry and fresh

  • Moisture-wicking property that keeps you dry

  • PureMotion technology makes the fabric flexible and stretches for unhindered performance

  • Simple and elegant design with the 3-stripes logo above the pocket

  • Slim fit design and tapered legs

  • UPF 50+ UV protection and water-resistant

Bottom Line

Choosing the right clothes for your upcoming game of golf matters as much as your overall preparedness does because they can influence your mood, your performance, and your well-being. Golfers spend a lot of money on the right clothes because they know that they invest in clothes that will make them feel comfortable, dry and fresh, the three key elements for being fully focused on the game and hitting the ball accurately to lower the scores.

Adidas Climalite 3-Stripes are the pants that every golfer needs to have during hot summer days since their lightweight construction, easy-to-dry material, and flexible, four-way movement fabric enhance the ability to produce full-blown swings without any difficulties. So, they are highly recommended for any golfer who seeks ultimate comfort on the course.